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The first time I had ever heard or come into contact with Indonesia or Indonesian girls was on my maiden voyage to Thailand.  Flying out of London direct to Bangkok with Garuda airlines.  Could not help noticing some of those Indonesia air stewardesses were good looking and looked different, something I had not seen before.  But at the time I was so excited about my first visit to Thailand that Indonesia not really register.

Bali Bombings 2002

The next big thing to happen at the time out of Indonesia was the Bali Bombings in late 2002, just after my first visit to Thailand.  Shortly after the direct cheap flight out of London direct to Bangkok with Garuda airlines ceased to continue.  But at the time I realise alot of Johns head to Bali and there like Thailand there was alot of Indonesian working girls available, with Indonesia being a Muslim rather than Buddhist country.

Jakarta Sex Diaries

But my fascination with Indonesia girls lived on in the background and eventually I make my first trip to Jakarta Indonesia 11 years later in July 2013 just before Ramadan. Never visit a Muslim country like Indonesia during Ramadan.  Always check each year the dates of the religious holidays.

Anyway without further ado, before I chronicle my own personal history with Indonesian girls check out the Jakarta sex Dairy for a dose of reality on what mongering in Indonesia can really be like. A week of Indonesian pussy hunting in Jakarta for Asian Sex Diary.

Singapore and Batam

In Thailand, you only really get to meet Thai girls, but in other Asian countries and their mongering hot spots you can meet different Asian girls.  In 2006 I take an Asian sexcursion to Singapore and Batam,  In Geylang Singapore I take my first Indonesian teen short time back to my hotel.

Jakarta sex diary
Indo teen

This Indo teen was a cute girl.  Tight and hairy pussy.  Geylang in Singapore is a fascinating area to monger at night.  Different lorongs have different nationalities of Asian girls.  So I had tasted my first Indonesian girl and Indo pussy.  I really liked Indonesian girls now and was looking forward to my trip to Batam in Indonesia.

It’s only an one hour ferry ride from Singapore to the Indonesian island of Batam.  The area for expats and sex tourists is the NED or Nagoya Entertainment District.  With Batam being a special economic zone read whore zone.

naked indonesian girl
indo hairy pussy

The place to be in Batam was at night the Banana gogo.  Inside the Banana gogo were some beautiful Indonesian girls dancing naked on stage and some of the Indo girls had hairy pussy.  I was noticing now that Indonesian girls were not so into shaving their pussy which is great as I love hairy Asian pussy.  So by now I had had a couple of Indonesian girls and visited a little part of Indonesia.

Hong Kong, Indonesian Maids

Had a long break from Indonesian pussy since 2006.  In 2008 I was in-between jobs and spent about 6 weeks in Thailand mostly Pattaya.  I remember wanting to  do an Asian sexcursion to Jakarta but could not get my lazy ass off Pattaya beach so failed that time to take my first trip to Jakarta.

latinas of asia
indo tits pussy

I was still fascinated with Indonesian girls and really wanted to indulge. Often Indonesian girls are referred to as the latinas of Asia due to their curves.  Many Indonesian girls can have big tits and big booty and what with those Indo hairy pussy – what was I waiting for.

So in November 2012 I take my first sex trip to Hong Kong in China.  Like Singapore, Hong Kong has a lot of mongering options and girls from all over Asia.  In Hong Kong like Singapore you have many Filipino and Indonesian domestic maids.  Alot of these girls are also domestic whores.

On their day off these maids love to let their hair down, go out to the discos, meet some foreign men, fuck and do a little moonlighting. Sundays are good both in Hong Kong and Singapore.  I arrived in Wan Chai Hong Kong unpacked and walked across the road into the Neptune disco.  It was only about 4 o’clock in the afternoon but the disco was thumping.  Within 5 minutes I had a beautiful young Indonesian maid sat on my lap, french kissing me, grabbing her big Indo tits and she was playing with my cock through my jeans.  What a great start to Hong Kong.  I made the mistake of not taking the bird in the hand and lost her.

Hong Kong sex diary
Indo domestic whore

I made up for my mistake a few nights later in Wan Chai Hong Kong.  One night upbeat I ventured into the new Makati disco a favorite with the Indonesian girls working in Hong Kong.  And there sat at the bar was the stereotypical Latina of Asia.  Took her back to my hotel and she  fucked my brains out.  What a fantastic Indonesian booty this girl had, shaved her pussy though.

Jakarta Indonesia

My experience with Indonesian girls in Hong Kong, really set the scene for the following year when I make my first visit to Jakarta in Indonesia.  I had noticed so many pretty Indonesian girls in the discos in Wan Chai Hong Kong that I had to goto the source.

Jakarta hairy pussy
Jakarta sex diary

Met some lovely young Indonesian girls in Jakarta.  Many with natural hairy pussy.  They really are not into shaving their pussies in Indonesia.  I hang out around Kota in north Jakarta which has many mongering options including the Travel hotel and the Stadium disco.  The other area is Blok M where you can meet many Indonesian freelancers in the western bars and pubs there.

indonesian cim
Jakarta threesome

I spent my last night in Blok M Jakarta.  Drunk in Top gun I meet these two Indonesian freelancers.  Its the night before the girls go home for Ramadan and all the freelancers were going dirt cheap.  I took these two Indonesian girls back to my hotel in Kota long time.  In the morning they both go down together and let me cum in their mouths.  Was a great whore mongering trip to Jakarta in Indonesia but Jakarta is a bit of dump for an Asian city.

Indonesian girls - jakarta sex diary
Indonesian girl

Would love to return to Indonesia and visit much more of the country and of course fuck alot more Indonesian girls. I intend to visit the Indonesian tourist beach resort of Bali but also go off the beaten track and into Dolly in Surabaya.

Indonesian Experienced

So mongers what is your experience with Indonesian girls?  Ever indulged in the maid parade in Hong Kong or Singapore?  Ever visited Batam or Jakarta? Or anywhere else in Indonesia?  Anywhere you recommend for some fresh Indo pussy?  Please feel free to express yourself in  the comments below…

In the meantime be sure to check out Jakarta Asian Sex diary which show you the reality and parts of Fucking Indonesian girls that Mongerplanet cannot.

12 thoughts on “Indonesian Girls Jakarta Sex Dairy”

  1. I had visited Jakarta first during May 2015, extended trip clubbed with Philippines. I instantly fell in love with the girls there and as rightly said before by you “Indo women are indeed latinas of the east”. Post reading and guided by your trip blog I went to Alexis, Malioboro, Travel, Classic, Kartika, etc. I had a fun time there during day. However the night scene was expensive and not upto my expectations. I hit some famous clubs like CJs and BATS. Extended further to discos such as Golden crown, Millies and Colosseum. While the famous club had women available and at a steep price, quality was definitely lacking for me. I sure am picky. I faced the language challenge in other discos wherein young indo women frequented. The girls also seemed to avoid me due to their inability to speak proper english. A little bahasa under my belt and a complete new world would have opened for me. I could see local lads pick up young hot girls under my nose.

    I visited Jakarta second time during Christmas week in December 2015, prior to my Philippines trip. I revisited Alexis, Malioboro, and tried new spas such as Kings Cross, Sumo and B Fashion. The new ones were a suprise for me with amazing local indo talent not exceeding 800000 IDR for a session, definitely worth a revisit in my future trip. The club scene continued to be pathetic and i managed to pick a girl on my last night from CJs. A semi pro gal, working asa salesgirl in a beauty store in one of the Malls during daytime and occasional visits for extra cash to buy the new iphone or fund lifestyle expenses. I also visited some upmarket discos such as Immigrant and X2, left empty handed. No much options available when I visited.

    I think that if you a Spa/Massage kinda guy then there is no end to the fun you can have. But if you are a nightclub hunting kinda guy which I am then there is an uphill time consuming task but availability is not an issue.

    In both of my trips i could never make it to Blok M. It yet remains unexplored of whatever is still left of the bars there.

    I tried social media and dating apps and didnt land any beauty worth meeting so didnt pursue further. Guess a week or short visits don’t yield much results if one is picky.

    The spa/massage scene is alive and kicking. There are tons of options at all price points. I havent visited Pen J or Kalijodo which seemed to be geared more towards locals and also risky unless you know your way around Jakarta.

    To sum up, women in Jakarta are indeed hot and beautiful and you should get on a Plane if you havent been there yet. Do refer to the travel advisory of your country or international advisory before you finalise any plans. Chances of things going south are pretty high at any point in time.

    I have always fancied Malay women but unfortunately the nos have dwindled or dissapeared from P4P joints in Singapore. This is one trip i am contemplating on and shall visit hopefully in 2016. Till then LOS and Philippines with an occasional visit to Cambodia is good enough to keep the holiday calendar of the year completely full.

    1. Thanks for the update on mongering in Jakarta Illusion. Must be good if you made a return visit. I love those Indo girls too, lots of quality and quality in Jakarta and not expensive, but the city is a dump and nothing else to do but fuck. I am definitely more a guy who likes to visit the spa/massage places rather than the late night discos. I really am not a late night person. Some places dont start until midnight at that is way pass my bedtime. Thats another good thing about Thailand, prime time is probably around 9pm in the gogos etc. Not early not late. I dont think you are missing much by not visiting Blok M, unless you like pubs, drinking playing pool, pretending you are in the west with not so good quality indo freelancers around you. Better quality Indonesian girls to be found in the spa etc of Kota. But worth a visit if you are in Jakarta, just to say you did it, you might get lucky. I had fun that night in Blok M, bit drunk and woke up in the morning with two freelancers in my bed who gave me a good morning suck with CIM, really cheap.

  2. I did Jakarta in Feb. 2014 and enjoyed my time there, but it’s not for the rookie monger. There is a big language barrier and the city is a dump in more ways than one. Jakarta is great for day-time action though, especially in Kota, which is where I stayed. Those four fish bowl brothels at the end of that little street off Pen J. were cool and so what Travel Hotel.

    I agree that Blok M. is good for drinking and bullshitting with fellow westerners, but not so happening for pussy. Still it is nice to swap stories will fellow expats. I was interested in visiting Kalijodo, but did not make it; I have since heard that they have shut it down?

    I certainly would like to go back to Jakarta and explore more of the country as well, like Medan and Surabaya.

  3. I completely understand your preferences and also agree that city is a dump and nothing to do during daytime but the girl choices and prices are really unbeatable. This is what brought me back in 6 months. Spa facilities mostly are very good and one can indeed spend time at the spas for couple of hours. Its as close as one can get to an FKK in Asia. Though there is no free food but the Salmon i had at Kings cross was fresh and pretty decent for the price.

    The issue I faced with girls was BBBJ. Most of the girls preferred CBJ. Dont know if its a culture thing or otherwise. This happened to me in Alexis as well as Marlboro. However at the smaller spas i got lucky and I did however come across some girls who have me a good BBBJ. Its a gamble though. DFK is a similar problem. Spa girls are indeed hesitant and takes lot of heating up before they melt and succumb.

    I had read very discouraging reports prior to my trip hence was skeptical and didnt actually think it worthwhile to visit. However i enjoyed at the Malio club(Club with entrance at the backside of Mailoboro building) with the dancers, some of which were the most beautiful girls i saw in my trip. They were only into DFK and some tit sucking for LDs. Each LD costed 90,000 IDR and women ordered in sets or 2 upto 6, expensive. These girls were willing to offer a BJ in the room upstairs for 2 Million IDR which i thought was a complete waste of money and never indulged.

    I am gonna give Jakarta a years break before i return. Too many more locations in Asia yet to be explored and enjoyed.

    If Blok M is still standing then I surely will give it a visit once for sure. Nothing much was happening at the other Clubs and Disco for me either.

      1. Gapin, goto the contact page above in the menu to contact me. If you want to be a guide for mongers coming to Indonesia, Batam Jakarta etc, it may be a good idea for you to do a guest post on mongering in Indoensia Jakarta Batam and anywhere else you know, then you can leave your email on the post for the many readers of mongerplanet to contact you when they are planning to visit Indonesia. If you are interested in such a joint venture then please use the contact page above. Look forward to hearing from you and your expertise on Indonesia. Thanks

    1. Hi Gapin, are you Indonesian? Batam was a very interesting little island from a mongering perspective, would like to return to Batam sometime, maybe this year as I revisit some old haunts.
      What can you tell us about Batam first?

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    1. Indonesia? Kota north Jakarta is good. Outside of Indonesia, Hong Kong, the discos of Wan Chai, lots of Indonesian maids. Singapore used to be good, but heard recently been a crackdown on Indonesian girls working there illegally but from Singapore can take a ferry to the Indonesian island Batam which is also good. The latinas of Asia

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