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        1. I met her in the daytime in the Manila bay cafe. To be honest cannot remember exact price paid but think it was 1500 pesos, she agreed to cim to make video etc. Of course they will ask for double up front but always cut in half and barter from there. Manila bay cafe is full of filipino freelancers day and night

  1. nice one dude. great work. need to get back to the phils 🙂 got anymore pix of her? she look fun :)~ thanks again

    1. She was a fun Filipino girl. I think she has actually made some porno on trike patrol. I have a short video of her sucking my cock, which I will look to get up on here. I do have some more pics of her as well, which will also get up maybe a part of a filipino picture gallery. So Jayme, got any stories to tell, interested in my readers doing more guest posts? Let me know and I will email you

      1. hi – great if she’s done work before!

        sure, i lived in phnom penh for 2 years. shoulda done more but i aheva few tales and pix 🙂 can try and upload soon.

        would love to see more of your lady tho!

        1. Yes I was looking for her galleries on Asian sex diary but so many cant find her. I know I have seen her before there
          Here is one of her outside Manila Bay Cafe formerly LA Cafe where I met her in the daytime just about to take her back to the Rothman hotel
          Here is one of this filipino freelancer looking innocent in my hotel room

          Here is one of this Manila Bay Filipina freelancer sucking my cock, just before I cum all over her face and in her mouth, nice one 🙂

          Enjoy. Now really looking forward to your guest post from Cambodia.

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