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When you are new to the wonders of Thailand its usual to stop off in Bangkok for a few days enjoying places like Soi Cowboy, the Nana Plaza and Patpong.  After a few days you take a trip to the coast to the sin city of Pattaya.  Hooked on Thai pussy and bar girls you then make many repeat visits to Thailand over the next few years.  Maybe then you start to wonder what else Thailand and Asia has to offer, maybe its time for a sex excursion

Thailand Sexcursions

My first visits to Thailand only included Bangkok and Pattaya.  I first started to take excursions with my Bangkok girlfriend within Thailand.

Koh Sumui

A short flight from Bangkok to Koh Sumui.  Koh Sumui has some lovely beaches to relax by and does have some mongering options in places like Chaweng and Lamai with a few good gogo clubs and plenty of beer bars where you can meet willing Thai bar girls.

sexcursion koh sumui
koh sumui

I first visited Koh Sumui in December 2003 with my Bangkok girlfriend of the time.  My first excursion out of Bangkok.  On Koh Sumui there are many normal tourists and traveler types as opposed to your single men and sex tourists.  But well worth a visit if you are tired of Bangkok and Pattaya and need a break.

Patong, Phuket

A firm favorite with regular visitors to Thailand is Patong on the island of Phuket down in the south.  Again a short domestic flight from Bangkok down to Phuket.  Patong is the epic center of adult entertainment on Phuket with all the girly entertainment down Bangla road.  Bangla road has many gogos and beers bars and 100s of bar girls for the taking.

Phuket sexcursion
Patong beach

I first visited Patong in Phuket with my Bangkok girlfriend back in June 2004, missing the Tsunami by a whisker.  Being down Bangla road at night with your girlfriend is not recommended.  There was the most sexy bar girls and gogo dancers everywhere I looked back in 2004.  I really wanted to be a naughty boy.  I revisited Patong in Phuket nearly 10 years later on my own to make  amends.

Patong beer bar girl
Pretty bar girl

It took me all week to find this pretty thai bar girl in the Tiger beer bar down Bangla Road.  Patong in Phuket is well worth a visit just to experience Bangla Road and Phuket has lovely beaches to relax on during the day.

Other places I would like to visit in Thailand is in the North Chang Mai and Chang Rai and the resort of Hua Hin south of Bangkok.

Cambodia Sexcursions

So I am walking down the Sukhumvit road thinking same same, time to take my first sexcursion out of Thailand to visit another Asian country on my own this time next stop Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh

I take my first trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia August 2005.  Again only a short flight out of Bangkok to Phnom Penh.  The Khmer bar girls in Phnom Penh were different to those in Thailand.  More conservative some were pretty and curvy.

cambodia sexcursion
Flamingos bar girl

I had a great couple of nights mongering in Phnom Penh and got some of the best blowjobs of my life in bars like Sophies long gone now.

I return to Phnom Penh 10 years later in 2014 and quite shocked by how much has changed.  Took me a while to adjust but eventually find my groove and score some pretty bar girls down street 136 and street 51.  Street 136 was packed out with little hostess bars and not take long to find a pretty bar girl to take back to your hotel.

glamour girl
bar girl

Within the same year and having found my groove and knowing now what to expect I return to Phnom Penh for the third time, this time to enjoy exclusively the bar girls down street 136.

phnom penh bar girl
strret 136 hostess

Highly recommend a sexecursion to Phnom Penh in Camdodia, although things are becoming more civilized in recent years and there have been crackdowns and closures.  Street 136 is where it is all happening.  I love Cambodia and will always go out of my way to visit Phnom Penh.  Next time I am in Phnom Penh want to take a sexcursion to Vietnam maybe taking the boat.


That first time in Cambodia back in 2005 after a few nights mongering in Phnom Penh I took a bus trip to the coastal town of Sihanoukville.  Sihanoukville back then had lovely beaches but I not find the mongering as good as Phnom Penh.  But it was an experience and another good sexcursion than just repeating the normal and staying only within your comfort zone.

public beach
Ochheuteal beach

The place to go for some pussy back then was Blue Mountain, lots of young Vietnamese girls for 10 dollars a pop.  Downtown Sihanoukville had a few bars with bar girls but nothing like Phnom Penh.  In 2014 I return to Sihanoukville, alot had changed, lots of building and alot more tourism.  Victory hill was the new red light district of Sihanoukville.

bar street girls
dragon fly bar girls

With Victory hill having lots of pretty bar girls, not all of them will go with you, not at first, buy them a few lady drinks, chat and play pool then the shyer more reserved ones may come round.

Siem Reap

Another short flight from Bangkok into Cambodia is Siem Reap.  Lots of tourists and traveler types head to Siem Reap.  Siem Reap has a lively center with Pub street.

siem reap
pub street

I dont really think you head to Siem Reap for mongering though its more to see the Buddhist temples which really are something to behold. I failed to fuck in Siem Reap.  I visited a few soapy massage places out of town, but none of the girls available were to my liking.


In the late summer of 2006 as usual I spend a few nights mongering in Bangkok.  At the time it was just my favorite place, I never failed to find quality Thai pussy. Just loved spending the night in the Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.  But you quickly grow accustomed to all those scantly clad Thai girls and all those neon lights.  Time to take another sexcursion, this time to Singapore.  Another short flight from Bangkok to Singapore.

sexcursion singapore
orchard towers

Singapore has a couple of notable places for mongers.  By day Orchard towers is a shopping center at night it was know for its bars and its four floors of whores.  Mostly freelancers from all over Asia and a fair share of ladyboys.


The other area in Singapore for some P4P is Geylang.  Again by day Geylang looks like just an ordinary district.  But at night the sorongs of Geylang come alive with whores from all over Asia including other parts of the world, Some Indian girls, Africans and even Latinas.  You will find many girls from PRC and Indonesia around Geylang at night.  The girls mostly do short time at a nearby hotel.  In Geylang I fucked my first Indonesian girl.

Indonesia Sexcursions

From Singapore you can take a ferry across the water to  one of the Indonesian islands, a favorite for mongers is Batam only an hour away.


Arriving in Batam Indonesia for my next sexcursion and it was decidedly third world, reminded me of Cambodia.  Prices were cheap and could stay in a good hotel for less than a budget hotel in Thailand.

Batam Sexcursion
Banana Gogo

The NED or Nagoya Entertainment District is Batams red light district.  At night the bars come alive with expats and Indonesian freelancers, most of these girls though I found more on the mature side.  The Banana Gogo though had some lovely Indonesian girls dancing naked on stage.  To this day dont know why I did not barfine one of them Indo hotties in the Banana Gogo.  Got drunk in the NED bars and took some old freelancer back to the hotel.


Finally in 2012 from Bangkok I take the 4 hour flight to Jakarta for my next sexcursion out of Thailand.  By now Indonesian girls were my favorite Asians often called the Latinas of Asia.

jakarta sexcursion
travel hotel

The Kota area in north Jakarta is a hardcore mongers favorite.  You could be in Kota all week and not see another westerner.  The travel hotel was a favorite of mine, scores of beautiful young Indonesian girls to choose from and prices are really good.

The other area in Jakarta for meeting freelancers and bar girls is Blok M.  There is a street within Blok M with a handful of western USA themed bars like Top Gun where you can meet freelancers.

Philippines Sexcursions

On every serious mongers and sex tourist list of to do places has to be Angeles city in the Philippines.  Only a 4-5 hour flight from Bangkok. I took my first sexcursion to the Philippines in 2006.

Angeles City

On a par with Pattaya in Thailand is Angeles city in the Philippines. The girly action is concentrated along Fields Avenue and continues along Perimeter road.  Just hundreds of bars and gogos to keep you entertained and thousands of hot young Filipino girls to keep you company back in your hotel room.
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It was not until 2014 that I made a second return to Angeles city.  Things had changed, alot more commercial modelling itself on Walking street in Pattaya, lots of cash being made from young Asian sex tourists with money to burn.  Still some lovely Filipino girls available.  I found the room service at my hotel to be the best option while mongering in Angeles.

Filipino pussy
Angeles angel

The big down side for visitors to Angeles is there is fuck all else to do but fuck Filipino bar girls all day and night if you got the balls and get drunk.  There is no beach to relax by during the hot days in Angeles.  For that you need to take a sexcursion to Subic bay.

Subic Bay

From Angeles city you can take the Swagman coach to Subic bay to get away from the highly concentrated mongering that is Angeles and enjoy the coast.  A journey of 2 hours at most.

subic sexcursions
Subic Bay

Not much happening along the beach in Subic Bay 2006?  I took a ride into downtown Subic Bay and visited a few bars and gogos but was too exhausted from Angeles to fuck in Subic.  But walking along Subic Bay beach was well worth the visit.


Another must do Asian sexcursion within the Philippines is the capital Manila.  Manila has a bad rep but can be alot of fun for the aspiring monger and sex tourist and not a million miles away from Bangkok.  I visited Manila for the first time in May 2014 and then taking the Swagman bus for my return to Angeles.  Like Jakarta the streets of Manila are choked with traffic and you dont want to be taking taxis during the day and night.

manila sexcursion
manila bay cafe

You need to be right close to the girly action.  The spot for Filipino freelancers is the Manila Bay Cafe in Malate or Ermita.  Ermita is one big red light district with lots of Asian KTV joints bars and brothels.

Red light district

The other red light districts of Manila are P.Burgos street in Makati and the EDSA complex.  Both are packed with gogo clubs and lots of pretty Filipino girls for the taking.  P.Burgos street can be very expensive though.  What most mongers do is exchanged phone numbers with the working girls and meet them out of hours.

Malaysia Sexcursions

During 2007 I took my one of many trips back to Asia and they always started in Bangkok.  I was addicted to the Sukhumvit road, the Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.  Like all things you quickly become accustomed to all those scantly clad Thai girls and now wanted to try something new.

Kuala Lumpur

Like Indonesian girls, got a thing for genuine Malaysian girls, think they can be really curvy too.  Big tits, bums with those cute asian features.  Thought I would try a sexcursion to Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia sexcursion
Malaysian bar girl

The bar girl action is down Jalan Bukit Bintang.  The epi center is the Beach Club.  At night the Beach club is packed out with prostitutes most of them Asian but also some African and Latina girls are also available.  Unfortunately you wont find many Malaysian girls.  There are also some big massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur where you can have your choice of Chinese girls.  The taxi drivers might be able to set you up with Indian girls also.

Pastures New

I could go on, but this post has gone on long enough and hopefully I have not bored you too much and imparted some useful information for your next sexcursion out of Bangkok and Thailand.  I intend to revisit some of these places in the next year or two especially Singapore, Batam and Kuala Lumpur.  I will spend alot more time in these places and provide some rich, recent and informative  posts for your digestion.   New places I want to try are Bali in Indonesia and Sri Lanka all reachable by Air Asia.  I guess we are always looking for pastures new and Bangkok and Pattaya are a hard act to beat, even still.

So mongers have you taken any good sexcursions out of Thailand?  Any places in Asia you highly recommend for a break from Bangkok and Pattaya?

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Sexcursions Asia”

  1. Great compilation.

    Apologies i have been slightly tied up in work post my New Year trip. I am really honoured after reading your invitation for a guest post. I really appreciate your suggestion and hopefully will be able to contribute something to this wonderful blog which is almost like a treasure trove of information in the near future.

    I have always referred to this blog in the earlier version and current one before my visit to any of the Asian countries and always find some piece of information useful. Especially during my first Jakarta trip when online forums were blocked out this one stood like a lighthouse guiding me.

    I am scheduled to visit Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh especially for a short 4 day trip in April. If the visit goes through then definitely i will gather some info for a guest post as this is the only country which is currently missing in the blog.

    I guess you must already be ready with your first trip of 2016 and I am eagerly waiting to read about your experiences.

    Be safe and Happy Mongering

    1. Thanks Illusion, look forward to your first guest post on mongerplanet. I do have one guest post on vietnam. but yes not visited myself Vietnam, I get the impression its not great for mongering but more on the todo list. Its like Vietnam is a place we want to tick off the list. But next time I am in Asia on an extended trip I intend to visit Vietnam for the first time. I understand now can also get a VOA which makes it easier and more attractive.

      The thing is with this asian compilation we like to try something different but even today Thailand is still a hard act to beat. Its the total package though, cheap accommodation, food, drink, masses of girls, entertainment all within walking distance. just the sheer quantity of girls and venues to choose from. But in Thailand there is only really Thai girls to choose from. Occasionally you may come across a Cambodian or Burmese girl. In Hong Kong, Singapore even Kuala Lumpur you have girls from all over Asia to choose from, Indonesian, Filipino, Chinese, some Thais too even Indian, Ebony and Latinas. I know in Bangkok and Pattaya you can now get African and Russian girls too. I guess that is what you are doing now, after many visits to Pattaya you are now looking further afield for something different.

      1. hey man, vietnam is ok for sex massage and bj bars but the freelancer scene is crap

        bangkok has the best of all worlds

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