Cape Verde Mindelo

 My first trip to São Vicente Island city of Mindelo Cape Verde August 2008

Took a flight from Lisbon to Sal Island because at Mindelo in 2008 does not exist international flights (nowadays already exists.) Made to wait at Sal that was to be for two hours but it take about four hours ( you have to be prepared for the bad service of TACV air company of Cape Verde).

Espargos Quickie Threesome

During the waiting time I left my baggage in the airport lockers and take a taxi to Espargos , a village very near from the airport. I told the taxi driver that i have to kill time before flight ask him if there any nice girl that i could meet for a quickie fuck?

mongering cape verde
Cape Verde Map

After I ask him  he told me to stay here in this bar and disappeared, 5 minutes later he come back and he was with two girls –  one mulatto and the  other black, he told me that there was a house nearby that I could go with the girls it will cost me 5000 escudos cabo verdianos (50 euros) for the two girls, 10 for the room and 10 for him, but he told me that they will agree anything I want, and we  went to the room for a threesome with this two girls from Cape Verde and….

Mindel Hotel

He was right they do everything  for money ass, cim, etc…. . The taxi driver waited for me outside  and took me back to airport to continue my journey. Wonderful start!

Caught the plane to São Vicente about 40 minutes long, arrived a bit tired check in Mindel Hotel ( nowadays I stay in smaller hotels nearby), nice and clean hotel good breakfast and if there´s a party going on there forget anything else , that´s the place to be( all girls go there).

Praça Nova

Refresh and left the room to check out the scene. Many people in the street, in front the hotel there´s a square (Praça Nova) with a little bar with the same name, take a seat and a cold beer just seeing the movement.  Lot´s of beautiful girls in small shorts walking around, that´s the place where the city people go out at night. Saw a few streetwalkers in the street that goes to the center Av. 5 de Julho saw one or two girls from Nigeria and a few from Cape Verde. I saw one that I liked but my day was done and I want to rest.

Laginha Beach

Next morning take walk by the city and ended up at Laginha Beach taking my lunch at the terrace restaurant just over the beach called Caravela, nice place to eat/drink and watch the girls at the beach.

Cape Verde
Laginha Beach

When I was seated at the terrace two girls at the beach caught my attention, they look at me and they smile one of them was really good looking. I smile to them and say hello with my hand. After 15 minutes they leave the beach passing in front of Caravela bar always looking at me trying to call me surreptitiously.

Sweetie First Fuck in Mindelo

I payed my bill and follow them, when they stopped waiting for me, I made some small talk and they were ready for some P4P, but I was only interested in one of them and told that I will take only one.

We have agree 30 euros, she can stay how long I want when we were walking to the hotel she told me that she could not get in the hotel she had no ID, but she told me that we can rent a room for 10 euros.  I was a little afraid but decided to take the risk.

The room was very uncomfortable, no AC, no Fan, no shower just washbasin but the girl was worth it all and she was willing to do anything cim, ass, nice hairy pussy, I lost at least two kilos sweating, I was burning in that room so decided to leave and she gave me her phone number to call her if I want.

Mindeo girl
First fuck Mindelo

Back to the hotel for a shower and went out again to have dinner at Casa Café Mindelo ( a restaurant and a little hotel) and went back to Mindel Hotel Bar to have a drink and to make an inquiry to the bar employee ( they always know anything to tell to a monger).

Mindelo escort Catalogue

I ask him for Strip Clubs ( no such thing in Mindelo in 2008 nowadays is different). He told me that there´s lots of young girls ready for some P4P for a small offer and told me too that there is a escort service  in the 3 major hotels (MINDEL HOTEL, PORTO GRANDE, DON PACO) there is a catalog with about ten girls that I can choose from ( I was unbeliever), he told just choose one you like 1 hour later she will knock on my room door.

He told me too that this service is especially for business executives. The girls were gorgeous, ask him how much will cost a girl, he said that these girls earn a lot of money because the executives overpay these girls and they ask about 200 euros or even more (too much for me).

A lot of information from this conversation, about 12pm out to Praça Nova Bar to watch the city go by and having a drink when a hardcore freelancer sit at my table. I said to her that I don´t need company and told her to go away she told me that she will do anything for 15 euros (cim/ass).  I was getting horny and ended up taking her to the hotel but they don´t let her in my room,  so I send her away. When I was entering the elevator the guy from reception hotel told me that the girl stole a watch from a hotel costumer.

Girlfriend Experience

Next day take taxi to Baia das Gatas beach  15 minutes from Mindelo.


Back to Mindelo for lunch at Caravela, take a  walk through the bay of Mindelo to the center and then came back to Laginha through the center passing by Praça Nova and kept walking to find a new way to Laginha Beach when I saw a girl in front of a house and she was really cute.

I smile to her say hello but she did not want to know and I kept walking to the beach to relax. Few people on the beach, just stay there having a cold beer. When I was on my way back to  the hotel I saw the same girl that have seen earlier, she was coming in my direction, I stopped and make a conversation asking a direction.

She told me she was not from Mindelo, was there on school holidays and was going on the way to her´s uncle house in centro. I ask her if she mind I follow her because is too dangerous a girl out alone, she said no and ended up going to  Mindel Hotel, not to her´s uncle house. No problem enter with the girl and when in room I gave her 50 euros, she smiled and she kissed me and we got together in the shower and I fuck her the rest of the evening, excellent fuck cim, no anal, excellent BJ , judge yourself the rest……… .

cape verde girls
Girlfriend Mindelo
Mindelo girls
Girlfriend Cape Verde

After the sex session she take a sexy dress from her bag and we went out for dinner, went dancing at Syrius Discoteca a nightclub under Hotel Porto Grande, lot´s of girls there. I stay with her for the next three days, she introduce me to her village, her family, rent a car and saw all the island.

Cape Verde Girlfrend
Mum and Daughter
cape verdi mongering
Ricardo with girlfriend

Syrius Discoteca

When told her I was going to leave the next day I gave her 100 euros she was delighted. But I lie to her I only would leave Mindelo one day after, I wanted to try Syrius Discoteca alone one night.

The next day went to Hotel Porto Grande pool ( they let you go in for a fee) relaxing waiting for my last night at Mindelo. About 12 pm entered at Syrius one hour later get´s busy.  Saw a black girl with a giant ass and I was focused on that booty, ten minutes later she walk to me and said that she had boyfriend and if he saw me looking at her I will have problems.

After 30 minutes I walk to her and said that her boyfriend never came and ask her if I can buy her a drink, she said yes and later I ask her if she want´s to come with me to the hotel she said yes but will charge me 100 euros for all night.  I laughed and offer her 60 euros and a surprise, she agrees.

When we arrive at room I gave her a lolipop candy and said that´s your surprise, I spent the night fucking her black booty doggy and her licking the lolipop candy. Next day I leave Mindelo with the promise to return.

By Ricardo.

10 thoughts on “Cape Verde Mindelo”

  1. Thanks Ricardo for another great guest post and a place not many of have ever visited or even heard of. Looks like a great winter destination cheap and only 6 hours from london. Not look like many tourists there? I have heard Cape Verde is very windy?
    Most of the girls are mixed race or mulatto?

  2. Glad you like the post, that was my first time in Mindelo.
    I had recent stories and recent photos that could show but I decided to post my first time there. Mindelo is not a tourist destination, but you will find a few tourist there. Is an unexplored city.
    You will find black, mullato, descendants of interracial marriage (crioulo/a) and a new race is growing there, chillato, yes, chinese traders fuck these girls and you will see one or two kids with that mixture, a scene to see in ten years… . Mindelo is surrounded by mountains and wind is no soo strong like in the other islands Sal Island and Boavista Island the islands with mass tourism.

      1. You will find more girls available at Sal Island more than any other island. The girls you will find there are mainly pros (some nigerians, senegalese, and cape verdeans of course). Sal island is more expensive than other islands( the girls, food, etc.) At São Vicente (Mindelo) the girls are mainly non pro and semi pro and you don´t have to dig deep to find yourself a young and cheap crioula. I never been at Boavista Island so I don´t have a formed opinion but the tourism there is almost the same that in Sal, so……. must have P4P. As you said, where are tourist there is money, and this all becomes more expensive.
        We must not forget that speak Portuguese helps a lot but if you speak a little spanish the girls will understand you.

        1. Great report Ricardo!

          Does anyone know what are average prices on Cape Verde nowadays? For pro, 2 pros, or semi-pro/non-pro?

          In tourist areas and not so tourist? I wonder what’s the situation in Praia…

          1. I was recently in Sal Cape Verde, Mostly nice looking young Nigerian freelancers on the streets and in the bars in the tourist area, especially at night, prices are around 50 euros, can get some down for 30 euros, only did short time, the girls mostly have their own studio to take you too, not do long time and not really do any of the late night discos, possible to pull the local cape verde waitresses but 99% are expecting payment in one form or another

            1. Thanks MP.

              First of all thanks for this great site that I just stumbled upon few days ago…

              …and second, I will be landing in Praia tomorrow and while I don’t expect the same prices in Praia as on Sal this gives me at least some sort of benchmark. The plan minimum is to also hit Fogo, Brava and San Vincent.

              Anybody has any experience with Praia, and these 3 islands in particular Fogo and Brava would you please sound off.

              Thanks in advance.

              1. I would give Tinder, Badoo a whirl while in Praia, On Sal all the girls were based in Praia when searching for Cape Verde.
                I would have liked to do some island hopping but expensive like 250 euros return flight etc. I will write up a full report soon on Sal Cape Verde
                Would be great if you could give us a report on your travels through Cape Verde, at least the best bits and take lots of photos

                1. Do you expect them to message you on Tinder basic or do you have to pay for more advance features? And what time of the day is the best?

                  1. There was loads of girls on Badoo and Tagged, you can meet for free, but on Badoo its best to pay a little to get highlighted etc, its small amounts that you can pay directly through paypal. your priority once landed is to get a local sim with internet. the internet was good there, in sal got 5gb listen to radio spotify even watch tv for 10 euros. In santa maria there were few girls and the ones that were on there were some of the pros I met in the bars anyway so unlike Cartagena in Colombia not notice a best time of day in Cape Verde, but would be good to get some feedback from you there on the ground, as usual to get rewards you have to put some legwork in, this is true for social mongering too

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