Nataree Massage – A heaven on earth?

Hi! What’s going on guys?

My name is Tim! I’ve been in Thailand more times than I can count. The last 4 years I’ve gone down to Thailand 3-4 months each year. My ultimate goal is to move to Thailand permanent. One day it will happen.

Banging In Thailand

Some time ago I realized that I have collected a fair amount of pictures and videos over the years, and I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about where to find all the good stuff in Thailand. I have alot of information about where to find all the naughty corners of Thailand. I also like to make reviews and compare different establishments. I will also start to write stories like this one, because I have done a lot of crazy stuff in Thailand.

It’s a great honor to write for MongerPlanet. I’ve used this site in the past to look for good stories and information about the places I’m going. Maybe it’s time to give something in return? 🙂

No Soapy Massage

As I said, I have been in Thailand more times than I can count. But the Soapy massages never catched my eye. I knew they existed, I just never gave a soapy massage a try because I was quite happy in the beer bars, with the  bar girls and the gogo’s of Thailand. This has been a big mistake!

tuk tuk patrol
bangkok bar girl

I had my first encounter with a Soapy massage in August 2015 in Bangkok. I will tell you how it went down, and why it can be such a fun and good place to hang out in.

Bomb In Bangkok leads me to new fields

I had been in Bangkok for some days already. I always stay in Bangkok some days when I’m coming over from my home country. Just to get rid of the jet lag and getting used to the heat.

Suddenly, I heard a big explosion outside from street level. It turned out to be a bomb in one of the shrines outside the hotel. Not good! Rest in peace to all the innocent people who lost their life that day! 🙁

The following days Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza pretty much died out.  Almost no guests, and the girls that did turn up for work, was not a in very good mood or looked particularly comfortable or happy to be there! I had already booked the hotel for 3 more days! Shit! What do I do?

Nataree Entertainment Massage – Bangkok

I opened my computer and started to search for alternative ways for sex in Bangkok. My theory was that the soapies should be a pretty safe place. There is almost no tourists there and most of the soapies are outside downtown Bangkok. Nothing would ever happen there and the girls are probably much more relaxed!

All webpages I looked into mentioned Nataree Entertainment Massage, and that you should go to Nataree after 7pm. Okay, lets give it a try! I had my doubts because I had been in a soapy one time earlier, in Pattaya back in 2009. I was not impressed. That Soapy was filled with 20-30 fat pale non-smiling hookers. It was almost like going through a portal back home to Europe. I never entered a soapy again until now.

Nataree – Entering heaven

I got my self to Nataree Entertainment Massage. It was really easy to find. Just take the metro from Sukhumvit to Huai Khwang. Then it was just 300m from the station. If you are lazy, just take a taxi (60-100 baht) from Sukhumvit.

nataree massage

As I entered the Nataree soapy around 8pm, I could not believe what I was witnessing! The whole lounge was filled with young cute sexy slim Thai girls. I did not count them, but it had to be at least 100 girls in there. Within 10 seconds, my dick was shooting straight for the stars.

Nataree massage

The best part was that the tanned girls (which is not that popular among Thai men, who are the regular customers at this place) is the cheapest girls you can purchase. Perfect, as an European, I like the tanned Thai girls much more than the white skinned Thai girls. Thank you Thai men!

Who should I choose?

Nataree Entertainment massage had so many hot girls I had big problems deciding what girl I wanted. I think I sat in the lounge for a good hour just drinking coke. But one girl was particularly cute and hot. I gave papasan a call and asked if I could talk to her.

The girl came over to my table. as she sat down she gave me a big smile, a wai and asked my name. We were talking for about 5 minutes and I was already in love. I decided to take this girl. She told me  that her price was 2600 baht for 1.5 hour. I think this was almost an unfair deal, but I’m not complaining!

Entering the unknown

The girl escorted me to the cashier. In the soapies you pay first, then go to the room. I had no idea what to expect from now on.

We took a very narrow elevator up to third floor. From then on it looked like a regular 3 to 4 star hotel. It was corridors on corridors with rooms. They even had housekeeping folks that cleaned the rooms after use. The girl got a basket with towels and soap from the housekeeping, then she asked me if I wanted some drink. I took one more coke.

When we entered the room, the girl started to fill the bathtub straight away. In the meantime we just sat in the bed talking and flirting. This girl did not speak any English, fortunately, I have basic knowledge in Thai language. I told her lighthearted that my dick was extra dirty today so I needed a good scrub from her. She laughed at my jokes and I think she was quite surprised that I could speak Thai, because she kept asking me over and over why I speak Thai.

The fun is starting!

The bath tub was full. The girl told me to undress and to jump inside the tub. When I was lying in the bath tub I watched her as she undressed. This made me unbelievable horny. The girl had a perfect body. Skin smooth as silk and a body shape you could just dream of all day long. I was kind of curious about the soapy massage, but I have to be honest, I wanted to fuck that girl immediately.

The girl joined me inside the tub. She took out the soap and body lotion then started to massage my thighs. She started down by the knees then worked slowly up towards my dick. I have never been this hard before I think. I was just unbelievable horny and I could almost not resist myself. I was moments away from just grabbing her, take her to the bed, and fuck her tight and wet pussy bareback!

The massage got more and more intense. She had already massaged my dick for a good while and I was well into touching her too. I grabbed her body and turned her around so her back was touching my chest. I grabbed her throat with one hand, squeezing her body tight into mine, then started massaging her vagina really hard with my other hand. She was moaning pretty good at this point. I’m pretty sure the housekeeping outside could hear us. 😛

At this point I was so horny I was sure my dick were about to explode. I don’t know what it was about this girl, but she was turning me on like crazy. I’ve had girls as hot as this before, it was just something different with this girl. She had a kind of shyness, submissiveness and innocence that I’m just really weak for. Anything I told her to do, she did with a big and curious smile.

Okay. So, we jump over to the bed. She sits down on her knees in front of me starting to lick the underneath of my dick shaft. She sucked my balls and massaged them with her tongue. I have never seen a girl enjoying sucking a dick more than this girl. She did it with great passion!

Cum On her Face

At this moment I couldn’t hold it anymore. I asked her if I could come in her face and get another shot in her vagina later. She agreed to this. Maybe she liked me because I spoke Thai? I don’t know. Normally you just get one shot when doing short times.

I started to jerk off myself while she was licking the tip of my dick and massaging my asshole. Moments before I came I told her to open her mouth. I ejaculated a massive load in her mouth and face. She took it like as a porn star, licking her own lips with my fresh and tasty semen on them like it was ice cream!

Normally when I ask I girl if I can come in her face. They’re like “aah, I don’t know, but okay”. This girl didn’t even hesitate. She took it like a champ!

The girl went over to the tub to clean her face. She was smiling like nothing ever happened. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much a Thai girl will do to make you happy. It’s quite amazing!

Second Pop

I was already hard again lying in the bed. I asked her if she could put a condom on my dick. When the condom was on, I mounted her doggy style. I fucked her so hard I’m sure the whole building could hear us. She tightened her hands to the bed sheets like it was a hurricane in the room, groaning and gaping like it was her last moment on earth.

I fucked her hard for a good while. I had already orgasm once, it’s much harder to come a second time. Especially in a super wet pussy with condom. I fucked her in all possible sex positions for a good while before I decided it was time to end it.

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The girl had done enough. I turned her around and finished off in missionary with her arms in a hard lock over her head. It felt so good to come in that tight Asian pussy that I have no words for it. My favorite thing to do on this earth for sure!

What happened next?

I ended up getting the girl’s number. I asked her if she wanted to meet me another day outside the soapy, maybe go for some food and a movie back in my hotel room, and she agreed to this. I met her several times the next days, every time we ended up having crazy and wild sex in the hotel. I had shot the golden bird with this chick!

By the way, I went back to Nataree 3-4 times the following week when I was not with this chick too. I never met a girl like this again, but for sure I had really fun and it was sexy girls there every day. A lot of sexy Thai girls!

Some pros with the Soapy Massages

Convenient – Just enter a Soapy Massage, find a girl you like, talk with her for 5 minutes. Take her upstairs! No ladydrinks, barfines, renting of short-time rooms or long walks back to the hotel or anything. Come, fuck and leave!

The Bathtub – It feels really good to have sex when both you and the girl are superclean.

Good girls – Most of the girls at Nataree was sideliners. These are girls that comes and goes as they wish. Most of them are just regular girls that wants some extra cash. They are very friendly and open. Some of them a little shy, but I like shy girls.

Discreet – If you are in Thailand with your friends, family or wife. They will never know where you were. Just tell them you are going to a shopping mall.

So, there you have it! If you liked this trip report from Bangkok and Nataree Massage make sure to read more on Mongerplanet.  I like to write trip reports like this every week and I have a lot of information if you don’t want to waste your precious time in Thailand.

By Tim.

4 thoughts on “Nataree Massage – A heaven on earth?”

  1. That really does sound like Heaven on Earth. That girls seems like a real charmer. You lucky bastard! 😛

    Is being able to take pictures of the girls at places like Nataree normal though, or was that girl just unusually nice?

    Also, I have heard there has been crack downs and pressure lately on the p4p scene in Bangkok. How has that affect Nataree?

    1. Hi Scan!

      I have been at Nataree maybe 5 times now. I got permission 3 times to take picture of the girl. The girl you see in this story actually asked me if I wanted to take a picture of her when she saw my DSLR camera, on her own initiative.

      I don’t know about the crackdown, but one time I was there, it was in fact a lot of police hanging out outside. I know Nataree have had sideliners that are underage at times.Because the girl don’t bring ID and the Nataree owners just pretend like nothing. Maybe that’s why the police were there?

  2. First thanks to Tim and Banging in Thailand for another great guest post on MongerPlanet. You must all have a good story to tell?

    It must have been horrifying being in Bangkok the same time that the bomb went off? Still not sure what that was about? or who was responsible? I like your tactics too, for sure no one is going to hit the soapies.

    After all the years visiting Thailand its only in the most recent trips to Bangkok that I ventured down the ratchadaphisek road and discovered the Nataree Massage. Mosts girls in the Nataree are sideliners rather than working in the fishbowl. Not particulary cheap ranging from 2500 to 5000 for the superstars. But one mans superstar is another mans skank! 🙂 Most girls will go with farang. Like Tim you are sure to find a lovely semi pro thai girl, student or something for 2500. for 90 mins bliss

    I will always visit the Nataree whenever I stop off in Bangkok. I have been in the Nataree twice, both time being with lovely girls and both let me take a picture of them too. Just asked nicely. For sure a little bit of heaven has fallen to earth in the form of Nataree Massage in Bangkok

    1. Yeah, that bomb freaked out a lot of Bangkok people for sure. I don’t think anything like that have ever happened in Bangkok. I know there have been some unrest between the yellow shirts and red shirts. But never bombs in downtown Bangkok killing completely innocent people.

      The mood was not good the following days in Bangkok, that is for sure!

      Luckily I was inside my hotel room at that moment. But, I could hear the rumbling pretty good and the windows were shaking from the shockwave. Scary stuff.

      Lets hope it never happen again!

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