Hong Kong 141 Sex Guide

Hong Kong – Part 1

Hong Kong is one place where I haven’t researched mongering forums and such, but Hong Kong is a place where the facts I present have come from my personal discovery rather than the accounts of others. I’m sure there is a lot of info out there about mongering in Hong Kong. This is merely my perspective.

Hong Kong the Basics

Let’s begin with a couple of basics about prostitution in Hong Kong.  Prostitution is surprisingly legal, but it is not without rules.

1.  Pimping is illegal.

2.  Advertising and soliciting prostitution is illegal, but this is easily circumvented by having websites hosted outside of Hong Kong.  Popular ones are Sex 141 , Miss148 , and 161sex in that order.  Miss 148 is my personal favorite.

From the websites you can search and sort by area, price, services (CIM, BBBJ, Massage, etc), ethnicity, language, age and a lot more.  Also listed shown is a few pics of the girl and a step by step with photos to show how to get to her place of business.  It’s often difficult to find a place in Hong Kong even with a map, so the step by step will show the map, picture of the building and picture of the building entrance.  Very handy.

The websites all have English versions.  After all, Hong Kong is “Asia’s World City” and there are many non-Chinese speakers from all around that work and who visit Hong Kong.

3.  Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong when it is between 1 woman and 1 man.  It is illegal to have more than one woman work out of one premises.   This leads to what is called “1 floor 1 (141)”, “one woman one brothel”, and “one floor, one phoenix” with the phoenix representing women in Chinese culture.  Typically one woman works out of a one room alone.

There are many avenues to prostitution in Hong Kong and many of them illegal such as saunas, KTVs, and women entering Hong Kong for purpose of prostitution but only have tourist or domestic worker visas.

sex in hong kong
hong kong blowjob

Older areas in Hong Kong offer cheaper and less desirable girls.  This usually means older women, thicker, less desirable ethnicity, and generally less attractive, but that is not always the case.  There are still plenty of desirable working girls in those areas.  These older areas are usually in older residential buildings that are not gated where anybody can walk in and visit these one room brothels.

hong kong sex 141
Hong Kong brothel

Better areas might have a dedicated building full of one room brothels or have girls who operate out of hotels by appointment only or even from the one room brothels by appointment only. Older areas in Kowloon side are Tsuen Wan, Shamshuipo, Jordan, Mongkok, and Prince Edward.  Better areas are Tsim Sha Tsui.  As for the Hong Kong (Island) side, I don’t know much about it.  Perusing one of the mentioned website above, you can quickly figure which are the better areas and which are not.

sex 141 hong kong
hong kong brothels

Hong Kong – the Search

I will eschew some of the specific streets and areas in Hong Kong since the addresses are listed on the websites mentioned above, so they are easy to find.  What I describe can easily be found in any of the older areas of Hong Kong.

Knowing this particular older area was full of 141, I didn’t know what to expect, especially during the day.  I only saw the red neon tubes outside the buildings.  I randomly walked into an old old building and followed the arrows until I got to the rooms on the 3rd floor where the hallway glowed pink.  As I looked around, the door to each room had a sign.  The signs indicated busy, not servicing, or available.
Through one door, there was moaning and banging.  Someone was having a good time.  I rang the bell on a second door and a lady in her young late 20s to young 30s appeared.  She had a large mouth, eye brow length bangs, straight hair in a ponytail, skinny body, nice smile and big breasts.  While coyly smiled at me, invited me in and asked me what I wanted.  She had an accent which made me think she wasn’t a local girl but then again, most girls in this business in Hong Kong are not local.  Despite everything, this girl could really tease and I resisted.  I told her I’d be back in a couple of minutes.

In reality I was hungry, thirsty and wanted to check out other girls.  The experience was a bit too overwhelming and I just needed some time to recompose.  I went back out to the street bought myself a drink and some snacks and wandered around a bit more.  I went into another random building and rang the bell at one door.  An older mid 40 year old woman answered, she seemed annoyed that someone rang the bell.  Maybe she wasn’t ready to begin her shift. Nonetheless, I told her this is not what I’m looking for and left.

hong kong sex 141
sex 141

the Alibi

After some more wandering and searching websites on my phone, I realized it was still early in the day at 12 pm noon.  Many girls don’t start until the mid to late afternoon.  I eventually returned to the first girl and she invited me into her room and asked me to have a seat.  She teased me by asking if I was searching for other girls.  She caught me red handed, but I had an alibi.  I raised the bag of snacks and a bottle of water to show her I wasn’t lying.

Her room was dimly lit and an attached bathroom could be seen through a door.  It was a bit cluttery and small.  Curtains shielded the sun from the outside.  She had a monitor that could see into the hallway outside her room which I assumed is standard for any working girl.  She had an electric kettle, microwave, fridge, TV and girly stickers all over the wall.  This was the place she could spend all day in between customers.

She asked me what I wanted and I said, BJ.  She teased, “is that all you want?  You can have it all”.  I told her all I wanted was a BJ and I asked her how much.  She said, $380 (~$50 HKD).  I happened to noticed right then there was a price list on her wall as well.  She was fair about the price and I agreed.

Just A Blowjob

I knew that big mouth of hers would be wonderful and I was eager to get things started.  She took off my clothes and she took off outer layers, leaving her bra and panties on.  She led me to the bathroom rinsed me off.  She then disrobed and rinsed herself off.  She came back out and put on a pair of sheer panties and bra.  She put a condom on me and she started sucking on my cock.  She then sucked on my nipples and I told her no.  I don’t like that kind of thing.  Then she went back to sucking my cock.

Chinese MILF
Chinese blowjob

As she sucked, I pulled out her big soft breasts and played with them.  I could see a little tuft of hair through her sheer panties.  I reached for her, pulled her panties aside and felt her lips.  I pulled my hand back when she looked up at me and she said, “Go ahead… smell it.  It smells good and fresh eh?  I’m not like those other stinky girls.”  She continued to tease, “Come on, don’t you want to put it in?”  I knew what I wanted and let her continue with the sucking.

After a few minutes, I was getting close and I asked to come in her mouth.  Coyly as always, she replied in the girliest voice trying to act shocked, “Ohhh no, how could I let you do that?” and with that, I came in the condom.  She came close to me and laid on top with her big soft fluffy breasts and teased, “You can have it all…. come back later.”


At that point, I was satisfied and I had to go.  I had a lunch appointment.  She brought me into the bathroom to rinse off and I then put my clothes on.  I paid her $400 HKD since I didn’t have exact change.  She asked if she could keep the change as a tip to which I more than gladly obliged.  She even reminded me to take my bag when I forgot.  I thanked her and we parted ways with a big smile on my face.  Off to lunch I went.

By Mr Q.

21 thoughts on “Hong Kong 141 Sex Guide”

  1. You mentioned places like saunas are illegal. So is getting anything extra in a massage also illegal? If so, what are the dangers?

    I find it sort of odd since right across from HK in the other SAR of Macau such places seem to be legal and operate openly without issue.

    1. Saunas are legal HK, but I’m pretty sure the extra services are not legal, but again, I think they are mostly tolerated. To me it appears the focus of enforcement is on those who are prostituting illegally (i.e. girls on tourist instead of working visas).

      I don’t know much about Macau and Macau has its own set of laws, but from seeing how blatant it is (there are magazines you can buy from newspaper stands in HK which are entirely dedicated to Macau saunas, KTV, with phone numbers, addresses and even the employee number of the working girls etc), I would think full service saunas are fully legal in Macau.

      So that begs the questions, why not just go to Macau? Cost…. as in Paul post about Macau, it is not cheap. Overall, everything costs more in Macau than in HK. Costs money to travel to Macau on the ferry, time, and costs associated in traveling.

      1. Yes you dont go to Macau because its cheap, you goto Macau to experience its own take on mongering and P4P. It only expensive if you do it every night. Macau should be experienced, try your luck on the lisboa parade and splash out in one of the many macau saunas. create some memories and some discussions. I enjoyed Hong Kong and Macua. I would return to both and likely will soon

  2. I live/work in Shenzhen, China and I loooove Hong Kong. I’m right across the border so I go there 2-4 times a month. Kowloon is where it’s at. You can get Thai, PRC women for no more than 400 HKD……you can get Thai ladies for 150 HKD at the brothels on Temple Street 😀 . Wan Chai, although I do like it, is way overpriced. The only place I bother mongering on Hong Kong island is at the Fuji Building. It’s a big walk up building, like those in Kowloon, but about 100 HKD more. All in all, I’d say Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in Asia.

    1. Yeah I really enjoyed Hong Kong too. To be honest what I loved most were the indonesian maids in the discos of Wan Chai, domestic whores, love em.
      For that Hong Kong is expensive I know there are cheap options and did try the Kowloon side and went with a chinese girl in the Fuji building.
      I think for a monger Hong Kong would be a great place to live and work. I often dream of that. Having all that pussy on my doorstep after work rather than having to travel 10,000 kilometers

      There are massage parlours in Hong Kong but nothing like across the water in Macau. Even managed a chinese beauty from the infamous Lisboa parade but that was 1500.
      Not realise the same establishments in Hong Kong I mean sauna were illegal? Certainly alot less, the law is an ass

    2. Brockstar, I would love to return to Hong Kong sometime and explore more of its options. But to make the trip different would love to venture into mainland China and Shenzhen. Could you not give us a guest post on mongering in Shenzhen and how it compares to Hong Kong? would love to know more about Shenzhen?

      1. I would love to know more about Shenzhen. I was taken up there 10 years ago by a friend and we had an awesome time at a KTV where there 40-50 girls to choose from. I was young and naive. Unfortunately I have no pictures to prove it back in the 2000s.

    3. I read somewhere that an allnighter with a whore in Shenzhen could be 500 yuan is true to? If so is it worth it? that’s pretty cheap in weatern standards, if i ever get to Shenzhen i would defo try it

    4. Brockstar… Have you seen any European girls at Fuji? Or even Thai at Fuji? I saw a vid of Champagne Court and they knocked on the door of a Polish girl.

      1. Hi Mr. Q,
        I heard you were experienced within our world of mongering from this site. Can you please give some advice on some of the questions i asked above? On my way to hong komg now as we speak on the airplane.

        1. Google these places for walk up 1 women brothels.

          Fuji Building, Causeway Bay. Champagne Court, Tsim Sha Tsui. Those are the two biggest walk-ups in HK. From my other posts check out go141.Com for girl listings.

  3. I loved in HK for 1 year. I loved it there and will go back again. I can’t look at another Oriental woman in the states without thinking about trying to offer her money for sex. Lol. I’m seeing one now. A married Oriental woman. She is no different than the whores I had in HK. Love them! Let me know if yall need info on where to find the best Oriental whores in the big cities in the US or if yall want any pics of the one I’m fucking now. Roadworrier100@gmail.com

  4. Shenzhen and the rest of the Guangdong province, for that matter, used to be the mongering Mecca of (mainland) China. Unfortunately, it is nothing compared to what it was as. In February 2014 good ol’ Xi Jinping cracked down on corruption, which included A LOT of the officials in Guangdong. That led to a sting operation and the whole sex trade, which was vibrant, came to a halt.

    I have only been in China since June of 2015 so I didn’t get to see any of that. I have spoke with a few expats that told me Shenzhen used to be great, but now everything is very much underground and expensive. Apparently the asking price that used to be 150-200 (rmb) is now at least 800. I’m sure there are ways of getting around this, but you would definitely have to speak Chinese. I have not bothered to really try considering how great of a mongering spot Hong Kong is.

    The only place I know in Southern China that is still around is the Kama Club in Guangzhou. It has a Middle Eastern vibe to it and you can find African ladies along with PRCs. I’ve been only once and it didn’t really do it for me. The music is waaaay too loud, the club is full of smoke and the beers are pricey (at least for China).

    Sorry for the late response!

    1. Thanks for the update on Shenzhen Brockstar, very informative. I now wished I had visited Shenzhen back in November 2012 when i took my first visit to Hong Kong. But limited time only so chose Macau. It seems to be a common pattern around the world, crackdowns etc. The mongering is great in Hong Kong, I often think about returning. But I love those Indonesian maids the most in the discos of Wan Chai, I saw many young curvy stunners.

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  6. This is my first time and I was trying to have a nice one spend the night with me so that’s why I’m asking for your expertise. I want to do it the right way from the gate and not get ripped off. I will document my entire journey with a few different girls so that you can have some content. I will also try to take some pics. I want something nice and pretty. Which site of the 3 that you suggested would apply to my mentioned needs my friend? I don’t want to wake up with a missing kidney you know? Lol. I saw that you favored the miss148 site? My goal is to have a nice one all night at my hotel eaton 🙂

  7. Huge fan of your site my friend. I am about to go to hong kong in a few days and about to use some of your advice. if i want a girl to come to my hotel for all night, what section should i look in go141.com? Thank you so much for your advice and expertise my friend.

  8. Also, what section should I look under if I want to see the girls that would be willing to do out calls? I clicked on out calls but all the girls note non sexual services. I leave to hong kong tonight and quite excited. I will def put a guest post. I plan on trying out several different girls. Should I already have my hong kong dollars in cash ready on hand? Or what kind of payments should I have ready my friend?

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