Thai Cuties

Thai cuties used to be my favorite, In Thailand in the beer bars and gogos of Bangkok and Pattaya you not have to dig deep to find yourself a little Thai cutie.  A Thai cutie that more often than not would stay with you long time or all night for 1000 to 2000 baht, be great company, provide you with great sex and put some toothpaste on your toothbrush in the morning.  Lets look at some real Thai cuties

Thai Pussy

The kind of Thai cuties you could meet in Thailand while on vacation were the equivalent of the kind of cute girls you could not meet back home.  You really could get your fill of Thai Pussy.   Many of the girls you could meet in the gogos and beer bars were Thai teens.  I did love Thai pussy,  Thai girls have some of the best pussy you can feast your eyes on in Asia and in the world.  I like natural pussy, many Thai cuties not shave their pussy, even natural the hair always grew neat on most Thai cuties, a lovely little black triangle.

thai cutie pussy
thai cutie

Check out Thai Cutie Sandy Ari, showing off her Thai curves and mouth watering neat hairy thai pussy.

I just loved those classic Thai looks on some of the girls you could meet,  Some Thai girls were very pretty.   Thai girls were always happy, always smiling hence the land of smiles.

thai cutie smiling
thai smile

Check out Thai cutie Lucy Cumme, she loves to smile, she got a lovely pair of B cup thai tits with big nipples on the end.  She keeps her Thai pussy trimmed around the sides.

After you been in Bangkok or Pattaya a few nights and you had your fill of Thai cuties, you start to want something a little bit different, something special.  Many Thai cuties used to be slim, no tits no ass, just a lovely wet little Thai pussy.  But a few Thai cuties you could meet had it all.

thai cutie trimmed pussy
thai cutie curvy

Check out Thai cutie Nicha Chong.  This Thai cutie has it all, pretty face, lovely trimmed hairy Thai pussy, silky long jet black hair and nice C cup Thai tits with dark nipples.  A Thai cutie that makes me want to book my next flight to Bangkok.

When you get up close to one of those Thai Cuties, her pussy is soaking wet, these Thai cuties just used to love having sex too.  Many were just naturals at their bar girls job.  When you got up close to one of those Thai pussies, you could not help noticing how  well formed those tight little thai pussies were, they always tasted nice too, like water melon.  You could not go back to fat western white pussy after the tightness and neatness of a well trimmed thai pussy.

thai cutie pussy
thai pussy

Check out Thai cutie Hanio An, just look how well formed, neat that thai pussy is on this Thai cutie.  Just waiting for a big cock to slip in.

You could have a great night out in Bangkok, Pattaya or Patong in Phuket.  Meet a Thai cutie in some bar, take her back to your girl friendly hotel and she would stay the night.  Many of these Thai cuties loved to suck cock too BBBJ and many would take it in the mouth.  You could fuck that lovely Thai pussy through the night.

hairy thai cutie
thai cutie

You could wake up in the morning and there would be that lovely thai cutie laying in your bed beside you, her pussy already getting wet ready for another fucking. Check out Thai cutie Memi Paweena Just imagine her laying on your hotel bed the morning after.

Some nights out in Bangkok in a gogo in the Nana Plaza  or in Pattaya down walking street or along Bangla road in Patong Phuket you could meet a Thai cutie who could have or does work as a model.

thai bar girl
thai cutie

Not long later, you would pull down her panties or remove her bath towel and there was that lovely thai pussy for you all night.  Check out Thai cutie Kee Wisa  and imagine you have just paid her bar fine.

At night in a gogo bar with the beer goggles on in the dark it was some girls looked better than in the light of day.  Some of the Thai cuties dancing on stage were darker skinned, from Issan and I use to love these dark Thai cuties and would often bar fine them for the night of carnal pleasure.

hairy thai pussy
dark thai cutie

Check out dark Thai cutie Benze Pharda and marvel at that natural Thai pussy needing to be filled by some tourist cock.

Some of those Thai cuties you could meet in the bar were just so young, perfect and beautiful, your little play thing back in the hotel room, some thai cuties would be shy but often willing.  You just wanted to take them home with you.   Many sex tourists did fall in love with their Thai cutie.

young thai cutie
young thai

Check out Thai cutie Tar Chang, how could you not fall in love with this young thai cutie.  So easy back in the day.

Thai Cuties

So thats a small sample of some of the Thai Cuties you can find over at Thai Cuties.  Thai Cuties specialise just in the best Thai girls and for many a veteran Thai monger it will bring back fond memories of the many Thai cuties you could meet on a night out in Thailand.

These days in Thailand its not so easy to meet a Thai cutie.  I saw a transformation sometime after 2006.  You now walk into a gogo and there wont be many Thai cuties.  Just fat Thai heffalumps, tattooed and coyote dancers.  If you do find a Thai cutie its likely you will have to shed 5000 baht for a short time starfish session.  But dig deeper, search wider and there are still some Thai cuties to be found. Thailand is still an adult playground not restricted to hardcore sex tourists or mongering anymore.

Have any of you recently been to Thailand? have you managed to get yourself a Thai cutie all night without any drama?  Have you fallen in love with a Thai Cutie before?

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