Mongering Review 2015

So another year comes to an end, another year I am still an active monger, still not settled down, no wife and not married.  

The free spirit follows the path of the lone wolf

Looks like I am a monger for life, you will probably find me in my 70’s retired in Pattaya or Angeles city.  Will those two places still be monger havens in 20 years time?  Having done a best sex tourism 2014 that went down well, lets do a Mongerplanet best sex tourism 2015 and mongering review.

Work Commitments

Financially 2015 was a good year as I went self employed which allowed me to earn more money and take more time off work. Although not quite worked out as planned.  Even as a contractor the employer can still become very dependent on you and you can become bogged down in detail.  I not visit Asia in 2015 and because of work commitments I did quite a few short haul trips around Europe and only 1 long haul to Havana Cuba.

Agadir Morocco

The new year 2015 came in with a bang!  literally.  I was taking a Christmas vacation in Agadir Morocco.  I met a beautiful sexy Arabic girl from Casablanca in the English pub in Agadir.  She became my girlfriend for the remainder of the vacation.

english pub
Arabic babe

New years eve took her to a party in a restaurant on the beach front. She came back to my hotel after midnight and I fucked her brains out.  Bringing in the new year not get much better than this for a monger.  She was a lovely girl, not cheap, needed to not get to attached to her.  Agadir is very touristy, not much sex tourism these days, big police presence and sexy Arabic girls like this are thin on the ground.   The weather was perfect over the Xmas week if a little cold in the morning and late night.

Athens, Greece

Easter break I take a trip to Athens in Greece.  Hoping for some nice warm spring weather but it was actually bitterly cold at times.  Filis street is the red light district of Athens and is a mongering wonder of the world, yet Athens is not really know for its sex tourism.

athens filis
Moldovan girl

Filis street is packed out with brothels with lots of beautiful girls working from all over Europe, many Romanian.  Most brothels have only one girl working and the price is only 20 euros.  I had some very good sex down Filis street with girls from Romanian and Moldova including BBBJ and CIM.  Athens has some great tourist stuff to see to keep you occupied between refueling.

Tallinn, Estonia

May time, I change direction and make my first visit to the Baltic taking a long weekend in Tallinn Estonia.  Mongering was hard in Tallinn Estonia.  Its reputation for sex tourism is firmly stuck in the past.

Tallinn escort scam
Tallinn teen

First I got seriously fucked about by the local Tallinn escort scene and failed to nail this teen beauty and fell for a phone scam.  The freelancers in the Viru hotel disco were old and mature.  The strip clubs in Tallinn were nothing out of the ordinary and expensive short of ripping you off.  The only real option to get fucked in Tallinn is for a taxi driver to take you to an unknown brothel in the Russian neighborhoods out of town.  I failed to fuck in Tallinn Estonia, the best I could manage was a handjob in an erotic massage parlor.

Havana Cuba

In July I take a long haul trip to Havana Cuba.  Due to the heat and humidity this is the wrong time of year to visit Havana Cuba.  I was staying in a casa in Vedado.  With the political climate now changing in Cuba with the thawing of relations with the USA, thought this might be my last chance to experience Havana before it catches up with the present day and gets flooded by Afro American sex tourists and turns into another Rio or Sosua.

threesome havana
threesome havana

The highlight of my trip to Havana in Cuba was a threesome fucking two negro sisters doggy with only one condom, I could do want I wanted to them including CIM and sharing.  It was a fantastic experience and difficult to get anywhere in the world.  My hunting ground was the centro area of Havana during the daytime where there are many young and old streetwalkers.  At night you tend to take a taxi to some nightclub in Miramir where you can meet better looking latina chicas but more expensive.  The accommodation in Havana is not that good and the food is mostly terrible, I had the shits throughout the two weeks I was in Havana.

Zurich Switzerland

My birthday decided to take a long weekend break in Zurich Switzerland.  Like Germany Zurich in Switzerland has a vibrant P4P scene including FKK clubs and attracts its fair share of European sex tourism.  A mongers favorite in Zurich is the FKK club the Globe. With FKK clubs within easy reach you cannot fail to fuck and find a beauty.

Globe FKK Zurich
Globe FKK

The globe fkk is suppose to be one of the best brothels cum FKKs clubs in Europe if not the world with the best line up of working girls from all over Europe.  I was a little dissapointed with the whores available in the Globe FKK but a beautiful Romanian girl gave me a great birthday fuck and suck.  Zurich is expensive compared to other European destinations so not for cheap charlies.  The red light district of Zurich is the Langstrasse area.  Some very pretty young teen streetwalkers along Langstrasse and some fat mature African women too.  I not indulge here, looked a bit risky.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

In need of some winter sun 2015 and nothing long haul decided to take a vacation to the Canary Islands,  Gran Canaria Las Palmas.  Las Palmas is not known for its sex tourism but suppose to be a hidden gem for those in the know.  Although the temperature was mild, the weather was not good with more clouds, wind and rain than blue skies and sunshine.

The first two nights in Las Palmas I failed to fuck even resorting to trying local dating on Tinder.  Dotted around the tourist area of Las Palmas are about 10 casas or brothels with working girls who were mostly hardcore looking, more mature than young, tired looking with tattoos.  I did manage to extract a couple of good experiences in casa Rosa and casa Roca.

las palmas red light district
street hookers

The highlight of the trip to Las Palmas was on my last day with a visit to the red light district of  Molino de Viento.  Some old grannies asking for 20 euros down Molino de Viento but some cute young prostitutes too.  A cute young Romanian girl comes to the rescue with a 15 minute quickie for 30 euros.  Whores from Romania always come to my rescue when mongering in Europe.

London, Craigslist

When not travelling as a sex tourist somewhere around the world or Europe I try to hook up with semi pro black girls of Londons Craigslist.  2015 on London Craigslist was not so good as 2014 but did manage to fuck 3 or 4 Ebony beauties off Craigslist.
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Including this black African girl who was very naughty, got her in my favorite position, panties down, pussy wet and about to be fucked doggy.  Its hard work these days trying to nail a babe off craigslist or any other dating site.  You never know when a girl off craigslist will take the bait and is prepared to come and visit you for a £100.  More pros on there than semi pro girls.

As getting laid is getting harder as I get older but my libido still in overdrive, this  is why I will continue to monger, travel far afield and indulge in more sex tourism throughout 2016.

Sex Tourism Mongering 2016

So the sex tourism was a mixed bag through 2015, I learnt some hard lessons and mongering is not getting any easier.  But an analogy I like is, its like mining for oil or gold, the oil and gold is still there in plenty but its all been picked off the low branches.  We have to dig deeper, try harder if we are going to continue to reap rewards and get value for money out of P4P.

I continue to work through 2016 at least up until April time if not beyond.  This is not getting any easier either, I really wanted to work six months then take 3 months of kind of ratio.  Mongering is not a cheap hobby and a whore monger needs to make money.

In the pipeline and well in advanced stages are two long haul sex tour trips planned for 2016, Colombia and Madagascar.   As for some short haul sex trips I would like to try Copenhagen in Denmark and maybe a trip to Malta  for some Mediterranean sun and pussy.  Will keep trying on Craigslist too, is there anything out there that competes with Craigslist?  Maybe date my first girl off Tinder too in 2016.

Guest Posts

I felt my photography improved through 2015 and will continue to do so throughout 2016 where I have invested in a new DLSR camera, lightroom and photoshop.  Towards the last quarter of 2015 saw quite a few guest posts come into MongerPlanet. I really enjoy including your sex adventures on MongerPlanet so please lets have some more guest posts in 2016 from all you whore mongers and sex tourists out there, especially places not covered.

Happy New Year 2016

What are your plans for 2016? please share in the comments below, any trips lined up?  Any great sex tourism destinations to recommend?

Happy New Year 2016 from MongerPlanet 🙂

16 thoughts on “BEST SEX TOURISM 2015”

  1. First things first – Happy New Year

    That black girl off CL looks fine. Did you manage to set up any repeat visits?

    I agree that CL is becoming harder and harder there are far to many fake ads or scammers out there. The fake ads are usually pretty easy to spot but the one I replied to appeared genuine it was written with a personal touch. A few days later I received a reply asking me to send a pic to a Gmail account, I know this is normal practice sometimes but I’ve heard stories of people getting your face pic and then trying blackmail you. Also the reply was written in a different style to the initial ad which made me suspicious. I just sent a generic pic off Google images to test the water and I then received a reply with a link asking me to verify my identity by putting my credit cards in. As if I am going to fall for that!

    How are you getting on with PoF? I must have sent 30 messages the other day and so far I’ve got 6 replies. Just need to now begin the slow process of talking them into casual sex.

    1. Happy New Year Adam, thanks for your comments and tips, may they continue through 2016

      No, I not go for any repeat visits with this one, she was recently over from Africa, on a visa and was looking for work, to work in a london lap dancing club, I pointed her to a few places where they do auditions
      The one I wanted repeat visits off was this one – a real cute ebony teen, perfect, really naughty
      But she was cheating on her boyfriend, sex with him had turned boring. Its funny she lived quite far away and was willing to travel across london for an afternoon of sexy fun. But she was not up for a second visit
      I guess she felt a little guilty. But you never know when its going to work or not. I am very hesitant to send out a pic anymore. I like craigslist because its anonymous no pics no profile. I have put genuine profiles up on dating sites before with a pic, to then find it copied onto many dodgy adult dating sites and I cant get it removed. Why I not like public profiles of any kind on the internet,

      I have had about 50 meet me request off POF, but just not interested in one of them. using search found some attractive london based black girls, but not many reply. They are in hot demand. It just reminds me why I travel
      why I am into P4P. alot more efficient alot less time wasting.

      So are you planning to travel anywhere in 2016?

  2. Agreed that CL is really hard these days. I replied to one and it seemed like it was going to happen, but it all seemed off when I got near. She was evasive as to what hotel room she was at and there was a suspicious guy just hanging out at 3am. The moment I turned the engine back on, he tried to wave me down for a cigarette; I bailed.

    Also, I’m trying to figure out how I can work 100% remote so I can start on my mongering journey.

    How have you been doing it? I’m a web developer and trying to build my online client base to supplement my day job income so I can break the 9 to 5 shackles.

    1. Girls off craigslist I generally pickup at the nearest train station to me then take them back to my place. I am not keen driving into some unknown neighborhood and meeting them.
      Many girls are not willing to travel out of central london. if I lived in central london my success rate would be alot higher. I find many girls who invite you to there place are already pro. In which case I may as well hook up with a local escort or something. semi-non pro girls in need of cash usually cannot accommodate and dont want to ‘shit on their own doorstep’ so to speak 🙂 Often I find the young girls are also hot and horny and indulging in some sexual fantasy with an older experienced white man, sometimes giving them some cash is just a bonus rather than just being really needy. Disadvantage with taking them to your place is they then know where you live, if things go awry.

      I had a 19 yo student come in the other night, really nice looking did a little skype with her, 19 yo huge tits, wanted to be gangbanged sometime and lose her anal virginity, all talk. She wanted me to come to her only and would have to pay by the hour, turns out she is on adultworker too. So pros are scouring the ads on craigslist when business is not as lucrative as they would like elsewhere.

      I am still in the 9-5 shackles, but as a contractor that they depend on, you can say I want to take some time off – if they dont like it, then they can get someone else, bonus for them is they dont have to pay holiday pay. So you need to go self employed or work as a contractor. Personally I would find working 100% remote hard to do, good thing with the office is the only thing to pass the time is to work.

  3. Both of those black teens are excellent conquests. There are so many young girls out there either bored with their bf or need a little spending money. The problem is finding the gems hidden in with the trash. I think it is just about perseverance, to coin a phrase I don’t mind playing the long game with dating sites.

    No firm plans to travel but I will go somewhere, your Cuba trip really set me thinking how much I want to visit. I was also considering Jamaica. I don’t just go away to monger I go for regular holidays although as a single traveller but if I can indulge in some activity with the locals even better. By all accounts a well placed compliment and the offer of a dinner date will get you into most Jamaican girls beds.

    I have actually just started dating a black girl. Lovely body and I am punching well above my weight but it is hard to curb the urge for recreational sex. I’ll keep you updated with my exploits!

    1. Thanks Adam there were another two gorgeous ebony teens I met off craigslist in 2015 or in their early 20s, just as good as them two, but not got pics of them, both really naughty back at my place but thats 4 conquests when having live ads running on craigslist most of the time. Perseverance furthers as they say. Putting new ads in using key words not used so much helps
      I have had girls respond to exotic, African even slut rather than black or ebony.

      You would enjoy Cuba, Jamaica I am sure a man with your experience would do really well too. I am a single traveler too, seems many of us are. So there needs to be other things for me to do to. Dating girls, taking them out properly with an almost guaranteed session later in the night sounds perfect to me, love those non pro girls when you can get them.
      Had a good winter sun tip come in Cape Verde.

      Would be great to have a guest post from you sometime in 2016, I am sure you got a good story or two to tell the world or mongerplanet. 😉

      1. Sorry for the slightly delayed response. The first few weeks back at work have been so busy. I would love to a guest post perhaps I could write about a disaster I had on CL last year. How do I go about submitting?

        I had my first success of the year on PoF at the weekend. A week after getting her number we met for an afternoon date, a bite to eat in a bar and a couple of drinks. I had already laid the foundation the night before for some casual sex. Ended up back at hers and sealed the deal. She was 27 and black, pretty good body and we’ll worth it in terms of performance.

        I was also thinking heading to Gambia in addition to JA. I read your report and it sounds good. Are you still in contact with the waitress?

        1. Adam, would be great to have a guest post from you. Craigslist is always a good story. To submit just email me, my email and contact form is on the contact page

          This is true for any others of you with a story you think should be told to the mongering community.

          I guess with the girl off Plenty of Fish, that was a freebie after the wining and dining? I have given up on POF, to many old fat slappers for me. Beggars can be choosers. I have moved onto seeking arrangement and now have a lovely young sugar babe of 22. She comes over for the whole evening and we have a good time. There are more for the taking off there. I am finding seeking arrangement like a more serious and professional craigslist.
          I got a gorgeous semi pro student lined up in a week or two. She will be in the area so we have arranged to meet up. She is 19 and just sex on legs!

          As for Gambia was considering it myself this month. But unfortunately I have been hearing/reading some bad things going on down senegambia, the country has declared itself an Islamic state and there were police raids in the bars over the last week or so. So not looking good, it was like I knew this was going to happen. I am not in touch with the waitress anymore, stopped talking about a year ago. I have been told she with another sucker now. you will meet plenty of semi pro girls like her in the Gambia. All the waitresses etc are available and often make the first move. No need to go for the late night pros in the Wow bar or Britannia unless you want to.

          I start a new trip soon, so some new stories will begin sometime in February from a new country and exciting part of the world 🙂

          1. Yes the PoF was a freebie. It was quite interesting gaining the female perspective. She told me that she gets lots of messages each week that simply start by asking her if she fancies a shag! It is surprising how a decent non sex conversation can actually get you sex with online girls. Most of them are so jaded by the constant sex messages that they let their guard down when you are polite. I’ll check seeking arrangement out but are the girls realistic in the “reward” they seek? I was aware of the site but thought it may be a bit high end?

            I’ll definately do a submission soon.

            1. Well I definitely do not go in with the ‘fancy a shag?’ line lol, to meet girls of 27 is fine, you must be younger than me…

              Seeking arrangement does have expensive sugar babes but there are some on there who are more realistic I got a couple lined up who are happy to get paid for a meet, so at least 3 hours etc for around 100-150. Mark from the USA put me onto it from the Las Palmas Tinder thread, you can read tthe details there
              Mark is really experienced on seeking arrangement and applies game to the girls he meets and gets what he wants. So I have tried it, got seriously laid already with a few in the pipeline. now chatting to an asian post graduate 23 who lives nearby. So is working for me and prefer it this way.

  4. Happy new year, found it hilarious ‘before it gets flooded with afro American mongers and turns into Rio or Sosua ‘ if you return to Asia this year i hope you hit Shanghai, i heard good stuff, mamsans approaching Westerners offering massage and young women, even an all-nighter with a whore at your place for 100 usd, i would do it. Now in Europe i heard good things about Copenhagen, many polish whores there, we know polish women are hot!! But would be difficult to pull out a local danish girl, because many local whores are either white trash or junkies. That’s what happens in Many nordic developed countries hard to fuck local whores, heard the same about the Netherlands and Finland ~ but many estonian whores in Helsinki. Would really like you to hit La Jonquera in Barcelona, they say is the Mecca of Romanian whores and big sex clubs.

    1. Happy new year. Dont take it personally about the afro american sex tourists but if you had been to Rio or Sosua you would know what I mean. I do respond to reader recommendations, I based my trip to Las Palmas on a tip. May make a return to the Mediterranean this year with Malta or somewhere. The thing is there is not much point it doing long haul if all you can get are pros who only want short time and asking the same price they ask back home. I mean there has to be more on offer than just easy whores or mongering. So as I stated its a case of digging deeper, venturing further a field. I think sex tourism is still growing so its getting harder and not getting any younger but a little richer. No plan to do China, its a big country! La Jonquera looks more geared to curb crawling or truckers and its in Girona which is not Barcelona.

      What is appealing to me is cape verde. As I said 2016 I am serious about a trip to Colombia and Madagascar. Madagascar would be July and Colombia soon. Maybe next winter Cape Verde a spring trip to Copenhagen and autumn trip to Malta. All depends. This is the plan if I continue to work inbetween trips. If work finishes for whatever reason then back on a budget travel

      Question to you AfroMonger, what are your plans for 2016?

    2. Happy New Year to you Guys.

      If you are into streetwalkers then Copenhagen is good, you find ebony and eastern european ladies in the surroundings of the central train station, even some “old/famous” strip joints from the 60s, alot of massage parlors with asian action all across the city. If you are into shemale you also find it.

      Pickpocketing is an issue so be aware.

      The infamous street “Istedgade” its going from Central Station you will know you have taken the right exit when going out of the Central Station 🙂 – on Google Street View its called “The hard end”,,12.5632885,3a,75y,245.04h,73.94t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sU4LRszaYxdm8BRFw5LHCfg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

      At day time a normal street with a few lost souls and alot of low cost hotels – and strangely alot of the most expensive appartments in Copenhagen, at night a lot of lost souls, there is some housing for lost souls so lots of noise and some brawling between them (police station is on the back side of the street) you cant go 10 m without being approach by streetwalkers, the first 500 m (and side streets) you have your Ebony selection young, old, fat and slim, if you want to discuss Price you do that walking just walk and hackel the Price – its how its done prices starts at 100 DKK (10£) for a CBJ in a back alley and upto 500 DKK (50£) full service, you will be approached many times so dont take the first offer. Some of them is having a room a good walk from there, so if you dont have a car or want to do business in an alley ask if they have a room – most low cost hotels in Copenhagen is not allowing ladies in the room.
      After 500 m or so the action will stop, you have “Thai Corner Bar” in the basement – thai resteaurant at day, bar at night, alot of action in here at night mamasan in the door is not allowing everyone passage so be polite, inside you find fresh Thai ladies (the rotate every weekend flying them in from Thailand) and shemales and an angry mamasan behind the bar, they will pray on you and not the other way arround, if you are in doubt if the have a wang touch or just ask, bring Cash if you want action 1 hour cost 1000-1200 DKK (100-120£) they have rooms 100 m from the bar where they will do the business, if you dont mind by drinks for the girls you will have a friend for the rest of the night even after doing business – A litle note before Thai Corner Bar you have Club 34, here you can have a “well served pint” directly translated, you pay for the size of the handle she will sit on when she fill up the glass 🙂 there is a entreance fee 50 DKK (5£).
      With Thai Corner Bar on your right hand you look left and see some old BOSCH neon light Commercials, this is the remaining part of the “meat packing district” which is now cafe, bar, Club etc. at night, the streets going Down and around you find Eastern European streetwalkers – but also alot of drunk people, you can see which is streetwalkers dont ask for Price with the wrong girls, girls tend to get angry if you think they are a prostitutes 😉

      Like every other stripjoint around the world you pay a bit more for action, but beer and drinks is almost same Price as other bars, expensive a pint 50-100 DKK (5-10£), there is a lot of them around the city the further you get away from Istedgade the more upscale it will be and action more expensive.

      If you want a Danish lady/girl you have 2 options
      1. go to a bar and try to score but notice prices is so high that after some drinks/pints you have spend the amount of $ from which you could buy a villages in some african country and you still didnt get laid 🙁

      2. Look at some Escort sites (or the backside of the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet”) alot of ladies/girls advertising there services, here you find girls from 18 and up prices is from 500 DKK and up.

      You cant find brothels as its illegal – pimping and brothel illegal.

      So there is a lot of action in Copenhagen also (Aalborg, Århus, Odense – mayor cities), just be aware of pickpocketing when mongering for streetwalkers, almost everyone in Denmark speak English and German and eventhough people look angry or indifferent they are infact polite just dont use “please” as much as you do in the UK, that will be seen as unpolite.

      I do prefer FKK and brothels in Germany and Austria, and 20th january i am off to Bratislava for relaxtion and pampering – no mongering, i will do taht in Vienna where i take two days i will go to “Laufhaus” and bars maybe try one of the 3 FKK Clubs to see if its like the Germans, havent been to “asia” yet only in massage parlours 🙂 but i believe that Germany and Austria have the best mongering scene – but i do prefer Ebony girls (with a petit popo) which is hard to find in Austria.

      Yes Danes speak English but writting is another discipline 😉

      1. Thanks the Dane, this is an amazing comment and write up about Copenhagen in Denmark. You have sold Copenhagen to me. In fact this write up is so good, wish I had published it as a post. I will be hitting “Istedgade” probably late spring. Guys love these comments keep them coming. In the future onese like these I will make their own post. Big Thanks to the Dane on mongering in Copenhagen and Happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year to you as well.

    You itinerary really sounds interesting. Lucky to get to visit new locations. I will look forward to reading about your experiences there.

    I am just back from New year in Philippines and a week in Jakarta before that. Knee deep in SE Asia as of now. Hence the only change would be from reading about your escapades in european and african destinations.

    Take care, be safe and happy mongering.

    1. Happy new year Illusion. Would be great to have some guest posts from you on Jakarta and the Philippines. As a regular on mongerplanet
      Yeah looking forward to mongering 2016

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