Shakti Erotic massage Molino de Viento Las Palmas

My last day and night in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, before flying home to London tomorrow early afternoon.  I had mostly given up on the weather and the casas around Las Palmas.  I had had one or two good experiences at casa Rosa and casa Rocia but the majority of the working girls on offer were below my standard. Today in Las Palmas I would try something different, an erotic massage at the Shakti center and a walk along the proper red light district of Calle Molino De Viento and maybe indulge…

Return to Casa Rocia Cachet

Start the morning off as you know with a walk along Las Palmas beach.  I would have one more walk along the beach tomorrow morning before packing and flying home.

las palmas beach
las palmas bay

On the walk back I detour to Casa Rocia as the Spanish girl who gave me the great blowjob told me the brothel was open 24 hours.  When I knock though the madame told me not open.  Was up for another wet sloppy blowjob with CIM.  Back to the hotel Concorde for a big cooked breakfast to keep my strength up for the mongering adventures that awaited me.

Monger Operations

Felt like I was going on Monger Ops as I left the hotel concorde and took a waiting taxi outside.  I told the taxi driver to drop me off at the Parque hotel  which was then a short walk to the Shakti erotic massage center at Calle Canalejas, 12-a.  Dont like telling taxi drivers exact addresses when going for a massage or to a brothel as they often start recommending alternatives.  The cost of the taxi journey from hotel Concorde to Parque hotel was 6 euros.  All the taxi drivers in Las Palmas use the meter and seem honest.  This guy was no exception and would pick me up tomorrow morning outside the hotel after I have checked out and take me to the airport for 25 euros.

Shakti Erotic Massage

I find 12-a along Calle Canalejes and what must be the Shakti center and ring the bell, no answer.  I am about to walk away and make my way to Calle Molino De Viento when ring the bell again and this time they buzz the door open.

Shakti erotic massage
Shakti center

I am led into a waiting room by the madame who explains the drill in the Shakti center.  I am given a menu of the erotic menu options all of which include a happy ending or a handjob.  All erotic massage are for 1 hour, the cheapest option was 60 euros but not include you touching your masseur.  The next option you were allowed to touch the masseur and the final option included full sex.  I would now be introduced to the girls working in the Shakti center.

Busty Colombian Girl

The girls were introduced to me one by one with there being 4 in total working in the Shakti center during the daytime.  More of the same really, not really outstanding, not terrible, mature with tattoos some of them.

shakti massage girl
erotic massage shakti

One girl was Colombian who was not bad and had massive natural firm tits.  She tells me in my ear she will include french natural or BBBJ, always a deal maker for a monger.  I go with the middle option as wanted to maybe fuck those massive tits too, but not really want to pussy fuck any of the masseurs available.  But thought I could have some fun with this Colombian girl and dump my load.

real colombian porn
Colombian whore

I was led into a private room by the Colombian girl, just a mattress on the floor but looked clean with fresh towels.  I am told to undress and take a shower.  The shower was pretty crap and why is it always hard to work out how to get the fucking hot water to work?  Back into the room and lay on the mattress and await the Colombian girl to join me.

Oily Body to Body

The massage was not bad, but I have had a lot better.  She did body to body on my front and back and could feel her shaved pussy bristles rubbing up and down me.  She used a bit too much oil for my liking.  But got a good suck on those huge tits, she had massive erect nipples to for me to play with.  True to her word she gave some good BBBJ, wanking me off at the same time and then let me cum all over her massive natural tits.  I not totally empty my balls, partly due to it not being an explosive experience and second maybe I would find something I wanted to fuck down the red light district of Calle Molino De Viento that I would visit next.

 Calle Molino De Viento

I left the Shakti center made my way from there to Calle Molino De Viento navigating the streets with google maps, GPS on my mobile phone.  Calle Molino De Viento is a proper red light district in Las Palmas more geared at locals rather than tourists.  Like all red light districts in Europe its an interesting street to walk up and down looking at all the prostitutes available

Calle Molino de viento
Calle Molino de viento

Now it seems alot of mongers cum tourists to Las Palmas avoid Calle Molino De Viento the red light district gets a bad rap on the internet.

Molino de viento hooker
fat mature

That all the whores along Calle Molino De Viento are fat and mature, like grannies in their fifties.  Sure there are a few old grannies working this red light district, but let me tell you something about Molino De Viento there are some gems among the rough too, some cute young chicas too, alot of them are from Romania working this stretch.

las palmas whore
street whore

I was quite surprised, there was definitely a couple of girls doable down Molino De Viento.  I was glad I had some cum left in my balls, because it was looking like this was not going to be just a recon of this red light district, but one of these young whores was going to get fucked.

whore from romania
Romanian hooker

I inquired on the price with a couple of the hookers down Molino De Viento the young ones wanted 30 euros for a 15 minute quickie, the older ones were asking 20 euros.  I was not expecting the girlfriend experience, just a covered suck and fuck. At 30 euros I could afford to fuck a few of them if it not work out.  Calle Molino De Viento  in Las Palmas was reminding me of Filis street in Athens, lots in common, cheap and young Romanian girls available.  Calle Molino De Viento was smaller though, less houses and it looked like quite a few houses were boarded up – another shrinking red light district.

Romanian Girl

I walked up and down Calle Molino De Viento a couple of times, there was definitely two young girls from Romania I wanted to fuck, could not make my mind up which one to fuck though.

Molino de Viento
Romanian whores

There was one with lovely tits and booty, pretty too and looked like she would be a good fuck.  Another looked less pro, sweeter, younger, another girl from Romania.  In the end I chose the sweeter younger of the two Romanian girls, tells me she was aged 19.

Calle Molino de Viento
young Romanian hooker

She takes me into her back room, Its was OK,  I notice the bin had quite a few screwed up tissues in it.  The younger prettier girls no doubt are kept busy in any red light district.  I hand over the 30 euros and we strip naked.  She is a nice friendly intelligent girl speaking fluent English.  She starts off with a covered blowjob, I use my imagination and get hard.  I then get on top of her and fuck her missionary, she is making the right noises and moves and I cum within 5 minutes and the second time within the hour.  I know the secret now to multiple pops, dont totally empty your balls in the first whore, save some for the second, maybe a third.

Best till Last

I should have come down Molino de Viento earlier in this trip to Las Palmas.  But is a taxi ride from the main tourist area which will set you back another 10-15 euros return.

las palmas red light district
street hookers

I was satisfied and stopped off and had some pizza and beers.  Then waved down a passing taxi and went back to the hotel Concorde.  A good day spent mongering in Las Palmas down Molino de Viento.

Las Palmas Sun Down

I have a peaceful last evening in Las Palmas. I go out with my big camera trying to catch some long exposures of Las Palmas beach, the wind was pretty calm but wish I had my new tripod.  Its all about getting in the right position for the best composition.

las palmas sundown
las palmas

After taking some photos I stopped off in the Scandinavian pub along the promenade and sat outside in the mild climate enjoying the peace and a beer.  It was then ruined by a loud mouth Scottish cunt on an ego trip!  Every other word was ‘fucking’ and he wanted everyone to hear.  Not had this all week in Las Palmas and reminded me I was going home tomorrow.  More than I could handle and went back to the hotel for some nice food.

Would I Return?

So that was my mongering adventures in Las Palmas, hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.  Would I return?  I am not rushing to return to Las Palmas, the weather was crap most of the week and the mongering is nothing exceptional.  Nice place though, very friendly locals.

There are better looking younger, mostly Romanian girls working along Calle Molino De Viento as well as some fat mature grannies.  In the casas around the tourist district of Las Palmas mostly mature hookers with tattoos.  Prices average out the same time-wise and you might get better overall service in the casas.  Maspalamos was an amazing day out in the sand dunes, dont think I could set up base there though for the week.

My next winter vacation may be Malta or a return to Morocco.  More than anything I like travelling and trying different and new places.   Never found anywhere that kept calling me back like Thailand used to.   Any suggestions for a short haul winter sun break?

3 thoughts on “Shakti Erotic massage Molino de Viento Las Palmas”

  1. Do they have mocospace there? If it works there you should try it. Most non pro girls post in the near me chat room. It’s good way to find local girls on the cheap.

    1. Thanks for the tips Tony. There are so many apps out there geared towards dating. I just tried Mocospace but seems USA based only. I mean it expects an area code. when i put country city still showed me USA people. Had a friend request immediate for someone with a business proposition. Another app I played with is Skout, but lots of girls from the other side of the world contact you, not much local.

      What I do like about Tinder is it is fast and easy to use and accurate relative to locality. I just had a match on Tinder. I started off with Hi, how are you? Got back a message

      “Very wet thankyou, how are you?”

      Thought this one is game …

      sent back some seedy reply

      then put on my reading glasses and saw it said “very well” not very wet
      so not hear anymore from her lol – jaded mongers mind seeing things that are not there.

  2. Sure you can use dating sites like badoo. I was in shakti centre and Molino De Viento but my favourite place is called Nude Massage Canaria dot com in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria based in Playa Del Ingles

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