Virginia USA Asian Happy Ending

I’ve just started following this blog MongerPlanet for a couple of months now.  I’m not yet into the P4P scene in the most explicit sense, but I’ve been itching to start traveling again. I’ve traveled mostly for work and have been to Shanghai, Rio , Toronto, Mexico, and Liverpool in England.  Now, I’m planning a trip to the Dominican Republic to find out just how much fun the P4P can be.

In need of a Massage

I had an accident 10 months ago that left my leg stiff and I decided on a massage to rub it out.  I went on since it was already the nighttime and I didn’t think most “legitimate” massage parlors would be open.

I found a massage parlor on backpage that didn’t close for another hour and it was only a 10 minute drive away from where I was staying.  I first called by phone to see if it was actually open and an Asian lady answered and she explained they accepted both appointments and walk-ins.

When I drove over to the address, I thought it didn’t exist as nothing else was open and there were hardly any lights on since it was in the industrial district of town. The Asian massage parlor is at
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in a shopping square at the corner unit.  Sure enough, there was a little neon OPEN sign that you could barely make out from a distance.

asian massage

I walked into the massage parlor and nobody was at the front desk and the lights were off, but right away an Asian lady in her early 30s came up and asked if I was the one that called?  I nodded and she took me to a small dimly lit private room.

She asked which session I wanted and requested cash money upfront;  they don’t accept credit cards and there weren’t any ATMs on premise, so plan ahead. Their rates were $40 for 30 mins, $60 for 60 mins, $90 for 90 mins, and $110 for 120 mins. This area has a lot of military bases and if you show your military ID, they discount $10 for the 60 min session. They’re open daily from 9:30 am to 10 pm.

While full body rubs are definitely legal in the state of Virginia, “happy endings” are definitely not and the Commonwealth courts will seek a prostitution charge. They can’t have you fully exposed, you must be covered with a towel.

Massaging my Ass

I opted for a 30 min session and I stripped down to my boxers and covered up with a towel. There wasn’t anything particularly exceptional about the vanilla massage itself, but after a few minutes, I did notice that she was spending more time massaging my ass. Around the halfway point of my session, she asked if she could slip my underwear off and I went with it. I had asked for a firm and strong massage from the beginning, but she was getting more light with her touches and her fingers were simply lingering up and down the length of my leg and stopping at my ass.

Not a Sting

After, she asked if I wanted a front massage and I knew she was down. They won’t say anything explicit and I didn’t ask for anything explicit. My guess is that we’re both testing each other out that this isn’t a sting operation, because local authorities have been known to pull this bullshit.  I only said “sure” and she leaves the room for a moment to come back with a hot towel.  She wipes and cleans the massage oil from my back and has me turn over with the towel still on, but by now I’m a boy scout pitching a full tent.  She simply smiles and continues to massage my legs and stomach. She initially avoids my crotch, but each time she goes from one side to the other, she gets closer and closer.  She finally starts to tease my balls and works her way up the length of my dick. This is happening.

Really Turned On

By now, the towel is off and she’s fully pumping me and her breathing is getting heavier. I was really turned on, when she suddenly did a firm squeeze on my balls that without thinking my right hand went for her ass to return the squeeze. She shifts her position to ease up on my hand and I’m just groping her ass and fingering her pussy through her pants. I alternate between her ass and slipping my hand down her shirt to give her hard nipples a good pinch to hear her moan. This was all a lovely and unexpected surprise. I’ve never done this before.

1 Hand 2 Hands

I can tell she’s getting a little tired and my time is about to end. She laughs and says “I need us to work together” to get me to cum. I ask for another 30 mins. She’s ok with it.  As she’s still pumping me I hear the door open and another woman’s voice is talking to her. I’m surprised how comfortable I was with all of this, two strange women whom I don’t even know their names can see me buck naked while one is jacking me off.

asiain threesome
two asian girls

The Asian woman stroking me turns to me and smiles; she says “my friend is here to help.” I smile at the 2nd chick, she’s in her late 20s and also Asian. They were both Chinese…

Hands Full

But the other Asian girl is prettier and with much bigger tits. I tell her how rare she is, for being a petite Asian with big tits. She was about a 34D. Not as thin as the first, but enough meat on her that made her look like a woman should. I thank her for wanting to help and I immediately reach out with my other hand to give those big Asian tits a hard squeeze.  Both of my hands are full, one hand rubbing asian pussy and the other feeling the weight and fullness of the 2nd girl while she’s going for my nipples.

Nipple fetish

Speaking of which, what is that about with Asian girls? I’ve dated a few Asians and it’s been enough for me to notice that at some point, they’ll always go for your nipples. Whether it’s biting, licking or squeezing, they never miss them. It’s not a complaint, but I wonder who gets more out of this?

Happy New Year

As much fun as it was hearing both women moan and squirm, they’re still professional and the main girl reminds me that they’re about to close. I said OK, but ask them to position themselves facing me so I can finger both those Asian pussies at the same time if they want me to cum.  They go for it and start to pump me harder with a firmer grip.  I’m feeling the build up and my back is arching as my ass lifts off the table and I shoot straight up and she laughs singing “Happy New Year!”  She’s still pumping and I’m feeling the aftershock while all three of us are laughing.

They bring me some water as I’m getting dressed. It wasn’t a full hour, but I was happy and tipped them each another $20. It was $100 total;  I don’t think it was a bad deal at all, to have a full body massage, while I fingered two Asian chicks at once and had them pump me dry.

Ill be Back

I thank them saying how much fun it was. They ask me when I’ll be back?  New Year’s” I respond and they laugh. I definitely want to come back and build up more trust. I might tip a little more from the beginning to see if they’re willing to do more. I’m going to go for a blow job at least the next time around.

I’ve never done this before, but it was a lot of fun, despite my initial nervousness. I can only imagine what the Caribbean will be in a few months. Let me know what you guys think? thanks.

Paolo, Virginia, USA

5 thoughts on “Virginia USA Asian Happy Ending”

  1. Great little story, love these guest posts from all you out there. Lets have some more interesting and informative stories.

    I have had one or two experiences like this is the past. Where started with one lady giving massage and then a second lady joined in. Most memorable was on the Sukhumvit road in Bangkok Thailand. They both started playing with my cock together and knew just where to touch. It was mind blowing. Another time local, with two Chinese MILFS. I asked for the other masseure to join us in the handjob.

    I think the price you paid is good. A 1 hour body massage in the UK, outside of London is usually 40 ph with a handjob another 10. On average.

    Interesting the laws in the USA, I wonder if its less about morality and more about just stopping society indulging in fast sex like they have done with fast food?

    1. That’s awesome that generated new traffic. I’ll have to check a few of those out some time and report back.

  2. My first visit to a massage parlor of many to come, was in NY Manhattan, been away from home 10 days and 4 more to go, business in New Jersey and 5 days of vaccation in the big apple and surroundings.

    The first days we where at a hotel i NJ 20 km or so from Manhattan, after 4-5 days of Work and drinking in night the urge where comming we did alot of strip clubbing in NJ nothing super only ha CBJ from Eastern European stripper with alot of birth marks but Again heavy drinking and even the ugliest stripper will be the best looking 🙂

    But after 2 days in Manhattan the urge where strong, somewho my business partner hat booked a hotel in the gay area of Manhattan “Chelsea” alot of ladies in the bars but they did make out with other girls not making it better, so my business partner and old sailor set out to find me some action – a sailor can find action even in the pope city, he gave me an address 1 block Down and 2 block West, i asked him to go a long just to check the place.

    A rather anonymous double door – a Lorry is blocking the view:,-73.994065,3a,75y,42.29h,94.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sMnlMA43AYQDn4a15QHx-TA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    But a first timer and with a bad incident in Las Vegas with hotel hooker i needed some courage – even though i am over 30 😉 just next to there is “American Whiskey” a bar, so went in and got some courage in form of some firewater called “Rebell Yell” – a good Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey, Again in the middle of the gay community alot of girls in the bar making out, so after 30 min or so i found my corones and went next door, rang the door bell and mamasan (maybe not the correct titel for this establisment) the usual small talk in US and i paid the lady 100$ for an hour massage with CC – the dollars was like rubel at the time 🙂 so inexspensive.

    She showed me the way to the lockers and bath, there where sauna and steam room, when finished with that you just waited for the table wash 🙂

    I got into the table wash room and a asian girl (30-35 yr hard estimate asians) took my towel and i got up to the table and she gave a good sponge bath alot of small talk and she really gave a good bath when finished she rub you with the towel while you stand up – i was giggling like a litle boy and telling here i am back in time 4 yr old or so getting dried by mother after a bath, she laughed “yes u here first [dime]”.

    Got a fresh towel and a bathrobe, and another asian girl followed me to a waiting room – asking if i needed refreshment, i just waited 1 minute or so then a Young asian girl in White Clinic outfit ask me to follow her, her name Ning Ning, bing bing or bing a ling – hey first time in such establisement, she was Chinesse, she showed me into a room with a pro massage table – i was beginning to think it was a massage establisement and not a happy ending place.

    So when asking if i prefer hard/light massage i ask for a hard massage i am Dane so 2 m high and big boned, the massage was great realy hard A+ for the massage, she ask under the session if it was good still like a litle boy i just answered with yes, the massage got me so i almost fall a sleep.

    But at sometime her massage got a bit more intimate my ball sack which was realxing – most have been a scary site for her, got touch my ass cheek was given more attention, and finally i woke up when her fingers was going up and Down my butt crack under the towel 🙂 then “the flip over” came the general and two colonels where begining to understand some kind of massage was comming to them.

    Still with a towel covering the privates the massage continued, still getting a good massage and now with her boobs – still in the clinical outfit, pressing Down in my face – i was an idiot i didnt tell the sign so i did no grabing or other stuff.

    Then she went in for the kill, the inside of the legs where touched and the towel went off, she played with him so he stood tall and proud really showing what the Kingdom of Denmark is about – bigger erections, she noticed it with a “Danes has big [pinises]” 🙂 she put on a rubber and i dont really know what she did mouth or hand or used a donkey it was good i really tried to show stamina but it took 30 sec then i blowed the load, she was really happy “you danes big [pinisis] big load u goooooood”.

    Then a small clean off back to lockers a quick shower, and then she followed me to the door offering me Water in a bottle, in the door mamasan (Again to upscale to call her that but they massage your dick for Money so it most be that) ask if i wanted to give Ding Ding a tip, i gave her 50$ which i feelt she desserved but less would do it.

    My business partner where still sitting in the bar waiting for me, i have been there for 2 hours.

    The exeperinced was so good i went back the day after, i was still not empty, “same procedure as last year miss sophie” table lady recognized me “ohhh so good u come for more u horny man with big [pinis]”, this time i got a Korean masseuse lower 20ish, we talked alot while getting massage it was hard as she was fresh of the boat i dont think she could say “me love u long time”, Again super massage, on the flip over i just got rid of the towel and touched her all over, she put on rubber “u danes got to big [pinises] so big we love” and the massage was with the mouth but this time i would hold it a bit longer so she used her hand at the end.

    So if you end up ind Manhattan go to its expensive compared to EU standards but the service is great here the focused on booth massages not only the last 10 minutes – and of course go into “American Whiskey” and get a Rebell Yell.

    After that massage i have gotten many more in EU and US but this still is the best i ever got.

    At a later business trip to US we where in Lancaster Amish county, there i got a massage by 3-400 Pound american lady close to closing in time in Amish county so couldnt be picky, she gave some claps and strokes with baby powder, so i asked her what about some hand action, she told me that i hat to take her hand and put it where i wanted the massage – so moved her 100 Pound hand to my [pinis] – big of course, it was surreal she was 3-400 Pound lady naked – maybe there was a thong on her but didnt want to inspect, strooking me with baby powder but Again no sex for alot of days so i could even go with her even heavier retarded sister if she hat had one 😉
    She “massaged” my dick while small talking about everything and nothing, eventhough she was not my kind of lady i blowed the load hitting my chest indicating it was needed i am Dane so 2 m and a huge [pinis] i did gave her noticed which she appreciated as some would blow on her if she wasnt quick enough to move 😉 – good thing about baby powder it encapsulate your cum not sticking to your skin 😉 and even better after the massage i stopped at gas station got a soda and one of thoose scratch lottery thingy and won 10$ 🙂 back on the hotel my business partner asked where i went to then he saw how relaxed i was but i did tell him it was a Amish beauty 18 yr old who did it.

    In Chicago i have also gotten some massage backpages is good materiale when touring US,-87.6259183,3a,75y,260.94h,89.95t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQP204wNOKuQjRcPbdR1Elg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    It was like in this “Guest post” from Virginia, close to clossing but only one lady the other one was sleeping, but she gave me good massage while i was fingering the hell out of her, natural lubricant gave the vlit som attention.

    So you grow with the years, starting in Manhattan as a noob ending with finger banging chiness masseuse in Chi town 🙂 late in life bloomer 🙂

    Later this year it will be Atlanta an 20th january i hit Vienna before relaxing in Bratislava – no mongering there just relaxing but if they throw in a happy ending in the massage i will take it 😉

    And Again speak English fine but writting not as good

  3. I have had a lot of action in massage parlors. The trick with scoring in massage parlors here in the States is to communicate what you need. Most of the girls tend to be shy because they don’t want to get busted in a sting. When they ask you to flip over for the frontal massage take the initiative and start by touching their legs and ass and see how they respond. If they back away you know it’s a no-no if they are into it they’ll tell you what’s available and leave the room to retrieve a condom and then it’s on. The going rate is 40 for a 30 minute massage, 60 for the hour and an additional 100 tip for the girl for full service. It’s always ymmv, some girls are mechanical, some give gfe or pse.

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