Casa Dollshouse Las Palmas

My second to last day in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.  The plan for today was to try casa Dollshouse tonight prime time after 7-8 pm when there will be more of a selection of working girls to choose from.  I may also try a Thai massage along the beach promenade.

I was going to try casa Dollshouse on Sunday night but it had been closed like most casas.  If you been following my adventures in Las Palmas you know the routine,  long walk along the beach then a big cooked breakfast in the Concorde hotel.  It looked like it was going to be a nice day for a change in Las Palmas.

beach las palmas
Las Palmas

During the morning walk, I rested on the rocks at the far side of Las Palmas beach, it was calm and the sun shining on my face.  I felt totally relaxed and content.  Was a nice feeling, especially in winter time. A beautiful, priceless moment when you really appreciated being able to travel.  I needed this every day, to feel some happiness. I need to retire.

las palmas beach
sun then rain

With the sun still shining later on, I head out onto the beach and rent a lounger for the first time which cost  2.50 euros for the day.  Not long after the clouds returned and then it started raining, so that not last long.  More than the lack of attractive girls in the brothels of Las Palmas my major bug bear had been the lack of sunshine.  Alls I really wanted to do in my weeks vacation to Las Palmas was relax in the sunshine, forget about work and home and fuck some juicy whores of the likes I could not meet easily back home.  Those two requirements were proving difficult to meet when I thought they would be given.

Another Option than P4P

I find a nice bar along the promenade that is sheltered from the rain and order a beer and do some people watching.  A few very pretty curvy latina women walk pass, I smile and get a few smiles back. Maybe this is the way to go.  Just good old fashioned normal face to face contact.  Need some game, approach and language skills though and lots of time.

pacinos adventures
latina adventure

As mongers we can get so jaded, that the only pussy available is P4P or the only dating possible is off the internet and Tinder.  We can become blind to some pussy right in front of our own eyes.  I guess this is the price we pay for P4P, we are not on the lookout for freebies or even women who may genuinely like us and want to get in our pants, women who are not pro, even semi pro but non pro. We see them all as semi-pro to pro potential in need of cash or not at all.

Latina MILF

Im feeling hungry after the beers and move round to an Argentinian steak house and order a fillet.  Sitting opposite me on her own is a Latina cougar, showing off her silicone implants, she looks like she may have had a few face lifts too.  Even so quite sexy and I am guessing she wants to be fucked.

latina cougar
mature latina

Perhaps I really am doing this all wrong.  It was not even a thought in the back of my mind that I could come to Las Palmas and hook up with non pro girls and right now they seemed to be everywhere if you just position yourself in the right places.  Unfortunately she had finished and was waiting for her bill.  I not want to leave my steak, so let her pass, excuses, excuses.  Good wanking material to take home if nothing else.  The fantasy of her taking me back to her hotel room and being seduced.

Thai Massage

After my steak I return to the beach but its more of the same, some sun, followed by rain, now I decide to try out a Thai massage in Las Palmas, to relax, kill some times and you always wander if any extras will be on offer?

bangkok massage
thai massage

There are two massage parlors to choose from along the beach promenade of Las Palmas, almost next door to each other.  Each had some attractive Thai hostesses at reception.  I agreed to 40 euros for 1 hour full body oil massage and was told the Thai girl at reception would be the one who would also give me a massage.  In the room I was told to undress, lay face down and given a small towel to cover my privates.

Not Thai

Eventually a girl enters the room and I assume its the same Thai girl I saw in reception.  The massage is nice, but no real touching but I not ask.   Its always quite a sensual erotic experience laying there naked  having a full body massage, especially when she massages your buttocks and inside your thighs and you try hard to not get an erection.   When I go to leave I realise its a South American girl who had been massaging me not the Thai girl.  So it looks Thai from the shop front but they use South American girls in the massage rooms.  Maybe there is more on offer in the back room than stated on the menu.   Dont ask dont get I suspect, but I was saving myself for Dollhouse anycase.  An erotic massage can really get you in the mood though a couple of hours before.  I was horny now.

Dollshouse Brothel

Back to the hotel to freshen up and to visit the Dollshouse Casa.  I felt sleepy but refrain as when I wake up it makes me feel all groggy so keep going.   I had high hopes for the Dollshouse.  Its was suppose to be the best brothel in Las Palmas with the best lineup of girls.  I was also saving my visit until prime time, after 7PM.

Dollshouse brothel
Casa Dollshouse

Casa Dollshouse is located at number 5 Calle Lucas Fernández Navarro. As  I walk through the door, two Spanish locals are coming out so a little embarrassing for both parties, but they looked happy, which was a good sign considering they were leaving.  Much bigger inside Dollshouse with 4 reception areas for the punters privacy.  Funny how different brothels have different protocol, in the brothels of Filis Street Athens all the punters sit in the same reception room and usually you have to wait, but in Athens they have alot of young pretty girls to choose from.

The old madame tells me only two girls working, so that a 100% improvement than the daytime shift.  I am introduced to the two whores working in the Dollshouse, but not impressed.  Both girls were mature around the 30 yo mark.  One was from Peru, pretty face and big tits but big hips and ass too in the wrong way.  The other girl no way!  Madame tells me to come back after 8pm more girls arrive then.   Starting to think this is just a ploy to keep you coming back.

Casa Delirius

On a readers recommendation I try plan B.  Using my mobile GPS I make my way to  Casa Delirius at Calle Viriato, 11.  Inside I sit in the reception room and told there were four girls available.  The girls introduce themselves to me one by one.  But not impressed, nothing with the wow factor, all looked more mature, tired, bit overweight with tattoos.  These working girls were from all over, Puerto Rico and Cuba to name a few.

Dollshouse Return and burnt Tapas

I return to the Dollshouse after 8PM there are now four girls working, but still not impressed, one as fat as fuck and another one was well over 50 and looked like Frankenstein bride. Not good.

las palmas tapas

I take a break and head round to Catalina square to lolitas and try a tapas and have a few beers, the tapas was not good either, dry and re-cooked in dirty fat.   I was not getting any pussy tonight in Las Palmas, the Dollshouse turned out to be a big letdown.

Tomorrow was my last day in Las Palmas and wanted to try something different.  Out of town a little is a proper red light district called Calle Molino de Viento.  Thats where I was heading tomorrow.

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