Maspalamos Gran Canaria

The plan for today was to take a bus from Las Palmas down to the south of Gran Canaria to the resort town of Maspalamos. Maspalamos is renowned for its amazing stretch of sand dunes and its nudist beach zones.  Like Las Palmas Maspalamos has a few casas but is also renowned for an active swinging scene.  There is also the very lively Playa del Inglés.

Recon Maspalamos

It would be an interesting day out to Maspalamos, take a break from Las Palmas and see a bit of the island of Gran Canaria.  I was not really intending to partake in any mongering or swinging, more to observe and snap some photos of the sand dunes and some nudists and who knows what.  Hopefully not all the nudists would be old and saggy and would feast my eyes on some young female nudists.

hairy teen pussy
nudist teen

I would walk along the beach from Maspalamos to Playa Del Inglés and then back again around sunset and catch the last bus back to Las Palmas.

Panic Alarm Wallet Gone!

Start the day off in Las Palmas much the same, a lovely walk along the beach and then a good cooked breakfast in the hotel Concorde restaurant.  Then back to my hotel room to get ready for my day trip to Maspalamos.

las palmas beach
morning walk

Im ready to go and decide to check my suitcase where I was keeping my wallet.  My suitcase is secure, made of hard plastic with a combination lock.  The hotel Concorde does have room safes but I could not get mine to work based on the instructions and just left it.

I open my case and my wallet is no where to be seen! panic sets in I imagine the worse, someone has come into the room, managed to open my case or I left it open and stole my wallet, my passport and all my credit cards, all fucking gone!  I hunt around the room, but in vain my wallet was gone!  I was shaking, my holiday was cut short, ruined, I felt pathetic naive to have let this happen.

All I could do now was go down to reception and report it.  They had never had this problem before, the cleaner had worked with them for years.  The receptionist calls the police so I can make a claim.   The cleaner comes down with the house keeper and she looks more alarmed than me, she had an honest face, I could tell it was not her, but still my wallet was gone?  Perhaps it had been the maintenance guy who had fixed the air conditioning the day before?

Second Search

Go back to the room with the house keeper and cleaner to see for themselves and double check.  We look all over again but nothing. God, I am going to have to goto the British embassy and get a temporary passport. At least I had one card on me and some cash.

Out of desperation I look in the bathroom and there is my wallet on the side next to my toothbrush! Relief floods in, my holiday can continue,  I walk back into the room and show the housekeeper and cleaner and tell them I am very sorry and give them 10 euros each!  All smiles and everyone is happy.  I tell them I am a stupid man!  I just dont remember leaving my wallet in the bathroom.  Never done this before, very strange.  But it taught me a lesson.  I found out how to use the safe and left my wallet there.  This really is the worse thing that can happen to you on vacation.

Las Palmas to Maspalamos

Head up to Parque de Santa Catalina to the bus station to take the next bus to Maspalamos.  The buses leave around every hour and cost 6.80 euros one way.  The journey time from Las Palmas to Maspalamos is around 1 hour,we wind through Playa de Ingles and eventually stop at the bus station in Maspalamos.  Its a 5 minute walk from the bus station down to Maspalamos beach.

maspalamos beach

It was a nice day in Maspalamos, the sky was blue, sun was shining but very windy with it blowing off the Atlantic ocean.  Seems most tourists walk up and down the beach during the day towards Playa De Ingles, you immediately see the huge stretch of sand dunes.

Sand dunes

Most tourists at Maspalamos just walk along the surf, if you make your way into the sand dunes its more deserted.  The sand dunes of Maspalamos are amazing and well worth visiting.  The wind was strong though and I had not brought my sunglasses.  Sometimes I was walking backwards to stop the sand getting into my eyes, least of all my cameras.  Difficult to photograph and a tripod would be little help.

Maspalamos Nudist Beach

Once into the sand dunes of Maspalamos you start to see some of the nudists, mosty old people though, who dont give a shit about their saggy old bodies 🙂

maspalamos nudists
nudist beach

Intel suggests there is a swinging scene that goes on in the sand dunes of Maspalamos, more over the back end where most tourists dont venture that far.

swingers beach
nudist pussy

It would have been nice to come across three pussies like these when wandering through the nudist part of Maspalamos.  Dont bank on it though.  I am sure if you spent a week in Maspalamos you would find the best places to hang out and get some intel on the swinging scene there.

Maspalamos though is just a tourist town, a resort, with huge hotel chains and not much character unlike Las Palmas which is a city by the coast.  There does not seem to be any options of checking into some budget accommodation for just one night at short notice.  But the sand dunes of Maspalamos are amazing.   The nudists are interesting too.

nudist beach
nudist pussy

Would not mind have coming across this nudist beauty laying naked somewhere alone and secluded in the sand dunes of Maspalamos and maybe indulging in some swinging.

Playa del Inglés

Its a long walk to Playa de Ingles, strategically placed along the beach are lots of little beach huts selling cold draft beer and refreshments.  Old nudists are decked out everywhere.

maspalamos beach
Beach huts

After a few beers you will have to find somewhere in the sand dunes to take a leak, not fancy the sea a little cold this time of the year.

Playa De Ingles is a lot more packed with bars, restaurants and lots more tourists, mostly old though.  I am told in the summer months playa de Ingles get a much more rowdy younger crowd so beware. Playa de Ingles has alot more nightlife than Maspalamos, if staying at Maspalamos its normal to take a taxi to into Playa de Ingles to enjoy the nightlife and maybe pickup.

Playa de ingles

Playa de Ingles

I have something to eat at Playa De Ingles and buy some cheap sport sun glasses to protect my eyes from the wind and sand.

Back to Maspalamos, Nude Models

As the sun begins to set I start off on my long journey back across the sand dunes to Maspalamos.  The beach is mostly deserted now. The wind is blowing strong am not going to be able to do any long exposures with my camera, going to have to be a fast shutter speed and high ISO for any camera buffs.

maspalamos nude
nudist model

Walking back across the sand dunes as the sun was setting looking for vantage points to take some photos I spotted some nude models being photographed in the sand dunes.  The sand dunes are an interesting place to wander through, you dont know what you might see next.

sunset maspalamos
maspalamos sunset

Least of all a beautiful sunset over Maspalamos beach.  On the beach front of Maspalamos I find a little Irish pub and drink some cold Guinness to end the day out.  There are some silly old English people around Maspalamos, old guys like 70 who think they are still jack the lad.  I take the last bus back to Las Palmas and manage to get back in time for dinner at the Concorde hotel.

A good day out to Maspalamos a day that nearly began with a disaster thinking my wallet had been stolen.  I not sample any of mongering in Maspalamos, not try any of the casas that are there.  To be honest with all the new sights to see I not even think of it which is a good thing.  From all account there are less casas available in Maspalamos compared to Las Palmas.  Las Palmas has better mongering options than Maspalamos.  But Maspalamos has the amazing sand dunes,  the nudists and some swinging if you are there for any length of time.

Black Spot on Cock

So there I am laying on my hotel bed, starting to feel a little horny considering taking a late night visit to casa Dollshouse, but cant be bothered.  I message the Las Palmas Tinder girl, we had since moved onto Whatsapp, but no reply.  Maybe she was feeling horny too and just invite me around now for some sex considering we had met face to face.  I then notice a black spot on the tip of my cock, near the eye.  Second major panic of the day!  I had caught some sort of STD in a Las Palmas brothel, another first, there being a first time for everything.  Another false alarm when reasoning it was just a burst capillary from where that Dominican girl in Casa Rosa had been too rough with my cock.  Phew, second major relief of the day, I drop off to sleep.

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  1. Estuve un año de vacaciones en las palmas y sus playas nudistas son las mejores de toda España. Recomiendo la playa de las mujeres si visitais la isla, muy intima y con poca gente.

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