Casa Rosa Las Palmas

Two days and nights in Las Palmas and still no pussy.  Today is Monday and I will do a little tour of the casas.   Casas seem to be the only real option for some mongering in Las Palmas.  The brothel nearest to the hotel Concorde is Casa Rosa numero 9  Calle Thomas Miller.  No rush though will have my cooked breakfast and a nice walk along Las Palmas Beach.

Good Morning Las Palmas

Enjoying my morning walks along playa las canteras in Las Palmas. I have to say Las Palmas is very laid back and the local Spanish seem very friendly and welcoming.   Would be better though with some sunshine, blues skies and a calm wind.

playa las canteras
playa las canteras

The unsettled weather in Las Palmas looks like it is here to stay.  There wont be much sunbathing or downtime on the beach relaxing on the loungers.  Looks like I picked the wrong week to come to Las Palmas. Temperature wise, Its still very mild, hopefully a visit to Casa Rosa later will put a smile back on my face and leave me a few ounces lighter.  I need to shed some sperm!

Local Sim Card

After my walk I buy a local SIM card and some credit from the many mobile phone shops dotted around the streets near hotel Concorde.  To purchase a SIM you need to produce your passport.  They were very helpful in the shop and set my phone up and ensured it was working.  I guessed I would be ringing around the casas all week in Las Palmas as well as maybe dating some local girls from Tinder. This would have to be my modus operandi  mongering in Las Palmas.

Buying a local sim card in Las Palmas was not totally necessary from a financial perspective.  As a Vodafone customer all calls, texts and internet usage is only an extra £5 a day with the European Traveler option.  Due to there being a Vodafone ES the connection was excellent all week.   But its always better to call local numbers with a local number, more credible and any girls you might date, wont be put off by cost contacting you.  Just wanting to maximise my chances.

Tinder Date

First port of call was at midday meeting the girl I had been talking to on Tinder who also lived on Thomas Miller a few blocks up from the Concorde hotel.  We arranged to meet at Parque de Santa Catalina around 11;30 AM.  It was going to be a quick date, just a face to face as she was catching a bus to Maspalamos to work for the day.  Well she was overweight and not much like her photos, they were obviously a few years old.  Pleasant enough though, she showed me where to catch the bus to Maspalamos and then said goodbye, with a promise to meet later.  Might be worth keeping her in the pipeline, maybe she gives a wicked blowjob or something 🙂  Its the first girl I have ever met off Tinder.  On Tinder I can get quite a few matches, but then hear nothing from them.

Casa Rosa

I head up to Casa Rosa after midday. I had rang them previous on my local number and they were open.  The Madame on the phone spoke some basic English and I could use a few words of Spanish.  I arrive at 9 Calle Thomas Miller and the large wooden door was slightly open and I walk inside.

Las Palmas brothel
Casa Rosa

Inside an old madame greets me and I sit down on a comfy couch.  I am told there is only one girl working which was a little disappointing.  But I only need one girl, not looking for a threesome. Prime time to visit the casas in Las Palmas is after 7 pm when most girls will be working, five at most from all accounts.

Dominican Chica

I am pleasantly surprised as a young Dominican girl enters, pretty face, firm fit curvy figure yet slim.  Just the way I like them.

las palmas dominican
Dominican latina

She was aged 23 and a half hours sex including blowjob and fuck would set me back 60 euros for 30 minutes fun.  Very reasonable I thought, looks like my luck is changing in Las Palmas, I am going to lose my cherry.  I agreed and the Dominican chica took me to the room.

Many of the girls working in the casas in Las Palmas are not actually Spanish but most are from Latin America.   I guess they are good imports.  This girl working in Casa Rosa would not have been out of place working in Passions in Sousa.  She was hot and I was horny.

More pain than pleasure

In the room, she not mind a little bit of a kiss and cuddle, very friendly girl and then got down to some BBBJ.  A little dry and a bit rough.  Her technique was not that good, which shows a lack of experience, more pain than pleasure.  Her skin was a little course, probably from smoking and not enough vitamin C.  Fucked her doggy good and then missionary and shot my load.  Game over.

sunset las palmas
Las Palmas sunset

Back out that night down the promenade and enjoy the sunset and a few beers.  I decide to have dinner in the hotel Concorde restaurant around 9 pm.  The food was excellent, fish, steaks everything and you could eat as much as you want for 15 euros.  Alot better than the food you could get outside.  I paid another 6 euros for half a bottle of red wine to wash it all down.  A good day in Las Palmas and in Casa Rosa. Maybe Wednesday I would travel across the island of Gran Canaria and spend the day maybe a night in Maspalamos.

5 thoughts on “Casa Rosa Las Palmas”

  1. More usual to go to casas/pisos than finding whores at a night club or going to sex clubs – also very common to call escorts/putas 🙂 thinking of going to a sex club next year

  2. Well I was led to believe there were many bars around the Las Palmas area where you could find some sexy girls. There were a few bars dotted around the Parque de Santa Catalina area, but they only had fat mature hookers who wanted 200 euros.

    Many years ago in Benidorm out of town a little there was a whole street of bars full up with working girls, some really hot, alot of them were from south america too. But some were local Spanish girls. Eventually we found another good bar/brothel in the center of Benidorm that a hotel worker recommended. Met a nice girl from Belgium in there at the bar who then took me into the back room for some memorable sex. Casas are a little mechanical for me. But if thats all thats going Ill take it. I was hoping for a week relaxing in the sunshine at Las Palmas with some quality P4P when needed

  3. If you really wanna hit the clubs come to Madrid, or better yet La Jonquera full of Romanians and French Mongers! Idk around the rest of the coast though, but Jonquera and Barcelona area really worth it

  4. Where did u read or.who told u about the bars in Las Palmas? Spain is a cheap Charlie country, most whores come to Madrid and Barcelona, they go to the coast just for the tourists during summer

    1. I keep telling you I come for the sun also not just mongering. I keep telling you no interest in Madrid especially in the winter. I have been to Barcelona before. Merry Xmas
      I am on the lookout for new winter sun destinations within 4 hours from London, Morocco is still tops. I dont know what it is like in Madrid but in the last 3 months in England there has been very little sun. Hence why we like to get some sun in the winter – to have a rest from SAD – Seasonally Adjusted Depression. Right now the Canaries are baking in beautiful sunshine and blue skies. So just a gamble.

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