Las Palmas Casa’s and Tinder

Las Palmas to Havana Dreaming

My first night in Las Palmas Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands and my dreams were trying to compensate for the lack of available pussy and mongering available.  My dreams were telling  me to walk to Centro, yeah just walk to Centro.  I mean Centro in Havana is only over 4000 miles away.  Wishful dreaming, cheap and easy mongering.  I guess it was the Spanish language Las Palmas and Havana have in common.  Between dream state and being awake I was also considering cutting the trip to Las Palmas short and flying home to London.

Second Thoughts

Even with no pussy in Las Palmas, what would I do at home all week? wank in front of the computer over some porn?  No, better to rise to the challenge and hunt down some pussy in Las Palmas and do some tourist stuff.  What was not helping was that the weather was not that good and the forecast for the week was not promising either.

Morning Walk

Nice enough cooked breakfast in the Concorde hotel restaurant in the early morning, bacon, eggs, fresh bread and coffee and a great view of Las Palmas beach below.  Shame about the clouds above but now I was going to enjoy a long walk along Las Palmas beach.  Over the week I intended to do alot of walking along the beach to compensate for the lack of walking I do back at home sat in an office all week.  Walking along the beach in the morning with a camera in my hand is another hobby I enjoy.

las palmas beach
Las Palmas morning walk

Even with the wind and the rain, the climate in Las Palmas is mild at worst, day and night you wont feel cold in shorts and a t-shirt but unfortunately once or twice I had to take shelter from the rain.

calm after the storm
Good morning Las Palmas

The rain when it came never lasted that long.  Las Palmas beach is approx 2.5 KM long and each morning I would walk from one end to other.  I walk back down to the other far end of Las Palmas beach and up through the streets to check things out.

lap dancing las palmas
Pole Dancing club

Maybe my luck is changing I think I have discovered a Pole lap dancing club in Las Palmas.  Perhaps I can whittle away the night being entertained in a good lap dancing club.  I make my way back to the Concorde hotel and need to do some Las Palmas mongering research on the internet and the international sex guide.

Las Palmas Tinder

Back in my hotel room I give Tinder a go in Las Palmas.  I set the distance to 10 miles, switch on the GPS and let Tinder search for some suitable chicas.  I have used Tinder at home but with little success.  I like the concept of Tinder, but you have to link it to your facebook profile.  You set the distance and the age range and Tinder hunts for suitable girls.  Tinder will present your profile to girls who are also searching in the same vicinity and in your age range.

So if a girl pops up 18 years old she has set her age range for you too, so hit like.  You only get notified of a match, if you both like each other.  So they wont know you like them unless they like you.  I have never met anyone off Tinder, not yet back at home in England.  But when you travel you can quickly tap into the local dating scene.

Las Palmas Tinder
Tinder girl

Maybe I would get lucky on Tinder in Las Palmas.  With a local beautiful Spanish girl with a lovely hairy latina bush.  I have noticed at home on Tinder some young girls pop up on a Friday night where they say they are looking for a sugar daddy.  But not nailed one of these girls yet off Tinder.

I still tend to find more what I am looking for off Craigslist.  Maybe Craigslist needs to employ the same type of technology that Tinder is using.  Where the profiles are anonymous until we decide to reveal ourselves to each other.  In Las Palmas a few girls popped up and I hit Like.  Now I would wait and see if any had mutual feelings.

Las Palmas Casa’s

From research it seemed the only viable alternative for some whore mongering in Las Palmas was tapping into the local casa scene.  There was suppose to be around 10 reputable casas in my area in Las Palmas off and around Plaza De Espana.

I compiled a mongering map of Las Palmas where I list all the known casas and points of interest.  Casa’s are basically brothels, In Las Palmas they are often just private residences.  you ring the bell or the outside door is already open and an older Madame will lead you into a comfy room with a big sofa where you sit down and wait for the girls to present themselves to you.

The madame will often offer you a drink, even a beer, but beware, if you accept this drink, you feel more indebted to say yes to one of the girls rather than no to all of them.  Offering you a nice drink is more a marketing ploy rather than a selfless gesture of goodwill.   While sat on the couch, the available girls at the time will be paraded in front of you one by one. The number of working girls available will run from zero to 5 at most.  After which the madame will ask you which one you want to see.  Choose your girl or politely leave.  Prices will range from 50 euros to 100 euros for 30 minutes inside a casa depending on sexual services required.

GuiaSex Escorts Las Palmas

So the plan was to hit a few casas in around Las Palmas, I was horny in need of a good fuck and my balls were getting heavy, it was starting to effect my walk and not least my thinking.  From research it would seem the most recommend escort site for Las Palmas was GuiaSex Las Palmas.   Dolls House looked like one of the best casas in Las Palmas and was only a short walk from my hotel.  Alas it was closed on Sundays!  Another Las Palmas escort site worth checking out is Servicios X.  GuiaSex and Servicios X basically have the Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands P4P sex scene wrapped up.   From the P4P girls I had seen so far available in Las Palmas I had not been impressed.  Hopefully these other casas would have a better selection.

The eye of the beholder and Relativity

When I think of some of the beautiful latina and ebony girls I have fucked in places like Sosua in the Dominican and San Jose in Costa Rica I was expecting something comparable.  I guess alot of the tourists in Las Palmas are seniors restricting their holidays to the canary islands and the Mediterranean.  I mean for them these girls would seem young and exotic. But to me they were fat, mature and past it.  I wanted something alot better else my money was staying put in my wallet.

Las Palmas City Tour

To better get my bearings around Las Palmas that afternoon I took a ride on the open top city sightseeing bus tour for 18 euros.  Not one of the best bus tours I have been on and once or twice the heavens decided to open up while on top with my DLSR out.  Not the kind of weather for relaxing on the beach.

las palmas view
view las palmas

Taking the bus tour early on in your trip can be a good way to spot some clubs, bars or strip joints, but I not notice much other than some great views over the port area of Las Palmas.

parque de santa catalina
catalina square

After the uneventful bus tour I stop off in Lolitas in Parque De Santa Catalina, no not the blowjob bar, its a restaurant with good reviews on google maps and nearby places.  Enjoy a pizza and a few beers and watch the day go by.  Just tourists and locals going about their business, nothing seedy or underhand.

My mind wanders, seems most of the casas are closed on a Sunday but tonight may stake out where a few of the casas are located at least and have a drink at Plaza Espana and check out the scene there.  Tomorrow I would visit some of the casas and hopefully meet a chica to my liking.

Tinder Girl

I start to get a couple of responses off Tinder, one girl not look bad, a mulatto chica living in Las Palmas mid thirties and we exchange a couple of messages.  Turns out she lives two blocks away from the Concorde hotel, I want to meet but she is currently working.  Maybe my luck is turning, I may get to find what I am looking for off Tinder, aware many of these girls may also be looking for a financial reward or are in fact semi pro.

Not A Good Night

That evening in Las Palmas walk down the promenade and it pisses it down with rain and have to run to take shelter.  Not good, I had not traveled 2000 miles for more of the same I get back home.   Stopped off at a restaurant and got served luke warm food and then learnt the Pole dance club is for learning to dance with Pole Dance just being one of the options.  Not a late night venue with a bevvy of young beauties wanting to lap dance for you and get naked for a few Euros!

seedy bar gala
Bar Gala

Stop off in another seedy club near Catalina called Bar Gala and just  A few English punters inside entertaining a few of the girls who not look to bad  but the punters were being taken for a ride buying champagne and all that shit.  They bring the same fat black  hooker over from the other bar to talk to me.  I go to leave and they want me to pay from my beer again.  I tell them I already paid when it was served.  Eventually the bar girl remembers.  Thought it was going to turn ugly for a minute.  WTF! Perhaps I will cut my loses and fly home early.

Tinder booty pic
Tinder girl

The Tinder girl is back online and sends me some pictures of herself. Some a little saucy and sexually provocative.  She likes me and I think game might be on.  I ask her to come out and meet me, but she tells me she is in bed, so I invite myself round!

She hesitates but then gives me her address.  I am outside but she tells me she lives with her mum so cant invite me upstairs. Not sure I believe this,  she tells me she is not a whore, but I have my doubts. She just waves at me from her window and promises to meet me tomorrow.  Another night in Las Palmas and no pussy, my balls a little heavier.

The Future?

Mongers, a question to you.  Have any of you had any luck off Tinder or any other similar mobile phone apps?  Would love to hear about them in the comments below and maybe learn something?  Maybe apps like Tinder are the future for not just dating but P4P activities too.

25 thoughts on “Las Palmas Casa’s and Tinder”

  1. Met a girl on Tinder, it turned out she was crippled! On the pic she sent me she looked good.

    Canary Island now is a hit or a miss low season, not many girls, plus money doesn’t really flow down there. Barcelona would have been awesome, maybe visit La Jonquera, so much romanian pussy

    1. I am more looking for a winter destination so Canary Islands is very popular with north Europeans winter time as its not a long haul flight. Gran Canaria is meant to have the mildest climate in the world. Agadir in Morocco is better though for winter sun. Gets more sun than the Canaries Next on my list is Malta maybe next year or late spring 2016. I just like to try new places. Of course I have not told all my tales of Las Palmas yet. Be sure Las Palmas is a very laid back place, 100s of bars restuarants to choose from, very friendly and I would definitely return. Barcelona too cold for winter. I had good info there was some good mongering to be had in Las Palmas. It always takes a few days to adapt and adopt new tactics to get some pussy P4P or otherwise 😉

  2. Girls in the canary island are quite exotic right? Met few in Madrid and many of em were cute, their accent is just sexy

  3. I don’t use Tinder myself but do use Plenty of Fish. I’ve managed to gather myself a pool of 3 black girls and 1 Indian girl from it and we hook regularly for casual sex so it is working out well so far. There are so many idiot guys on there that just a few well written messages and decent conversation will usually lead to sex.

    1. Adam is plenty of fish something you can use on the move? So you can tap into local dating markets wherever in the world you are?
      I have used Plenty of fish before and met plenty of girls off it in years gone by. But now I just get fat ugly old trollops showing interest in me.
      As I have got older it has got alot worse as POF decides who is the right age for you. So cant tap into any younger semi pro girls anymore unless you lie about your own age?
      I have removed my profile from Plenty of Fish. Dating is so fragmented over the internet, it would be good if there was something out there dedicated more to what interests us.
      Something like craigslist without all the spam and queers! lol

  4. I think there have been some changes to PoF to make it more like Tinder and you can turn on your location on your phone and PoF will search for girls within whatever radius you set, so you can use it on the move. All girls will still come up in the search but PoF blocks you from messaging anyone 15 years younger than you but nothing to stop you remembering the girls username and then creating another profile that is with the age parameters alternatively you could just lie about your age.

    I wouldn’t worry about the fat old trollops that like you. I had the same but I just message as many girls as possible and generally get a good response rate. It can take a few days due to the number of messages girls receive. I am not saying PoF is better than Tinder just another avenue. I’ve been posting on the CL East Midlands site and my ads keep getting flagged for removal. I’ve noticed another guy posting for black girls so whether he is reporting my ads to minimise the competition I don’t know. Have you found any new CL girls?

    1. No having a dry period on craigslist. Need to craft some new adverts rather than reposting the same ones
      Like the tactic of flagging others looking for the same thing to reduce the competition. 😉
      May create a new account on POF and give it another try. Problem is lots of local people i know on there, POF is very popular
      Used to do well on there 10 years ago when I could regularly bag girls of around 25. I think the age restriction is wrong. you should set the age – if i set 18-40 and an 18 yo sets 18-99 then we should see each other
      The majority of girls I have met off craigslist have been under 25 some 19, the last girl I met off craigslist a few months back was 19 and really keen to see me again

      Was using Tinder over the weekend and it seems to have lots of a really type of nasty pro girl called sugar babies. They are expecting 1000s one asked me to take her for dinner and shopping she wanted a pair of boots for 1000
      What type of man entertains sugar babes? when there are so many gorgeous young semi pro girls available for 100. Seek and you shall find

  5. The whole Sugar Babies things is a farce most of the girls seeking this are delusional and have an over inflated opinion of their looks. I can remember having to bring a few girls down a peg or two after they wanted ridiculous amounts. I simply said it is supply and demand and showed them pics of the girls off CL that were £100-150. The look on their faces when they realised that other girls just a good looking as them was priceless!

    I am supposed to meeting up with a black girl tomorrow. I met her on PoF and have spent the night with her before with no reward needed. She is 42 but no kids, firm tits and ass and great body, she looks 25.

    A good tip for PoF if you are worried about lots of local people seeing you is to have an intense few days on it. Fire off lots of messages, wait for replies to come in and then say you are getting bombarded by girls seeking sex etc and that you are thinking of coming off but would be good to stay in touch. You will find most girls will hand over number or kik details straightaway. Once you can chat with them outside of PoF it is easier to steer them towards casual sex.

  6. Adam, what we need is site called Plenty of whores or something. Thanks for the tips. Yes I have had to bring a few of these sugar babes down a peg or two. They really are the worst kind. One tells me though she gets regular dates. I am back on Plenty of Fish getting plenty of meet me requests but it is not reciprocal. Just not attracted to women around my age or even 15 years younger at least not from this country. most are seriously out of shape

    1. I cant even get to meet semi pros off Tinder. I get matches sometimes and then hear nothing. Or when they chat it goes nowhere or they are these horrible sugar babes asking for 1000s
      But I think Tinder is a better option when you travel, to tap into maybe the semi pros you can meet there. Got a long haul trip coming up soon, so will try it there 😉
      I think its important to persevere with these dating apps too, keeping logging in and pressing like on girls sending messages etc, stay active and to have a good selfie to show off

  7. You guys should also consider Seeking Arrangement. I’m in the Washington DC area. I signed up last August and paid for 6 months – have bedded a number of women between the ages of 21 and 45 (I’m 56). You promise them an arrangement, but then you come up with an excuse not to see them again. That’s what I do anyway so I only pay one time and then move on to the next. There are thousands and thousands of prospects, and more and more joining every day. I overpaid at first, but am now on a strict budget: $200 for a few hours of play time at my place, or $300 for an overnight. If they refuse, no hassle, just move on to the next. Hot girls, college girls, married women looking around (as an alternative to Ashley Madison), single girls with a child to support … there are all kinds. It’s a little harder to find, but if you’re persistent and use the search tool strategically, you can come up with good steady fucks with attractive women who don’t even ask for your money. I have a 41 year old Asian cutie, a 24 year old African American, and an out of town married 39 year old in my current rotation. I see them when I want, as often as I want. The 24 year old I pay $200 for an overnight at her place. The other two I just buy gifts from time to time. Then once a month or so, I pull up the search tool and find some fresh meat for variety. I know they have SA in other countries, so maybe the site will work for you. SA is a godsend to me right now, because I am still raising two teenagers and have a full time job, and can’t make sex trips to those exotic international locations you guys are reporting about. I’ve also had luck on Tinder, although at my age the app is really not for me in the USA. Had sex with a couple ladies through Tinder, then just shut it down because it was a lot of time and effort swiping through ladies every day with little reward.

    Hope all this helps!

    1. Mark, Thanks for the tip on Seeking Arrangement. In concept it could be just what I am looking for. I have just created a profile without photo and done a search and then are 6 pages of lovely babes all living nearby 🙂
      You may have just saved my life 🙂 Happy new year.

      1. Glad to help and hope it works for you as it’s worked for me. I’m looking forward to reading your 2016 trip reports. Happy New Year to you as well!

        1. I am just testing the water with Seeking Arrangement. As always got to pay to send the girls a message, its quite expensive at £50 1 month. Got 8 messages in my inbox at the moment, wondering if they are genuine. Lots of views from girls in the USA, so that is not going to happen. I dont seem to be getting any interest of girls I show interest in, but am getting it at random from others I not looked at.

          Mark, do you contact them directly and get straight to the point. I mean I assume they are all on here as they are non to semi pro girls needing some cash and not too fussy about the guy. I mean I am wondering if one or two of them are hoping to meet George Clooney on Seeking Arrangement or something? Any more tips greatly appreciated, before I take the plunge and pay up.

          1. Sometimes I get straight to the point, but only when the girl’s profile makes it clear she is looking to get down for money. Then the conversation is all about how much it will be. The good thing about SA is, even if these girls are escorts or semi-pro, the payment isn’t for an hour or two hours or any set time. It’s for a “visit” and you have the right to set the parameters of the “visit”, define the date, and treat the whole thing as the beginning of a relationship. Most of the girls are hoping to find a steady sugar daddy who will pay them a monthly allowance. So they will give you quality time, open ended time, during the first date.

            To be honest, I am approached by these girls all the time. They are messaging me first 9 times out of 10. I then read their profile and it’s a judgment call how I will respond. Maybe I will be cagey and after a few messages I will begin to drop hints about what I expect on the date. Then I will read between their lines to figure out if I’m going to get the sex I want for the price I’m going to pay. Once you get into messaging and meeting multiple women, you will begin to work out your strategy, what is comfortable for you.

            Just pay for one month and see how you like it. 50 pounds is not going to break the bank, and I’m sure you’ll get laid once or twice in the first month.

            The SA search tool allows you to search for key words. I search for words like “nsa”, “host”, clues that she is looking to hook up only. That will help you narrow it down.

            Here’s a recent exchange I had with a 20 yo African American. She messaged first:

            She: Hi dear how are you
            Me: hey there, you’re a neighbor 🙂
            She: Lol yes I am dear. How are you doing
            Me: Doing well .. going to see Star Wars today lol
            She: Sounds funs . I’ve never seen it before I feel Sooo uncool lol .
            Me: We should meet up sometime, have some together time. What kinds of things do you like to do most?
            She: Yes we should. That’s hard to say because I always love trying new things. I’m very down to earth so I go with the flow
            Me: Well we can’t go wine tasting because you’re not 21 yet 🙂 Are you 420 friendly by any chance?
            She: I don’t mind it. I’m all about having fun babe
            Me: Then let’s have some fun baby
            She: Let’s do it!
            Me: Do you have a car, or do I need to pick you up on our date?
            She: Would you mind picking me up baby?

            We then began to text and I talked about intimacy at my place and she made it clear that’s what she wants. So I didn’t have to ask “let’s get down at my place” or “I’m looking for sex”. That’s likely to turn most girls off, even if that’s what they want. You have to have some game on SA, just like you do at a night club.

            I also wrote a pleasant but suggestive profile, and posted some intimate private pictures that a lot of them want to look at. I drop words like “intimate” and “spoil you” in my profile. And I only state “Negotiable” for the amount of money I’m willing to spend. Tell them you are worth $2 million pounds and make $250,000 a year. Then dress and act like it and they will be convinced.

            Here’s another example. I wrote to a hot looking girl from Richmond, VA username “Bella” (you can look her up). I wrote two days ago:

            Me: Happy New Year! I read about what you’re looking for, and I think we’re on the same page. The distance is no big deal if we were to meet once a month. Take a look at my profile and reply back if interested. Best to you!

            She just wrote back 5 minutes ago:

            She: Ciao, Happy New Year! Did you do anything fun to celebrate? I spend the weekend in the Outer Banks. I liked your profile, have you had an arrangement before? I’d be up to meet for coffee or drinks to see if we click! Maybe we could meet in Fredericksburg, it’s a bit closer.

            She’s a gamer! I know I’ve got this fish on the hook, and I just need to reel her in. Meet up this week in Fredericksburg, flirt, show some game, make a deal. It has happened to me all the time. But you have to open your wallet a bit.

            Yes a lot of the women think they’re going to find a rich man who will pay them a steady wage of $3000-$5000 a month. What a laugh! I imagine there are a handful of such cases, maybe in New York or London or Los Angeles, but only a mere handful. Over 50% of the guys are married, and 95% of us are trying to beat the chicks at their own game, bluff them into thinking they will get a lot of money from us, when all they’re gonna get is a few hundred bucks after we have an intimate night with them. Then they won’t hear from us again.

            I could go on and on. If you haven’t paid anything yet, you have no idea what’s out there or how the girls will respond. You have no idea if these 8 messages are bullshit. I get messages from English girls, Japanese, Chinese, South American girls, it’s all bullshit. The real thing is right in your neighborhood. SA has pulled the cover off a dirty little secret that even us mongers never suspected: ANY woman will have sex with a stranger, for a price. Your next door neighbor, your happily married co-worker, they all now have a “safe” outlet to correspond with a “rich” man and try to make a little dirty money on the side.

            1. Wow Mark, thanks for your openness and detailed reply. Could be a guest post in its own right! you do obviously have game and goes to show as I have always believed age is not a disadvantage with picking up young hotties if you got resources and game. Nature made it that way. Yes, I do believe Seeking Arrangement is genuine. I am giving it a few days to feel the water so to speak. In the past I have joined dating sites without putting up a pic and immediately I get responses. And you know this is employees of the dating site using fake profiles trying to get you to join. But do not believe this is the case with Seeking Arrangement. There is one girl early thirties a teacher who has added me to her list of favorites. If I meet up with her I might just fall in love 🙂 I guess if you live in a big city then there are alot more options to explore. as with craigslist distance is a problem so yes want local hotties.

        2. Mark, thanks to you had my first seeking arrangement last night. A local ebony babe, 22. Really cute. Stayed about 3 hours, lovely night, great fuck. So found my little sugar babe now. Pay her 150. she is really sweet.

            1. Before I met my first sugar babe off Seeking Arrangements I was thinking, god I could spend a £1000 a week on here
              It kind of is a bit like craigslist. I guess after a while though, you will quickly run out of local options, I have had that happen on dating sites before. To begin, its like you are the new kid on the block and get the attention. I am finding many of the girls on there are asking to much, some are pro too. So you have to dig deep. The local babe I have met is as good as it can get, what a fantastic face ass and legs, beautiful did some good BBBJ. She is a little bi-sexual too and has a friend who she has done some threesomes with so that is on the cards. She is a gift from the gods 🙂

              She met a guy off Seeking Arrangements before who not pay her. So she was a little apprehensive about that. Showed her the cash. This guy said he would pay her by credit card, then a cheque which bounced. I guess skint twats like this know she cant really goto the police about it. I guess this is why sometimes girls need pimps coz of cheap ass tossers like that. Seeking arrangement has a sister site WhatsYourPrice but cant work it out?

          1. Couldn’t reply to your last message (no “Reply” button under it), so will reply to this one. What’s Your Price is a waste of time. You can meet girls to fuck, sure, but you’re on the hook for paying for the date. It’s just a stupid gimmick and gets in the way of honest bargaining for sex. Many girls will want to meet for dinner, take the offer money, and never see you again. The same girls have profiles on SA anyway, so just stick with SA.

            I was just Favorited by an English girl, Leichestershire area. Is that far from you? She is hot to trot, no question, showed me her private pictures which include many intimate shots with another girl. 19 years old. Here is her link: Username Ellie W X (spaces between the last two letters). Too far away from me, but you should try to go for it.

            1. Hi Mark. yes I have noticed that with the reply button. I have already come to the same conclusion about WhatsYourPrice and removed my profile from them I mean its one thing to pay for sex, but to pay for a date is ridiculous – some girls were asking £250 for a date, whatever next? Why fuck someone for 150 when you can date some soppy loser for 250.

              I am finding on Seeking Arrangement I was lucky to meet this one girl local. Got chatting to another who wanted 1700 monthly allowance and you are expected to pay up 50% on the first date and the other 50% end of each month. I offered her 500 for the month with full sex and at least one meet a week. Needless to say she not accept my offer. So for you how you get pass this bullshit else I will quickly run out of further options for more meets on Seeking Arrangement. Also how do you deal with those living some distance away? I mean I cant blame the girls for trying for a monthly wage, but as mongers we really just want to pay a moderate amount for a single meet

              1. SA sounds great like you said like CL but maybe more organised and without so many scammers. I am goin to sign up! Any pics of the girls you’ve met so far or are you going to do a dedicated SA post?

                1. I have just met another girl off Seeking Arrangement, bit overweight, but she just sucked my cock off 🙂 So yes SA is going well,
                  As these girls are local will not be posting any pics. My sugarbabe is happy to do some modelling for me, so will be able to practice some photography with her
                  I recommend setting up a profile test the water before paying up. I would say for sure there will be a few girls in your area. I am getting new ones come in, some are those horrible sugar babes who want a ridiculous amount of money and some are defo semi pro who you can pay per meet. Im glad I found Seeking Arrangement. Thanks to this blog and its growing reader and member recommendations. Yes I want to do a monger dating post including Seeking Arrangement to hopefully get more stories and links to other sites.

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