Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Well it was time for some winter sun and mongering fun.  Just  a one week break somewhere not too far away, nothing long haul.  I not fancy a return to Agadir in Morocco despite the beautiful Arabic babes that are available.  No, based on some inside intel from some mongerplanet readers decided on Las Palmas Gran Canaria.  One of the Spanish Canary Islands.

Return to the Canaries

From all accounts Las Palmas looked good on paper.   Year round sun, mild climate,  not too far away a 4 hour flight from London and reasonably cheap.  So decided to take the plunge with my first visit to Las Palmas.  Not my first visit to the Canary Islands,  visited Lanzarote in 2000 with some friends, but not indulge in any P4P activity back then.

Mongering Work Schedule

Forward planning from my last long haul mongering vacation in Havana Cuba, by now my work contract would have finished and I would be a man of leisure.  Perhaps making a return to Asia and chilling out for up to 3 months during the cool season.  But no, I am needed longer at work and got a big pay rise.  A monger cannot turn up his nose to good money.  In 5 years I hope to have the financial option of being able to retire.  What I have negotiated also is being able to take some long breaks up to a month at a time during 2016.

2016 Mongering Pipeline

In the meantime a short break to Las Palmas in the Canaries would enable me to keep going.  Other countries on my to do list are Colombia and Madagascar but needs to be the right time of the year.  But stay tuned and expect Colombia and Madagascar to be visited by MongerPlanet during 2016, already in the advanced planning stage 😉

Long journey to Las Palmas

So another early morning EasyJet flight from London Gatwick.  And another morning where I nearly not get out of bed and blow it, like I did when I first was meant to visit Tallinn in Estonia.  Forced myself out of bed and into the shower and then was ready for the long journey to Las Palmas Gran Canaria being approximately 2000 miles away, off the coast of Morocco and West Africa.  The flight left on time and I was sat at the front via Speedy boarding, plane was full but I guessed most of the holiday makers were making their way to Maspalamos at the other end of Gran Canaria from Las Palmas.

Las Palmas Arrival

Arriving at Gran Canaria airport and I was straight through customs, you only need to walk pass with your passport open on your Identity page.  Hand luggage only so no waiting around, I was off the plane and inside a taxi all within 5 minutes.  Taxi fare from airport to Las Palmas is on the meter and comes in approximately 30 euros.
Arrived at my hotel just one block up from the beach called the Concorde hotel.  Mid range, not fancy going dirt cheap, not on a budget anymore due to working.  Plus since mongering in Zurich Switzerland had acquired a taste for the staying in a better class of hotel and enjoying the creature comforts.

Checked into room,  nice and big, air conditioning that was needed even at this time of year.  fast wifi, satellite TV, room safe etc.  Not have a room with a decent view though, which makes me feel a little packed in.  Unpacked, showered, changed and then took a walk down to the Las Palmas beach front.

Las Palmas Gran Canaria
Las Palmas beach

The weather forcast for the week was not perfect, mostly overcast with some sunny breaks.  People were on the beach though, the climate was warm if a little breezy, the sun occasionally breaking through the thick fast moving clouds above.  For the canaries during winter time its really hit and miss if your going to get a good dose of sunshine.   I stopped off in a restaurant and enjoyed some fish n chips and a few pints of beer followed by some rum on the house. Fair few tourists around many mature and senior, no groups of young drunk loud mouth morons, pretty laid back in Las Palmas. Back to the hotel and fell asleep.

Las Palmas Streetwalker

Later that evening I check out the rooftop pool area of the Concorde hotel, looks like a nice place to relax, comfy loungers and some great 360 degrees view over Las Palmas.  A few old people sat about reading their books while trying to find some shelter from the wind.

hotel concorde
las palmas view

Those clouds look a little ominous, please god, dont let it rain.  But absolutely loving the scenery, the vibe of a beach side Spanish city, come rain or shine was looking forward to morning walks all along that long beach of Las Palmas.

So now time to test the mean streets of Las Palmas.  I had been led to believe there were alot of seedy little bars dotted around Las Palmas especially off the Parque de Santa Catalina where you could meet some streetwalkers or bar girls, latina and African with some Spanish gypsy girls thrown in.  It was early and no doubt these girls would not come out until well past dark.

las palmas sunset
las palmas twilight

Walking along the promenade of Las Palmas there was no obvious mongering available, I dotted into the streets here and there but nothing, just locals going about their business and tourists.  No streetwalkers, the only streetwalker was me!  I felt a little disappointed, my expectations had not been met, not what I was hoping  to find.  I was feeling mongering could be difficult in Las Palmas.  Eventually I did see an African hooker outside the Hotel Faycan, she looked hardcore though and not fancy it.  But only one streetwalker.

Spanish pussy
real teen latina

I not mind some African pussy, of course not, but was really hoping to indulge in some Spanish pussy too on my trip to Las Palmas, some real teen latinas would make a great trip.

Google Map Suggestions

I pass the time having a few beers here and there, checking out a few of the bars.  Have a great internet connection on my Vodafone and am regular using the GPS and google maps to navigate around. Google maps provides links of nearby places, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. So was checking out a few of these.

las palmas streetwalkers
streets of las palmas

But the streets of Las Palmas are pretty quiet, void of streetwalkers the bars have no freelancers oh well a monger must persevere there must be a mongering scene in Las Palmas that was maybe going to take a little exploration to tap into.

Moulin Rouge

Eventually I find a seedy little club just off from  Parque de Santa Catalina called the Moulin Rouge and decide to take a look inside, hopefully not a clip joint.

las palmas brothel
Moulin Rouge

A few girls inside mostly mature and fat.  Two big fat African women sit with me and quote me full sex up stairs 1 hour is 200 euros.  When I show no interest one dropped to 100 euros.  Very dissapointing the girls working in these seedy little clubs around Las Palmas.  They not try and rip me off though a beer set me back 6 euros.

Las Palmas Casa Brothel

Walking back to the Concorde hotel a Spanish guy in the street wants to take me to a brothel or casa.  We enter a apartment complex nearby and up a flight of stairs and into a casa.  You sit on a big comfy couch and the madame brings in each girl in turn.  Even worse than the girls in Moulin Rouge.  One girl was from Brazil and not too bad, slim but a little mature.  I was horny but she was not tipping me over the edge.  Quoting me 60 euros for 30 minutes sex, so the price was not bad, just shame about the girls. I made my excuses and made my escape. Finished off the night in Catalina square with a nice burger, checking the scene at the same time, but nothing out late either.

Oh well, I had my photography and my books to keep me occupied, I had packed some Horlicks too :-(.  Hopefully the sun would shine during my stay in Las Palmas and could relax on the beach and by the pool.  Even with no pussy sure beats sitting at home or in front of a computer all week. Mongering in Las Palmas had not gone as expected.  I would need to change tactics.

2 thoughts on “Las Palmas Gran Canaria”

  1. Not really connected to this post but I went on a stag weekend to Magaluf a few years back, come midnight the town centre and beach which were away from the clubs etc were swarming with African streetwalkers, there must have been up to 100 at least. Some were very good looking but they are ultra aggressive grabbing your arm and pulling at you, you have to be careful they don’t swipe your wallet. I literally had to push them away it was like a rugby scrum.

    But I am a sucker for black girls and I eventually ended up chatting to one who was not as pushy. She wanted me to fuck her down an alley but that is not my thing, could be a scam with local police or pimps trying to extort money from you. I managed to persuade her to take me back to her flat, once we got there she was nervous, I think she was under instructions not to bring men back but I ended up getting a good blow job and fuck out of her. The next night, fed up of the drunken yobs I found a brothel which had stunning eastern European blondes and a few African girls. I ended up fucking a tall athletic black girl with long bushy hair. Good service not rushed and the room was well presented. It capped off a good weekend.

  2. Nice one Adam, Sounds like Magaluf had a lot more of what I was hoping to find on the streets of Las Palmas. What you are saying reminds me of my stag Weekend in Barcelona. Come late at night Las Ramblas had loads of African hookers and they were aggressive trying to take your wallet. One did give me a CBJ down a alley for 20 euros, she then took me too a short time hotel where she said for another 20 euros I could fuck her ass and duly obliged. My friend pulled an absolute African stunner on the street. Maybe it was the time of year or something. Las Palmas I discovered though is more of a casa scene rather than late night streetwalkers.

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