Cambodian Girls Sex Diary

Have recently received a few requests for more Cambodian girls, more Cambodian pussy and mongering Info.  Thought I would share the highlights of my own Cambodian sex diary along with some content from Asian Sex Diary’s Cambodian sex tours.

First Trip to Cambodia

MongerPlanet first visited Cambodia in September 2005 staying in Phnom Penh for a few nights before heading down to the coast to visit Sihanoukville.

Cambodia sex diary
cambodian hostess

My first night in Phnom Penh was very memorable being in a blowjob bar called Sophies, long gone now I am afraid.   The second night in Phnom Penh the hostess from the Flamingos hotel comes into my room and gives me the best blowjob ever, wet and sloppy with CIM. Cambodia made a change from just continually visiting Thailand, Bankok and Pattaya.

Cheap Sex

A lot less tourists back then in Cambodia,  the streets in Phnom Penh were not so safe, you hired a moto cycle for the night to take you around to all the bars for like $5.  Prices were alot cheaper than Thailand for accommodation, food and drink.  A Cambodian girl could be had short time for $25 and long time for $50 from the hostess bars.  Cambodian girls looked different from Thai girls.  They  were more rounder, bigger tits alot of them and some Cambodian girls were very pretty.

Asian Sex Diary Cambodia

Asian Sex Diary often takes tours into Cambodia and fucks and films some cute Cambodian girls for your viewing pleasure.

Cambodia hairy pussy
Cambodian MILF fucked

Here on one of Asian Sex Diary’s most recent sex trips into Cambodia, John Tron fucks a Cambodian MILF in Sihanoukville.  Asian sex diary is exactly that. you have daily porn videos of Cambodian girls getting fucked and lots of mongering info on the best bars to visit in Cambodia or the best brothels, prices paid etc.

A good way of getting around Cambodia especially around Sihanoukville is to rent a motocycle.  Its a good way to hook up with some local Cambodian girls too and get chatting.

Cambodian whore
Sihanoukville girl

Here our main man over at Asian Sex Diary meets a cute Khmer girl on her motocycle and he fancies seeing what she is packing under that cute summer dress?  Flash a few dollars and this cute Cambodian whore is soon back at the hotel showing off her Cambodian tits.

Cambodia girl naked
Cambodian tits

Alot of these Cambodian girls you can meet in the bars on the street are semi pro, fresh off the farm.  Be careful renting a motobike in Cambodia, motocycle theft is endemic.

In Sihanoukville down by the port area you have the Chicken ranch.  100’s of Cambodian girls going for $5, conditions are poor though, you would be tapping into the local market, not really for tourists but your money will not be refused.  My first trip to Sihanoukville was a mixed bag of results, the place to go back then was Blue Mountain, which mostly had young Vietnamese girls working.

Cambodian girls come in all shapes and sizes from young, small, petite and thin to mature and curvy.  Cruising the hostess bars of Phnom Penh down street 51 or street 136 you are bound to find some Cambodian girls to your liking.

Skinny Cambodian girl
Petite Cambodian

Check out this cute young petite Cambodian girl stripping down to her panties and bra in her new sex tourist boyfriends hotel.  You will find Cambodian girls a little more reserved and conservative from the girls you have met in Thailand.

Cambodian girl being fucked
Cambodia fucked

These young Cambodian girls love being fucked all the same, having some big white tourist cocks in their Asian pussy.  In Cambodia you will find a fair few girls who keep their Asian pussy natural below, if you like Cambodian hairy pussy.

Sometimes in Thailand, you can find some Cambodian girls working in places like Pattaya and Phuket.  I fucked my first Cambodian girl in Pattaya.  She was beautiful, found her working in a gogo down Pattayaland 1.

Naked Cambodian girl
Cambodian girl in Phuket

Asian sex diary on tour in Phuket found this plump young Cambodian girl on the beach and took her back to the hotel and creampied her shaved Khmer pussy.

MongerPlanet Cambodia Sex Diary

So much for Asian Sex Diary in Cambodia.  I always wanted to return to Cambodia sometime and in May 2014 I return to Phnom Penh after nearly 10 years.  Things had changed big time, many many more tourists.  When you have many many more tourists expect prices to have risen, places to have been closed down and thats how I found Cambodia this time.   Much safer now too, no need to rent a motocycle driver to take you everywhere, just walk.

Cambodian semi pro
Phnom Penh girl

I fucked some cute Cambodian girls this trip.  I was staying on street 51 but found the best looking Cambodian girls to be found down Street 136  in the hostess bars.

Cambodian hostess
Glamour girl

Some of these cute Cambodian girls you can meet in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville can be real sweet, a monger needs to try not to emotionally involved.  In the nightclubs like Pontoon in Phnom Penh especially late or the early hours of the morning you will find some exceptionally good looking semi pro Cambodian girls.

In October of 2014 I return to Cambodia for the second time in the year.  I wanted to explore more of what Cambodia had to offer, make a return to Sihanoukville and try somewhere new like Siem Reap.  Siem Reap I failed to fuck but in Sihanoukville found some Cambodian girls up on Victory Hill where the bar girl scene had now moved.  Back in 2005 Victory Hill was the backpacker hangout.  Sihanoukville had changed almost beyond recognition, so many tourists here now and new plush hotels, but Victory Hill had kept some of that old Cambodian mongering magic.

victory hill hostess
khmer bar girl

Finally I returned to Phnom Penh to explore more of what the hostess bars had to offer down street 136.

cyrcee blowjob bar
Cyrcee bar girls

Its chilled out in Sihanoukville but Phnom Penh has better quality bar girls on offer.  Its not difficult to find some Cambodian bar girls to your liking in Phnom Penh.  I love Cambodia and always want to return.  I thought I might make a return to Cambodia in 2015 and live there for one year.  Still on the cards maybe 2016…

The last I heard, they had opened a star bucks coffee shop in Phnom Penh.  🙁   Have you visited Cambodia recently?  Are you planning to visit Cambodia for the first time in the future?

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