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Langstrasse Zurich Switzerland

Breakfast in the Swiss Hotel Zurich in the morning was a bit hectic and quite busy with guests.  Not ideal for me.  It was a self serve buffet with bacon and sausages, had to wait 15 minutes for the waitress to bring me over some fried eggs.  Plan for the second day in Zurich was to do some tourist stuff around the city center and tonight explore the red light district of Zurich down Langstrasse.

Zurich Tourist

Took the train from Oerlikon to the main station Hauptbahnhof and headed down towards the lake.  On the way checked out Laringstrasse which is suppose to be a designated red light district of Zurich where streetwalkers are allowed.  At this time of day though nothing to note.

Zurich switzerland
Zurich city
zurich lake
Zurich lake

Spent a couple of hours wandering around the city center of Zurich and by the lake.  Its colder in Zurich than London, need a coat but not gloves, hat and scarf.  Not ideal though as very overcast and like any moment the heavens might open up.  More tourists down this area of Zurich.

swiss hotel zurich
heated pool

Back to the train station and back to the hotel.  Had a few beers in the bar and then up to the heated in door swimming pool and sauna on the 32 floor with a panoramic view of Zurich, or would be if not so cloudy.  Two young Swiss girls in the sauna naked, saw some tits and pubic hair.  Cheap frills.  Sleep a little in my room and then get up and get ready for my night out down Langstrasse.

Langstrasse Red Light District

Outside the hotel its dark and raining quite heavy and I not pack an umbrella.  Another train to the main station and I am intending to start the night off in an English pub called Saint Joseph and have some fish n chips for dinner.   Two nice barmaids in the pub who speak good English and are quite chatty.  Fish n chips not so good though.

After a couple of pints of Stella I make my way down Langstrasse starting at the far end where it joins Sihlquai.  Sihlquai used to be the main area for streetwalkers in Zurich but not anymore.

langstrasse Zurich

Once you walk up under the tunnel along Langstrasse and come up the other side you see the Ole Ole bar on the left and that is where the red light district of Langstrasse begins proper.

Chillies Bar Langstrasse

The first bar I head to was the Chilles bar and hotel just off the main stretch of Langstrasse down a side road called Müllerstrasse.

langstrasse chillies
chillies bar hotel

Empty of punters inside the Chillies bar about half a dozen girls sat around the bar all looked hardcore, told me a beer was around 8-9 euros.  Not fancy being the only punter inside so made my way back outside.

Moldovan Streetwalkers

Outside two young streetwalkers approached me, both from Moldova around 20 years of age.  Spoke good English.  One was a little chubby but the other Moldovan girl was fantastic looking with a great figure.  She had a tight black leather jacket on zipped up and I could make out some huge firm tits underneath.  She told me she was all natural and I asked her to unzip her jacket, which she did and poked out her mouth watering chest.

At this point I thought I had found my girl down Langstrasse, a streetwalker from Moldova.  Both girls were staying in the Chillie hotel and wanted 100 CHF each, they wanted to do a threesome.  I not want to do a threesome though, just wanted the one girl.  They would only do a threesome or nothing.  So had to let her go.  I thought I might be able to get her later when she was away from her friend.  I could see in her eyes she was attracted to me and she could see the lust in my eyes for her.

Dont know if her fat friend was a control freak or using her beautiful friend to try and make some money off her?  Lets call it the ugly sisters syndrome.   Else the pair of them had some secret agenda of scamming me in the hotel room.  More difficult to keep your eyes on two girls rather than one.  Just not fancy the chubby girl from Moldova.  So no threesome, had they both been stunners could be telling a different story.

Trip to Chisinau?

There really are some streetwalker gems down Langstrasse, I was wishing a couple of these young streetwalkers had been working yesterday in the Globe FKK.  In recent years mongering around Europe I have come across some real good looking girls from Moldova.

Moldovan girls
Moldova girl

I first met some nice looking girls from Moldova in Vienna in the Goldentime FKK and then on the streets of Prague in the Czech republic, some girls just working in the shops there.  Some Moldovan girls are darker skinned, black hair with very sultry looks and full figured in the right places.  Maybe a trip to Chisinau in Moldova is on the cards, if all the girls are not playing away from home?

Lugano African girls

Wander around Langstrasse a little, lots of little side streets off the main drag with bars etc.  Two fat black hookers were hanging out of their window and call me up into their apartment.  I wander up and they lock the door behind me, which startled me a little.  They just wanted some business but were fat and mature and not give me a problem leaving.

langstrasse lugano
Lugano bar

Thought I would give it a go in the Lugano bar along Langstrasse.  Inside the Lugano bar it was quite busy, mostly aged punters and mature African women.  Funny enough it was mature Thai women serving from behind the bar.  Reminded me of that little street in Cologne Germany Eigestein.  Again its like the locals want a little bit of that exotic pussy available right on their doorstep for when they are having a beer with their friends on a Saturday night.  Nice idea.

mature black
African whore

One or two of the African girls inside the Lugano bar not look too bad or too old.  A girl from Kenya joins me and starts giving me a lovely head massage, I buy her an apple juice.  She wants some business and has her own apartment nearby.  How much I give her? she asks.  She then tries her luck asking for 200 CHF but drops to 100 CHF very quickly.  Decide this is not the way I want to go tonight down Langstrasse and leave the Lugano bar to try my luck in a few more bars maybe.

Pirate Bar

I wander into another nearby premise called the pirate bar.  Looks a bit rough inside and dark.  Pay for a beer and sit down.  The barmaid comes over and gives me the bill again.  Oh no, here we go I think I have just wandered into another clip joint like in Soho London.  I argue my case and she walks away, it may have been a genuine mistake.  Right at that point a police car pulls up outside the Pirate bar, some cops jump out and frisk down some low lifes hanging around outside.  I choose this moment to split and leave my glass half empty not full.  Phew that was close.  If ever that happens to me again I am going to fight to the death. 🙂

langstrasse strip club
strip clubs

Pass a few more bars one with a Dominican Republic theme and there is even one or two red light windows down Langstrasse.  No doubt about it I was having an interesting night in the red light district of Zurich.  But the teen streetwalkers to be found along Langstrasse were the best option from a looks perspective.  What they were like in the sack had yet to be tested.

Risky Business

I head back to the Chilli bar to see if that Moldova girl is available.  Her fat friend is sat outside the Chilli bar and pretends to not recognise me and now not speak any English.  Dont know what all that was about or where her beautiful sexy Moldovan girlfriend had gone.  But going with streetwalkers is risky.  All the options for some P4P down Langstrasse are a little bit risky.  At least in an FKK like the Globe in Zurich you are safe and almost guaranteed to have some good sex, but its served on a plate, I like to experience the raw side of a red light district and try my luck.  I could have gotten real lucky with that beauty from Moldova.  But the fat fucker fucked it up!

Regina Hotel

I stop off in the bar in the Regina hotel.  Alot of the streetwalkers you will find along Langstrasse stay in the Regina hotel and this is where they will take you back to do the business.

langstrasse regina
Regina hotel

A sweet mature Romanian woman joins me in the Regina.  Wants to take me to her room.  But she is not really doing it for me, so eventually she leaves me alone.  If I returned to monger in Zurich think I would choose the Regina as my base and nail down some of those cute teen streetwalkers, take them to my own room in the Regina.

More African girls

After leaving the Regina hotel stop off in another bar across the road again with mostly African ladies.  Starting to feel all the beer now and starting to wonder even if I found a girl now would I be able to get it up.  An African girl from Ghana joins me and again wants some business, she has a apartment nearby.

African blowjob
African CIM

She wants a 100 CHF for sex, which seems to be the going rate for a hooker in Zurich.  I tell her I want a blowjob with no condom, she wants another 50 CHF for that.  I know I can always cum if an African girl sucks good on my cock and not mind CIM.  I tell her want to cum all over her face and in her mouth?  She tell me she not do that!

Last train home

The last train leaves at 12:30 AM so have to leave Langstrasse else pay an exorbitant fee for a taxi back to my hotel in Oerlikon. Langstrasse is a lot more busy now, revellers out for the night. Dont think many of the bars and clubs down Langstrasse close until around 4am.   Im sure the streetwalkers get alot more business as the night progresses.  I had seen enough, feeling a bit drunk now and had failed to fuck down Langstrasse.  It had been an interesting night and reconnaissance mission down the red light district of Zurich.

Any mongers been to Zurich before?  Ever stayed in the Regina or Chilli hotel?  Ever gone with some of those cute teen streetwalkers along Langstrasse?  Any mongers any experience in Moldova or with girls from Moldova?  So many questions and not enough answers.

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