Globe FKK Zurich Switzerland

Mongering in Zurich

Decided I needed a long weekend break mongering somewhere in Europe.  This trip to Europe needed to include some guaranteed P4P after the pussy fiasco that was Tallinn in Estonia.  I first heard about the Globe FKK from a beautiful young Bulgarian girl working in the Goldentime FKK Vienna.  The Globe FKK in Zürich Switzerland has been on my ToDo list for a long time.  So this weekend I was heading over to Zürich.

Globe FKK Hype

Had read alot of good reports of the Globe FKK from mongers off the international sex guide Zürich forum.  Many of the punters to the Globe FKK in Zurich being repeat visitors. You would believe with the Globe FKK you would be walking into one of the best brothels in Europe if not the world.  Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe but with only a few days sampling the delights would not break the bank. I was hoping to observe some top girls local and from all over Europe working in the Globe FKK and fuck a few too.

The Globe is not the only FKK in Zurich there are many FKKs dotted mostly around the outskirts of the city center. Check out my mongering map of Zurich to get your bearings.

London to Zurich

Another early flight with EasyJet from Gatwick London, was laying in bed considering blowing it out again like I did for my first intended trip to Tallinn Estonia.  But once out of bed in and out of the shower you feel alot better and awake, ready for the trip ahead.  Not sleep well though the night before.  Parked up at the short stay carpark at Gatwick and walk straight through to departures.  Could have left it another 30 minutes.  Checked in online and hand luggage only.

Speedy boarding with me sat in the front row of the easyjet.  The flight was pretty full again with latecomers having to have their luggage put in stow due to a lack of space in the overhead lockers.  Its a short flight to Zurich, around 1 hour and I am the first through passport control with no queues.  Welcome to Zurich.

Zurich Card 72 hour pass

At Zurich airport I withdraw some Swiss francs from an ATM where 1 swiss franc or CHF  being approximately equal to one Euro.  I then purchase a 72 hour local transport ticket or a ZurichCard from the information, tourist desk for 40 CHF.    This ticket included free entry into some Zurich city center museums and attractions, but not the Globe FKK.  The only thing more boring that walking around a museum is watching wet paint dry.  Now if they had a whore mongering museum in Zurich I would be at the front of the queue, that would be interesting.  If you are planning on visiting a few FKKs around Zurich you will need to use the local transport.

SwissHotel Oerlikon

I was booked into the Swisshotel Oerlikon for two nights, right opposite the Oerlikon train station,  great for launching sex excursions in around the city of Zurich and a direct line straight to the Globe FKK.  At the airport I get my ticket stamped and board the train from the airport to Oerlikon which is direct and only a 10 minute ride.  The Swisshotel is a fine hotel and was being offered online at a 50% discount.  With an indoor heated swimming pool on the top floor and sauna with naked ladies!  Decided to treat myself and enjoy some creature comforts during my stay in Zurich.

Oerlikon hotel
Zurich hotel

Check into my room on the 27th floor with no problems.  Good wireless in the room at an extra 5 CHF a day.  The Swiss hotel has a good bar and restaurant on the ground floor with the bar usually still open well pass midnight .  I paid extra for a cooked breakfast in the morning.

The weather does not look good for the weekend, thick cloud, rain likely.  Not good for photography.  I had packed my DLSR and new tripod but likely I would just be carrying around my compact canon camera.   After unpacking its a little before midday and head out of the hotel for my first adventures in Zurich.

Langstrasse Red Light District

I take a train from Oerlikon to the main station in Zurich or Hauptbahnhof and from there using google maps and GPS on my phone make my way to Langstrasse, or long street being the main red light district of Zurich.   For a change I actually found the Wiki Sex Guide Zurich to be accurate and useful for finding my way around Zurich.  I can only guess the author is a local to Zurich or visits regular.  You will find alot of the finer details of mongering off the Zurich sex guide that I do not need to repeat on MongerPlanet.

As I am walking down the road to Langstrasse some girls tap on the window and wave me in.  Its a small eros center.  Half a dozen girls, hardcore looking, silicon boobs etc.  Well below average looking girls, seen much better looking girls available in the eros centers in Frankfurt Germany and Vienna Austria where it is alot cheaper too.

The going rate for the whores in this small Zurich eros center was a 100 CHF for 15 minutes.  Expensive!  The girls were poor, hoping to see a lot better pussy than this a bit later on in the Globe FKK.  My plan was to just observe what was on offer around Langstrasse but late afternoon hit the Globe FKK.

zurich red light district
langstrasse zurich

Langstrasse being the main red light district of Zurich is a little run down but lots of little bars and clubs dotted about.  No doubt alot more interesting late at night rather than during a rainy midday Friday afternoon.  But one look and you know that langstrasse is not exactly a tourist attraction and does not compare with other European red light districts like Hamburg in Germany and Amsterdam in Holland.

Langstrasse Streetwalkers

What I did notice were a couple of cute young streetwalkers down Langstrasse.  There are legal zones and streets for streetwalkers in Zurich during particular times during the evening and nights but Langstrasse is not one of them.  Still many streetwalkers mostly eastern European girls ply their trade along Langstrasse, no better place I guess for them.  I chat to a cute looking teen from Budapest Hungary.  Her English was non existent but she would charge me 100 CHF for 30 minutes sex.  Better than the eros center and a lot better looking girl, very pretty lovely firm figure.

red light district

This young teen streetwalker looked genuine, lovely looking girl. I was tempted, but had to hit the Globe FKK with some full sacs.  I wondered where we would fuck?  Managed to get her to understand my query, the Regina hotel just round the corner, short time fee for a room in the Regina was another 30 CHF.

budapest teen
Hungarian teen

So risky going with streetwalkers, you usually get caught in the dreaded upsell, something I first experienced in the Brussels Red Light district a few years ago now.

The Regina hotel looks like a good hotel to shack up in if you want to stay in the Langstrasse area of Zurich, alot of the working girls rent rooms in the Regina for two weeks or more trying to make a little money before heading back across the border.  Many of the streetwalkers down Langstrasse are more mature and past it but believe me there are some teen gems among the rough to be found if you go looking.  Surely I would return to Langstrasse for my second night mongering in Zurich.

The Globe FKK

I had seen enough of Langstrasse for one afternoon and headed back to the Hauptbahnhof to take a train to Schwerzenbach which is the nearest station to the Globe FKK.  A bit confusing at the Zurich main station and had to ask for help at the information desk. But the platform for Schwerzenbach is 43/44 direct and back to Oerliken is 41/42, thats all you need to know, look no further.

Globe FKK Zurich
Globe FKK

The train journey was about 15 minutes and then only a 5 minute walk around the corner from Schwerzenbach to the Globe FKK.  Still I needed my mobile phone and google maps to work out where I was going.  When you are in a new place for the first time, I have no idea of where I am or the direction I should be heading.

Pay my 95 CHF entrance fee into the Globe FKK and have to hand over another 10 CHF for a key deposit.  Valuables into small locker and cloths into a big locker where I also take a shower and changed into my robe and head out in the main lounge area of the Globe FKK.

Disappointing Selection

First impressions, I was a little disappointed with the 30 or so working girls available inside the Globe FKK, no stunners, nothing that knocks me out but most above average.  I had seen much better looking girls in the Palace FKK in Hamburg and Goldentime in Vienna.  I would put The Globe FKK more on a par with Artemis FKK in Berlin Germany.  Certainly though there was some obvious sluts around.  Its always nice to have naked girls walking around.

Its very hot inside the Globe FKK, no air conditioning, soft drinks are free and a small beer costs 9 CHF.  I was not drinking alcohol, I wanted to have a serious fuck! I had been saving myself for a girl or two in the Globe FKK, although disappointed one of them was going to get seriously fucked today.  A good tip for getting over the heat is to pop into the steam room or sauna for 15 minutes, which I did.  Once you come out of the sauna it feels really cool in comparison.

I wandered around inside the Globe FKK interacting with a few of the girls and some of them approached me.  Around 15 punters inside so not packed, not too much competition.  There were girls from Italy, Poland and Romania to name a few.  Chatted to  cute girl from Panama with a great butt.   Was considering her, she was tops of my list.  Later I returned to her spot but she was gone, had to fuck one of these girls.

Girlfriend Experience DFK

There was a good looking Romanian girl walking around inside the Globe FKK, she was the best of the bunch, but looked cold, she would not make eye contact or go up and talk to anyone.  Eventually I decide to break the ice and chatted to her a little.  She thawed and started to come across like she might be a good choice.  She asked me what I wanted? I said the girlfriend experience and some DFK.

Romanian teen pussy
Romanian girl

She was fine with that and then lead me to one of the private rooms inside the Globe FKK.  I was going for the standard package with the girl inside the Globe FKK which is 140 CHF to the girl, that you always pay after and that includes 30 minutes of her time.  Extras like CIM and Anal may set you back another 100 CHF if thats what you want and the girl is up for it.  Zurich and FKKs in general are not for your cheap charlies.

Talk briefly with my Romanian hottie while we get undressed she was from near Bucharest in Romania.  True to her word she gives me some DFK, I really needed some girlfriend experience, especially on my birthday, which it was.  She liked my cock and went down giving some great BBBJ.  We fucked in multiple positions all the time I am trying hard not to cum to quick.  Great experience with this Romanian girl in the Globe FKK.  Romanian whores often put a smile back on my face.  I just wish those pretty Romanian teens would not all shave their pussy!

Public Sex

After I paid her hanged around inside the Globe FKK for another hour or so.  I witnessed a fat old punter doing a 69 with a young girl right in front of me.  This is what is different inside the Globe FKK many choose to have sex with their girl in public.  I would rather it stayed in private, not really my thing,  I even felt a bit sorry for the girl having to suck some old cock to make some money.  of course, I never feel like this when they are with me.

Relaxing Evening

I was feeling relaxed, relieved and a little tired so headed back to the very comfortable swiss hotel in Oerlikon.  I stopped off in the ground floor bar of the hotel for a few beers and it was very busy and then went to my room for a little sleep.  Later I not feel like going back out onto the mean streets of Zurich and just relaxed in the sauna and the heated swimming pool, then had a lovely meal in the restaurant. No pressure.  I had done the Globe FKK in Zurich, but not rushing to go back.  A Romanian girl had saved the day and I had had a good experience.   Good night.

6 thoughts on “Globe FKK Zurich Switzerland”

  1. Still haven’t Fucked a Romanian whore yet, will do soon! Happy late bday, never fucked on my bday, but lost my virginity soon after

    1. Im my experience Romanian girls are the best. I have had great experiences with Romanian girl even near London Milton Keynes often getting the girlfriend experience with them DFK
      I love their dark sultry latina looks. If ever you take a visit to the FKKs in Germany and Switzerland often Romanian girls make up a large percentage of the girls on offer, you will be spoilt for choice

      I have visited 4 FKKs now since end of 2011, in this order

      1. Palace Frankfurt
      2. Artemis Berlin
      3. Goldentime Vienna
      4. Globe Zurich

      If I could choose the order to visit them again it would be

      1. Goldentime Vienna
      2. Palace Frankfurt
      3. Artemis Berlin
      4. Globe Zurich

      Ok, I only visited the one day but when I visited the Palace FKk and Goldentime FKK, I could have kept going back all week and not run out of hot girls to fuck.
      In the Globe FKK I was expecting lots of top pussy but it was hard to choose one, there is alot of hype around the Globe FKK. There are lots of other FKKs dotted around Zurich, I wanted to try another.

      As a contrast I had a bleached blonde skinny washed out eyes 30 something Romanian whore sat next to me in the GLobe FKK who would not stop talking and wanted me to buy her some Vodkas.
      The girls have to pay the 95 CHF entrance fee too and so have to make the money back.

  2. Thanks for mentioning that Globe doesn’t have air conditioning. I was thinking of going in August. Perhaps that wouldn’t be a good idea.

    1. If air conditioning is important to you then the Globe is not your place. I found it very hot and uncomfortable in the Globe, the trick was to get even hotter in the sauna and then when you come out of the sauna it feels cool in comparison. May have been an off day in the Globe FKK but the girls were not that hot either. I was dissapointed all round, thinking that the Globe FKK may be one of the best brothels in Europe and have the hottest European girls. It was not like that. Had a much better experience in the Goldentime FKK in Vienna, gorgeous girls. But should visit these FKKs a few times before making a judgement

  3. Very useful report, thought that Globe was probably over-hyped which you’ve confirmed. Interesting rankings of the clubs too, just saw your Palace report but were you not aware of Sharks, Mainhattan and World too?? Most recent visitors have much preferred both Sharks and Oase to Palace, not least because the girls at Palace are particularly sharky. I’d also definitely suggest a visit to the clubs in NRW if you get the chance.

    1. Hi, no I was not aware of Sharks when I was in Frankfurt. Palace was my first ever visit to an FKK and it was a great experience. Plenty of young beautiful girls from all over Europe walking around naked 🙂 Had a threesome with two Polish blondes. Where is NRW?

      If you would like to do a guest report on the FKK scene on MongerPlanet then please contact me, sure would be a good read. Thanks for your comment

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