Last Chica in Havana

My last day and night in Havana Cuba.  So far its been a good trip to Havana despite the heat and dodgy food.  Plenty of chicas available all over Havana, some hot, most not from 30 CUC upwards.  Was hoping to go out with a bang with a cute chica on my last night mongering in Havana.

Had a mid afternoon flight out of Havana tomorrow back to Mexico city so not need to leave the casa until midday.  It meant I not have to worry about an early rise, I hate that.   Tonight,  I really wanted to visit one of the more classy clubs in Havana like Sangri La, to check out the chica talent available there.  The plan was to hit Sangri La last night, but that  black streetwalker from La Rampa took away my need.

Chica Hunting

That afternoon in Havana around 3pm I walk the entire stretch of San Rafael from Vedado to the Inglaterra hotel.  I criss cross with the parallel streets of San Miguel and San Martin.  I got my eyes peeled for some more chicas who might just tempt me into another afternoon sex session in Centro, maybe another threesome using only one condom.  But around 3pm the entire stretch was void of sexy chicas.  Maybe a bit early, not prime time, better after 5pm maybe.

chcia hunting

Seems one old monger had found himself a nice Latina chica, looks like love to me?  I would not say no.  Thats a fine piece of ass under those tight cut down jeans.  Where did he find her?  He not look like the sort with alot of cash to keep her around?  So cynical of me.  Looks can be deceiving.

old monger young chica
monger and chica

I stop off at the Inglatterra for a rest and a cold beer. One thing you will notice chica hunting around Centro in Havana there is a real lack of bars and watering holes.

Asian geek
chinese geek

I could not help noticing this Asian geek checking out of the Inglatterra, the only thing he has not packed is the kitchen sink.  Careful though, the geek shall inherit the earth.  The jineteros must see a geek like this and their eyes see $$$$.

Sloppy Joes

I wander down Ibispo and buy that painting for 70 CUC reduced from 100 CUC.  They roll it up for me and then I make my way to Sloppy Joes for some air conditioning and some draft crystal beer.

I order something to eat in Sloppy Joes and then have to rush to the toilet. I have not really been able to shake off the runs during my time in Havana.  Sloppy Joes it not a bad place to hang out, just other tourists inside, they not really worked out the draft beer and the food is not that good.

Take a taxi back to my casa and draw some money out from the Cadeca which not shut until 8pm.  Back at the casa I pack my case and prepare for my last night out in Havana.

I start the night off in a little bar opposite the Habana libre hotel, its hot you need to sit where there is a fan.  Above the bar was a little massage place that I check out.  They not have any girls available right now all busy but the guy could make some phone calls. I passed, I like to see the chica up front.  A massage would have been nice though.

Sangri La Chicas

Take a taxi outside the Habana Libre to Sangri La.  Its quite far to Sangri La and costs me 10 CUC.  A couple of doorman outside Sangri La who let me in.  Not many in Sangri La but about 5 chicas sat at the bar and I prop myself next to them.  Better class of chica in the Sangri La and chat to one.  She is P4P and wants a 100 CUC to come back to my Casa, then drops to 70 CUC.  I just dont think she is that good.

I not really like it in the Sangri La, a bit too posey for me.  Ok if you are the sort who likes to wear tight pink jeans or something.  It gets more busy later with Cuban locals.  They tend to interact with the same girls.  Not sure if they are expecting to pay for it or not.

I have seen enough of Sangri La and would not want to return. Outside there are no taxis.  One of the doorman calls up one of the local residents who will give me a lift back.  The car is a wreck and something comes off in his hand as we pull away 🙂 I agree 10 CUC to drop me off outside Casa De La Musica along Galiao in Centro.

Casa De La Musica Chica

I felt alot more comfortable in Casa de la Musica in Centro.  My kind of place.  Plenty of chicas to choose from.  Inside Casa De La Musica and its mostly the same chicas available as the other night.  I got about 10 of them around me at the bar as I order a drink.  I walk over to the other side and they all follow me.  I have an entourage of chicas following me around in Casa De Musica.  A couple are young and cute.  I got my eye on one already, lovely pretty tall slim ebony chica.

Sit down with my chosen chica and she tell me she is 20 years old. Seems very friendly girl so agree 60 CUC back at my casa.  She calls her taxi driver and we head outside.

black chica havana
black chica

Back at the casa we get naked and shower together, she got a lovely body as I finger her tight pussy.   She gives me some great BBBJ on the bed, licking my cock like it is a big tasty lollipop, great job.

I could really feel her wet tongue.  She fucks me on top then me her doggy and its a fine end to my last night in Havana.  She was a very cute chica.

Taking chicas back to your own Casa

This is the advantage of having your own casa in Havana, taking the chicas back from the night clubs like Casa De La Musica. You know what is available, your bed, your shower, locking away your valuables, air conditioning etc.  You can take your time and your short time could turn into a Tudos La Noche.  You are always in control.   If you are staying in a hotel, you may not know what the casa is like the chica will take you too, no shower, hot etc, you will more likely rush your session with your chosen chica.

Taking photos of the chicas

My cute ebony chica let me snap some pics, but no face for a 10 CUC tip.  Shame as her face was very pretty.  She was happy for me to snap naked photos of her. showing off her trimmed pussy. Had to ask her to put her white panties back on, leaves more to the imagination that way.
Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this content
Most chicas are happy for you to take photos for a small tip.  Some will let you take photos for free a few will not allow any.  Dont know unless you ask.  I have read a few reports of mongers being stopped through customs where their cameras and computers are checked.  Let what happened to Cuba Dave be a lesson to all travelling mongers.   I suggest you remove chicas pics from your cameras and keep them encrypted on your computer or upload them to the cloud using a VPN client.

Havana, The End

So mongers, that is my mongering in Havana trip over.  It was a great trip with plenty of chicas for the taking.  As I write this up I would be quite keen to return to Havana, so many sexual possibilities available, just not in the heat of July though.  And be careful what you eat.

malecon havana
Havana sunset

Tell me what you think in the comments below.  Any questions? suggestions? Have you been to Havana before? Or planning on going?

17 thoughts on “Last Chica in Havana”

  1. Amazing FRs. I hope i get an opportunity to get to Cuba though it dosent seem to be a chance of it happening for another year and maybe by that time this place might get overrun due to opening up of the economy.

    The street scene seems to be the best and quickest option available as of now. Didnt see you stike much at the night clubs but you did visit most. Overall girl quality also seemed to be pretty average if i read your experiences well.

    Am sure stunners or quality girls surely exist and if yes where is a still a question unanswered.Besides it also seems to make sense to club another few cities in the visit alongwith Havana, if not atleast it will be a good vacation.

    Thanks and keep sharing.

    1. I dont think much will change in Cuba over the next year or two. My guess it will be a slow process returning to a normal country again
      More importantly hopefully a few years away from it being overrun with sex tourists from the USA and Starbucks on every street corner and centro being gentrified

      Havana is a unique mongering experience to be had and I would return to continue the hunt.

      The best looking chicas in my experience were not in any one place. If a well healed chica with a pretty face is high on your priorities then there are a lot of more high end clubs and bars, late night venues dotted all over Havana. Half your budget will be spent on taxi fares with no guarantees when you get there then the other half on any chicas you do find.

      Of course we are all attracted to a pretty face. But there are plenty of good looking enough chicas walking around Centro, sexy as hell that will do the business and beyond for 30 – 50 CUC, centro and Casa De La Musica would be my main hunting ground with the odd excursion to try a club or playa de este or somewhere. There is no one club, bar you can just keep going to to pick up a variety of chicas in the 8-10 range, you have to go hunting for them in Havana.

  2. Another great post. That is it, I am off to Havanna Cuba! I really enjoy this blog keep up the good work.

    That black girl in the pics is great just the type of body that I like to fuck.

    I mentioned in my previous post I will return to CL in December. I’ve actually got a black woman as a fuck buddy at the moment. She is in her 40s but no kids and in perfect shape. Her ass is firm, pert tits and a tight pussy no stretch marks. I fuck her about every 6 weeks when our schedules allow.

    I lost all my pics of my previous conquests when my memory card fizzed out in the summer heat after I left my phone in the sun otherwise we could have set up a little ‘black girl’ appreciation group!

  3. Excellent, entertaining instalments and shame all good things had to come to an end as you returned home.
    Before I post a separate update with my own thoughts and observations on what I make of Havana, and, practicalities to share on my planned trip so far, I would appreciate any help on any of the following if you know.

    How practical was it to get a local sim card and how practical was it to use your mobile phone for communication purposes in Havana? Do most of the Chicas actually have connected mobile phones?

    Likewise, using the internet, would it be easy to reserve and possibly pay for a local hotel room while in Havana. I ask this question if I ever wanted to change hotels (basically if it turned out to be crap) if I do choose the hotel option, something which I am still in two minds of at the moment.

    Realising even some of the most basics can be quite expensive in Cuba, did you manage to find a good local supermarket and if so what sort of things did you stock up on for your Casa Particular and did you ever get a chance to check out any of the larger fully loaded shopping Centres if such a thing exists in Havana. In many countries I have visited on and off the beaten track I often find these places to be a comfortable oasis often with nice places to eat hidden somewhere around the back.

    And did you ever manage to get some 100 percent kosher Cuban cigars at a good price?

    Cheers, with thanks.

    1. Thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed my Havana trip reports or sex diary 🙂 warts and all
      In Havana I had a free phone in my casa, rarely used it though. By the end of the trip I had about 10 chica numbers jotted down on torn pieces of paper but never called any of them for a repeat session. The only chica I had a repeat session with was that latina waitress with the great booty, had to get at that booty again, no need to call her though, could wander down to the bar. Could have called her up though for a visit

      You can buy your own sim for calls only, there is no internet package. I only buy sims so I access to the internet 24/7, but this is not possible in Havana. All the chicas have their own mobile phones. Like everywhere else they are status symbols, and they are all mobile phone crazy. Its so easy to walk about and meet a fresh chica, it was not a necessary option for me.

      If i returned I would book a hotel for a few days on arrival and then maybe track down my own casa in centro, so I could take those chicas back to my own place rather than relying on them taking you to one. Its a difficult choice if to go down the casa or hotel route. I did not find a good supermarket, they must be there. I only stocked up on water and juice. But buying say bread, coffee, milk, butter etc – not really see anything?

      There is nothing like the shopping plazas we have in the west or those you will find in Asia. Its quite sad really when you see whats on offer for the Cubans to buy in the shops except the expensive tourist area of Obispo
      I was not seeking them out though. In the real havana guide he does list some shopping places but I not really visit them. May be worth checking out, retail therapy is in the female genes.

      My landlord got me kosher cigars, 25 in a box for 35 CUC. the real thing, friends loved them back home. Just dont buy anything off the jineteros and you will be fine.

  4. So it seems you are aware of the Cuba Dave situation. There was another indictment in New York involving a Florida couple. It appears that both the host country and the native countries are taking a hard line towards this way of life. Be careful what you say. A misinterpretation as promotion may affect you on either end of your journey…

    1. Yes I was wondering when they were going to hit those adult vacations in the Dominican republic. A naive person may choose to read a blog like this and claim its out of curiosity, research etc and say to themselves, those poor girls, these horrible old men going out there and exploiting them. But we know it is nothing like that. Take for example the latina waitress, I stopped for a morning coffee, I tell her she looks gorgeous, she say you want to fuck me? Only a weak man, out of touch with his reason for existence would say no. I am not running a business, setting up transactions between people, just reporting on my adventures. Free speech and all. If I ever have to take down this blog due to an infringement on free speech by the powers that be, then we should all be worried. I monitor the news and appreciate any heads up on whats going on.

      Now the internet is awash with pictures of naked girls many taken as selfies. We need to be careful what we post and not get embroiled in these revenge porn laws coming out.

      The problem today is the internet, I am guilty of making public which decades ago should be kept private. Like Pop, mongering will eat itself, maybe eventually we all fall on our own swords.
      I love blogging, photography and travel and the technical challenges it provides and of course I love sex – recreational sex – two or sometimes three consenting adults – anti sex perverts hate that

      Its not whats right or wrong, its who holds the power. I am well aware it is getting more dangerous to tell the truth.

      I dont know the complete story. But Cuba Dave was well on the radar in the USA. attacked by the femi-nazi. He made no attempt to hide is identity and did openly encourage sex tourism. He no doubt thought it was all just good fun. Now these countries are trying to attract main stream tourism and feel people are being put off due to their tainted reputations as being primary sex tourism destinations.

      Im my mind alot of tourism is sex tourism, What about all the marketing aimed at youngsters who travel ot Ibiza and tenerife, that is to have sex after they have drunk stupid amounts.
      All the PUA blogs are really about sex tourism.
      What about all the female sex tourists that go to Jamaica etc for some young black cock?

      1. AND, what about all the female sex tourists too who also quite openly go to,
        Kuta beach, Bali.
        The Dominican Republic big time.
        The Gambia, Africa one of the first female sex tourist destinations.
        Lomai Beach, Koh Samui Thailand.
        Columbia, and,
        yes indeed, Costa Rica of all places for a bit of local cock.

    2. thanks so much.

      After a nap and some dinner I will hit that venue. What time do you think is a good time to go? Midnight?

      1. I think midnight would be about perfect time for casa musica in centro. I think the doors open at 11pm and its $10 to get in! you know there is a daytime option as the casa la musica in centro but i think its more a younger crowd. Be sure to keep us updated when you return from your trip in Havana. A trip report would be greatly appreciated for all the Havana fans and make sure you snap some photos. Havana is a photographers paradise and a mongers too

  5. Fantastic stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so happy that my friend illusionheart turned me on to your site!

    I have been following the Cuba thread on ISG to gather info about my upcoming trip. From the reports that have been posted there it seems things are kind of dead right now with the cops really cracking down. Very different from your experience. But maybe these guys just don’t know what they are doing?

    What is your impression? Will i still have a good time? I’d be elated if I even do half as well as you have.

    1. Hi Uncle V, glad you finding my reports helpful, just over a year old now. I timed it then because I knew change was on the horizon with the relations with the USA thawing and no doubt a sudden influx or American tourists, many of them sex tourists. And whenever something like this happens it gets on the news and the powers that be want to clean up. I wanted to experience Havana while it is still stuck in a time warp. I am hoping Rio will return to its old seedy self now that the games are all over. The police have always been tough on the girls, so I dont see how things could have changed that much. They know how to bypass the police. What you read here is how it unfolded for me and back then in July it was so damn hot! I hope it is cooler for you next month. I am sure you will find plenty of Cuban pussy if you spread your wings, spend some time on the street different times of the day and night to get a vibe. Centro is good and the nightclubs. There was a lot of negative shit on the forums when I was researching, I dont use them a great deal, or skip over the negative subjective shit, just digest the positive objective stuff. I am sure you will have a great time. Just walk along the Malecon late at night, I would be amazed if you dont get at least 4 propositions from sexy young chicas

      1. Thanks for the encouraging words.

        My feeling is also that the discourse on ISG is way too negative. I was however able to meet an old cuba hand monger on the board who has been very nice and has promised to show me the rope a bit .

        I really hope Casa De Las Musical is going strong as the nightclub FL pickup us really my thing. If you have any more suggestions for night clubs please let me know

        1. Yes Casa De La Musica in Centro was a happening night club, alot of chicas to choose from, I was in an out within a drink or two both times I visited Casa De La Musica. This is not my favorite modus operandi, not really a late night person. But you do want to try as many nightclubs as you are comfortable to visit. Be good to have a drivers phone number on hand as many of these clubs are well out of the havana city center. this is the big plus of Casa de musica. As long as its still going, you wont have any problems there, keep the totals costs reigned in though, they will ask for 100 dollars come back with 50, if you not got a casa nearby you will need to factor in costs for renting a short time casa and paying her taxi driver both 10 dollars each. Clubbing is the most expensive option, some chicas wont budge from a 100$ this is going to get worse with more tourists. Cheapest options are centro and the malecon, my favorite hunting grounds then you are looking 30$ and $10 for a casa if not able to use your own. Alls I can say about Havana, I would like to return myself, lots of places I dont feel this way. Just watch the food though, only eat at the best places

          1. one week until I touch down in Cuba!

            I think I will try Casa de Musica my first night. Form what I hear there are two locations.

            Which one would you recommend?

            1. I assume you are staying in the centro vedado or old town area. I only tried the casa de la musica in centro, that was good enough, plenty of young chicas in there, should be able to get them for $60 max

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