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Asian Sex Diary – Real Amateur Girls

It simply has to be the best reality mongers porn site on the internet.  Asian sex diary chronicles the adventures of a full time whore monger called John Tron through the continent of Asia and beyond.

If your an Asian whore monger and not joined yet then you really should join up at Asian Sex Diary.  John Tron films all the Asian girls he fucks for a living and for your enjoyment.

asian sex diary cambodian girl
Petite cambodian girl

Petite Cambodian beach-girl gets fucked long and hard by her new tourist friend

I dont know how much John Tron pays these Asian girls to fuck their asses off on camera, but who cares they are in agreement up front.   You wont find Asian sex diary content for free on the tube sites.   I recently exchanged some emails with the producers about getting my hands on some more promotional content from inside Asian Sex Diary – here is what they had to say…

John puts lot of restrictions on the content and how it is allowed to be promoted. He tightly controls what is put out for promo. It has to do with how rare and exclusive Asian Sex Diary content is, and the sensitive locations he is traveling and filming in, like Red China, Vietnam, Philippines, etc, etc.  

asian sex diary bar girl
thai bar girl

19yo Thai bargirl poses in beautiful dress hoping to feed her hungry pussy some tourist DNA

He needs to avoid local problems on the ground. All of these Asian girls are total amateurs who really don’t want their family and neighbors finding out about their videos. (thats why he puts “masks” on the tour content and galleries) Asian Sex Diary still sells better than anything else we have, it’s quite amazing really. 

John Tron does not travel just within Asia also.  He mongers in Europe and Africa too.  And there is content inside Asian Sex Diary from worldwide locations.  Here is some more correspondence from the producers of Asian Sex Diary.

You know John Tron is actually in Africa right now inside ASD? He is in Uganda and has fucked a few black Africans, but also a Thai girl working at a Chinese hotel. Great stuff!

asian sex diary phuket
Phuket MILF

Great Phucket MILF finds white tourist to fuck her before going to work.

The content in Asian Sex Diary is so unique, its an Asian mongers Paradise, all laid out for you.  Not just porn videos of Amateur Asian girls being fucked but lots of monger informational content too.

Due to the frequent updates on Asian Sex Diary,  recurring member retention is very high.  There are always new Asian girls getting fucked, new locations being visited and new stories to tell on Asian sex diary.

asian sex diary milf
Thai milf

Horny & lonely MILF from Phucket shows off her ass and sucks dick begging to get fucked hard

Asian sex diary has been up and running a good few years now and has tons of videos, thousands of real amateur asian girls fucked on film, you will never get bored with the content if Asia and Asian pussy is your thing.

asian sex diary pattaya
pattaya girl

18yo beach-girl from Pattaya gets dressed up in hotel and fucked by pervert tourist

If your planning your first sex vacation to Asia or an experienced monger looking for new angles or just want to jerk off at home to some amateur Asian content then Asian Sex Diary is right down your dirty seedy street.

asian sex diary pussy
pattaya pussy

Sexy Pattaya bartender fucks touris bar-patron in her dress demanding to be creampied deeply

So mongers without further ado or trying to convince you any further to join Asian sex diary today, I am going to treat you to a few more of Asian sex diarys most recent galleries.  Click on the links below the pictures of  the featured asian girl to get more of an eyeful of the kind of content you can expect to find behind Asian sex Diary

asian sex diary thai
young thai girl

18yo super-petite Thai girl with small ass and tits shows off her body and gets fucked

asian sex diary student
pattaya student

Petite Pattaya student picked up while shopping and brought back to hotel for boom-boom

Asian Sex diary has girls from all over Asia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Lous to name a few.  Asian sex diary has petite asian girls, pure amateurs, students and bar girls. Semi pro girls, no pro girls, hardcore tattooed pro girls and MILFs.  Its all there inside Asian Sex Diary old and young, shaved pussy, hairy pussy, creampied asian pussies, threesomes and cock sharing.  Whatever your fantasy in Asia is.

Check this link –>  Asian Sex Diary to watch some videos of John Tron fucking asian girls in some of your favorite mongering locations around South East Asia.  Including Pattaya, Angeles city, Jakarta and Hong Kong to name just a few.

asian sex diary 18yo
thai 18yo

Innocent Thai girl visits pervert American tourist in his flat for some sexy-time fun

And lots of every Asian Whore mongers favorite, cock sucking cum on face and cum in mouth CIM!  Asians girl who love white tourist cum all over their pretty little faces and in their mouths!

asian sex diary cim
cum on face

Horny Pattaya mall-worker MILF desperate to get fucked by white tourist

asian sex diary slut
pattaya slut

Hot young bargirl from Pattaya helps partying tourist have the night of his life

So Mongers, there you have it, the best Asian Amateur reality porn site on the internet.  A travelling monger making porn for mongers. Do yourself a favor and all us and join Asian Sex Diary now!

Have any mongers already Joined Asian sex diary either now or in the past?  How did you find the content inside Asian sex diary, please let mongerplanet readers know, leave a comment below on your impressions.  Know of any other great sites like Asian Sex Diary?

8 thoughts on “Asian Sex Diary Mongers Paradise”

  1. Well….
    Two things I have to say:
    1 – Its a great site, great looking girls, really made me salivate 😉
    2 – That being said, I strongly suspect its another project that “simulate” mongering amateur sex but in reality is a well “industrial” porn site. Brings me back to the days when “AsianStreetMeat” was “as-if” amateur, with only two guys filming each other, while in fact was pure professional with full-cast crew equipment and budgets. So was “AfricanFuckTour” and “LatinaFuckTour”.

    So, without taking away the pleasure I found watching ASD videos, I do not believe its purely a single monger that runs the whole show, rather its a fully cast-crew-budget that runs it.

    So enjoy the show but dont get the wrong impression.

    Peace to all….

  2. I really hate that word “pervert”. There’s nothing abnormal about wanted to have sex with many females. That one part about that one woman being innocent was rich. Sorry, I just can’t find the amusement in these bs labels. Society with it’s morals always trying to control how people think, it’s like leave my porn alone. No offense to you, it’s just how I feel.

  3. I know for a fact that “AfricanFuckTour” and “LatinaFuckTour” don’t work with a full-cast crew equipment and budgets. It truly started as just one man with one dingy & dinky camera. And it still is just one man. I wouldn’t be surprised if ASD was the same. Or at least started that way.
    Now if these videos start making money and this money is reinvested in a better camera and edited by a professional video editor, all the better. Or if these videos are resold to a big company that makes a unique site with them, that’s a different story all together.
    But really the amateur porn industry isn’t as organized as you think. 😉

    1. Spoken from the horses mouth! We have the real deal Porn Mongers. A question and Answers post coming soon to MongerPlanet with the star of African Fuck Tours. What it takes to go from porn fan, monger to porn star.

  4. To Antonio:
    As i stated – I liked the ASD site and its materials. And in no way i care if the money they get from in is invested in equipment or in someones bank account. I enjoy the porn and its enough for me.

    Still, to present ASD as “amateur” and “monger” porn is a bit naive.
    the same actor from ASD (I identify him by his accent, the words he uses, the looks of his cock, the scenes he plays and more) appears in “Trike Patrol” and “Tuktuk Patrol” as well, which indicates that its much less “amateur” than it seems.

    Yet, I emphasize, the porn is good, the girls are amazing and I envy the guy endlessly 🙂

  5. Both africanfucktour and latinafucktour are truly shot by one man only. No crew and no extra equipment but a camera and a tripod. But it’s a nice compliment. 🙂

    1. Hey Antonio, sent you a few emails, what happened to our interview, still want to do a post on you and African Fuck tour. What you been up to? last I remember you were heading to Morocco?

  6. There is a regular Chinese woman that I see it Dallas she is not on any of the amp reports but works off of recommendations if you want to know let me know. She is by far one of the freakiest & kinkiest orientals that I have ever been with.

    Mention this post so I know it’s not spam mail

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