La Rampa Streetwalker Havana

My time is running out in Havana, a few days left in Cuba before flying home to London via Mexico.  That morning in Vedado I lock myself out of my casa and have to wait for my landlord to arrive to let me back in.  Not a good start to the day.

Tonight Sangri La?

The plan for tonight in Havana was to visit another nightclub, one I not been to before like the Sangri La bar.  A more classy club where I was hoping to meet a higher class of semi pro chica maybe, to finish off my trip to Cuba.

During the day, take a walk down the Malecon in the afternoon avoiding the latina waitress and stop at the corner with Paseo de Marti in a little bar called Lazatio and ordered just a pepsi.  A nice maturer latina streetwalker sits with me for a while, basic English and tells me she from Guantanamo.   Not good enough for me to go with her though, there are plenty of chicas for the taking in Havana but not many of them meet my quality criteria.

Yet Another Threesome?

I walk back through Centro, late afternoon, two young Mulatto chicas want to do a threesome, but they not speak a word of English and look a bit too young.  Dont want to take the risk.  Im horny though and up for yet another threesome, plus I have not drunk any beer.  I am getting addicted to these threesomes with two chicas in Centro Havana.  Threesomes with two chicas in Centro Havana seems to be widely and easily available with a variety of girls both young and more mature.

And Another Threesome

I keep walking through Centro up to Infanta where you cross over into Vedado.  The young ebony chica with the big tits I met on my second night mongering in Havana comes over to me.  Amazingly she got a young attractive mulatto friend with her too, and both want to do a threesome for 40 CUC each.   We are standing outside a Casa that is available for short time.  I am in two minds, I keep remembering her fishy pussy and that she wanted to rush things.

streetwalker threesome

I make myself clear to them, I want to fuck both of them with one condom only and that they are both to suck my cock together with no condom, they seem to understand and to agree.  But in the end I pull away and dont go through with it.   Not sure why I guess it is because I have been with her before.

But no doubt about it, if you are into threesomes and want to wear only one condom, centro in Havana is the place you can get it, with young chicas, mature chicas even sisters, its all there for the taking.  Believe me its addictive and takes mongering to a new level.

All Along the Malecon

That evening decide to take my camera out down and all along the Malecon to try and catch the sun setting and a few chicas hopefully.

havana cuba
Malecon Havana
Malecon chica

Quite a windy night along the Malecon in Havana, I really need a heavy duty tripod to take pictures in low light.  The chicas along the Malecon wanted me to take their photos.  They show alot more interest when you carrying a big DLSR around your neck.

two chicas malecon
Malecon chicas

These two chicas along the Malecon were up for some P4P, the one in red is really not bad.  Its the same setup as fucking the chicas in centro which is just across the road.  Bottom rate is 30 CUC, the girls know a short time casa nearby.

streetwalker malecon
Malecon Havana

This chica was happy for me to snap some photos of her sat on the Malecon wall.  She was more interested in taking me to a casa nearby for some sex though.  But she knew I was out to take photos only, although I was keeping an eye out for the available chicas.  At this point there were two policeman nearby, but she knew them and it was alright for us to go off together.

havana malecon

The Malecon in Havana is a great place to meet chicas, early evening is best when its still light so get to see them properly.  Its not as discrete as picking up chicas in centro but still fun.  Many sit on the Malecon wall and can be assertive when you walk pass.  Other walk up and down to Malecon and will accost you.

latina malecon
latina chica

This chica was really a really cute latina with big firm booty.  She not want me to take a picture though.  Only interested in business.  Later I paid for one of those roses for her.  She jumped off the wall and was walking up and down the malecon showing off her rose, really sweet.

So far this trip to Havana and I have not fucked a chica off the Malecon.

La Rampa Streetwalker

After the sun has set over the Malecon I head back and make my way up Calle 23 or La Rampa. I stop off in the Vedado hotel and have a beer.  After my beer it is now dark as I continue my journey up La Rampa towards my casa.  Some streetwalkers are out and one ebony girl really catches me eye. she was very curvy, the way I like them. She catches me looking at her, but I just continue walking, not look back and forget her.  I really plan to make it to the Sangri La tonight and try my luck there.

streetwalker havana
ebony chica

Outside my casa as I am unlocking the door I look round and she walks around the corner.  She was now following me.  Fuck it I let her into the casa, she got what I like, agree 40 cuc up front and in the casa I enjoy some DFK.  She takes a shower and I get undressed.  She is taking her time in the shower, I look around the door and she is shaving her pussy stubble with one of my razor blades!  Could have told her I like natural and she not need to shave her pussy, not for me.

streetwalker la rampa
la rampa streetwalker

Cant complain, some great BBBJ and a great fuck many positions including finishing in my favorite doggy.  We clean up and leave my casa just as my landlord is coming in.  He just smiles, he knows what I like to do with my time in Havana.   Taking a streetwalker back to your casa in Havana though is not without risks, least of all they now know where you live.

Thieving Bitch

I have a lovely meal over the Havana Libre in the hotel restaurant, shrimps and rice and a few more beers.  Tired now, wont be making it the Sangri La, not tonight.  My needs have been satisfied easy done in Havana.  Back in the casa and the black bitch has stolen my electric shaver when she was in the bathroom.  Fuck these chicas will take anything if you dont lock it down.  Wont be having a shave for a few days now.  Could have been worse.

2 thoughts on “La Rampa Streetwalker Havana”

  1. Ha… That’s rough, stealing your electric shaver. Did they steal the charger too? Electric shaver no good without a charger

    1. No, I not take the charger with me to Havana. My shaver fully charged lasts over a month. So I did think that at the time, no good without the charger
      But Cubans are very resourceful, so no doubt someone somewhere will rig something up to get it working. Its such a personal item, i not dream of locking my dirty old shaver
      What with her shaving off her pubes with my razor as well 🙂
      First thing I did when I got home was order a new shaver, next day delivery, so she cost me a fair amount in the end.

      Things could have been alot worse. One day I return to my casa after a day out, the cleaner had been round and done a good job. Then I noticed I had left the safe door wide open. passport, cash everything
      She not take a thing. At the end, when I leave Havana, she was hoping for a 5 CUC tip but gave her 10 CUC. Need to be more careful.

      Its risky taking street walkers back to your casa.

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