Two black chicas in Havana

The next day in Havana I decide to head back to the beach for the day at Playa De Este.  Just Relax.  Despite the frights yesterday had been a great day mongering in Havana.  A threesome with two black chicas in Centro using only one condom.  Fucking two chicas doggy and not having to change condoms had been a life long dream of mine.  The closest I had come before was with those two latina chicas in Punta Cana Dominican Republic.


On my mongering adventures around the world I have had many threesomes, some very good and some not so good.  Always an annoying factor and interrupt has been the request of the two girls concerned to change condom before changing pussy.  This is not how it happens in my fantasy and the porn movies.


In Havana I had achieved my dream of fucking two chicas doggy and not having to change condom.  It was fantastic and addictive.  I wanted to do it again, its all I wanted to do now, fuck two chicas one condom only.  A future post will list all my threesome around the world.

Playa De Este

Another fine day relaxing on playa de este.  I take my DLSR camera with me this time and try to snap a few photos with a polarising filter.  But let me tell you, sand and cameras do not mix.

playa de este
playa de este
playa de este
playa havana
playa havana
Playa Havana

Until finally I take the coach back to Havana centro.

playa de este coach
coach to havana

Back in Havana I stop off in sloppy Joes.    After Sloppy Joes I walk back through centro towards Vedado, its early evening, the sun is setting and I am not really expecting anything.

Centro Two Black Chicas

So I am walking through centro and two black hookers stop me in my tracks.  They want some business.  At first I am not too interested, but they invite me inside their casa  they are standing directly in front of.  What I not fancy is another long walk through centro trying to find an available casa.  They say come inside just look and talk.  Nothing to say no to, so I take a look inside their casa.

Another Threesome

Inside the casa, the two black hookers want sex, or should I say some cash.  Agree 30 CUC each.  They were both more mature hookers but both slim and friendly.   I am getting better at paying less for some P4P.  In the bathroom they both wash my cock together, I am wishing I had not had any beers now.  But I am well up for fucking another two black chicas doggy over the bed with just one condom!

Sat on the bed in front of me, they both give me a blowjob BBBJ. but the chicas take it in turns.  I ask them to do it together, one of the black chicas is up for anything, the other chica is less complicit.  It occurred to me you need to get agreement up front with the chicas what you want them to do.

I turn them over on the bed and fuck them both doggy again with one just one condom.  After changing pussies a couple of times the more cautious chica wants to clean the condom.  They are not sisters and she maybe not trust where the other chica has been.  After swapping pussy one more time the cautious chica has had enough, the other one is enjoying the session as much as me.  The less cautious chica finishes me off on the bed with her hand and mouth.  When I begin to cum in her mouth she stops wanking.

The good, the bad

So the sex session with these two ebony chicas in centro was both good and bad.  But I do love these threesomes, fucking doggy with just one condom, it really hits the spot.  Eventually I clean up, pay up and leave the casa and make my way back to my own casa in Vedado without any problems.

The threesome had not been as good as the threesome the day before with the two sisters. But threesomes with two chicas in centro and only using one condom was pretty easy to come by, pretty cheap, hits the spot and the stuff of my mongering dreams.

Another Waitress

That evening in Havana I spend some time in the Havana Libre hotel then back over to the charlie Chaplin restaurant EL CARMELO.  Another nice meal and another cute Mulatto chica waitress hanging around me all night.  I could have easily set up a date or met her when she finished worl and taken her back to my casa.  Only problem was language, she not speak a world of English.  And the fact that I felt sexually satisfied and really was in El Carmelo to enjoy the food only.


6 thoughts on “Two black chicas in Havana”

  1. Dude, I will (hopefully) get to Cuba in December and I was wondering:
    1. Ongoing prices for P4P (LT, ST, additional costs, etc.)
    2. How much will lack of Spanish language block me from getting Pussy?
    3. Is the P4P scene more similar to the one on DR or more like LOS/Filipines?
    4. Any further infowill be welcomed 🙂

    1. December in Cuba will be alot better than July, the heat is too oppressive, but not impossible
      Meeting chicas on the streets around Havana like Centro and along the Malecon, the girls will go down to 30 CUC, Some will ask more but most can be had for no more than 50 CUC
      You will pay another 10 CUC for renting a room short time in a nearby casa, if not taking her back to your own private casa – which would cost you min 5 CUC taxi.

      If you take girls out of the nightclubs your not going to get them as low as 30 CUC. More like 60-70 CUC. Again you will pay 10 CUC each way for a taxi, depending on your negotiation skills
      If you meet a real stunner she may demand a 100 CUC and not budge. They are your general prices for P4P in Havana

      You will do alot better with speaking Spanish, but you will still do well without it. It was frustrating sometimes not being able to speak fluent spanish. But you will get by. Dont let that put you off. learn what you can before your trip and during. It all helps and download the Spanish language module on google translate to your phone. Dont need to connect to internet for this. Cant use internet outside of WiFi zones in hotels which can set you back 10 CUC an hour.

      Yes there are similarities with the P4P scene in Dominican and other latin american countries. Havana not so spoilt, not yet, you will have some great experiences and some not so good. I would say its different to LOS and PI and Asia in general. In what ways? of course less of a bar and gogo scene. less in your face.

      Just go and experience mongering in Havana while you still can, its a safe country, but not necessarily work out that cheap. IMHO the food is pretty terrible with a few exceptions.

  2. Thanks for the detailed info, man.
    Right now I’m struggling with the fact that my WIFE wants to join me on my trip to Cuba so i first have to convince her NOT to….. 🙂

  3. So would I…
    Even though, while in Thailand 2 years ago, with the wife, I managed to “sneak out” for a ST with a bar girl and later a second round with her and a friend of her…

    1. Yes thats quite common by all accounts. I think many prostitutes around the world would be out of business if not for married men.
      Alot of hubbys go on holiday with the wife and partake in some P4P secretly, rampant in Dominican and Kenya etc
      I remember reading about a guy going to the Dominican with his fiancee to get married and posting on the international sex guide where he could find some local girls and brothels 🙂
      Some even take a bargirl with their wife having a threesome, spice up the sex life

      If you know you can break away from the wife for a few hours here and there then you wont have a problem finding a chica. Especially around the centro area in Havana. Most tourists do not venture into centro
      so shack up in the old town, which will keep your wife occupied and then take a wander into centro especially late afternoon and early evening when the streetwalkers are out in force
      If you can get away late at night like after 11pm then try Casa De Musica in centro, plenty of young enthusiastic chicas in Casa De Musica, 10 CUC entry most girls will go for 60 CUC
      Have fun

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