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Hey guys, I was on last week checking things out and was shocked to see a link to my blog  Nomad Philippines. Nomad Philippines hasn’t been up and running that long and I was very appreciative for the shout out so thought I should write something up for MongerPlanet.

I think most mongers know that the Philippines is a good spot for what we are after – some Filipino pussy. The prices are cheap, the Filipino girls are very sweet and speak great English.  All in all it is a very good place for a mongering vacation, and also a great place to live.

Mongering Vacation Angeles

I am assuming most of the guys on this board are most interested in a mongering vacation and not moving over so I will start here. If you want to take a mongering vacation in the Philippines then Angeles City is DEFINITELY the place you want to go.

Filipino girl Angeles
Angeles pro

Sure in a country like the Philippines you will be able to find ‘working’ girls available anywhere. But if it is Filipino girls that you are after then why not spend your time in Angeles which is a city that is set up specifically for sex tourism and what you are after?

In Angeles there are thousands of girls and hundreds of bars all in one tiny area. You can walk the entire area that a tourist will go to in 45 minutes. You can take trikes for a dollar or two. There are lots of good cheap western restaurants all in that area.

naked filipino girl
Manila girls

Sure, Manila has some mongering also. But Manila also is the most densely populated city in the world.  Do you really want to spend 10% of your vacation sitting in traffic? Manila is really overpriced when it comes to mongering. You will get basically the same caliber of girls in Angeles for half the costs.

Angeles is the easiest place to monger in the Philippines and also very cheap. If I were on a 2 week vacation I would spend the whole time in Angeles.

Filipino girl fucked
Filipino girls

If I were on a longer vacation in the Philippines then I may consider heading to a beach like Boracay or Bohol that have limited but OK mongering options. Or Palawan which has no mongering but I am sure you could find a girl in Angeles that would love to take a trip to Palawan with you.

Regular Pinays

This is where I think the real value of the Philippines is. I can’t imagine there is an easier country in the world to get laid in.  I am a 30ish year old average looking (at best) guy who has no clothes that cost more than $15.

My shoes are $13 fake Adidas, I never dress up and I don’t take any pride in my appearance. Yet I can walk up to any girl in this country and most of them will be happy to talk with me.

All you have to do is be a kind, friendly, happy, smiling person and the Filipino girls will warm up to you in no time.  Once they are comfortable with you it is a very easy game. The great part is you don’t even need to lead them on with being their boyfriend or thoughts of you being their husband.

Every time I meet a  Filipino girl one of the first things I tell them is that I am just looking for friends and nothing serious. Then we hang out at my apartment to watch a movie. I crack some corny jokes and keep the mood light and we cuddle on the couch.

dating filipino girls
on the bed

Thirty minutes into the movie I go in for a kiss and the vast majority of the time we have moved into the bed soon after. Sometimes I can’t even believe it works. Me and the Filipino girl on the first date may have no chemistry and things are going bad. I go in for some awkward out of nowhere kiss that I feel has no chance of working (but might as well try) and to my surprise instead of getting slapped I am getting kissed back.

Cebu and Manila are definitely the two best cities for meeting regular Filipino girls. If you are in Angeles stick with the pros, I have lived in Angeles city for a year and a half and only hooked up with a handful of non pro Filipino girls.  In Cebu I have been with 100+ Filipino girls. You can meet these girls anywhere.

Online dating is a great option in the Philippines. There are lots of sites and you can easily find a date any night of the week. However online girls are rarely as hot as you are thinking they will be so check them out on Facebook or Skype first.

Shopping malls

I find it better to meet Filipino girls in person, but since I am not a disco/clubbing fist pumper I do things differently. The Shopping malls are the best place (women be shopping) and you can pretty much approach any woman at a mall as long as you are smiling and respectful.

But some of these Filipino girls are really shy, maybe they have never even talked with a foreigner before. I am also a bit on the shy side, or at least I don’t want to be seen approaching Filipino girls and chatting them up all the time at the same malls.

Different Approach

Because of that I use a different tactic which I had read about on a different site. I just write my number on a piece of paper and quickly approach a cute Filipino girl when there are as few people around as possible.  I tell her that I saw her earlier and she was very cute so I made this for her. About 80% of these cute Filipino girls will take the paper, and about 1/3 of the ones you approach will text you. From there just be a kind friendly text-mate and eventually start inviting her out.

regular filipino girls
Dating Filipino girls

Actually I just invite these Filipino girls directly to my apartment for dinner and a movie. This works on roughly 3% of them.  If I was less lazy and would take them out on dates I could probably bag a higher percent.  Instead I take the easy way, but I also litter the malls with pieces of paper that have my number on them. I have easily handed out over a thousand over the last year.

Of course malls aren’t the only spot, just about anywhere you see a pretty girl should be fine. I just try to have as few people see the hand off approach as possible to make things less awkward on her (and me.) If she feels a lot of eyes on her she may not be as receptive.

Filipino street girls
Street girls

The only place I would really advise against doing it is on the street because  Filipino girls on the street are more on their guard about being approached by a stranger. If the girl is hot enough I will still do it, but a street approach in the Philippines is definitely a lot less efficient.

Professional V Uneducated Girls

Another thing I have noticed which goes against common logic is that you will have more success approaching professional women (not hookers, like women with good jobs) then you will by approaching ‘uneducated’ girls.

pro pinay girl
Professional girls

Many people would assume that you will mostly be hooking up with the poor uneducated Filipino girls but that is not the case. If I go to a poorer area of the city the girls rarely text me after I give them my number and if they do its even rarer that they later hang out with me. These uneducated filipino girls are timid and meek and dream about meeting a foreigner but don’t have the ambition to go through with it. On the other hand the professional Filipino women take what they want, and in this case that’s some foreign dick.

Call Center girls

Call center workers are definitely the #1 demographic (outside of the other pros hehe) that I have hooked up with in the Philippines. I definitely try to focus my time on the prowl in the more upscale areas, though will hit up some poorer areas just for a change of pace from time to time.

Cebu City

Cebu might just be my favorite city in the world. It is a fantastic place to live. On the other hand it is a pretty terrible place for a vacation. My first time in Cebu I absolutely hated the place.

Everything went wrong for my first two weeks in Cebu. Then I met probably the best Filipino girl I have ever been with and had two great nights with her. I left Cebu thinking I would never go back, but then I decided to text her and ask if she would hang out with me if I returned to Cebu.

naked filipino
Filipino teen

She said yes and I lived there for the next 6 months. Living there is totally different than vacationing there. When you live in a Filipino city like Cebu you have the time to build up contacts. When I hand a girl my number in Cebu it rarely ends up with me fucking her in a week.

It takes time for them to trust me enough to come to my apartment. So the longer you are in Cebu the better it gets. I have even been with some girls 3-6 months after initially meeting them. Never saw them again during that down time. Then one day they wanna hang out.

Cebu Mongering

Mongering isn’t very good in Cebu. Sure there are plenty of options but sadly the hottest freelancers at Mango Square have been spoiled by Korean students who live there to learn English.

These Korean students pay the  Filipino girls quite a bit, and many of the hot ones won’t even want to be seen talking to a white guy in front of them. There are some girly bars in Cebu but they are more expensive than Angeles. Then there are some cheaper freelancers down on Colon but generally they won’t be lookers.

filipino girls threesome

Cebu really isn’t a good spot for Filipino hookers. You will surely get laid, but it will be much easier and cheaper in Angeles. And since there really isn’t much touristy stuff to do in Cebu (or anywhere in the Philippines for that matter) I wouldn’t waste time on a vacation in Cebu.


The Philippines is a great place to be with a lot of cute available Filipino girls. Whether you want to pay them P4P or put in a little effort to get freebies dating them you will get what you want.

If all you want is a short easy Filipino pussy vacation then Angeles is the spot. If you want to find a real Filipino girlfriend or play the freebie field then Cebu or Manila are the best options. The smaller cities will not have as many slutty Filipino girls sadly.

By Dante – Nomad Philippines

4 thoughts on “Nomad Philippines Filipino Girls Guide”

  1. Hi everyone !
    I’ve been many time to Thailand and really enjoy myself in pattaya. Had pretty good time in Bangkok too and much less fun for me in Phuket for my part. Mostly for prices of girls bar fines and alcohol lack of gogo bars etc… Pattaya is the best for me bar fine in à gogo is never cheap anyway but countless of option there…
    I really would try Angeles City I’m thinking every times about it. I’m only afraid to be disappointed comparate to pattaya mostly for quality of girls And quality of gogo bars. I love gogo bars. Seat my ass down on a bench and drink my beer watching girls thinking about witch one I would like to take to my room… that’s an unbeatable feeling.
    In Thailand I had pretty good times with hot girls in gogo. Windmill in pattaya is awesome I think. Awesome girls in LK metro too. I love gogo bars. I also don’t have any words to describe soi 6… Anyway…
    My questions are will i be really disappointed you think?
    Can we have this same feeling in Angeles ?
    For you Is it worth to go there instead of Pattaya ? Philippines is more far for me cause I’m from France.
    I love this website thanks for all these mongering stories. Well done! Really interesting blog!

    1. The only thing to do in Angeles is drink and go on a gogo crawl. On that basis, you will love it. Many prefer Angeles to Pattaya. So yes you definately should give Angeles a try. Its smaller more concentrated, no beach and Filipino girls rather than Thai.

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