Havana Malecon Photo Shoot

Spent the next day in Havana just relaxing by the pool at the hotel Nacional.  My bad guts were getting better and they serve good food at the hotel Nacional.  Later that afternoon I take a taxi collective back to Casa De La Musica in Centro.

Havana Centro Prowl

Walk around centro a few blocks within the vicinity of Casa De La Musica, got an eye out for those two black MILFs that approached me the day before, really would like to try my luck having a threesome now, but no luck cant find those mature ebony streetwalkers with the huge tits and not much else on offer.  Its all about being in the right place at the right time, the  girls are there around Centro around this time, late afternoon, early evening.

centro havana
centro prowl

I head round to the Inglaterra and stop off for a sandwich.  Nice food in the Inglaterra too, western if you want to avoid Castro Gastro.  A few hardcore hookers around the Inglaterra and one tourist sitting with two really cute Cuban latina girls, but looked underage.

Obispo bar crawl

Then walk across the road, pass central park into the old town and walk down Obispo, many tourists and not feel cool.  Take a look inside the El Floridita bar, this place is really packed out with tourists all times of the day and night, no where to sit so split.

Stop off for a few beers here and there, the last one being in Sloppy Joes.  Obispo and San Rafael have the highest concentration of Jineteros on the lookout for gullible tourists.  Sometimes a jinetero can prove useful for language translation.  Sometimes they will be able to set you up with chicas for a small transaction fee like 5 to 10 CUC.  Tell them the type of chicas you like and they may be able to make a few calls.

From the old town I back through centro and bump into the Mulatto girl I met the first night in Havana.  She is sat outside with her family and cousin and not very happy I not keep in contact with her.   The Mulatto girl looks really cute and smiles when I stroke her face.   Her cousin tells me I am crazy and I decide to split, hell have no fury like a womans scorn.

Malecon Walk

I walk back along the Malecon, some of the same girls wanting some business.  Again one or two a bit put out I had not called them on the phone.  Them having given me their phone numbers.

Havana Malecon

You can see how popular it is with Havanans to sit out on the Malecon wall late at night and take some relief from the heat and humidity of mid July in Havana.

El Morro, Sunrise

The next morning I force myself out of bed in the early morning, its still dark outside.  I want to try and catch some sunrise photos from the lighthouse or El Morro overlooking the bay and the Malecon with the sun rising behind me.  I take a taxi to El Morro from the outside the Habana Libre hotel.  I made the mistake of not agreeing the fare beforehand and had to hand over 15 CUC when arrived, should have been 10 CUC at most.

havana sunrise`
sunrise havana

A spectacular sunrise over Havana and the Malecon from El Morro, worth getting up for.  After sunrise I walk back along the fortress wall, plan is rather than taking a taxi head back down to Casablanca and take the ferry back to Havana old town.

Havana ferry
Havana Ferries

The photo shoot could have been better, need a more steady, larger tripod when in low light.  And next time take some water.  I could not buy any in Casablanca, it was very hot by now.  Make my way to Inglaterra and buy some water there and have a cooked breakfast.

El Morro Sunset

The views from El Morro were so good decide to return to this position for an evening and sunset photo shoot.  Taxi this time outside Habana Libre is 10 CUC.  Drops me off and this time can actually go into the light house itself, which is kind of a museum.  Unfortunately could not go up the lighthouse itself as was closed for the next 10 days for repairs.  Looks like I chose the wrong day to come and go up the lighthouse.  Better vantage points for taking photos inside El Morro.

Havana Sunset
Malecon sunset

Yes, I am getting better with Adobe Lightroom and shooting in RAW format.  You are suppose to leave El Morro at 7pm, I was still there at 9pm well after the sun had gone down.  I couldnt get out.  The guy working the lighthouse told me to just push the main door, which I did, phew, for a moment though I might be sleeping in El Morro grounds until they opened up in the morning, such is my devotion to the hobby.

Waitress, She love me not

Manage to get a taxi back to centro from El Morro for 10 CUC and then walk back along the Malecon I had just photographed.  I stop off in the restaurant where my latina waitress works.  The latina waitress is working again and wants another fuck.  I am feeling fine though and just want a couple of beers, so tell her not tonight.  She then proceeds to overcharge me by 2.5 CUC and I complain.  She tells me to just shut up and pay up!  I thought she loved me?  I threaten to call over the police.  I just pay up and leave, wont be fucking that latina waitress anymore.

I finish off the night with some pizza in the Habana Libre cafe with a mature latina sat beside me chatting me up.

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