Havana Casa De La Musica

Havana Centro Casa De La Musica Chica

The plan for today in Havana is to return to Playa De Este and spend the day their relaxing on the beach and in the warm sea.  Tonight I wanted to hit the nightclub Casa De La Musica in Centro and try my luck with some chicas there.  Casa De La Musica in Centro was alot closer than all the other nightclubs in Havana.

Casa De La Musica Options

Casa De La Musica came recommended by my casa landlord in Vedado.  Casa De La Musica open in the afternoon too from 4pm, but mostly a younger crowd go at this time, under eighteens I guess, but not exclusively it is a daytime option.

Casa De La Musica
Casa De Musica

At night Casa De La Musica not open until 11pm so would need to conserve some energy  during the day.  Some reports suggest you only need to stand outside Casa De La Musica when its busy and pick a chica right out of the queue to get in.  There was another Casa De La Musica in Havana, in Miramar, which I might also try one night.

Playa De Este Return

I take the coach from central park to Playa De Este and spend the day by the beach.  It would be more comfortable on Playa De Este if they provided cushion covers for the loungers on the beach, it can get a little uncomfortable on your bum.

havana Cuba
Playa De Este

This is the advantage with a lounger at the hotel swimming pools in Havana like the Nacional.  I like my creature comforts.  Not much happening on Playa De este today with the chicas, no offers.

My guts were still playing up from the dodgy food I had eaten in Obispo and felt weak.  So I was not getting off my ass and going looking for chicas.  Chicas are about though around Playa De Este, the police are there to protect the tourists staying at Tropicano. Playa De Este is a lovely beach to relax by during the day and a nice break from hanging around on the streets of Havana.

Inglaterra Entertainment

Take the coach back to Havana and have a sandwich and a few beers in the terrace of the Inglaterra hotel.  There are often bands and nice looking Cuban girls dancing around the Inglaterra during the day.  For the tourists entertainment and a few CUCs when someone comes round with a collections box.

One band often plays after another and if you sit in the same place long enough you will be making multiple contributions to their funds, a financial leak if your not careful.  Just say no. You either love Cuban music or hate it.

Centro Hookers, Threesome

After enjoying the late afternoon entertainment in and around the Inglaterra hotel I walk back through centro around the area of Casa De La Musica along Galiano.  I would say a few blocks in and around Casa De La Musica anytime after 5pm is prime time for meeting the Centro streetwalkers.

Havana Streetwalkers
Centro streetwalkers

Two mature black streetwalkers( not the ones in the pic 🙂 ) approached me just down from Casa De La Musica along Galiano. They both were not bad looking, with massive black firm tits.  The black MILFS wanted a threesome and would take me to a casa nearby.

Threesome fantasies

I was umming and ahing and could not make a decision.  But it looked like they would be dirty black sluts for me.  The black milfs started at 50 CUC each, dropped to 40 CUC, but were pretty disgusted at the idea of 30 CUC.  I was horny but let them go, I guess I wanted to look around more.  Later I change my mind but could then not find those mature ebonies with big tits again.  I really wanted a threesome, I got a fantasy about fucking two black girls doggy and only one condom, not keep changing.  Another fantasy is a mother and daughter or mature and teen or two sisters doing much the same.  In Havana if I pushed it a little I am sure this could be arranged.  Eventually I leave Centro with my balls still full, I walk back to my Casa in Vedado and rest.

Malecon Waitress Repeat

Later I shower and change and take a walk down Calle 23 and onto the Malecon.  My Latina waitress is doing the evening shift and she is looking good, so stop and sit down for a beer.  She asks me again if I want to fuck her and yes I do.  Again she finishes her shift at 8pm so only have to wait a few minutes.  She cant get the same Casa around the corner but another one opposite the same road.  The guy wants 20 CUC but the going rate to rent a casa for sex in Havana with a chica is 10 CUC.  He accepts my money and we go into the bedroom. Not as good as the other casa, no en suite bathroom.

I fuck the latina waitress doggy again intensely, her Latina booty is really something to behold and leave my palm and figure prints on her big firm brown buttocks.  Another good fuck, but not as good as the first fuck, is it ever as good as the first time?  All the same I felt relieved and the pressure was off to get laid.  I could enjoy the evening more and just observe the chicas available in Casa De La Musica later tonight.  I have to walk through the kitchen naked with a condom still on my cock to get to the bathroom, the guy tells me not to worry he seen it all before 🙂

Malecon to Inglaterra

I walk all the way down the Malecon enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean and stopping for a beer here and there.  There is a nice bar called the Ali bar at the corner of the Malecon and Paseo De Marti that leads back up to the Inglaterra and central park. I stop there for a while and enjoy the cool breeze blowing up.

Inglaterra hotel
Havana Inglaterra

I walk back up to the Inglaterra hotel and its pretty quiet tonight, not approached by any nice looking streetwalkers this late.  There is always a couple of pro freelancers sat in the terrace of the Inglaterra, trying their luck with the tourists.  The Inglaterra security staff will set you up with chicas if you actually book a room in the Inglaterra.

Casa De La Musica Chicas

I leave the Inglaterra again and head down San Rafael toward Galiano and Casa De La Musica.  Shame that bar with Jennifer Lopez is still not in the same place along San Rafael,  that was the best blowjob ever, it would be hard to get a blowjob like that again in Havana.

Havana Casa De La Musica
Centro La Musica

There is quite a long queue to get into Casa De La Musica when it opens just after 11pm.  A few cute chicas in the queue too, wanting my attention. I could jump the queue for 5 CUC which I did and then it was a 10 CUC entrance fee into Casa De La Musica.

centro havana cuba
Inside Casa De La Musica

Lot of people inside Casa De La Musica and almost immediately chicas were latching onto me, young chicas 18 – 24 age range, mostly latina with some Mulatto and ebony girls too.  Spoilt for choice with some ethnic variety, which is what a monger likes.  As with most nightclubs in Havana, the music is a mixture of Cuban, latin and western with some live entertainment and shows thrown in.

Blonde Latina Chica

A cute blonde latina sits with me and I like her, she not speak English but she had good attitude all the same.  She wanted a 100 CUC but then dropped to 70 CUC for long time, or Tudos La Noche.  As I had already cum, thought it would be a nice idea to cuddle up with her in the night and give her a good fucking in the morning.  I wanted to see her naked in my casa and explore her cute body.  She had beautiful big brown sparkling eyes.

Havana Latina chica
Blonde Latina chica

Decide to take her.  All the chicas have their own private taxi driver and she calls him on her mobile and we head outside.  Her driver is waiting and we jump into the taxi.  He not speak much English either and having problems directing him to my casa in Vedado.  Next thing the latina chica hits the deck as a police car pulls up beside us.  While she down there, she grabs my crutch and plays with my cock through my jeans, I am hard again, she more trying to reassure me with the police presence.  Nothing comes of it and the police drive off.  Eventually we find my casa and we make our way to my bedroom.  Where all the action happens.

Casa De La Musica Latina
Latina in my Casa

Lovely girl, aged 24, DFK real girlfriend and porn star experience all in one.  I could not cum though.  Too much beer and emptied my load only a few hours earlier with the latina waitress.

Face sitting

One disappointment was this blonde latina tits.  In Casa De La Musica and behind her dress looked like she had a nice size rack, but it was all a padded bra.  Lovely little tight perfectly formed shaved pussy though.  She sat on my face and I just looked up and this beautiful creature wriggling up and down on my face.  These girls like you to cum and through google translate had to explain why not.  She accepted the explanation.  I let her go early, not before adding another phone number to my growing collection.  It was just too hot to cuddle up and I was ready for my beauty sleep. A good day and night out mongering in Havana.  I would very likely return to Casa De La Musica another night in Havana.

10 thoughts on “Havana Centro Casa De La Musica Chica”

  1. Quite an impressive selection of Chicas so far. Already now after reading each report you have sold Havana to me a dozen times over.
    If you ever went back though, would you consider staying in any of the hotels you have seen or probably visited during your stay even if taking guests back there would be a problem. I ask this question as you have still paid for short time rooms even with that waitress on the seafront who looking at the map was quite close to your casa.
    I personally always put security first and do like my hotel-home comforts if the location and price is right.
    Hopefully not too long now after Christmas and thanks for the helpful info on Aeromexico.

    1. Matt, glad I am selling Havana to you, a must do mongering destination if not been before and before it starts to change, although on that latter point the jury is still out.
      I also prefer hotels over apartments, usually more comfortable and secure, there is a problem in Havana with taking guests to your room. I really wanted to stay at the hotel deauville it looked perfect, great location, swimming pool even chica friendly, on the Malecon between centro and old town. But the reviews on trip advisor are horrendous, coach roaches in the beds etc, so I passed and decided to go down the casa route
      Other hotels in the area I would recommend are Capri right next door to Salon Rojo, near the malecon and La Rumpa Calle 23. And of course Havana Libre, stayed here before rooms were very nice

      Along the Malecon and centro yes the girls will take you to a casa nearby for 10 CUC, more or less. Some were good some not so good. Although near to my casa, you would still need a taxi to take them back to your casa so wont make alot of difference. If I returned to Havana, I think I would go for the Capri, if price was right, if good reviews come in for Deauville, this would be ideal. I would not stay at same apartment. I did take about 4 girls back to my casa, usually late from the clubs, but they could have taken you to a casa as well but would probably still use their taxi driver too. It all adds up.

  2. Hello, I am French and I used of Asia down no problems to bring the girls to the hotel or apartment, I had an accident, I am slightly disabled, I walk with a crutch but nothing more, I have 2/3 questions, if you allow first think you that my State can pose problems? Then if I understand one cannot walk, go to the restaurant to the beach etc… with a girl Cuban the other hand or is best to bring back the girls for night hotel or apartment, I was told that for the day contrary to the night, there no need to save the girls at the apartment, good excuses there quit the length of my post.

    Sincerely, J P

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment ERHARD but you had gone into the spam folder and I rarely check it as it usually is all spam. I think its just because of your broken English.
      Yes generally locals cannot befriend tourists in the streets, although this not stop jineteros approaching you, but the police are hot on the girls, i guess they get a kickback by letting you go.
      It seems more severe in the night than the day. like the first girl i met, she walked to the bar with me to get some beers, but at night she would not come with me.
      Most hotels in Cuba are not girl friendly so apartments or casa particular is the way to go, especially if you like going to nightclubs and so will taking girls out late at night early in the morning
      But for day action and short time any nice chicas you meet on the street in Havana she will know of a casa particular to take you to, although sometimes they have to knock around 2 or 3 before you are let in
      so not ideal, cuba has it problems when mongering, but the rewards can be great

    2. Bonjour et merci

      je pars le 10/10 à la havane 2 jours hotel Lido mauvais commentaires mais peut être les filles peuvent entrer aprés 3 jours Atlantico plage de l’est puis retour Casa Velado près de la Clle 23 et le reste du séjour 10 jours ou j’aurais étais le mieux mais tu m’as pas répondus pour les filles le jour dans la casa pas besoin de s’enregistrer ? On verra sinon je repartirais aux Pilippines, je les aie connu il y a 35 ans, il n’y avait pas encore l’aéroport international à Manille.

      Salut et encore merci

      Jean Paul

        1. Sorry for the language

          Hello and thank you

          I’m leaving on 10/10 at Havana Hotel Lido 2 days Comments bad But maybe the girls can come after three days Atlantico beach hotel is then a return to Casa Velado near 23 Street and the rest of the stay 10 days or I would have been the better But you answered no to the girls the day in the casa no need to register? I do not like shots quickly, I prefer to find a nice girl and stay with her for several days which area is best pouver these girls we will see if I thus apportion the Pilippines, I’ve known there 35 years, N ‘Had it not the international airport in Manila.

          .Salut and thank you

          1. Most hotels in Havana are not girl friendly hence why most mongers go down the apartment route. But the access to some apartments are through the owners premise or have security so you have to register guests. Not ALL casas are girl friendly! Best to find casa where you have private access and your own key. As you are in hotel for a few days you can just ask around and view some casas, if not happy with what you got. In my experience most girls were only interested in doing short time. But if you goto nightclubs then you may be able to arrange something. Again the girls cant really be seen hanging out with tourists.

            1. .it’s Complicated, there is not even outside Havana a place where you can be more relaxed with the girls or another city, I read on a forum as Atlantico and Tropicoco hotels, girls could enter the hotel and pool, you know if it’s true?


              1. Yes Cuba and Havana is complicated when it comes to P4P with the chicas. Tropicana is at Playa este and there were police on the beach. Alls I know is some police are relaxed about the situation and know some of the girls. I was on the Malecon with a girl and the police not bother us as she knew them. If you not have guest friendly hotel or not have casa the girls will take you to a casa they know, usually for an extra fee of 10$. Its difficult to say mongers on their first trip to Havana have to put extra effort in to try and find the right casa. Or stay for a few days in a hotel and then make inquiries. Be careful though as the jineteros will scam you if they can. Its complicated! but the sex with cuban girls is great and pretty cheap so worth the hassle IMHO. In time I am sure the situation will improve along with the living standards of Cubans. Sorry cant be of more help, Havana is not Manila

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