Hershey Railway Havana to Matanzas

Was falling into a routine based in my casa in Vedado Havana.  First port of call was the Habana Libre hotel for some breakfast and to get onto the internet.  Then waving down a taxi collective on La Rampa for 20 pesos and being dropped off around the central park area.  I was becoming a local.  Today to fill some time and do some different tourist stuff was going to take a ferry across to Casablanca and then take a trip on the Hershey Railway.

Ferry to Casablanca

I walk down through the old town of Havana towards the ferry dock which is opposite the Russian Orthodox church.  Find the docks easy enough and not have to wait long for a ferry across Havana port to Casablanca.

Havana ferry
Havana docks

There are two ferries that leave every 40 minutes or so from Havana, one to Casablanca where you can then catch the Hershey railway and the other ferry that takes you to Regla.  Its 20 pesos for the trip across Havana port to Casablanca or Regla,  most just hand over 1 CUC.  Security will check your bags if you have any.   The ferry trip takes around 10 to 15 minutes and you just stand with many Cuban locals.

Hershey Railway

Arriving at Casablanca from the ferry and the Casablanca station for the Hershey Railway is immediately to your left.  I decide I will travel as far as Hershey and not go all the way to Matanzas.

Hershey Railway Casablanca
Casablanca Station

The cost for a return ticket to Hershey was 1.40 CUC.  I had to wait quite a while for the train to leave along with a few Cubans and Dutch tourists.  There are no bars or restaurants in Casablanca, just a shop selling some drinks and snacks.  You need to take some water with you if you decide to take the Hershey railway.  The train was old, the seats hard wood.   Eventually the train leaves and is slow and rickety.  Would be an experience though, get to see some real Cuban countryside.  And you never know with these little excursions a Cuban cutie may make herself available to me.

Mongering Matanzas 2006

The train travels all the way to Matanzas stopping off at Hershey. Many tourists take a break from Havana and spend a night or two in Matanzas.  I have spent a night mongering in Matanzas before when I took my first trip to Cuba in 2006 with a friend and family.

Our options for some pussy in Varadero were running out and we had a great night in Havana and wanted to return.  We took a taxi from Varadero to Havana but stopping off in Matanzas along to way just to check it out.  At the time I had read some encouraging sex guide reports on Matanzas.

Jinetero Promise

Our taxi dropped us off in the main square in Matanzas and we sat down in a bar opposite with some cans of beers.  A jinetero joined us and promised us as much pussy as we wanted in Matanzas but later in the discos.  That many of the girls were models.  I had my doubts but my friend wanted to give it a spin. The Jineteros play the simple trick of telling you what you want to hear, what you want to believe.

We cancelled Havana and stayed put in Matanzas.  With the help of the jinetero we found a girl friendly casa particular nearby for 25 CUC and then sat in the bar for a couple of hours buying the jinetero beers and I was getting very bored.

amateur latina
latina teen

Finally the time came to hit the disco. Very few chicas available, my friend did find a nice slim latina who was up for some anal.  And I found an acceptable latina teen of 18 years old.  We took them back to the casa and I had a mediocre sex session, my chica smelt.

We not stay the night in Matanzas we took a taxi back to Varadero in the early hours of the morning.  The jinetero would have been hoping for a payout in the morning, at least we had the last laugh with the jineteros.  The jinetero promise of the chicas available for some P4P in Matanzas fell grossly short.


Back to the present and on the Hershey railway and sitting on the train with its snail pace journey to Matanzas.  The train is hot and uncomfortable, my ass is getting sore sitting on the hard wooden seats.  The train is very slow and stops here and there at platforms which are not more than concrete slabs.  Its not long and the train is full with people standing, I may have to give up my seat to the elderly.  I am not enjoying my experience on the Hershey Railway and looking forward to getting off.  What was I thinking?

hershey railway view
Cuban countryside

The Cuban countryside as seen from travelling along the Hershey railway on the train is not much to write home about.   Finally we arrive at Hershey and I can get off the train.

hershey railway
Hershey station

Hershey was near a coastal town called Santa Cruz Del Norte.  It was suppose to be about 1 KM away, the plan was to walk down to Santa Cruz Del Norte and spend the remainder of the day there.  From the real Havana guide I would be the only white man in Santa Cruz, maybe a Cuban cutie would not be able to resist my exotic charms and I would find my very own cheap pussy paradise.  My first attempt to step off the beaten track and maybe experience something new and unexpected.  Fluent Spanish would be advantageous in such diversions.

I start to walk down the road towards Santa Cruz Del Norte, its very very hot and the coastal town looks further than 1 KM.  The sun is beating hard on me and decide to give it a miss.  A train is coming from Matanzas in one hour and returning to Havana.  I have had enough of this adventure and want to return to Havana.

Hershey Cuba
Hershey Chicas

There is a small town next to Hershey and a few chicas walking about, but they not give me any special attention, I guess they are used to wandering tourists around here, waiting for the last train home.  I wander back to the Hershey railway station find a shady spot and lay down and fall into a deep sleep.  I felt comfortable and totally safe, it felt like the only thing to do.   Like I was some old wandering tramp without a care in the world.

Hershey back to Havana

Eventually the train from Matanzas to Havana arrives at Hershey and I climb aboard dazed from my deep slumber.  About 20 minutes into the journey back to Havana there is an electrical storm and the train stops for about an hour until the storm has passed.  So boring and frustrating not knowing when the train will resume its journey, if ever?

Hershey railway
Cuban thunderstorm

I try to snap some pictures of the lightning over the Cuban countryside to amuse myself but am not quick enough, need some filters a long exposure and a tripod.   Its important to note if you take the Hershey railway that cancellations can occur at short notice maybe the train not coming until the next day.  There is a small hotel at Hershey so be warned.  Eventually the train starts again and we make our way back to Casablanca.  I shall probably never travel on the Hershey railway again in my lifetime but will probably never forget my day on the Hershey railway either, remembering the excursion for the wrong reasons.

Old town to Centro

At Casablanca not have to wait long for the ferry back to Havana.  I have not eaten all day and am starving.  Decide to stop off at a busy looking restaurant in Havana old town just off of Obispo.  Again the food was not good and expensive. The waiter thought he was doing me a real service.  My Havana food poisoning was probably about to get alot worse again.

I am sure there are some good restaurants around Havana old town and Obispo but I was not finding them.

I take a Bici-taxi to outside Case De Musica and will walk back through Centro to Vededo. Centro was becoming my favorite hunting ground from some Havana pussy.  Not many cute chicas about this evening though in Centro.   Just some black hardcore hookers.  Not my best day mongering in and around Havana. I walk back to my casa in Vedado, shower then fall asleep. I am very tired and not make it back out that night. Need to plan my time better in Havana, considering the heat, the money and the use of taxis to conserve energy.

5 thoughts on “Hershey Railway Havana to Matanzas”

  1. I am still doing resarch and looking forward to the next report.
    To get right inside of Havana’s fascinating city from a ‘thinking tourists’ point of view, found several excellent Video blogs in six parts with good picture quality on You Tube (Cuba VLOG 1-6), with VLOG 7 visiting a beautiful beach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIis15pnORA

    Cost of flights could still be a problem. I am quite a large 6ft plus and looking for a bit of extra leg room in the aircraft. My question is how were the seats in economy on AeroMexico?? Can you pay extra for a bit more leg room?

    1. Mathew on the flight out from London Heathrow I asked for a exit seat and the girl seemed new and told me I had to pay an extra £40 which I coughed up too
      On the flight back from Mexico I asked the same question, they had one and not have to pay extra? I am tall also and need the extra legroom for longhaul flights
      Being tall they are sympathetic, short people I guess dont ask or ask and dont get. I almost always get an exit seat on long haul flights and this was the first time I had to pay. Usually need to get to checkin a good 2 hours early, better 3 hours to reserve. The cool season is coming to Cuba, November to February, much better time to go, July is just too hot. I am researching Madagascar and Cartagenia in Colombia, a chance though might just return to Asia. Hoping to get away again with the next two months.

      Still got quite a few more stories to come from Havana. I think this hershey railway trip was a turning point 🙂

  2. Yes, Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo would be an adventure in itself but unfortunately like most far away places off the beaten track the airfares seem very expensive with only 3 major airlines flying in.
    Just had a look at the beautiful city and beautiful girls 😉 of Cartagenia and the airfares there seem quite reasonable, plus, there is even the option of connecting flights to Havana.

    1. Yes currently looking at around £800 to Antananarivo with Kenyan airways. Its only a 1 off, likely stay for a month and make my way to Nosey Be. May be worth pay a few 100 more for the flight if its got everything i want. The girls etc are alot cheaper so make the difference up in other ways.

  3. Hershey Railway! LOL. I was sure that this report was about your first anal experience in Havana.

    I am loving your reports and pics. even when you don’t get laid. Thanks so much. I will be in Havana for my first trip next month and these reports are gold.

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