Mongering in the USA

I will give you some tips to a better and safer mongering adventure in the USA. Let’s remember that prostitution in 99.9 parts of the USA is illegal, the remaining 0.01 are some rural counties in the State of Nevada where prostitution is legal.

Street Solicitation

Let’s start with street solicitation which I have never done, but I would not recommend anybody to do so.  A friend of mine got busted, and it was just embarrassing.  Let me tell you how it all happened, we saw some black and white street walkers (which is unusual because streetwalkers are usually separated by race, nationality and even ethnicity) and we pulled up to them.

US blonde
Blonde USA girl

We started to chat with the streetwalkers and I told the blonde woman ‘’My friend wants to fuck’’ that simple, well she said she got a room just around the corner (another mistake of ours, most if not all street whores in the USA do not have a fast fuck room) but after few beers, good food and laughs we were too excited and my friend proceeded to go with the flow get some P4P.

I could see him staring at her butt, she was wearing a mini skirt, all of sudden  ‘’POLICE! DON’T MOVE FREEZE!  about five officers arrested him. The whore was a decoy and disappeared like nothing has happened, onto another dumb pray. This could happen to any of us  in a country with strict rules against prostitution. Many streetwalkers in the US have a pimp, so watch out with that, you might drive down to an alley and while you two are doing business, the PIMP comes with a gun and fuck knows what could happen.

pretty USA blonde
Blonde US girl

So in case you would like to take the risk, take the whore to a hotel; not hostel or motel, HOTEL  and make sure you tell reception that you DO NOT want any visits. Once she goes to the bathroom to take a shower she might text her PIMP  that she is in room XYZ in XYZ hotel. Never take streetwalkers home, you should know that and have some common sense before making the move.


Internet whores: unless it is a woman referred to you by a good friend or someone you really trust, never take the risk to do incall with internet whores you get off craigslist and backpage, specially if you live at a townhouse. I have taken this risk MANY times, luckily never got caught by no law enforcement.

You do not know who is behind those ads and if the providers are using real pics or the old  the bait and switch… Had a pimp knocking on my door once…You are  lucky if you live in an apartment complex, just don’t give her the right address and look out the window if you see a suspicious car riding around the neighborhood and if there is anyone following it, who most likely is her pimp or someone else to protect her just in case anything goes wrong.

Even better if you are at a hotel, you could just wait right in front of the hotel building having a coffee or just chilling around and when you see someone who looks like the one who could be your call-girl dial her  number and see if she picks up. Many whores also prefer to provide services at the hotels because they feel more secure because in case something happens the Hotel has ALL your info. Remember what I told you before, once you get in your hotel with your backpage/craigslist whore, tell reception you do not want visits from ANYONE.

To give you a heads up, police usually uses white women (in their late 20s mid 30s) as decoy, many times blonde, but also with another hair color. Thus most women I got coming to my house were black american, I got some white girls and latinas, perhaps 2 or 3.  This is a whore I got to fuck in my house a couple of times.

US whores
Afro US whore

The whores on websites like  P411, TER ( and perhaps are the best. My favorite is TER, On  TER you can see reviews about the girls from fellow mongers and select what type of girl you want and her services. Many of these women are more discrete, and ask for a background check for their security, they might ask for SS number, job email, your workplace and even a copy of your driver’s license. Many of these women do incall in upscale hotels, some do outcall if they feel really comfortable with you and know you well.

US Porn Star Experience

I love porn stars and the porn star experience.  Many you can find working as escorts also on the internet whore sites.  So I was looking for pornstars on TER around  the area where I lived and found Zasu Knight.

US porn star
Zasu Knight

 It took about a year to be able to fuck her because I did not have references, and its hard to get a references when getting started. I wasn’t much impressed with her work. She charges a whooping $400 fee an hour and I only got one pop, I would repeat, but I would tell her in advances the things I want.
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(still jacking off thinking about what we did though)  Here is a pic of the beautiful blonde Zasu Knight licking my black cock and giving the porn star experience. Enjoy.


Always be on the lookout!  Specially when going to whorehouses, motels, and picking up on the road. See if there is any car that looks suspicious or police cars around, this might be a  sign that there ‘is a risk of getting caught.  Every time I went to a whore house or a motel to fuck a whore I met off craigslist/backpage I wandered around the place for about 10 mins to see if there is any suspicious looking individual, vehicle or police cars! Always do this.

Another precaution is to ask reception at the motel, they usually have solid information about what is going down. I once felt paranoid, like if people were watching me everywhere I go, and there were suspicious cars driving around. I asked reception about what is going on?  that I wanted to book a room (which was a lie) but It felt like there were undercover police cars driving around and shit.

Well, the receptionist told me the police were looking to bust men engaging in sex in exchange for money, that’s why I felt all this tension, what I relief!  Call it a mongers sixth sense.  I would have got my ass caught! I even saw an undercover policeman looking through the reception window and the receptionist gave him the ‘’everything is alright look’’  If I did get caught that day, I wouldn’t  be writing here for you guys.

US whore
Big booty whore

When I visited the big booty whore above I saw a police car parked in the apartment building, but something told me to go out and investigate. Luckily nothing happened and I got to fuck her right, she even told me she was friends with the police!

If you have mongered in the third world the US won’t impress you because most of the times the services are commercialized, and a bit rushed maybe. Now if you have a lot of money, connections and love fucking pornstars the United States can be a great country to monger.

By AfroMonger.

9 thoughts on “Mongering in the USA”

  1. That ebony whore just charged me 200 to come to my house, too bad she didnt give me bareback. Th Big booty was from Venezuela fake wasnt hot nor ugly plus she had fake titts, she said she would give bbbj next time, but she had good cbj skills though, too bad back then i didnt know how to doggy a good bottom.
    Zasu knight was alright, too much hyped though, she wouldn’t even pull her full tongue out (she’s the one who started French kissing me) i wanted to feel tongue piercing though. She said i lasted more than their clients since i was younger than the vast majority of them. i had to shut the fuck up after we were done and ask her for another pop. I got better services for 70€

  2. I worked in the USA for a few weeks over 10 years ago now on the east coast. One of my reports from the archives is listed here when I visited new york for the first time.
    That was my only experience with a streetwalker,. she was a latina. I was paranoid though about being caught with her. No way was she a police-woman, but it not feel safe. If in doubt leave well alone when it comes to whore mongering.

    There was plenty of adverts in the local papers though, houses that were brothels. I visited a few. A few were asian whore houses, just Korean girls, but I not partake. Another night I visited an ebony whorehouse. I fucked a curvy ebony girl over the table doggy grabbing her hair and calling her a black slut! She agreed to it upfront 🙂 Cost me around $100 at the time for the pleasure. That was my mongering experience in the USA. curb crawling, streetwalkers not my style, never used backpage here in the UK. Craigslist London is cool for meeting semi pro girls. I understand the dating section has been banned in the USA since some girl got murdered after meeting up with someone off craigslist. Not like that shit never happens meeting strangers in pubs or nightclubs.

  3. The article did not mention massage parlors which is an option but not a very good. I tried one in San Diego and it was not a good experience – expensive and you do not get to choose your girl.

  4. What do you think about Asian massage parlours? I have heard there are a lot of them in cities like New York and San Francisco. You don’t need to mention any by name (that might cause problems for them), but do you have any experience with them? Do you know how to keep as safe as possible when using them?

  5. That San Diego shop was Asian, I got a Korean milf. I have not tried the SF or NY massage shops so can’t comment. However in these type of places I think it’s riskier for the service providers.

  6. Wouldnt risk my freedom in an asian parlor, i believe many of em are in shopping plazas and that is way too obvious – usually they are located in cities with high asian population, there weren’t many in my area.
    I would not waste my mooney either with those discreet escorts offering sensual massages, body rubs and body release. I pay to fuck not for a massage.

  7. I live in Los Angeles and my go to spot is I’ve been a member since 2005 and it’s been great. The girls there have reviews posted by members and they are all rated. As members we communicate with each other and the guys provide very good intel. I’ve been with over 200 women from that site alone and it has been amazing. Take it from me there is some good pussy to be had there many of the girls are 7’s and above and the networking/referral system is phenomenal.

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