Cheongyangmi Revisited Seoul South Korea

Cheongyangmi revisited

A full night of roaming the city of Seoul left me in an exhausted state. Nonetheless, I had to get up early, pack, and leave Asia today.  The constant travel and wandering had taken its toll after many days. Packing was completed much faster than I had anticipated this left me with some *more* time to roam Seoul before my late afternoon flight.  There was a spot or two that I wanted to check out but I thought, what if I could have another Korean girl?  It was decided that a return trip to Cheongyangmi would be chanced.

Noontime Gamble

Arriving at Cheonyangmi station around noon I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I walked two rounds to see ajumas chatting, prepping booths and laundry hanging in the street.  There were a few punters as well, mainland Chinese tourists, a few locals and some Western tourists sightseeing, but overall, it was even slower than the other night.
Cheongyangmi Ajumas
Ajumas chatting
seoul korea
Cheongyangmi by day

Cold Hearted

I made 2 rounds walking around the Cheonyangmi  red light district by day searching for a Korean girl.  It wasn’t busy but there were girls working, a much different scene than empty Yeungdengpo.  I spied a girl that was fixing her hair in the mirror.  I could see she was thin had a nice body and a nice face.  I walked up to the booth, asked her how much and she said 80,000 KRW.

Cheonyangmi korean girl
Cold hearted

I chatted with her a little bit more and she seemed cold and curt. I then agreed and she motioned to me to enter the booth.  She was cute… but as I entered, it just didn’t seem right.  She was just too cold and seemed almost rude as if I was bothering her.  I said sorry, she gave me a whatever face, and I walked out.

Shy Girl

Earlier I had passed another girl on the same street that had what I was looking for.  I went back over to her and she was smoking a cigarette.  She had long straightened black hair, wore a white cocktail dress, padded bra, great body, and had really good skin.  She was also very Korean looking which fit my bill.  She was friendly yet a bit shy and quiet type.  I asked her how much and she told me 70,000 KRW.  I instantly agreed and she motioned to me to enter.  The sliding glass door was locked, the curtain went around the door to the back and my shoes came off.

Cheongyangmi shy girl
shy Korean girl

I entered a half lit room with a TV, fridge, mirror, dresser and bed.  It was clean and warm and had plenty of space.  I guess Korean girls like it warm.  She asked me to take off my clothes and she took off hers.  She went into the connected bathroom and she used the shower wand to clean herself off down there.  This little bit of hygiene made me much happier.

The Routine

By now, I felt like I knew the Korean routine and followed her directions to get on the bed.  Japanese condom on, CBJ.  I played with her breasts during the CBJ and then it was time for fucking.  I entered her doggy.  I grabbed her breasts, butt and felt her smooth skin all over.  I motioned to turn her over for missionary so I could look at her face and breasts.  Still mechanical, but she again, she was nice and somewhat shy.  I’m fine with that, I’m not looking for GFE in general, but a tiny tiny bit of it wouldn’t hurt.  I usually like to play with a woman’s vagina and looks at it’s beauty, but I didn’t try that with her for some reason, but at least I tried with the petite girl from the other night.  Perhaps I was just too focused on grabbing her breasts and just enjoying the moment to change my pace.
I came inside the condom, finished up and she went to the bathroom to rinse off.  I entered the bathroom and asked to clean up to which she kindly obliged.  She even gave me some paper towels to dry off.  We got dressed and I paid her.  She then offered me some canned coffee from the fridge.  What a nice gal… I would definitely be a repeat if I had stayed in Seoul longer.  She led me out, I thanked her and we parted ways.  Strutting back to the metro under the bright Korean sun, there was a grin on the face and the feeling of victory before the voyage home.

More About Cheongyangmi and Seoul

The story of my time mongering in Seoul ends here but I thought I would talk a little about the location of Cheongyangmi as the once available online maps have been deleted.  My map will help you locate the area of Cheongyangmi.  Make sure you use Exit 5 of the metro station near the hospital else you might be running in circles.
red light district
The area of Cheongyangmi is safe and well lit.  There are also karaoke bars and a restaurant or two in the area.  The karaokes appeared to be of the hostess type as I saw some sexy uniformed girls coming to and from them.  ATMs and banks are nearby the metro exit so you won’t be caught short of cash.  There is even one ATM right smack in the middle of the RLD.
You will see some ajumas, mama-sans, and few older guys standing around to mind the area.  The punters are Mainland Chinese, Japanese, Korean American kids, and locals.  There were no Western tourists at night.  Cars window shop by roaming up and down the alleys along with pedestrian traffic.  If interested, the drivers park in front of the booth and walk in.  As for Westerners, I have no idea if they would be accepted here, if they don’t, there’s always Westerner friendly Itaewon.
From my research there are other options other than glass window shopping.  There are massage parlors, kiss bangs (kissing clubs), and room salons (hostess bars), and KTVs.  However, I don’t care for any of that stuff when straight up window shopping is available.  My fallback were a couple of massage parlors, but with the abundance of glass windows and lack of time, the parlors never came into play.
From other accounts posted on the web, Seoul red light districts seem off limit to Westerners with the exception of Itaewon (Hooker Hill).  Cheongyangmi was pretty accepting of non-Korean East Asians and I never got turned away because I wasn’t Korean.

I’m really amazed that Korea isn’t talked about despite having such blatant and open red light districts.  There is so much more talk about mongering in Vietnam, where mongering is much much more difficult.
By Mr. Q

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  1. I understand the concept and feeling of a victory after visiting a red light district. You invested the time and money and you just want to have a good fuck and orgasm. You knew to reject the first girl who would have left you feeling dejected and that you had wasted your money

    I guess for alot of newbies they dont know how to filter the good from the bad. All that glitters is not gold. Great report from Seoul.

    My greatest feeling of victory was in Odessa, after taking two Ukrainian beauties back to my apartment after intercepting them in a pub.

    I felt so good afterwards. It not matter what else happen after that.

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