Havana Freelancers Jazz Cafe

In the morning chat to my landlord and he can get me some genuine cigars for a good price as gifts for the folks back home. I dont smoke, used to be addicted, the smell of those cigars burning sure made me want to spark up again.  Now I was addicted to pussy and casual sex, to get my thrills, especially the exotic kind and for that I would travel the world including Havana Cuba

Havana Freelancers

Some breakfast in the 24 hour fast restaurant attached to the Habana Libre hotel. My guts were still playing up from the food poisoning  but needed some fuel for the day ahead. The plan tonight was to head to the Jazz cafe just opposite the Melia Cohiba hotel just up from the Malecon. To far to walk to the Jazz cafe from Vedado, would have to take another taxi.

My landlord tells me there are a few bars in the area around the Jazz cafe with freelancers including one attached to the Melia Cohiba called the Habana cafe. Sounded like a plan for another night in Havana with me ending up in the jazz cafe.  I was feeling pretty content after emptying my balls into that freelancers mouth the night before in Johnnys.  I now had a handful of chica phone numbers too, I could always return to the Malecon and fuck that latina waitress again, that was so good, I knew I was going to fuck that chica again.

Obispo Jineteras

Later I take a taxi collective back to the old town dropping me off outside Capitolio.  The weather was turning, looked like rain ahead.  To kill a few hours in the afternoon wanted to take the open bus tour around Havana.havana-capitolio

Walk down the main tourist stretch of Obispo checking out the chicas and a general meander through the side streets snapping photos wherever I could.

havana tourists

Obispo is the main tourist drag of Havana in the old town.  Most tourists dont venture far from here.  There are a few chicas around on the side streets, looking to supplement their meager income by entertaining a few horny tourists.  Most look hardcore though, prefer centro for picking up freelancers and streetwalkers in Havana.

havana freelancers
havana jinertera

Some of the chicas available are old and mature, some young, something for everyone around Obispo if you go looking.  I understand that Puta is more hardcore whereas Jinetera  is more semi pro girls.  For non pro girls you are going to need game, to be bold, approach skills and a good grasp of Spanish, else forget that as a plan, the best you can hope for is the jineteras – semi pro chicas.

havana jinetera
young chica

It pisses it down with rain and I scurry into the nearest bar.  I  spend along time inside the Bilbao bar, longer than I really wanted to stay, waiting for a break in the rain.

havana obispo
Bilbao bar

When the rain stops I decide to take the open bus tour around Havana for 5 CUC.  Sat on the bus waiting for it to depart gives you a good vantage point of some of the freelancers hanging around outside the Inglaterra hotel.  The Inglaterra hotel is a good place for pickup day and night but the girls are mostly putas or more pro hardcore.

havana freelancer
Inglaterra freelancer

The Havana open bus tour takes you to the far end of Miramar and the back again.  I jumped off in Vedado which was then a small walk back to my casa.  Not a particularly enjoyable trip, it kept raining and had to spend the best part sheltering in the lower deck of the bus.  Looks like I chose the right day to visit  Playa De Este.

havana cuba
che guevara

But you get to see all the sights including revolution square and iconic image of Che Guevara.  At any point you can hop off and hop back on the bus a few hours later.

Habana Cafe

That evening I have something to eat in a Cuban restaurant recommended by my landlord just down the side of the Habana Libre called Paisa.  I then take a funny looking yellow Bici taxi outside the Habana Libre to the Habana cafe by the side of the Melia Cohiba.  The driver said the price is on the meter, but I knew the meter was fixed.  So we agreed a flat fee of 7 CUC.  A fair distance  to the Habana cafe from Habana Libre.  When we arrived outside the Habana Cafe I handed him a 10 CUC note and not surprisingly he had no change, to early in the night apparently.  Bullshit!  So you need small denominations, this was common with all taxi drivers around Havana.

cristal beer
cristal beer

I wander into the Habana cafe and they want the extortionate 20 CUC door entry fee.  I look inside and cant see many freelancers inside, just fat tourists from the adjoining Melia Cohiba hotel.   Outside some young Cuban girls are flirting with me, calling me over. There is a bar opposite the Habana cafe so make myself comfortable there overlooking the street below.  Its more a restaurant with couples, old men and cuban escorts,  but there are a few freelancers either side of me sat alone.  I am feeling a bit tired and am more going through the motions.

Jazz Cafe

One of the freelancers is a gorgeous latina, short tight body hugging black dress on and she crossed her legs in front of me showing off her little white panties.

hairy latina teen
hairy latina pussy

She wanted a drink and looked very expensive.  With that fucking mega 5* hotel opposite the whole area was expensive including this bar cum restaurant.  I decided to leave and make my way round to the Jazz cafe, that was my real destination for this night in Havana.  Its all new to me and the Jazz cafe comes recommended for mongers.

Its a 10 CUC entrance fee into the Jazz Cafe. Few people inside, tourists and some obvious freelancers. The music was good though and enjoyed the jazz more than the attention the freelancers were giving me. Had something to eat and a few beers. A few freelancers sat with me and wanted some business. I could have taken them back to my casa for 50 CUC, I was tempted by a nice latina in a red dress but decided I was happy to not fuck tonight and save a few CUC.  The freelancers were not that exceptional in the Jazz cafe, more mature, late twenties the youngest. There is always tomorrow in Havana, plenty more clubs to explore and freelancers to interact with.  Goodnight.

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