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Its Monday night in Havana Cuba and after a nice day relaxing at the beach down Playa De Este the plan tonight is to hit another nightclub called Rio formerly known as Johnnys.  Johnnys is an old mongers favorite for picking up the chicas and is supposed to be the place to go on a Monday night.

Taxi to Johnnys

So far in Havana visiting a few nightclubs around the Vedado area had not paid any dividends, hopefully tonight venturing further out would break the bad start.  I take a taxi outside the Habana libre hotel for 8 CUC to Johnnys.  Johnnys is in Miramar and about a 10-15 minute taxi journey from Vedado.  Johnnys doors open at 11 PM and goes on until 3-4 AM in the morning. The taxi driver is recommending Casa De Musica in Miramar as the place to go, but I want to stick to my plan and visit Johnnys.

johnnys chicas
latina chica

Many a reveller with sexy chicas on his mind  will turn up at a club not like what he initially sees and hop from club to club in one night rather than just sticking it out on his first choice.  He is always thinking the next club will have the chicas he wants to see, rather than it being a timing problem, It can work but it’s too expensive to keep hopping around by taxi in Havana,  I was in Havana a long time I could take my time and I am just a bit lazy.

Inside Johnnys

My strategy was to just stick it out in Johnnys for as long as I could remain awake or find a chica to my liking and take her back to my casa in Vedado.

johnnys Havana
club rio

Taxi pulls up outside Johnnys and I walk inside after paying my 5 CUC entry.  A beer costs 3 CUC, order one and sit down.  Only just opened so early, only 3 chicas inside, latinas a little hardcore pro looking and all 3 come and sit with me, uninvited.  I was a little disappointed but was hoping expecting alot more chicas would turn up inside Johnnys as the night, morning progressed.

Hardcore, Pro Chicas

All the chicas want me to buy them a drink, Im not really interested in them, they can speak some basic English.  They are all dressed very smart in skin tight short bright dresses, high heals etc.   One of them is persistent and starts playing with my cock through my jeans. I sure am horny again since fucking that latina waitress brains out from the Malecon, the morning before.  But I am not going to pay for any lady drinks unless she is a good prospect for taking back to my casa for a sex session.

As the night progresses more chicas make an entrance, but only a few other punters.  At most there must have been about 20 chicas, mostly latina and more mature rather than on the younger side.

Handjob in Johnnys

I am now standing alone at the bar in Johnnys and another latina chica comes and stands beside me and introduces herself.  Again she is persistent and starts playing with my cock through my jeans.  As I am now standing she has got a better angle and I have room to grow.  She unzips my flies and puts her hand inside.  It does feel good.  Then she puts her hand inside my pants, I am erect, her finger is playing with my eye and she is rubbing the pre-cum.  She got me in the spot.

She has earnt a lady drink and we go and sit down in a dark corner inside Johnnys.  Under the table she has got my cock in her hand and basically is giving me a nice handjob.

CIM in Casa

She speaks good enough English and is passing the interview and negotiate a deal with her.  The deal is blowjob and CIM back at my casa for 60 CUC.  She is not the most attractive latina chica available in Johnnys that night, but I know from her handjob skills her blowjob skills could be mind blowing.  I dont really want to fuck her, just her mouth.

She calls her friend on her mobile who takes us both back to my casa in Vedado for 10 CUC.  All the chicas have their own personal taxi driver, a business partnership for both parties.  Late at night or early in the morning there is not always taxis waiting outside these remote nightclubs, leaving with a chica may be your best bet for getting back to your casa.

Johnnys latina
Johnnys chica

Inside the casa, she asks for the money up front, again I put the money on the table under the lamp which she is happy with.  After showing we get down to business on the bed.

Her blowjob skills are fantastic just like I imagined.  We are both naked and she wants me to finger her pussy while she sucks and licks my cock.  She is soaking wet and so is my cock from her spit and saliva.  Finally she tosses me off into her mouth, my spunk shoots all over her face and tits.

Afterwards she is looking at herself in the mirror with my cum all over her face and tits.   This is often the advantage with the more mature chicas, their skills are usually better and are more eager to please as their looks and consequently their earning potential begin to fade.

Chica Costs, Taxis

Had to give her a small tip for allowing me to take some photos, the settings are all wrong on the camera, the ISO is too high.  Good night out in Johnnys in Havana.  A bit quiet though, would have liked more choice of chicas.  Johnnys is quite a small club and its dark inside.

Like many of the clubs in Havana, Johnnys is a taxi ride out of Vedado.  Its not uncommon for mongers to have paid out over 60 CUC for taxi fares alone in any one day in Havana.  Especially if you like club hopping.   Cool if there is a group of you, 3 or 4 but expensive if you are a lone monger.

But on any given night you should find a chica you like in Johnnys.  I could have left Johnnys after 5 minutes but stuck it out and found a chica to have a good nights fun with.  All in all with getting a chica for 60 CUC, factor in the taxi costs, drinks and club entrance fee, you wont have any change out of 100 CUC.  Cuba is not so cheap.  Some of the chicas think they are worth 100 CUC, usually you can get them down to 60 CUC in the clubs with negotiation skills and especially where supply is greater than demand, where the numbers of chicas out numbers the punters.

2 thoughts on “Havana Club Rio Johnnys Chicas”

  1. I really like the look of that Johhny’s chica. I think with coversational Spanish Havana would be an absolute goldmine for regular non pro girls. I really have loved these posts. I need to get to Cuba before the Americans turn it into another Sosua.

    Good see you are still going strong on CL. I’ve not placed an add for a while but I have managed to cultivate a pool of black girls off dating sites but I quite like the simplicity of CL ‘reward & fun’ meetings.

    1. Adam, Not speaking Spanish was not a massive handicap, but yes of course it would improve things with the chicas especially non pro girls but then you need game and approach skills and be prepared to date. I find P4P more honest and more efficient. You can still find cute semi pro girls.

      Yes thats what inspired me to goto Cuba now before it is overrun with Afro American sex tourists like Sosua and Rio. Im not sure how long that is down the pipeline. May be sometime yet, things could still backfire while Castro is still alive and Obama not got much time left as president.

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