Havana Beach Playa De Este

Its a beautiful Monday morning in Havana and today I want to goto the beach.  There is a beach near Havana called Playa de este or beach of the east.  The best way to get to Playa de este is via coach from park central opposite the Inglaterra hotel.

Talk to friend of my landlord in  the morning, tell him about Salon Rojo being empty the night before.  He recommends to me Casa De La Musica in centro, plenty of chicas,  I intend to give it a try one night in Havana.  But tonight after spending the day on Playa De Este I then want to visit the nightclub called Rio in Miramar formerly know as Johnnys and old mongers favorite.  That was the plan for my day and night in Havana.

Inglaterra Havana

Take a taxi collective to the Inglaterra hotel, and have a coffee in the terrace while waiting for the first coach to leave for playa de este at 9:15 AM.

park central havana
bus stop

Its 5 CUC return to Playa De Este from Park central in downtown Havana.  Its a comfortable air conditioned ride and takes around 30 minutes.  The only other stop on the way is the fort and lighthouse.  The fort and lighthouse look like a good place to take some sunset and sunrise photos, I shall return here.

Playa De Este

I am informed the best place to get off the coach to Playa De Este is the last stop called Marazul.  The beach here is quieter.  The most busy part of playa de este is next to the hotel Tropico.  The Tropico is an 3 star all inclusive directly opposite Playa De Este, I was considering spending a few nights here.  It was through discovering Havana had its own beach Playa De Este that I chose to stay in Havana for so long.  I really wanted some beach time.

playa de este
playa de este

As I leave the coach I am told it returns every 40 minutes until 6pm so can spend the whole day on Playa De Este before returning to central Havana.  Its a two minute walk from the coach stop up onto the beach at Marazul.  This was my first sight of Playa De Este, a beach paradise I was very impressed.  I think Playa de este is a better beach than those at Varadero where most of the tourists reside in their all inclusives.  Most tourists in Havana are on a day trip from Varadero.

Beach Chicas

Its 4 CUC to hire a lounger and umbrella for the day and make my self very comfortable.  The sea is that lovely arazul color, clean and very warm.  For July its very hot you need an umbrella.  The cool season would be better around January where its still reaches 25 Celsius.  Although for the Cubans this is cold and the beach is alot less busy.

latina teen pussy
Latina teen with hairy pussy

Not much opportunity for meeting chicas on playa de este but there are some.  I not really goto the beach to meet chicas just to relax. One very cute latina chica walk pass me and looked round and smiled.  I thought wow!  further down the beach as she was walking she looked round again and waved me to follow her.  I not want to give up my base though so not take her up on her offer.  I was still feeling a bit weak due to food poisoning in Havana.

playa de este
Havana beach

Later on in the day I went for a walk along Playa De este in the opposite direction from the Tropico.  Its much quieter along here. Two young chicas one latina the other mulatto looked at me, smiled and said ‘Ola’ .  The young mulatto chica had big tits and big erect nipples pointing through her bikini.  Not speak a word of English though so walked back, this time in the direction of the Tropico.

playa de este
Tropico beach

The beach outside the Tropico is alot more packed out with local Cubans. If you are going to meet chicas you would think it would be the Tropico end of Playa de este.  But there are police patrols and police checkpoints.

tropico police
beach police

Consequently the chicas except for the real hardcore or those with a special relationship with the police will not approach you.  Just back from the beach there are some restaurants etc along the road.  I am told here you can meet some chicas and buy a lovely pina colada for 1 CUC.

Sloppy Joes

Come about 4 PM I take the coach back to Havana.  As we drive into Havana towards park central to be dropped off I notice a nice looking bar called Sloppy Joes.  A bar more like western standards, I decided to go and take a look inside.

sloppy joes
old havana

Nice big air conditioned bar with plenty of drink and a good menu. The only bar where I found their local beer Crystal on tap.  Enjoy a nice cold beer on draft and then order another and he turns the gas down on the tap and then its flat.  I guess Cubans are just not use to this.  Ordered a sandwich and was served with cold chips.  If anything it is an escape from the heat with the air conditioning. No scope for meeting some local Havana chicas in Sloppy Joes, just tourists inside.

centro havana

After sloppy Joes in the old town I take a walk back through centro towards Vedado.  Was feeling horny and open to some new opportunities.

Centro Walk, Mum Daughter

I get a couple of offers from some streetwalkers walking back through Centro Havana.  I stop to talk to a mum and daughter stood outside their front door in the evening.   The mum asks me if I like old chicas or young chicas?  I really would love to indulge in my mum and daughter fantasy so I tell her, both together?  She was 50 but her daughter was not game.  She brought out a cousin who was game  but not find attractive, bit fat so left it at that.  Centro seems limitless in erotic possibilities though, I would keep trying.  Surely I would indulge in some threesomes in centro.

I am a little sun-burnt now as I walk back to my casa in Vedado alone.  Tonight in Havana I would try some more nightclubs, the plan was to head out to Rio or Johnnys and try my luck there.  A nice day by Playa De Este though.  The plan was to return to Playa De Este every other day and maybe explore more of the beach and chica opportunities there.

2 thoughts on “Havana Beach Playa De Este”

  1. Loving these posts. For me this is what it is all about getting out and about exploring in an exotic location and seeing what opportunities arise.

    1. Thanks Adam, yes a walkabout in a city like Havana is my favorite modus operandi when mongering. You have to imagine what it would be like without the constant police presence. Plus other cubans cannot come to Havana without a job or permit, I guess else you would have favelas and crime on the outskirts like Rio. Many of the police are not originally from Havana. They work as police so they can come and live in Havana. The only real problem for me was the July heat and the food was not up to the mark, less heat and shitting myself means more energy to go walkabout

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