First Time P4P Pattaya

Pattaya Trip Report

Got back from a 10 day trip to Pattaya, Thailand.  A moment of backdrop. Having never done p4p before, and working overseas, went to Bangkok Christmas 2014 for a 4 day break. Reading up ahead of time I knew to keep my head in place. After seeing 2 girls, went back to the first, saw her the rest of the time.

Bar Girl Love Story

Went back to Thailand 2 months later, and fast forwarding, she wound up convincing me she loved me, I loved her, I was paying to support her and her family. When in July I actually asked her to move in with me overseas, that shattered the illusion (created from the very beginning when she insisted she would “go with me anywhere”) that it was really anything but for money.

Pattaya Recovery

So spending most of 2 months heartbroken but basically over it (okay I was the sap that you hear about all the time) I went this time to simple Pattaya.  Nothing to do but bars, go go bars (not nearly as good as Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy) and sex.  But it does have tons and tons of open air bars.  I was determined to get as much fucking, and hopefully blow jobs, as I could for my money.  The bar girls want you to spend as much time buying drinks as possible (off of which they get a commission, in addition to the long time money you are already paying).

First Short Time

So I roll in on a Monday morning at 7 am after a 20+ hours flight. After a long nap and playing pool at a couple of bars I stroll into an open air bar down by the beach, which is open relatively early. I begin talking to two relatively attractive woman in late 20s, early 30s (I am in early 50s). This is about 3:30 in the afternoon. I negotiate, using a little bit of English and Google translate, a short time back at my room.

Then Long Time

We get back there and while her English is very limited she is also quite reserved at the beginning. But after a slow start she gets pretty into it and it goes quite well. I still have a bit of jet lag. After sex, she does not leave but stays around for a full hour or more heavily caressing, etc.. Although I was only going to short time this one, and then after dinner search for more I ask her to go long time for the night as the attitude is so good. After a bit more time in bed we go to dinner.

A bit awkward as she only knows a few words, and I use Google translate. Back to the room, another round of f***ing, and go to sleep early as I am tired. In the morning I am not sure when she is going to leave, and as we cannot talk really I get some more sex when we wake up. I’m older, and I’m using up my stored resources I know but she is right there. At breakfast we still do not talk and she leaves. If we could talk maybe we hang out, but hey a whole day of silence would be a bit much.

Bars, Only thing to do

After some more sleep I wonder around the beach a bit, find out there really is nothing to do there but the bars (only tours are really for the Chinese, English language tours done). I play a number of rounds of pool with a number of bar girls, none of whom can say more than a few words of English.  Find one at 6 who does speak English, but she says she is at end of shift and wants to go home.

Go to next bar, a 23 year old talks me up, asks if I am interested, then goes to the bathroom. Comes back, says her period has not quite stopped (this at 7), and asks me to come back at 1 am to see if she can go with me. (Yeah, I am going to wait). Go to next bar, find an attractive woman (but type who I find is high maintenance), but can get her only for short time not long time. After sex, which was great with her very tight pussy, she seemed to spend more time with her makeup than we spent in bed.

Round Two, Another long time

Since it was still only 9, and I was wide awake having slept in until 2:30 I went back out visiting bars. A 24 year old, who looked more like an American Indian in her style of dress with a fringed shirt, beckoned me in. She spoke excellent English with an American accent, she picked up from movies. She was attractive and young, but talking with her for what turned out to be 3 hours she had a fresh, vibrant attitude.

I thought she would be great to hang out with for several days. I had already fucked 4 times in 30 hours, so I didn’t think I could again. But I wanted to be with her for the next several days. So I asked her for long time for 2 days (she even suggested 2 days when I said how long I would be there) and we went back to my room at 3 am. Well, I could get it up, but after 20 minutes could not finish.

Shocking Truth

I then made the huge mistake of trying to make her feel good by telling her it was not her fault. I told her that I already had sex earlier that evening, and then for some reason I told her that I already had sex 4 times in the previous 2 days (actually previous 30 hours, but I said 2 days). Her face looked shocked. Maybe since I am new to this, but I thought this is the sex industry, and this is what guys pay for. I go to sleep wake up a little later with our hands holding. She is holding my hand down tightly, so tensely. I go down to eat her out to relax her, which did not help.

My wild and crazy week in Pattaya was a pussy-smashing success!

Late in the morning I am rubbing her, trying to wake her up, nothing. Finally at 12:30, she gets straight out of bed (none of this slowly wake up) takes a shower, and puts her clothes straight on. I ask her to come to bed first. She says she is hungry. I get dressed and as we are going into the lobby she says she has to take care of stuff. As she gets her ID the security guard says something and laughs. As we step out she goes she might be back at 4, but does not think I can last until then. The tables were turned on me.

On the Rebound

Well, after essentially being turned down while offering to pay found another bar girl later that day who I wound up staying with for 7 days.  About 28, beautiful face, excellent tits, a little extra weight around the middle. In the end she was good at playing me.

The night I met her at the small bar she was full of fun, rubbing me up and dancing on the pole. Going back to the room at night had some decent sex.  But the following evening, after spending hours at many bars (maybe from 5 pm to 2 am) she basically passes out or falls asleep, no sex. In the morning, around 7 or so I have to press for mid morning (middle of the night?) sex. After breakfast I have to ask her not to drink so much.

No Condom

The next night, as we get into bed about 3:30 as we start sex she insists she is hungry. I say no, and continue. She then practically pushes me off. I walk over to the 7 Eleven and grab something. As I walk back I am flaming mad. She apologizes.  A few hours later (it is daylight) she asks if I am still mad, as I am quietly fuming, and takes my dick and shoves it in without a condom (we all know we should not do this, but oh does it feel so much better). This does calm me down. I was going to kick her out, but I give her another chance.

Drunk Bar Girls

This pattern of falling asleep, or even vomiting, happens almost every night. Going to bed the 7th night, as she is drunk again, she tells me how she hates having sex when going to bed. She is too tired so she does what she can to avoid it. Usually gets away with it, and the guy is then in the morning often too hung over to want sex then.
I was wondering how often does this happen?

In the morning I was so pissed off I kicked her off, the last day even though I had basically paid for the remaining time. Found a women later that morning for a few hours.

Chicago George

8 thoughts on “First Time P4P Pattaya”

  1. Thanks for another guest post from Chicago George on many a mongers favorite Pattaya. Please keep them coming mongers.

    You learn fast George. Its more than mortal man can resist, falling in love with a thai bar girl the first time we visit. Been there done that.
    Seems you got out pretty fast and got down to some serious butterflying in Pattaya

    I not even know long time was available anymore. I guess they thought you were game for the long con. But in the end it was you turning them over. It took me years to escape from their spell

    Thing is when it is just short time and sex unless your exceptionally horny when you dont get emotionally involved it loses some of its magic.

    Curious as to what the going rate is now for long time in Pattaya with a beer bar girl? how much baht were they asking for or expecting?

    1. It varied. The bar girl I spent the 7 days with was willign to go for 1,500 baht a day. this was a soi that wa sa bit farther from the beach. the one that I tried earlier to do long time with wanted 2,000 baht a day. i guess since she did not really do long time it did not really count. One other thing about her. In addition to the thinking I was going to make her fuck all the time, when she left in the morning she did say ” well, I didn’t mean to stay together every minute of every day”. Although you did see a number of westerners just walking with Thai woman, but those could have been sugar daddys. the one I met in the bar, and stayed with for 7 days, immediately offered the 7 days and pushed as hard as she could to stay for the days. Hey, steady flow of income. And from her point of view not much work.

      I would say that the average girl was not as attractive as in Bangkok. And definitely many much older women, many older than 50. A decent percentage (say 20%) definitely older than 40 and looking it. Not much in the early 20s, but I spent almost all my time in the open bars–perhaps in the go gos.

      I may have gotten out of it earlier than you but it cost me. In early August i just had to bug out of work (we worked in a quasi military setting), for a 5 day break. Had to get her out of my head, and thought best way was to fuck as many woman as I could in a short period. Get the images/impressions/ and feelings of those Thai women in my head, shove the other women out. It worked. But I got found out. When I got back to work at the end of five days, I was terminated. Job was going to be over in a month anyway, but shit.

      1. George, prices are pretty good for long time. I just not do long time anymore, to me it is long time that leads to you getting emotionally involved with these girls. And these girls are hookers only really interested in money. I dont think they are looking for marriage to a foreigner as a way out of poverty and Thailand. Its just a scam now. Even though these girls work in the bar, many have Thai husbands and boyfriends, essentially pimps who enjoy spending your money. If ever I wanted to do long time in recent years mongering in Thailand its because I have had to much beer to fuck now. It would be nice to wake up in the morning with my catch and have sex then. This was always an option, but not get this anymore, they just not interested in long time with me ( know I am not game for a girlfriend ) or want to much money. Of course there are always exceptions, if long time is what you really want I am sure you will find it. I just want great sex with a thai stunner when I am feeling horny. Thats as far as it goes now. And then enjoy watching the girls dance in an air conditioned gogo

        1. Prices are Pataya. they were 3,000 up in Bangkok.

          I agree that they are not looking to break out of poverty, as poverty is not reallly that bad in Thailand especially if they are in the city. They do not have to have a boyfriend or pimp, they will just take the money. Yes, they do sned money back home to support families, but they also keep it for themselves. The last time I saw my girlfiend, I actually wnt to her apartment in Bangkok. It was actually much nicer thatn I thought it would be. A studio furnished apartment very close to the BTS (metro line, a costly location), modern but simple, had air conditioning, cable tv, only cold water but it is BKK. Way better than life in a village. She was telling me that she was sending all her money back home to her family. Since she was 39, average looks, working at a bar (air conditioned, on Soi Cowboy, not a go go, but known for the blow jobs in the corner), she had to have other guys regularly sending her money. As a friend of mine who was an extensive visitor to Bangkok in the 90s told me (who wound up marrying a bar girl from Issan, and now has to frequently route through BKK to visit the family), most of these girls share rooms, many live above the bars, etc.

          Taken in by romance, I know what you mean. She was calling me “husband”, saying she wanted my child (even though I had a vasectomy, and acting mad when I pointed that up, besides the obvious point of a 39 year old who already had a 16 and 23 year old kid).I wanted the romance part, and she knew it and ran with it. .

          But it is nice to wake up for a fuck, maybe have a nice long, slow fuck in the middle of the day when you are wide awake. Perhaps it is a place like Pattalya where it is nothinng but the sex scene adn drinking, but there was nothing to do for hours until the bars opened. Waiting around for hours did want someone to hang around with. Trouble is, as you mention above, a bargirl is unlikely to be a good companion for the day. Even if the language is okay, and you find something to do with them, they will stick their hooks in you and play the mind tricks on you. Girlfriend for the day (or 2 or 3) sounds good, but hard to work

          But a comment on her as a business women, comparing her now to the others I have met (I had only had one other short time woman besides her).

          One. she would give me all the sex I wanted and even more. Where some try to get out of it at the end of the night, or or will try to avoid it, she would keep on going. when I met her I was trying Cialis for the first time (especially if older I recommend it). Even if you came just an hour before (so you can’t actually cum again for many hours)) you can get hard and slide on in. Well, I would and go in in and it would feel good. She would keep on going trying to make me cum, even going an hour and a half or more. I would even have to stop her, basically getting bored after that. Trying that with these other women, staying in bed trying for a nice long ride (advantage of the time allowed under long time) they would complain, or say have to go to bathroom, stop me. So, being the seasoned pro she was (maybe 15 years doing this?) she wanted to keep her customer happy, and keep him there. Points for the older prostitute. Also, when I first took her from the bar the bartender (also a woman late 30s, early 40s) said in English (for some reason, which I overheard) she said “he’s so new”. Time to grab the new one. And at 54 I was relatively young compared to many of the other expats there.

          Second, related, on the first trip out there I was with her for four days. I had complained about condoms (having a vasectomy, I had not used them for 20 years). At the end of the second night, waking up in the middle of the night, I slid in her from behind without a condom, pumped her pretty quickly and came. I thought maybe she was still asleep and was hoping not to fully wake her. Well, actually she was still awake as she typically stayed up to 6 am. She did not complain, adn then let me not use a condom every other time. I was wondering whether it was to snare me in, which it was of course. We did not talk about it for a ling time, just did it. She later tried telling me that “my pussy just wanted your cock”, but it did in fact helped snare me. Why would i want to go to another and wear a raincoat?

            1. I did start to read it, before the last time I saw that Thai bar girl (actually started the visit with a sour note). But the book was fiction! Even though it did seem to have some actual articles mixed in. So I stopped reading it.

              1. Fiction, yes but fiction based on fact. Can still learn alot from fiction. This whole blog could be fiction but based on what really happened. Private dancer is recommended reading for all mongers, everyone recommends it. Stephen Leather put in alot of research before publishing Private Dancer. The pattern of the tale is factual.
                I would finish it and read between the lines. The way Private dancer ends is definitely how some farang end up, did he jump out of the top floor condo or was he pushed? 🙂

  2. flying tonite for thailand, 2 days bangkok then thursday will go to pattaya for 4 days. then back bangkok. bankok will stay at selil hotel and pattaya at delphi hotel. if anyone around would be nice to have a drink there.

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