Havana Latina Waitress

For the past two days and nights in Havana and no chicas!   I had changed tactics and gone down with some mild food poising or Castro Gastro.  From meeting chicas via going on a walkabout around centro I had reserved my energy to try a couple of local nightclubs like Salon Rojo and El Turquino but with no success.  Surely this dry spell would not, could not last long, not in Havana

Early bird

Due to my early night the night before with Salon Rojo being empty I was up really early.  I decided I would take an early morning walk down to the Malecon and try and catch some sunset pics with my DLSR camera.  The early bird catches the worm as they say.  I really was not thinking about or expecting to meet any chicas.  I was still feeling a bit tender from my food poising, not a 100% but OK.

Malecon Sunrise

Its 6:30 AM as I walk down Calle 23 towards the Malecon.  There are still quite a few people around after a night out partying, the worse for drink many of them.  A nice looking latina chica offers me sex.

malecon chica
Malecon havana

I did wonder though if she, maybe used to be a he?  Looked a little artificial to me, too good to be true.  There are a few ladyboys around Havana, not many though, nothing like the number of ladyboys in Asia.

Malecon Hazards

As I walk across the road to the Malecon, I am trying to set my camera up to take some sunrise pictures and two drunks keep hassling me, wanting me to take their picture.

malecon drunks
Havana drunks

I got my camera setup for a long exposure, they not understand so I have to snap a blurry picture of them.  They tell me Havana is not Miami, thanks for that.  They kind of remind me of some of my friends back home in London 🙂

Malecon sunrise
Malecon sunrise

A bit of a hazard walking along the Malecon early Sunday morning, if the drunks dont get you the fishermen might with their hooks while casting a line out into the sea.  Not my kind of fishing.

malecon havana
Malecon fishing

They dont tend to give a shit about the people walking along the Malecon when casting their line. Its more like you should be aware of them.

Malecon Havana

Empty bottles of rum are strewn all along the Malecon as finally the last drunks stagger off back home as the sun now beats down over Havana, a new day has risen.  Today I am horny, carrying two days worth, I need to score.

Malecon Waitress

As I walk pass that dodgy restaurant facing the Malecon, the one that pads your bills, a waitress calls me over to get some custom, she looks nice, but I am just taking pictures, or trying too.  She looks like a curvy latina girl from where I am standing.

Havana Malecon
Malecon waitress

I dont like that restaurant, they rip you off in there, but I like the look of that curvy waitress.  I might go back and just order a coffee.

Tourists are King

Often in these restaurants they will give tourists a hand written menu, not the genuine menu and prices have been increased.  If you are given a hand written menu you are likely to overpay.  In Havana tourists are king.  If you think you are being ripped off, threaten to call over the police.  The police will always take the tourists side.

I wander a bit further down the Malecon in the opposite direction pass the hotel nacional, the sun is beating down now, its hot and I am genuinely thirsty so head back to that restaurant to also check out the waitress.

havana waitress
Malecon waitress

I return to the restaurant and am greeted by the waitress.  I think she is gorgeous, my kind of girl, curvy mostly latina with a little mulatto, she is very friendly and I sit down and order some drinks and food.

Sex, Not on the Menu

I tell her I think she is gorgeous!  She ask me if I want sex?  Yes!  She finish work at 8:00 AM which is not long.  She serves me a lovely fresh mango juice and coffee and a horrible toasted cheese and ham sandwich.  And then pads my bill even giving me change in the nacional currency.  I ignore it I want to get into her panties, man those titties, that big firm booty, I am going to fuck her ass off.

We agree 50 CUC and she disappears around the corner to arrange a casa we can rent short time.   She returns and I wait for her to finish work at 8:00 AM.  We walk around the corner and into an old couples casa and I pay them 10 CUC to rent their bedroom.  The bedroom is perfect, clean, en suite shower.  Even bottle of chilled water on the bedside table and some condoms.

latina sex
Latina doggy

We shower together and we kiss and she washes my erection.  Again I have to pay up front but just put the money on the table under the lamp.  Going with the flow, I am pretty sure the sex is going to be pretty damn good, I can tell she is horny to and wants to be fucked good.   The fucking is fantastic, she got a nice trimmed pussy rather than shaved. I fuck her doggy intensely slapping and grabbing that fine big latina booty.   Jennifer Lopez, eat your heart out!

Malecon waitress
Latina waitress

I am feeling totally satisfied with the experience, we clean up and leave and I walk back to my casa and she returns to the scam restaurant.  A nice sideline business she has got going on there, no doubt I am not the first tourist she has fucked this way.  It was so damn good I will be back for more, I am sure, she also gave me her phone number.

havana ladyboy
Havana chica

As I return to my casa I notice that first chica who offered me sex that morning in Havana.  I could have had another fuck if I wanted but still not sure if she is in fact a he?  I mean who is that rent boy following ‘it’ around carrying her bag.

So real early morning is good in Havana if a little hazardous with all the drunks etc.  I thank my photography hobby for that early morning fuck with the curvy latina waitress, why else would you get your ass out of bed that early.

Relaxing day

I spend the best part of the day relaxing by the hotel Nacional pool.  Better than the Habana Libre pool but again a lack of umbrellas to take some refuge from the burning July sun.  Its 16 CUC to use the pool and facilities with 13 CUC going to food and drink.  To rent a towel is 2 CUC.

That evening I have a couple of beers and just return to my apartment and sleep through, No pressure, a good day in Havana. I had achieved my goals, killed two birds with one stone.  Life was good.  Still wanted to score it the nightclubs, tomorrow night I might try club Rio or what used to be known as Johnny’s.

6 thoughts on “Havana Latina Waitress”

  1. Superb post. I am sat at home now in England wishing I was able to do something similar. How good is your Spanish? Cuba is on my list as well as Jamaica as my first couple of overseas mongering trips.

    May have to post a CL Add to see if I find myself a latina in the UK failing that it will be the usual black girls.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Adam. My Spanish was crap, cannot understand it, but speak a few words. This latina waitress spoke some English so no problem. I guess to work in a bar along the Malecon they are having to deal with some tourists so will need some English. There were more lovely latina waitresses flirting with me up calle 23 proper Cuban restaurants but they not speak English and my Spanish was not good enough, but they were up for it too. Infinite possibilities in Havana with the chicas and with the right attitude, I mean they always want money! I found the non pro girls around Havana to be shy, like they not want you to think they were jineteras. You would need to be bold to approach these girls and speak good Spanish.

      I have never met latinas girls off Craigslist, have tried for latinas but no replies. Craigslist london is good for ebony girls. Had one over last weekend, 24, lovely, great sex and of course with a little financial reward for her.

      Never mongered in Jamaica, no plans to visit there myself. Not sure of the scene in Jamaica.

    1. Easier said than done, taking naked photos of the chicas! You will have to use your imagination. I can tell you it was a mighty fine piece of latina bodywork under her waitress outfit. A fantastic latina booty! all totally firm, she is a well proportioned girl, lovely firm tits. Just what I needed at the time
      She let me take some pics of her when she was working me as a tourist her as a waitress, no harm in that. This was before events unfolded.
      I did ask in the bedroom, but it was a firm no! Of course the right price will always get you what you want. At the time I felt 100% satisfied

  2. Can you help me with the details of your casa particulares? I want one in a convenient location and with a safe so the one you stayed sound good. Else how can I find a suitable chica friendly one with a safe? Also had a number of questions as headed next month and so impressed by your organised pieces of write ups.Thank you. If possible would love to contact you for more advice.I have an interest in photography too and hence you are the perfect person in my context.

    1. Hi Sam, I got the apartment from the book I mention in the posts. The guy is well connected he is Canadian but married to a cuban, it was his father in law that picked me up from Havana airport, he knows what we want
      Mongering is good in Havana, it not hard to find some quality girls. The problem with Havana and all of Cuba has always been accomodation, food and the police enough to put many mongers off, but I do recommend a visit. I would like to return.
      Havana is very photogenic.

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