Havana Wet One

My fourth day in Havana Cuba and wake up not feeling very well. Like I had eaten something a bit dodgy the day before.  I knew where, that  bar cum makeshift restaurant in the tourist district of the old town of Havana, Obisipo.

Eating out

Eating around Vedado I had been fine but the tourist district of Obisipo and they dont give a shit.  Alot of the bars there are exactly that, just bars, they should not sell food.  It not feel too bad though, Hopefully I would shake it off within the day.


In fact I pop out for a toasted sandwich and then head toward the Habana Libre hotel to access the internet.  After my toasted sandwich I feel I need to pass some wind, so fart and follow through with a big wet one!  I have just shit my pants!   I turn round and head back to my casa.  Im not far away and I am hoping the shit not start dripping down my lily white legs.  Never done this before, make it back to the casa and have to wash my pants and shorts in the bath.

A cleaner comes to the casa every 3 days and washes my dirty laundry too, but I am not giving her my pants and shorts in this state. I lay in for the rest of the day in my casa really not feeling well, I am aching all over too and try to sleep.

Food Poisoning

Fucking food poisoning, no more eating in Obisipo.  I thought I had learnt my lesson on previous trips.  I got seriously ill in Goa India eating a dodgy curry the infamous Delhi Belly and ended up in hospital for a couple of nights.  I ate something dodgy in Bangkok Thailand one trip and went down with Campylobacter, again seriously ill shitting and puking at the same time and had to go onto antibiotics to stop it.

Its easy to go down with bad guts in a hot foreign country.  You should only eat in busy recommended restaurants.  Only eat cooked food, not salads.  Dont have ice in your drinks.  Dont eat too much foreign food, try to eat mostly western food.   Once you go down with something, you need alot of fluids and should try not to eat for 24 hours especially no fried food.


Later that afternoon I take a couple of paracetamol and feel alot better.  I think I might try and kill the bug with lots of alcohol and go out for a few beers to start.  I walk down Rafael and stop off at the Inglaterra hotel.

Rafael centro

Relax for a while at the Inglaterra, they sell good food at the Inglaterra you are safe eating here.  The waiters can be a bit slow here serving you drinks.  There are chicas flirting around the Inglaterra terrace bar but not see one I find really attractive so pass.


After the Inglaterra I head back along the Malecon to check out the talent.The beer is doing the trick on my stomach at least short term.  I do enjoy and evening walk along the Malecon.

havana cuba

The chicas along the malecon are more assertive and will come on to you especially if you stop to take photos.  Most chicas not mind you taking a picture especially if you hand over a few dollars.

Havana chica
Malecon chica

If you want to indulge, the girls will take you to a casa nearby for 10 CUC and the chicas can be had for 40 CUC.  I not got the energy tonight, or not seeing a chica who is really doing it for me.

havana Malecon
Malecon sunset

The Malecon really is a fantastic place to photograph and meet chicas at the same time.  My two favorite pastimes.  There are a few bars and restaurants on the opposite side of the road to the Malecon where you can stop for a drink and a bite to eat.  Not as many bars though as I would have liked, would be good to go on a bar crawl along the Malecon.

Salon Rojo

That night I head back out down to the Salon Rojo and come midnight its open but empty!  The Salon Rojo used to be the top nightclub in Havana for meeting the chicas but it was now dead!  I would not waste any more time at the Salon Rojo.  I am told it shut down for a few months and has only just reopened. In that time all the chicas have found new venues to hang out.

naked latinas

Due to my condition I have an early night and head back to my casa alone.  After a really good run my first two nights in Havana I have now had two nights without any pussy.  I want my next chica in Havana to be a latina.  Maybe a threesome one night too…

2 thoughts on “Havana Wet One”

  1. Got back from my country about 2 weeks ago man, got diarrhea too, I’ve never lived there, got a Western belly. Everything taste different, things like a Heineken, fanta, coke taste alot different than the western ones, even the meat! Did u notice those differences along your trips to the 3rd world?

    1. Even if it is all cooked properly and clean its still an onslaught to your immune system. I never get ill in Asia anymore, not just because I am wiser where and what I eat I just think my immune system can handle it now, has built a defence. In Cuba you will see some real rank food for sale in the street, flies crawling all over it, the locals dont seem to care. The problem is related to the embargo and a general lack of stuff. I got a bit complacent this trip and let some of my guards slip thinking I could handle it. I never fully recovered while in Cuba. Not serious but you dont want to shit your pants when you fart, the chicas wont like that 🙂

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