Seoul Yeungdeunpo

The third day in Korea began very early with a scheduled tour I had arranged before arriving in Asia.  By late afternoon, the tour was over and I was dropped off near my hotel.  After some freshening up at the hotel it was time to check out Yeungdeunpo RLD and to do some shopping.

Seoul Red Light Districts

Being the late afternoon, it was still daylight and I would take my chances just like Cheongyangmi. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and unsure if I would even be able to find Yeungdeunpo. Old reports say some of the red light districts of Seoul have closed or withered away so it wasn’t clear what remained.

After jumping onto the metro I found myself at Yeungdeunpo station about 30 minutes later.  I located the Times Square shopping center and at this point, I didn’t really quite have my bearings despite the online map of the  Yeungdeunpo district). I walked around the rear of the building and passed by some pretty upscale office towers. Eventually, I found the glass aquarium booths.

seoul korea

The red light district map of Yeungdeunpo in case the wikimapia maps gets deleted.  Some other Seoul RLD maps on Wikimapia have been deleted!

Glass Booths

I walked down a rather large and open street where the late afternoon sun glared down its entire length. One side was filled with booths and the other side had a few booths but it mostly fenced off lots and old buildings. As I walked down the street, I chuckled at the sheets hanging between lampposts to dry in the sun.

Seoul Red light district
Yeungdeunpo Laundry

Some of the booths had ajumas inside of them and they were busy cleaning and prepping for the evening. For the most part, the street was dead and much smaller than Cheongyangmi. I saw maybe 1 lady, 2 ladies tops. I walked more eventually exiting the district and entering an old industrial area full of machinery repair shops, welding shops, and metal supply.

Closed for Business

I took a side street only to find a couple more closed booths. At this point it was a strike out so it was time to go shopping at Times Square and explore more of the city.

Seoul booths
Closed for business

I fear the real estate in the area is being bought up in preparation for another office tower. The days of the Yeungdeunpo may be numbered. Of late, some videos have been posted of the Yeungdeunpo redlight district so this confirms it is still in business. The videos show the street full of girls, a stark contrast to my late afternoon visit.

By Mr. Q.

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  1. Shame you not get to fuck one of those Korean girls in Yeungdeunpo RLD. So Seoul has a couple of good concentrated red light districts what about other P4P scenes? streetwalkers? freelancers in nightclubs or bars? Any gogos in Seoul?

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