Seoul South Korea

Having gone to a high school with lots of gorgeous Korean girls and never been successful with Korean women, the only solution was to monger Korea.  Aside from that, I was genuinely interested in visiting Korea having had a growing fascination through the past couple of years.

Research Seoul

I’ve mongered Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, and the Netherlands before.  Prior to my trip to Seoul Korea in the fall of 2014, I had done some research on the web, searching for info, maps, and videos about Seoul’s red light districts.  I found some information but everything seemed a few years old and out of date.  Nonetheless, it was all I had and I had not yet discovered the International Sex Guide for some reason.  With a list of places to visit and secretive filming device, I was off to the Republic of Korea.

Cheongyangmi Red Light District

On the second day in Korea, I did a bit of hiking outside of the city and on the way back I realized I would pass by Cheongyangmi , an infamous red light district with girls sitting in booths.  I followed a map I had found online and eventually found my way to the district behind the Cheongyangmi metro station and the hospital.  It was broad daylight around 4pm but I was delighted at seeing all the Korean girls behind glass doors.  I was giddy and it was just like the videos and google street view.  It was window shopping at its best.

google street view

I spied an absolutely gorgeous Korean girl in her early 20s wearing a black bikini top and a mini skirt.  Her breasts were bustling up through her top.  I drooled but I was tired from having flown into Korea the previous day and was spent from several days of traveling in Asia.  The earlier hike in the mountains only added to my fatigue and need for a shower.  Being not yet ready for Korean pussy, I wrote down the booth number and went back to the my hotel for rest.

By the time I was ready to go out again, I realized that I might not have enough time to catch the last train coming back.  With barely enough time to go out to Cheongyangmi, take pictures, monger, and make it back, I debated.  In the end, it was now or never.  With a crude device I had constructed to conceal a GoPro in my jacket, I headed out.

Window Shopping

At night, near 10 pm, the booths glowed brightly and the girls could be seen crystal clarity.  Being a week night, things looked a little slow, but heck, what do I care as long as there was choice women. I walked around 4 or 5 alleys to see what was available.  There were girls in their late 40s, 30s and 20s.  As you walk by, many girls were on their cell phones trying to pass the time and some would make eye contact and knock on the glass window to get your attention.

Some would even shout through the slightly open sliding glass doors saying, “opah opah” meaning “big brother”.  Strangely some booths were empty but had lights on, which I thought the ladies to be busy with customers, but after some time, I realized they were just empty.  Maybe out to lunch or no one came to rent the booth?

Korean whore
Plastic Korean Girl
Chubby Korean Girl

The older ladies seemed to be at the very end of the district and the choicest seemed to be more towards the center.  There were girls who clearly had lots of plastic surgery, there were girls that were a bit chubby, and even big thick ones too.  Some girls were older but pretended to be young with loads of makeup.  Some girls were clearly old and did nothing to hide it.  I was not interested in old girls, plastic girls, or chubby girls…. call me picky.

Being Picky

I walked to the booth where I had spied the girl earlier in the day.  No luck.. maybe she was busy with a customer.  I walked around some more.  I even wandered into some alleys where there were little brick houses and an older “ajuma” (Korean term for any middle aged or older Korean lady) would beckon saying “agashi”, meaning, “miss or young girl”. They beckoned for you to enter to check out the girls.  I was not interested in entering and just kept walking, looking for a girl that would interest me.  Being picky, there were few girls that were interesting.  I walked and walked going through the whole district several times back and forth.  I was also secretly filming and photographing.  Being too picky, a girl or two which I had interest, had now become occupied.

pretty Korean whore
Cute Korean Girl
seoul red light district

After more walking and waiting around the booth where I earlier spied the girl, I gave up and declared her long gone. I walked some more and finally found a girl that was seemingly interesting on the outskirts.  Not ideal, but good enough.

The night was getting late, things were slowing and beggars can’t be choosers.  She was skinny and petite with straight hair.  She wore a white bikini top and white tights with some silly furry shoal.  She was smoking a very skinny cigarette when I went up to the booth. I asked her how much?  She gave me a number which I don’t remember exactly but thinking maybe a pricey 150,000 KRW ($130 USD)?

She was petite, skinny, with breasts that bustled out of her top but she seemed cold and she didn’t look too Korean which made me a little suspect.  I told her no thank you and left.  I walked around some more and played with my phone and camera.  In the end, I said, “this girl will do, now or never”.  I went back and she was gone!  Was she busy with another customer?  I walked around some more getting more and more dejected.  It was getting late, I might miss the last train, and I was tired.

Things were slowing down and girls were going home.  Eventually I came back 10 minutes later and saw her reappear though a door without any customer.  I cheered… yay, no customer so I’m not getting sloppy seconds.  I went up to her and I motioned with my fingers 90,000 KRW (~$80 USD), she said “15 minutes” and accepted.

korean prostitute
Petite Korean girl

I entered the booth, she closed and locked the sliding glass door and pulled a curtain around the door to the inside of the building.  She asked me to take off my shoes, gave me flip flops and she took me down a hallway, passing a bathroom, some rooms and some stairs.  At this point, I realized the inside is connected to other booths and possibly has living quarters upstairs and these girls probably just rent the facilities when they want to work.

Korean Service

She took me into a half lit room.  The room was rather spacious, clean and warm.  She asked me to take off my clothes which I was bit thrown back…  isn’t this the part where she teases and she takes off your clothes for you?  She prepared a few things in the room and left.  Reluctantly, my shirt and pants came off but I left my underwear on.  When she returned she was naked and asked me again to take off my clothes…. arrrrg…. this is not the service I expected in Korea.

Very reluctantly my last bit of clothing came off.  I was expecting more service and at this point a shower.  She instructed me to get on the bed and I thought… huh no shower?  I want to make sure I’m clean and she’s clean….  this is Korea… Korea is a germophobic country right?  Guess not.  I got on the bed, she set a timer, and I told her I wanted to use my own condom.  She took a look at it and said no, this one is not made in Japan.

Tiny Tits

I let her put a Japanese condom on me and she began to work CBJ.  While she did this, I started to play with her tiny tiny petite breasts and tweaked her tiny nipples.  I was completely mesmerized.  They were the tiniest nipples and breasts I had ever seen.  Despite having tiny breasts, body and nipples, she was perfectly proportional in all aspects.  She was so tiny, she must have weighed 85 – 90 lb (38-40kg).  After sucking a while, I wanted doggy so I motioned to her.  I did her from behind while grabbing her tiny breasts which felt minute in my already small hands.  I flipped her over so I could see her face and breasts.  Her eyes were closed and I went to play with her pussy.  She quickly shut me down, and that was that.  Missionary then.  She moaned a little bit but the whole experience so far was very mechanical and completely lacked the fun factor.  She was truly a working girl.  Being tired and fatigued I did not last long shot my load quickly.

She began to clean up and I tried to chit chat despite some language barrier.  I asked her if she was Korean and she replied yes.  Fascinated with her petite body, I asked her how many kilos she weighed but she didn’t understand.  I forgot if I asked for her age, but I could tell she was less than 30 which was good enough for me and I was still busy staring at her tiny breasts.  The timer went off.  She went to the outside bathroom to clean up which I followed and asked if I could clean up too… so she obliged and I showered.  I got dressed and paid her.  She led me out, I put my shoes one and she unrolled the curtain.  I thanked her and we parted ways.

Last Train Home

I made a beeline for the metro station which an attendant was already lowering the station gates and asked me where I was going.  I gave her my final station which required a transfer and she said that train is already passed.  I thought about it for a second and I said no problem, can I go to City Hall Station instead (which didn’t require a transfer).  She said yes, but “please hurry”.  Riding on the train, I was the only passenger in my car.  I got off at my station and an attendant opened station gate to let me out.  I walked by Seoul City Hall, looked at some art exhibits outside, found my bearings and walked a couple of blocks finding my hotel.  I had finally fucked a Korean girl, dashed through the metro and made it back to my hotel.  Victory.

By Mr. Q.

10 thoughts on “Seoul South Korea”

  1. Never thought of Korea as a mongering destination – saw once there are also kissing whores where you just pay them for nice tongue kisses and thats about it…wouldnt really pay for that. This is one of the problems with mongering at redlight touristic traps like this, it very mechanic.

  2. This guy must be either from NJ, NY, or CA, gone to high school with lots of Koreans…or perhaps Annandale in VA.

  3. I find it fascinating walking around a new red light district hoping to be tempted. Cheongyangmi is somewhere I would definitely make a detour to if I found myself in Seoul Korea. Often though the service is very mechanical once you take the bait. Great secret filming though and no doubt a typical monger experience. Cheongyangmi is kind of like an Asian version of a European red light district like Amsterdam. Very little Korean porn available? Considering there are tons of sites dedicated to Japanese, Thai and Filipino girls, no naked Korean girls to look at though?

    Thanks for the quality guest post on mongering in Seoul Korea. Keep em coming mongers.

    1. I think it wouldn’t be too marketable, cauSe not to many men fantasize about Korean women, I mean Korean porn…. I think Korean girls could be great gf, tried hooking up with some, absolutely no luck

      1. I dont think that is the reason. Any ethnic race of girls getting naked would be marketable. Imagine a porn site called Amateur Korean Girls, Amateur Vietnam Girls, Amateur Romanian girls
        There is something else going on especially considering the most prostitutes are often these races. I would say its more to do with conservative attitudes or something, laws in that country to do with pornography or something

        Korean girls can be exceptionally attractive or ugly. I had an experience with Korean girls when I worked in the USA. Went to some brothels in Philadelphia and they were all Korean girls!
        Is there any mongering in North Korea? 🙂

        1. There appears to be quite a few avenues for P4P in Korea. The most straight up is the glass windows, but there are other avenues as well. Glass windows are a bit on the decline as Korea it has now officially a non prostituon state, but its still widely tolerated. Prostitution has been around in Korea for a long long time and is not easy to get rid of. The new laws have only served to push prostitution into other avenues, kiss bangs, massage, call girls and pubs. For foreigners/Westerners in Korea the options aren’t plentiful.

          1. I never really considered Japan or Korea as a sex tourist destination, I guess P4P availability is still one of my major reasons to travel. You see many Korean male sex tourists in the Philippines and some in Thailand. There is a plaza down the Sukhumvit dedicated to Korean entertainment. In recent years sex tourism seems to be one of major reasons to travel now for single men. Many countries are cracking down on their prostitution scene, like a moral tide, hopefully it wont last long. I guess its a little embarrassing when the authorities think tourists are coming for their culture and cuisine but instead are coming for their whores 🙂

  4. from my observations, there are ppl going to Japan, Korea, and even Mainland China for P4P but I’m uncertain if its widespread enough to be considered to be sex tourism. I noticed in Tokyo they tried to lure the Mainland Chinese. In Seoul the Mainland Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Americans were present. Korea has had a long history of prostitution, but its quite possible no one really went to visit Korea until it’s Hallyu (korean pop and TV culture) became a huge export.

    to your previous post… with Korean porn, it seems to be very limited as the culture is very conservative, so perhaps prostitution is the outlet? Side note, Japan has absurd censorship laws with porn…. so I have an acquaintance that works for a company Stateside which specializes in hosting Japanese porn to get around the censorship laws.

    1. P4P in mainland China? Are you an IDIOT?
      That’s a COMMUNIST country. Maybe you need to study what communist countries can do to you for fucking their girls.

      MongerPlanet even asked about fucking girls in NORTH Korea. Is that really a question?
      Don;t you guys read newspapers of people arrested in those countries for stupid things foreigners do.

      1. P4P in Mainland China is rampant. You obviously have not been there. Shenzhen, Dongguang, Shanghai… major mongering destinations. Since Xijinping’s crackdown 2 years ago, there is a lot less…the blatant places are gone, there are still those that exist that are less blatant. I did see some street walkers during my last visit… though I wasn’t there to partake in any illicit activities.

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