Havana Ebony Chica

Up early on my second day in Havana, feeling hungry  so have a lovely toasted sandwich near my casa.   Decide to go for a morning walk along the same route I met that Mulatto chica yesterday.  Down Calle 23, along the Malecon and into centro.  Feeling horny and wonder if there is any early morning action to be had in Havana.

Jet Lag

The reason I could not sleep in was the time difference with London and Havana.  My jet lag is always alot worst when I travel west as opposed to east.  Late night in Havana is early morning in London.  Late night in Bangkok is late afternoon in London.  It always takes at least a few days to adjust.  Its also why when I return home I need a few days to recover before returning to work.   For the first night or two, its pure excitement that drives you, so much to be discovered.

Good Morning Havana

Its a lovely morning in Havana, the sky is blue the sun is shining, its also hot.  Not many chicas about though.  Havana is more a late night venue.

habana libre
Havana malecon

A better time I am thinking for chica hunting would be after 11 AM when most would have gotten out of bed.  I dont suppose the real late night more hardcore hookers would venture out until 2 or 3pm.  The plan was over the next two weeks to try different places, different times of the day.  Try and get lucky, the right place, right time.  Im out to get lucky 🙂

Havana cuba

The sun shines directly on the Malecon in the morning rising over the old fort or forteleza de la cabana and lighthouse or Del Morro.  Havana is a great place for some photography as well as some mongering.  I not venture out yet with my DLSR, just got my compact camera on me.

Havana Malecon

All those old cars set against a backdrop of crumbling colonial buildings really is a sight to behold that never loses it visual appeal.

havana street
centro havana

I walk into centro and the streets are pretty quiet early in the morning.  No families or chicas sat outside their front doors.  Not much has changed since 1960 looking at the picture above.


I liked the colors of this old car parked along a calle in centro, it blended into the same colors of the old building behind it.  Is it art imitating life? Or life imitating art?

havana cuba
havana centro

I make my way further through centro pass where I stopped last night in Havana meeting that Mulatto chica.  Up San Rafael, pass where a bar used to be, where I met that latina chica that one night in Havana nearly 10 years ago.  That bar has gone now, pass the hotel Inglaterra and back down to the Malecon.

Check out my mongering map of Havana to get your bearings.  It was a lovely walk through Havana but would seem the chicas are still tucked up in their beds without me.

El Carmelo, Calle 23

That afternoon I pay my landlord 5 nights for the casa and he has a mulatto girlfriend who he can introduce me to.  Tells me she is very nice, aged 27,  she would do short time for 60 CUC.  But no photos of her on his mobile phone.  No guarantee I would like her, I have my own tastes, could be a waste of time, plus I just like hunting down my own pussy.

That afternoon I had a really nice meal along calle 23 at a cuban restaurant called El Carmelo, huge plate of rice and grilled fish, a couple of cold beers all coming in under 10 CUC.  In El Carmelo there were some nice waitresses working  who were flirting with me.  The waitresses would be easy game.  But their English not so good, this is where you need to speak some passable Spanish.  But there are just opportunities everywhere in Havana for some pussy wherever you go, maybe not early morning though.  But always remember they are not going to drop their panties for free, they want to make money, second to wanting to fuck you.


The plan now was to walk back down through Centro early evening from Vedado via Neptuno which runs all the way to El Capitolio.   I could have rang up that Mulatto chica from the day before and met up with her again, but I was not in Havana looking for a regular girlfriend thing, I not want to get involved, I wanted pussy variety, I had lust and not love.

Surely I would meet some cute chicas from tonights walkabout down Neptuno?  What I really wanted was a young black chica with big black firm tits, that would be nice.  In my minds monger eye I imagined a sexy ebony chica standing in front of me….  And for those of you bored at looking at old Havana cars…

naked black chica
Ebony teen

It had been a while since I had enjoyed a big pair of firm black tits. Occasionally I get fetish for a particular female body part or sexual act.  Big black tits, nice booty, some tight teen pussy and doggy was on my mind today.

Start making my way down Neptuno, when you pass the Infanta intersection you cross over from the Vedado neighborhood into Centro.

havana centro

Vedado is a lot more upscale than centro, not so much opportunity for meeting chicas in the street as there is in centro.  Vedado is good for accommodation, centro better for street walking.

Banga Banga

Almost immediately into Centro along Neptuno I notice a group of black chicas outside a casa laughing and joking and they call me over.  Unbelievably there is a cute young black chica stood in front of me with big black tits, careful what you wish for.  She is looking up at me, big brown bright eyes, lovely skin and starts fondling my balls saying Banga Banga?  Which I am told means “you cum” “you cum”?

She not speak a word of English, so could not interview her, but agreed to go with her for 40 cuc.  She takes me a few doors down the street up some stairs and into a very old Cuban couples casa.  I pay them 10 CUC and we can use their bedroom.  The bedroom had not been prepared, a bit of mess, no en suite but it will do.

Paying up front

This black teen chica wants paying up front which I had read is a big no no in Havana.  What I do is show them the money and put it on the side under the lamp or something.   This is the best compromise for both parties.  I am sure the girls have had experiences where the punter has then discovered after the dirty deed is done that he has not got enough cash on him.

Smells like Teen Pussy

She gets her big black tits out and lets me suck them good, oh man they are perfect black tits, just looking at them makes me want to cum all over them.  She lets me put my cock between her tits and rubs them up and down.  She then gives me some BBBJ.  I take her shorts and panties down and bend her over the bed.  Her pussy smells a bit fishy, this is why I like to shower them first, especially in all that heat outside and the fact I might be sloppy seconds or thirds.

I try to block out the fishy smell and fuck her doggy over the bed.  For a teen, her pussy is not tight,  it was like throwing a sausage in a bucket and I am not exactly small in that department.  Lovely tits though and manage to cum without a problem.  I ask to take a picture of her, she say No!  Then I offer her 5 CUC and she say yes immediately, nothing is free in Havana not even a photo of your chica.

cuban ebony chica
Centro black chica

I was really enjoying mongering in the centro district of Havana, right down my street, seemed anything was possible with some age and ethnic diversity.  The centro district of Havana was becoming my harem, my brothel.

Obispo Tourists

I carry on my walk down Neptuno but then take a bici-taxi for 5 CUC to Obispo, more trying not to blister my feet from too much walking.  Obispo is the tourist stretch of old Havana with plenty of bars and restaurants and jineteros.  The old town or viejo is alot different to centro, the buidings not so decrepid, lots of soppy tourists, families, groups, traveler types, couples.  Not my scene, I was glad I was staying in Vedado.  I not spend long in Obispo and make my way back to Vedado via another bici-taxi.

As I make my way back to my casa, 3 chicas want some business, they are lesbians and will do a foursome with me for 20 cuc each, they are not that attractive though, so decline their offer.  No end to whore mongering opportunities  in Havana,  chicas and pussy everywhere.

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