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Have you ever had fun with a Bangkok escort?

Bangkok is famous for being a haven for expats from other parts of the world. This is not only because it is Thailand’s captivating capital, but also because of its bustling nightlife and red light districts. When it comes to places that offer pleasure, Bangkok is the place to be.

Expats who travel alone can get lonely sometimes, or could use a little companionship from a nice Thai girl. Luckily, this part of the country is buzzing with companies that let you hire companion girls. What makes hiring one more practical for a lot of men is that it’s relatively cheap. When you go to a go-go bar in the city, you’ll be charged from 3,000THB, plus drinks and bar fines. But if you opt for lovely Thai escorts, you’ll pay around 5,000THB for a few hours with a lady who speaks good English and knows how to show you a fantastic time.

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Bangkok gogo girls

When speaking about escorts many people may think about sex workers, but different from street hookers, escort models are mostly a higher class person who could go along with a client to social events or formal parties, someone who is ladylike and presentable.

There are many of Thai escorts & escort service agencies in Bangkok and they are mostly pretty professional. New agencies also open apparently every month.

Similar to many things here, an escort in Bangkok might not be exactly what you anticipate. The phrase “Bangkok escort” doesn’t certainly mean a superior model.  It is used to tell a sex worker who is booked online or over a phone call, and who meets a client at a hotel or residence. But not every Bangkok escort girls are only a prostitute who comes to you. There are many high class escorts, cultured ladies, sophisticated women who know how to dress, ladies who could companion you to a business meeting, girls with the poise, fashion and language skills who are able to fit in almost any event. They are usually educated and do escorting as a part time job. These classy escorts mostly need to be arranged in advance and obviously these ladies don’t come cheap.

Some of escort agencies in Bangkok do not have any offices. They are usually operated by one person who has made a website listing some escort model girls, along with a contact number and email for client to contact them.  When a client book one of the models shown in their website, the girl is contacted and sent to customer’s hotel.  This sort of Bangkok escort agencies tends to use freelancers or girls working in night clubs and bars.  Some of these escort agencies that running in this way have websites featuring fake photos and information of the girls or often uses photoshopped photos of models.

The reputed Bangkok escort agencies have their exclusive escort girls. These agencies guarantee their models exclusivity to earn 100,000 baht per month. Their models don’t work with any other escort companies nor can they be found in any other nightlife venues such A-go-go bars. They are intently vetted and well-trained before they are shown on the gallery of website and the provided information of escort models is almost always recent and accurate.

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Bangkok escort

Bangkok escorts are offering the same service as bars, in the absence of the dancing, the drinking and the common bar experience. For those want discretion and easement, Bangkok escort agencies are an ideal alternative.

Cost of Escort Service in Bangkok

It depends on the escort model you choose and sort of service you want and the long of time you want the service. For example girls who offer A-level service or fetish escort service are more expensive, also hiring a sexy Russian escort or a stunning western lady usually will cost you more than Thai models.

The common service session provided by most agencies in Bangkok is 2 hours for 5,000 – 6,000 baht.  Overnight bookings are offered with 8,000 – 10,000 baht.  Offered rates are reasonable when you think about the total cost of drinks, short-time room, bar fine and the bar girl’s fee in a gogo bar. But when you book girls from escort agencies the class of girls they offer is higher and the service is better also escorts usually stay the full 2 hours.

Here’s How to Have Fun with Bangkok City Escorts

Choosing an escort can be quite mind-boggling, especially when your choices are all tremendously attractive and alluring. To help you make you choose from Thai to Russian girls or western escorts, take a look at these tips:

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  • Find a trusted and highly recommended escort agency. If there are reviews from previous clients, the better. That way, you’ll have a guarantee that it is reliable. Be sure to look into the web thoroughly for any signs that could indicate the company that hires out escorts is not trustworthy.
  • Check the girls’ pictures. Sometimes, scammers use studio pictures of girls to lure men into booking a fake escort. If the photos are too good to be true, then it could probably be. So, better move on to the next site.
  • Plan your budget. The prettier and more high-class the Bangkok City escorts are, the more expensive they will be. So, be realistic about your budget. Keep in mind that you’ll also spend for the lady if you want her to have a good time.
  • Be prepared to make the call. You’re going to have to call the escort company to set an appointment with the lady you would want to date. This is also the time when you can ask questions if you have any, including venue of the appointment, length of time she can spend with you, etc. But, don’t ask the lady about any sexual acts or positions she can do because that would be cold and rude.
  • Be ready with your references. Some companies that hire out Thai escorts might ask for references to find out if you’ve hired any lady companion in the past, know about your employment and to verify your information. These companies are also concerned about their girls, so they want to make sure that they are not dealing with criminals.

Once you have chosen one of the Bangkok City escorts, it’s now time to prepare for your date. Expect your date to look sexy and smell good. So, as a sign of respect to her, make yourself presentable, too. Remember: treat your date as if she was your friend and she will treat you right in return.


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  1. Thanks for the guest post from Bangkok escort girls.

    I have never been with an escort when I have been mongering in Bangkok or never rang one up and enquired. I have always been a fan of the red light districts of Bangkok like Nana Plaza and soi cowboy and always found girls in the Gogos.

    In recent years though this has changed, and it is getting hard to find a nice thai girl in a Bangkok gogo or bar, after barfines, drinks and the girls short time fee you are not left with much baht out of 5000. At the same time there has been real growth in Bangkok escort agencies.

    I think next time I am in Bangkok, I will try a good reputable escort agency like Bangkok escort girls. I like the fact Bangkok escort girls also have Russians and Ebony girls. So I will give a punters review.

    Anyone else with experience in using Bangkok escort agencies?

    Some supposedly escort agencies in Bangkok are not what they claim. Stickman recently did a report on a guy who just photoed thai freelancers working in the beer garden.

    So would not want a thai girl who works in the bar and does some escorting on the side. Ideally a young thai full time student, nurse or something who does a little escorting on the side. Nothing hardcore please

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