Havana Mulatto Chica

I was where I wanted to be, 24 hours ago I was at home in London now I was just leaving my casa in Vedado Havana Cuba.  I head out onto the mean streets of Havana hoping to meet my first Cuban Chica. Well the first in nearly 10 years since that inspiring one night in Havana.  I was horny too, my balls were heavy.

Beggars and fantasies

Its late afternoon, blistering heat as  I leave my casa.  Almost immediately a woman with her family asks me for a dollar.  She got her daughter with her who must have been around 17, a very pretty mulatto or mixed race girl.  The young chica is looking up at me smiling with a twinkle in her eye.  Already I am thinking maybe in Havana anything is possible, where your sexual fantasies can become reality.  From my white skin they must have known I was fresh, a newbie.  I not have any small change and they not speak any English so let them pass.

The Malecon

The plan was to walk down calle 23 or La Rampa towards the Malecon or sea front.  Walk along the Malecon and into the streets of centro.  Then maybe into the tourist old town to check out the scene.  Somewhere along the way I would have something to eat and some beers, not to many though.

Havana cuba

Along the Malecon I stop off for something to eat, some pork and rice.  Not bad, food and drink is a  little pricey along the Malecon.  For late afternoon lots of Cubans going about their business along Calle 23, the Malecon was pretty quiet though.  I walk along the Malecon and detour into the streets of the Centro district of Havana.

Centro Havana

The Centro area of Havana is between Vedado and the tourist district of the old town.  Not many tourists venture into centro it looks rough but is in fact completely safe to go on a walkabout.  Lots of poor families mostly black live in the centro district.

havana cuba

There are a lot of chicas around the centro district of Havana many of which are pro to semi pro chicas always keen to make a few dollars.

havana centro
Centro chicas

A walkabout is my favorite mode of mongering or when pussy hunting.  A new opportunity may be around the next corner, you dont know who you might bump into, the unexpected.  Late afternoon and into the evening many families sit outside their front door around centro.  The people are very friendly and many say hello and want to chat.

Centro havana
Centro havana

The streets in Centro Havana still look the same as they did in 1960.  Although many of the building could do with some serious repairs.

centro havana
Centro Havana

So I am zig zagging through the streets of Centro and pass a group of woman standing outside their house enjoying the evening sea breeze and we say hello.  One of the woman was a very attractive young Mullato chica.  She speaks good English and I tell her she looks very nice and is very pretty.  She smiles and invites me inside for some coffee.

From coffee to sex

Now I am sat on a rocking chair inside one of these big colonial buildings with the daughter, the mother, the grandmother and her cousin enjoying a cup of Cuban coffee.  I love the high ceilings of these period buildings, very interesting inside and she gives me a little tour of all the rooms including her bedroom.  I dont know where this is going tonight, but I sure fancy her and would love to fuck this girl.

This Cuban Mulatto chica was not a pro girl, but all girls in Cuba are potentially semi pro.   She tells me she works as a dancer, I could see through her white dress she was wearing that underneath she was very slim and fit.   She was aged 25 but looked younger, no kids of her own, not yet.  Lucky her English was good as my Spanish was very poor.  We could hold a conversation.  She has been to Europe before, Germany and France.  Makes me wonder if she has some foreign boyfriends, some sponsors maybe?

Nothing for free

Money is too tight and hard to come by in Cuba for a cute chica to turn down an opportunity.  It makes me laugh PUA guys who come to Cuba expecting to get sex for free.  If they are so good at pick up why not just stay local?  The only thing you can get for free in Cuba is some cock!  🙂 I had no pretenses about how I might get into this chicas panties tonight.

Later we decide to buy some beers and have a little party.  Me and the chica walk down to a bar along the Malecon and I spend 30$ on a load of cans of beer and we return to her house.   We chat and get more relaxed.  Its always good to get some alcohol into your prey.  The family say I can stay with them for next two weeks if I want for $15 a night, what an offer, but I was happy with my casa in Vedado.

On her Own

I am thinking about taking her back to my casa in Vedado and she says she will come but only with her cousin.  I not want two chicas in my apartment, her cousin looks a bit dodgy.  She not want to come alone though, at night too many problems with tourists with chicas and the police.  I tell her I want to talk to her in private.  So she invites me to her bedroom.  We sit on the bed and chat a little and I put some little kisses on her, she tell me too rapido.  That if I want to fuck her now then she wants $50!  So without a second thought I hand over $50.

Shaved Mulatto Pussy

I sit on the bed and this gorgeous mixed race chica strips naked in front of me.  really tight fit slim body, light brown skin small tits and a shaved pussy.  I suck her little tits and her nipples are hard but also have a few hairs.  Figure that, a shaved pussy but hairy nipples.  Would prefer it the other way around.

naked brown chica
mixed race

I do love mixed race girls with a natural dark hairy bush.  its hard these days to find a cute chica who not shave her pussy.  Real turn on for me a natural or trimmed bush but not going to turn down a mixed race shaved pussy.   I not even think about oral sex or blowjobs.  I just need to get my cock inside her pussy.   I got her on the bed on all fours, grabbed hold of her tight little brown buttocks and fucked her intensely doggy.  A great first fuck in Centro Havana with a gorgeous Mulatto chica.

Feeling Better

After we got some more beers and the party continued.  Her family not but an eyelid, its quite normal behavior when money is tight. Now I was feeling alot more relaxed and relieved, she told me she felt alot better too.  I wanted to take a photo but she not let me.  She not look a lot different from this mixed race chica.

mulatto pussy
Shaved pussy

Later I learn most chicas will say no to a photo, but you just need to offer them a few dollars and then they are up for it.   I was tired and feeling very jet lagged.  I tell her I want to leave to sleep .  She gave me her phone number and I was to return tomorrow evening and she would cook us all a big dinner,  a big feast, a feast fit for kings and queens, guess who was paying for it all?  But I do like a chica who can cook.  You do all the cooking and Ill pay all the bills. 🙂

All along the Malecon

I walk back through Centro and along the Malecon.  Its around midnight now.  I had been in that Mulatto chicas casa for about 5 hours and had a great time, a very unique experience.  The malecon is packed with Cuban people sitting on the sea wall, drinking, singing and enjoying the cooler temperature.  A few chicas grab my hand and want some business, collected a few more phone numbers.  I am just doing some recon, some of the chicas along the Malecon were cute and sure I would return to fish here another night.

La Rampa Chicas

I walk back up the La Rampa or calle 23.  There are a few bars and clubs along Calle 23 and there are alot of people on the street mostly young.  A few young chicas come over and want to come back to my casa with me.  One of them is really really cute but not even look 18 let alone 21.  She was very keen and started following me so had to shake her off.  Return to my casa alone and have a good nights sleep.  A good first night out mongering in Centro Havana. What chica delights would tomorrow bring?

4 thoughts on “Havana Mulatto Chica”

  1. Never knew it was this easy in Cuba. Here I am just returned from Phnom Penh and still feeling eager to jump back on a plane and go to Cuba. But as they say if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. I will continue to experience cuba through your posts.

    1. Thanks Illusion, alot more stories to come. It helps being extremely good looking 🙂 Money talks in Havana
      It helps to be bold and speak some Spanish, your score rate will increase many fold with these two traits especially with non pro girls
      So many stones left unturned, I would recommend visiting Havana in the cool season November to February.

      So how you get on in Phnom Penh?

      To be honest I now have travel fatigue, I am sick of the site of airports etc. I need to travel slow which means flying somewhere and
      just staying there for 1 to 3 months.

  2. Action seems to be plentiful in Havana, I am enjoying your posts.

    Trip to PP eventually turned out to be a good experience. Change of scenery from LOS and Philippines. I liked it down there and will surely return. It is not cheap anymore though. Skipped snooky this time and went to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, stayed 1 night.

    1. Glad you are enjoying my Havana Trip Report.
      Yes Phnom Penh takes some getting used to compared to Thailand and Philippines, but eventually you fall into the groove and then get to enjoy the Cambodian girls.
      For any more recent mongers to the Asia I know its a cliche now but you really missed the best years and prices, early 2000s, I wished I had experienced the scene much earlier in the 80s and 90s
      I am reposting my earlier experiences and the original mongerplanet here
      Its going to take a year to repost everything, seo friendly this time. I enjoy reliving the experiences. Many things I forgot, like 1000 baht long time for a pretty pattaya bar girl
      Its been nearly a year now since I have been back from Asia and starting to miss it again. A few nights in Bangkok is always good but most of all I miss Cambodia.

      Taking a break from Asia with this trip west to Cuba.

      So Illusion, do you take pictures? How about a guest post from yourself on one of your trips? A perspective from an Indian monger?

      Anyone else want to leave their mark on mongerplanet? with a guest post? use the contact/about page to get in touch

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