Havana Cuba

Time to take a summer mongering break from work.  Been working like a dog and all work and no play makes John a dull dull boy.  But where would I go?  Long haul for sure, but where?  Not Africa, not yet.  Everywhere it looked hot and was coming in expensive.   Something old or something new?  Cartagena in Colombia was coming in strong but so was Havana in Cuba


I was monitoring possible flights to various destinations on Sky Scanner.  A great portal for possible routes, prices etc.  You can set up an alert on Sky Scanner and get them pushed to your email when there are any price changes.  I could get a relatively cheap flight to Havana in Cuba via Mexico.  Sky Scanner is your one stop shop for finding the best flights available IMHO.

I not want to return to Asia.  I spent a few months in 2014 mongering in Asia.   With Africa also eliminated the only other option was going west to the Caribbean or Latin America.  I not fancy a return to Brazil or the Dominican republic.

Cuba Past, Present

I was interested in returning to Havana in Cuba.  I always promised myself I would return to exclusively monger in Havana after an absence of nearly 10 years.  Cuba has recently been getting in the news too as relations between Cuba and the USA thaw.  If the thawing continues Havana will change beyond all recognition as it transitions from its current 1950’s time trap to the present day.

Pussy Variety

Once again Havana will become the playground to all those American mongers. Especially Afro American mongers  who flood Rio De Janeiro in Brazil and Sosua in the Dominican.  Not that this will necessary turn out a bad thing, Cuba needs to change, but this might be my last chance to experience Havana as it is, cheap and stuck in the past.

ebony shaved pussy
Cuba Pussy

My last mongering trip in Europe Estonia had been a complete failure in terms of available pussy, girls to fuck.  I needed to make amends to compensate.   I fancied something different, some plentiful, easily available ebony and latina pussy.  I was confident in Havana I would be spoiled for choice for pussy, the whole gamut from  white to black, latina, mulatta, old and some young teen pussy. And of course something Asia seriously lacks big tits and big asses!

latina teen
latina pussy

What really clinched the deal was discovering Havana had a nice beach very near by, playa de este.  I did not want to spend two or three weeks in just once hot humid city and not fancy travelling around.

Flight booked

I was sold and booked my flight via Sky Scanner to Havana in  Cuba. It was leaving from Heathrow in London with AeroMexico and a 6 hour layover at Mexico city.   Direct flights to Havana were coming in too expensive.  The alternative is to fly into Varadero and then get a coach to Havana.  But no suitable flights were coming in for Varadero only Holguin which was too far away from Havana for my liking.

Too hot

It was only after I booked my flight to Cuba I then learned that in July the temperature could be oppressive in Havana.  I do hate too hot!  The cool season like most of the tropics is November to February.  I had to go somewhere though and it sure was not going to be Europe again.  So I was all set for my return to Havana in Cuba, I had a couple of weeks to research.

Hotel or Casa?

Hotels are not really girl friendly in Havana.  The recommended advice is to book a casa particular, or private residence.  Most casa’s will be girl friendly.  If you meet a chica in Havana, she will always know a casa you can rent short time.  But if you want long time or tudos la noche the girlfriend thing and save a few dollars then your own casa is the way to go.

Hotel Deauville

I was torn between a particular hotel called the Deauville and a casa. The hotel Deauville was cheap, perfect location with balconies overlooking the Malecon.  I sure could indulge my passion for some photography given a room with a view .  A rooftop pool and chicas. The reviews on TripAdvisor were horrific though, including finding cockroaches in the bed.  I hate cockroaches.  In fact the locals call it cockroach hotel.  The majority of the reviews were negative it was not just the odd one, so this put me off.

Real Havana

I downloaded a guide called Real Havana and found this to be an excellent source of information.  It was through the Real Havana guide that I booked up a casa for 30$ a night in Vedado.  Right next to calle 23 or La Rampa and the Habana Libre hotel.  It’s recommended you stay in Vedado, a lot less tourists, cheaper and quieter late a night.  There are many hotels within the Vedado area that for a fee you can use the pool each day.

Monger Network

I also paid for my first monger e-book, the gentleman’s guide to Havana by Jonsie who runs Monger Network and a few other Latin American monger forums.  The guy has over 80 visits to Havana under his belt so should be able to part with alot of information.  I found the guide lacking in detail and not really tell me anything I did not know already.  The real havana guide was worth every penny. But still I had done my havana mongering research.

Visa Cuba

You need a visa to goto Cuba and I used the online service called  VisaCuba.  You pay £15 online fill in your details and within 5 working days I received my visa via recorded delivery, no problems there.   So with my flight, visa and accommodation booked I was all set to return to Havana in Cuba.


English is not so widely spoken in Havana and you will be at a distinct advantage with the chicas if you cannot get yourself understood.  I started to learn some Spanish a few  years back when I visited Costa Rica and then the Dominican republic.  I picked up where I left off with the Duolingo app.   This is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish and can download to your mobile phone, it can get addictive.  Every word you learn will help.   The alternative is to hire a jinetero who speaks some English to do some negotiations for you.  Not speaking the local lingo makes the interview almost impossible.

London to Havana

It was a late night flight from London to Mexico city. Checked in and paid a bit extra for an exit seat.  Its a 10 hour flight to Mexico city and managed to sleep through most of it.  Arriving in Mexico city around 4AM in the morning.   I slept through most of the layover too. I was considering heading into Mexico city during my layover and spending a few hours there to pass the time.  But not want to risk it really.

The connecting  flight to Havana was on time and took around two and half hours.  Straight through customs at Havana, I was one of the first off the plane.  The customs official checking my passport was a young Cuban chica, in a short mini skirt and black fishnet stockings.  I was already getting turned on.  I then had to wait about an hour for my luggage on baggage reclaim and it was HOT!  No air con.

cuba cars
old cars

Through real Havana, I had a taxi waiting for me, holding up a card with my name and he took me to my casa particular for 20$.  Its about a 35 minute drive from the airport to Vedado in Havana.  An experience being driven in one of those old bangers which are still everywhere.

Casa Particular

Check into my casa particular and meet my landlord.  A friendly Cuban guy.  Its a one bedroom apartment with my own keys so no problem bringing back any chicas I might find.

vedado casa
casa particular

The flat has fridge, freezer cooking facilities, aircon, couple of electric fans, shower, hot water and a room safe.  My landlord warns me though about underage girls.  Any chicas I bring back need to be 21 or over else we will both get in trouble with the police.

Money Matters, Cadeca

I unpacked and then needed to change some money up.  A two minute walk from my apartment was a Cadeca where you can change your cash, pounds sterling for me into Cuban Convertibles or CUC.  CUC is pegged to the US Dollar so is the same changing your currency to Dollars.  I then exchanged some CUC into the national pesos.  You can use this currency to pay for food and taxi’s etc. rather than handing over CUC all the time.

The Cadecas are open all day from 8 AM to 8 PM so no problems changing up my money.  They do not accept notes with any tears or writing on.  The banks will accept less than perfect notes of which there was one next door to the Cadeca.  The bank also had working ATM’s of which you wont have a problem if your card is not owned by an American bank.  There is a 6 CUC charge for using the ATM though so better to use cash.  I purchased some water and headed back to the apartment.

Now I was unpacked, refreshed, money in my pocket, camera on my belt.  I could go out chica hunting, nail my first chica in Havana.  The first of 15 days and nights mongering in Havana.

2 thoughts on “Havana Cuba”

  1. Great that you visited Cuba before it embraces Western capitalism …which looks inevitable now. It can only ruin things like LOS has turned out now.
    Look forward to reading about your experience there.

    1. Yes I always wanted to return to Havana since that one nights experience there nearly 10 years ago. I can tell you not much has changed in Havana. More tourists, prices slightly up but plenty of chicas available prices range from 30$ up to 100$ in the clubs etc, but price was always negotiable if someone was asking for 100$ you could get her for 60 or 70$ many of the girls were available short time for 40$ maybe 70$ if you wanted long time

      Change is on the cards for Cuba and Havana if the current thawing with the USA continues on course. Good for Barack Obama for initiating this. But its still a socialist government still very much in control of Cuba. I would suspect they will allow change in small steps. Its so safe to walk around late at night in Havana. I wonder with capitalism if rampant crime follows? In all that real estate around Havana you still have very poor families living so cant see they are going to let them be pushed out to make way for McDonalds, Starbucks etc. Watch this space.

      Of course if american tourists can flood into Havana then that will push prices up!

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