Well I thought I would treat all you Asian porn mongers to some exclusive galleries dedicated to our favorite creatures on this planet LBFM.  If you dont know what LBFM stands for then read on, all will be revealed.  No doubt the term LBFM was coined by a monger in the Philippines.  LBFM usually refers to Filipino girls but can be widened to include any asian girls, usually Asian bar girls.

Well LBFM stands for Little Brown Fucking Machines.  Quite rude and no beating around the bush.    In Thailand I once called them Little Brown Loving machines.  This is so wrong!  Dont fall in love with Asian bar girls, never! period.  They are only ever LBFM.  This is why the term has stuck.  Find them, Fuck them, Pay them, then forget them.  Move onto your next little brown fucking machine.

filipino foot fetish
foot fetish

Now this white tourist monger has found himself a cute filipino LBFM and he has a bit of fetish.  A foot fetish to be exact.  He loves his little brown fucking machine to lay in front of him, panties pulled to the side showing off her little asian pussy and legs up wanking his hard cock with her little brown feet.  Every monger to his own, quite kinky.  What really goes on in the privacy of all those hotel rooms with all those LBFM?

filipino bareback
fucked bareback

Some of those LBFM are so cute and pretty, they are sweet too.  You take one of these little brown fucking machines long time or all night you just might wake up in the morning, fuck your LBFM bareback and then fall in love, the next step is you become a sponsor.  But your LBFM true to her name is back in the bar every night fucking every other tourist.  NEVER become a sponsor with a LBFM! Never!

lbfm pussy
shaved lbfm

Some of the LBFM you will meet in the bars will be young.   Its not unusual in Asia to see a very old western white man with a young Asian bar girl, holding hands arm in arm.  Many of these LBFM shave their pussy too.   I prefer a hairy natural Asian pussy myself.  A monger always need to be careful that fucking some young teen asian pussy is not underage.   You should always check their ID if your not sure.  Its not always a guarantee that because you barfined your LBFM, that she works in a bar, she must be of legal age.  Many bars get busted in Asia for employing underage girls or illegal immigrants.  You always need to be careful.   Dont let your fantasy turn into a nightmare.

lbfm uniform
asian school girl

Every old monger loves to fuck some legal asian teen pussy from time to time.  Often though these girls can be a starfish.  Inexperienced, lovely firm blemish free bodies but lacking fucking experience.  Many mongers buy their LBFM uniforms and sexy underwear to wear back in the hotel room.  I would love to fuck this LBFM in her school girl uniform, you only live once.  After a few Filipino teens early in their fucking machine career you begin to desire something more mature, 25+.

red lingerie

The other item of clothing that really turns me on as a monger is red lingerie.  If I have satisfied my urges for some fresh Asian teen pussy and now got myself a more mature LBFM.  I will take my LBFM to the market and buy her some sexy red lingerie to wear for me back in the hotel.  The older LBFM have usually got a baby or two back in the village, maybe a stretch mark or two.  The girls work in the bar to send money back home to the grandparents who are looking after her babies while she works as LBFM.  Often the more mature LBFM sucks cock real good with CIM no problem.

lbfm girls
asian threesome

Another monger favorite is a threesome with two LBFM when on vacation in Asia.   Threesome’s do not always work out like your fantasy.  But do not always rule a threesome out either, I have had some fantastic threesome when mongering in Asia.  Its best to get two Asian girls who are in fact bi-sexual and into each other, like these two hot Filipino LBFM.  The stuff of wet dreams can so easily become reality picking up Asian bar girls.

lbfm pussy
petite pussy

Compared to our big western body frames, many of the bar girls you will barfine in Asia will be petite LBFM.  Opposites attract in more than one way, you will see some very big western guys with small petite asian girls.  Just another thing you have to get use to on vacation in the fleshpots of Asia,  If you like bald Asian pussy or hairy pussy its best to ask your prospect during the interview or stick your hand down her panties and have a feel of that hairless pussy or not.  Back in the hotel room your LBFM will only be too happy and spread her legs in front of you so you can get a good look at that asian pussy, do what you want to it, lick it, finger it, fuck it stick some sex toys in her bald asian pussy

asian tits
lbfm naked

Due to the petite frame of the asian bar girl, many LBFM although having a lovely pussy many dont have much in the tits or ass department.  If you are a tits and ass monger then Asia is probably not the best sex destination.  But if you go on the hunt you will often find a busty LBFM or one with a nice shaped ass.  Again you just start to desire what you your current LBFM does not have.

big black cock
fucked pussy

What I love about Asia is those LBFM pussy.  I love fucking Asian pussy.   If ever one of these LBFM says to you your cock is to big for her pussy, its bullshit, she is trying to get off without fucking.  Those LBFM asian pussies can stretch to fit in the biggest tourist cocks.

So there you have a tiny taste of the huge archive of hardcore reality Asian bar girl monger porn that is available for you at LBFM. MongerPlanet in affiliation with its partners brings you only the best reality monger porn.   There is alot of shit out there.  Dont waste hours and your money on the rubbish.

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  1. If any monger reading this has never been to Angeles City you definitely need to try it. Thailand gets all the attention for the top mongering destination but I have very fond memories of Angeles City. It’s about a 45minute to 1 hour cab ride from Manila international airport. There are plenty of hotels ranging from cheap Charie to Luxury high-rise. Prices are cheap. There are hundreds of bars full of between 10 to 50 women in each. Take your pick of hundreds of LBFMs. They are sooooooo cute. I think many of them stop developing at 13 to 15 years old and they look very young. Many older dudes like that, including me. They are soooo sweet and are very submissive and agreeable. You are the man and you are in control. It’s great. When I went to Angeles for the first time I felt like an 8 year old going to Disney World for the first time. My heart was pounding and I had a boner that wouldn’t quit and I hadn’t taken any Viagra. The streets were oozing with sexy Asian females. What a rush!. After stowing away in my hotel I ventured out and it was on. I bar fined a couple hunnys and fucked for three hours straight. Took a 1 hour nap and want back out at 3:00am and fucked another LBFM for an hour. And all this after a 22 hour flight. BTW, LBFM is a term developed back during the Vietnam War by American service men that took R&R in the Philippines. The common saying was to new arrivals from the states “Have you been issued you LBFM yet?”.

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