One night in Havana

In April 2006 myself, some friends and family took our first vacation to the Caribbean island of Cuba.  We were staying for 2 weeks at an all inclusive hotel at the end of the peninsular tourist resort called Varadero.   Not strictly a mongering vacation but me and one friend planned to fit in some proactive P4P wherever an opportunity arose.

Varadero P4P

During the 90’s Varadero used to have a reputation of being the Bangkok of the Caribbean shortly after Cuba opened up to tourism. But as always with these popular burgeoning sex tourism destinations they soon have to give way to mass tourism and a crackdown on prostitution follows.  As Varadero is on a peninsular the crackdown was easy, there is only one road in.   Only Cuban residents and workers were allowed into Varadero.  At night downtown Varadeo was mostly a ghost-town regarding chicas.

Cuba Varadero

I did manage to fuck a few cute latina chicas while in Varadero.  One night we took a taxi out of Varadero to a nearby town called Santa Marta.  There was a carnival on one night that occurred once a year. Knowing it would be packed with local Cubans and chicas we did not want to pass the opportunity over.  Sure enough almost instantly out of the taxi and I am then snogging a real cute latina aged around 25. This latina semi pro girl then takes me to casa particular nearby to do the business.   A fantastic first fuck out of Varadero but the sex in and around Varadero was few and far between.  I wanted more.

hairy cuba pussy
cuban chica

On our last night in Varadero after eating out in what used to be Al Capones summer retreat we tried a nightclub called the Mambo. This turned out to be the best night club in Varadero.  Met another cute latina chica outside the Mambo who jumped into my taxi with me and took us to a nearby Casa Particular.  My friend took a black chica and we had to take turns sharing the bedroom.  Great sex again, this Cuban chicas were good fun and loved to fuck along with making some extra dollars.   this latina chica had a fantastic big pair of tits that I not want to leave alone.

cuban mulatto
Cuban chica

But that was it for some P4P in Varadero, overall a disappointment and no real urge to ever return.  During our stay in Cuba we booked an excursion to have one day and night in Havana.  You cant take a vacation to Cuba and not experience at least one night in Havana.  I made sure of that.

Havana P4P

I was looking forward to spending a night in Havana.  In Havana I could break away from the group tour and do my own thing.   We arrived in downtown Havana around midday and we immediately broke away from the main tour group.  A jinetero took us to some bar and introduced me to an 18 yo black chica, but I was not so interested.

Just going with the flow and enjoying the streets of Havana during the day.  The male street hustlers called Jineteros can be a hassle, they only want to make a few extra dollars each day via small scams and making some commission.  Otherwise the streets of Havana are almost completely safe to wander around.

havana cuba
havana chicas

I was horny in Havana, bursting to bust a nut on some of those Cuban chicas walking around.  But I had friends and family with me, I was being watched.  We had a few beers in a bar down the old town Havana along the tourist stretch called Obispo.  Two black chicas sat down outside the bar and wanted some business with me, licking their lips, inside driving me crazy with lust but I was in good company, at the moment I could do nothing about it.  Tonight in Havana I would change all that.


Later in the day the tour group reformed and we checked into our hotel that evening the Habana Libre in Vedado. That night the tour group were heading to the Tropicana club to watch a typical Cuban dance show.  I slipped away and took a taxi back to the old town of Havana.

Black Chica

I am walking back up Obispo and notice two black chicas standing on the street corner, I walk straight over to them as know they are jineteras.  They beckon me to follow them through the streets.

In Havana chicas are not allowed to be seen with tourists by the police else they will be arrested.  What the chicas do is walk about 20 yards ahead and you follow them to a casa particular.  

Casa particulars are people’s private homes.  To make money some people rent out their bedroom short time to the chicas so they can fuck their new tourist friends somewhere private.  Private enterprise at work.  There are not really any guest friendly hotels in Cuba.   But where their is a will and a lack of ready cash, there is always a way.

black chica

I follow the black chicas through the streets and into a casa particular.  One of the chica splits and leaves me with just one black chica, so no threesome.  It felt strange walking through someones living room with family sat around watching the TV,  to then fuck some chica in their bedroom.

In the bedroom the black chica gets naked and looks fantastic, a great fit body on her, early twenties. Start with some DFK and then some serious fucking on the bed,  I cum and the job is done. A full on girlfriend experience except handing over a small amount of cash at the end of it all.  To rent the casa the price was 10 CUC and to the chica it was 30 CUC.

Latina Chica

I am walking back through the streets of old town Havana, a couple of latina chicas call me over but I ignore them for now.  Varadero is nothing like Havana.  There is just pussy everywhere in Havana, even with the police presence it is still easy to hook up with a chica or two.

I am following the tourist trail and walk pass central park and across the road and pass the Inglaterra hotel.  Then I am heading down a street called San Rafael and there is a little bar on the corner and I take a look inside.

latina jinetera
havana chica

A cute latina chica comes and sits next to me at the bar and she looks just like Jennifer Lopez.  She wants some business, Casa nearby for 5$ and she wants 25$.  Having just fucked I am not so interested but she persisted, dropping her price to 20$ and then just 15$.

Jennifer is playing with my cock through my jeans now and it feels real nice, she is turning me on and I know she will be another good fuck.  Jennifer then makes me an offer I cannot refuse.   For 10$ she will give me a blowjob in the toilet no condom!  Jennifer tells me the first minute is free if not like the blowjob then not pay her anything. This Havana chica seems to really want to get into my pants one way or another and make a few bucks too of course.  She is not going to take no for answer, not tonight.

Blowjob in Toilet

There is something very erotic about Jennifer Lopez sucking you off in a public toilet, so we get up and head to the bano together.  In the cubicle I am standing there and Jennifer sits on the lavatory seat and unzips me.  I have a full erection which she plays with a little and then puts in her wet mouth.  Her sucking is really good, I mean really good like you fantasize over.  She lifts up her small mini skirt and pulls her panties to the side playing with her shaved pussy.

She wants me to fuck her in the toilet but the blowjob is just to good to stop.   She continues sucking and licking until finally I let out a wild animal like grunt and cum deep into her mouth and down her throat. With her mouth still around my cock Jennifer does not stop and sucks every last drop out.   There is a bucket of water nearby for cleaning, she washes my cock with her mouth!  Fantastic experience, something I shall never forget.   Back at the bar I give her 20$ and say buenas noches.  The reality of the sexual and chica diversity available in Havana exceeded my expectations.

cuba havana
Centro Havana

The next day having relieved my sexual frustration I enjoy doing more normal tourist stuff around Havana before heading back to Varadero.  My one night in Havana had been a great experience. Back in Varadero all I wanted to do was return to Havana.  One day sure I would return to monger in Havana.

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