Mongering Tallinn

My last day and night in Tallinn Estonia.  So far I had failed to get laid or any good sex in Tallinn.  Not through lack of trying.  The Tallinn escort scene seemed to be full of timewasters.  The hotel bar scene was completely void of any freelancers.  The freelancers in Cafe Amigo were too mature for my liking.  The girls in the strip clubs were also mature and average looking with no extras on offer.  The erotic massage was nothing to write home about.  I not have many options left.

City bus Tour

It was a lovely day in Tallinn, I decided to take an open city bus tour to kill some time and take some photos.  Cost was 19 euros and you can take all 3 lines.  You catch the tourist buses just round the corner on the bottom of Viru street.

Tallinn Estonia
Tallinn tours

I had 30 minutes to wait for the bus and was hungry so had some breakfast at a nearby cafe.  Bacon and eggs with coffee served with lettuce.  Good tour taking you all the way out to the old Russian TV tower, noticed a few strip clubs and erotic massage parlors.  Its best to do the city bus tour when you first arrive rather than the last day though.

Tallinn estonia
Tallinn city

After the city bus tour I walk back up Viru into the old town.  You can climb one of the big church towers for 2 euros and stays open until 6pm.  Too early to catch any sunsets over Tallinn, but great views all the same.  Good exercise too, not for the faint hearted.   Again exchange some small chat with some young foreign female photographers on top of the tower.

Estonian Girls

Back down on the streets of the old town of Tallinn, all I could do is look at all the hot Estonian girls I would have liked to have fucked given half the chance.

Estonian girls
Tallinn girl

Looks like a nice bit of Estonian ass under that mini skirt.  Perhaps I need to concentrate more on getting some regular pussy, a girlfriend.

Estonian girl
Tallinn talent

Now some girls you can tell are just sluts.  How does that guy manage to get himself some fine Estonian ass?  If I am not careful my mongering trip to Tallinn in Estonia will be the first I have had to jerk off in the hotel room.

Tallinn girls
Estonian babe

When I was researching mongering in Tallinn one seasoned monger on the international sex guide reported it was a great little European city to sit in the sunshine drink beer and watch all the pretty girls walk by.  I was enjoying the sunshine, refreshing beers, the photography and the people watching.  But I am a monger at heart and nearly 3 full days in, Tallinn in Estonia was looking like a bad choice for P4P.

Radisson Olumpia

My last evening in Tallinn I take a look over the other Radisson hotel Olumpia.  Just for something to do really, not expecting much.  I was right, the hotel bar was empty.  I am wondering though if the hotel bar scene is better in the week rather than the weekend, when the business travelers are in Tallinn?

Radisson Olumpia

This Radisson hotel has an attached casino with a bar.  I wanted to take a look inside the casino but you need your passport to enter.  I not carry my passport around with me when I travel.  All these hotels are within easy walking distance to the center Viru.  Olumpia hotel is the furthest out.  So I had done the hotel bar circuit around Tallinn and nothing to report, no freelancers spotted.  The hotels have either cleaned up their act or week nights are better?

tallinn estonia
Tallinn dusk

I make my way back to the other Radisson hotel and enjoy a few beers from the sky lounge bar and take a few pictures of the sunset over Tallinn.  Sunday night and its pretty quiet, seems most of the tourists have gone home.  Taken the ferry back to Finland.

Photography HDR

There is nowhere to use a mini tripod in the sky bar. So could not get any long exposures.  Handheld my camera and took three different exposures then merged then into a HDR image ( high dynamic range ) using Lightroom.  I had to pay for that!  Now I am beginning to understand photo shopped images 🙂

Shooters Bar

I drop my DLSR camera back off at the hotel G9 and take a walk back down to Viru street. Its almost deserted now.  I wander into shooters bar and have a beer.  A few people in a few old ones too but mostly a younger crowd.  Lovely Estonian barmaid, very curvy and pretty, kept looking over at me looking at her.  I am pretty sure many of these younger girls are into older men if you look good for your age.  The attached young men will quickly go into cock block mode though.

Börsi Gentlemen’s Club

Dont know why – decided I wanted to try another strip club called Borsi.  Took a walk up and a couple of mean looking Russian bouncers usher me in.  A cute blonde Russian girl greets me when I walk in and is calling me baby.  Decide to stop for a while and have a beer.  I had alot of unspent euros on me.  Its 10 euros entry into Borsi and 5 euros for a beer.  Seems to be pretty standard pricing for the strip clubs in and around the old town of Tallinn and off Viru.

Russian Private Dancer

I watch three strippers take it in turn to go topless and tip them 5 euros each.  I not have any of that fake money on me.  The Russian girl comes and sits with me.  She wants some champagne at 50 euros. Pay for a lady drink which is 25 euros.  Just want to see where all this leads.  I agree a private strip with the Russian girl, 15 minutes for 70 euros.  So alot better deal than the Soho strip club which is a little out of the city center.

Erotic Wanking

The Russian girl tells me she cant touch me, but I can wank myself off while she strips in front of me and plays with herself.  This sounded like quite an erotic experience, maybe I could have an explosive orgasm this way and shed all that old sperm.  I had never done this before.  I had never had a wank on a mongering trip, never had to cum this way.   May be a first for Tallinn.  She gives me a kiss on the cheek and will change into a little red lacy sexy number for me.  Again she is trying to upsell, will give me a really good show if I buy her some champagne, which I decline.

Russian teen
Russian strip

In the private room, this Russian whore  gives me some tissue and she begins to strip to the music.  I get my cock out and am trying to wank.  It continues but I cannot cum.   After its over she asks for another 50 euros for letting me wank.  I remind her of our agreement and throw the tissue in the bin.  I notice about 20 other screwed up tissues in the bin, would seem its been quite a busy day for this Russian stripper.

I leave Borsi and the doorman want to whisk me off to a brothel out of town.  They are quite persistent but manage to politely shake them off.  The Russian area of Tallinn is Lasnamäe.   Its in Lasnamäe where they take you to some Russian brothels.  I not fancy it.  Dont trust these characters.

I am sure getting to the brothel, fucking some whore and getting back will work out pretty expensive with these Russian mafia types.  They aint doing it to help you out.  They want your euros plain and simple as much as possible. They prey on the newbie, they not understand repeat business.  It makes me wander too if the girls on offer are trafficked?  considering we dont know the names of these brothels or where they are?


I wander back down to Viru, the streets are very quiet.  After midnight there is nowhere to eat except the McDonalds.  I got some energy left so check out the Venus nightclub.  Quiet inside the Venus nightclub. There are still a few British stag parties in town due to the long bank holiday weekend back in the UK.  But just another Sunday night in Tallinn and Estonia.  Venus has a couple of young sexy female dancers on the stage to watch and gloat.  Nothing available in the Venus nightclub so head back over to Cafe Amigo.

Outside the Venus nightclub, taxi drivers call out to me, they will take me to a brothel for 10 euros.  I not fancy it.  Dont like being taken to a brothel with no name.  No doubt you would have to strike up a deal with them to wait and bring you back into Tallinn city center.  For a tourist I am sure they would hike up the prices in the brothel.  No guarantee I would like the girls I see.

Inside cafe Amigo its very quiet for a Sunday night.  Its free entry as so quiet but no freelancers.  So Friday and Saturday night is best for the nightclubs in Tallinn.


My worst mongering trip ever to Tallinn in Estonia.  Failed to fuck.  I thought Bratislava in Slovakia was the worst before this trip to Tallinn.  At least in Bratislava there were out of town brothels like Kolva that had an internet presence and reviews.  The outer brothels in Tallinn seem to have no names, which I do not trust.

Would seem cities like Tallinn along with Bratislava and Krakow in Poland  are popular destinations for weekend getaways and stag parties.  Krakow is the best choice though IMHO.  Riga in Latvia is very popular too, but not been yet so cannot comment .   The strip clubs in Krakow have many pretty young teens to choose from and there are many good brothels in the city outskirts.  Krakow is the one place in Europe I have had success ringing up the local escorts too.

It’s difficult to get some serious mongering in Tallinn.  Leave Tallinn to the many tourists.   I will always wander though, what those brothels in Tallinn are like?  The ones the taxi drivers will take you too for 10 euros.  Anyone with any experience mongering in Tallinn Estonia please comment below.  My feeling was if your in Tallinn for a long time, or a regular visitor then you will make contacts and get some quality pussy for around 100 euros.  For the one off short time mongering trip to Tallinn, forget it.

7 thoughts on “Mongering Tallinn”

  1. So Tallinn is definitely a Know, Know. Many thanks for the honest report which I’m sure in a quite positive sense will be much appreciated by many of your readers.

    When I had to make a decision between Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia I chose by gut feeling alone Riga in Latvia and had 2 satisfying trips, first trip as a lone mongerer and then on my second trip on a stag weekend with around twenty other boozed up friends. Riga probably has everything you wanted and dreamed of in Tallinn including that lovely knock on your hotel room door arranged previously by phone.

    Problem now though not just in the Baltic states but Eastern Europe and parts of the Soviet Union too is the fact that most of the working girls now just get on a plane to places like Dubai, Beirut, Bahrain where very, very easy tax free money awaits those who look right and know how to behave.

    Finally, I will leave you with this thought. In one particular well known 5 Star hotel off London’s Park Lane in England, a Middle Eastern customer reportedly gave a high class visiting call girl £5000.00 (Five thousand pounds.)

    1. Thanks Joseph, easy when you know how, I am sure some Nuclear physicists would say its easy
      Not sure I want a funnier time but more fun or some pussy would be cool.
      From a tourists perspective Tallinn is difficult to monger. Seems the only option was taxis taking you into the Russian zone

      So please give us some details on how pussy in Tallinn is easy? using the escort sites is mostly a big waste of time

      1. you just need to do a proper google search.

        Google Tallinn Escorts and you find some legit pages.

        Or go

        there are some english posts too

  2. Ive been in talinn for 5 days and your article is 100% spot on.This website litsid doesn’t have 1 orginally photo for a so called escort website.. They are all fake and the women are older and ugly ad fuck than their web photos .this is a warning +37258476602
    This girl Karina robbed me 170 euros. Told me she had to give it to her driver and ran off .true I’m a fool to fall for that but fuck it you can cheat me once. In fact I’d pay to avoid fucking a fat hag like that. .please put up my review and warn people to avoid her and the website .it’s a scam

    1. I think most mongers have had one or two bad experiences like this under their belt. Just put it down to experience and move on. Thanks for sharing and warning others.

      Even I was fooled by the online profiles on the Estonia escort sites. They were posting photos of well known models, but what made them real was they were just shot in a normal apartment. Most escort sites are full of fake profiles. This highlights why mongers do not like to pay up front. especially with an escort though on outcall, some will insist on being paid up front, if you think its ok, then dont let her out of your sight. Or show her you have the money and put it somewhere where both can see it. Some wont agree to this, and considering all the calls you have made, and the time wasted getting this far you are going to feel reluctant to let her go, but you should.

      For mongering in Tallinn avoid the escorts sites, the best you can hope for is an erotic massage, maybe a strip, maybe a freelancer in the Veru nightclub. Or take your chances with a taxi driver.

  3. Spot on post, Tallinn is the worst mongering place I’ve ever been to, hard to get pussy overall since there is a little language barrier sometimes, i went to the Russian zone and i was not amazed over the selections, told the driver i was broke and had to come back later, he did manage to push me for the 50 euros i had in my wallet, but i just payed to escape and knowing that this country ain’t my place at all. The clubs are also shit.

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