Tallinn Erotic Massage

My second day in Tallinn Estonia was about to unfold.  My first day and night mongering in Tallinn had been an adventure but no pussy, so also a failure.  I had not completely given up on the Tallinn escorts and intended to get back on the phone today.  I was hoping that incall threesome was on at 2pm in some Tallinn city center apartment, that would sort me out.

Golden Massage

The included breakfast at the G9 hotel is just a sandwich and cup of coffee, edible but not very exciting.  I head out around Viru to snap some pics and get my bearings.

viru tallinn
Golden massage

I check out Golden Massage just off the bottom of Viru street.  A nice Estonian girl opens the door, early twenties blonde, with a see thru top on and no bra.  Lovely pair of big firm tits and my cock was getting hard in my pants looking at those tits, I could see her nipples. She was busy now.  Usually need an appointment at Golden Massage and told me to come back after 1pm.

These massage parlours offer erotic massage which lasts 45 minutes and includes a happy ending.  You will pay extra for her to go topless and there is no touching.  Not particularly cheap either at least 75 euros.  Better than nothing I suppose, nothing was all I was getting so far in Tallinn, I had a load to release.

Tallinn Tourist

To kill some time I wander around with my Canon DSLR taking some pictures and getting used to some of the settings.  The sun was shining bright so used a polarizing filter.


Back into the old town of Tallinn its a Saturday afternoon and some nice totty hanging about outside the shooters bar.  Is she waiting for me? Could do with some of that right now!

Tallinn pussy
Tallinn girl

Using a lens they recommend for travelling goes wide angle to super zoom 18-200mm.  Nice.  You fit in with all the tourists with a DSLR around your neck.  Tallinn has a lot of tourists, not many of the sex kind.

Tallinn viru street
Viru tourists

I notice a few younger men sat outside the worse for drink, guess they will be sleeping it off tonight, you got to pace yourself and last the day and the best part of the night.  Lets call it immature intoxication.

In love

I had done a lot of walking around the old town of Tallinn taking photos which is something I enjoy when I cant get horizontal.  Time to rest my tired legs in the park just off to the side of Viru street.  This little park at night used to be a place to pick up streetwalkers.  Before the police cleaned up the streets so as not offend all the mainstream tourists, their money was worth alot more now.  I could not help noticing the statue in front of me.  Two lovers embraced in love.  It reminded me of what was missing in my life, why I was here.

Where is the love
It wears me out
If I could be who you wanted all the time

Sad really, oh well, banish the negative feelings and lets head back to the hotel and give the Tallinn escorts a second chance.  I was just killing time, even so I was enjoying myself, but I was not here in Tallinn as just a tourist, sex tourist too.

Escort phone scam

Back at the G9 hotel I get back on the dog and bone to the escorts.  I am giving that sexy Tallinn teen a second chance.  Ring her, she answers and is playing the same game, she will be with me in 20 minutes.  I give up with her. But at the time cannot figure out what her game is?   I ring the other escort for the threesome, she cannot get the apartment today either, but could come and visit me later.  She sounds rough on the phone like a late night and swallowed an ashtray or two.

Tallinn escort scam
Tallinn teen

If nothing else, I think you will agree that tallinn teen is very fuckable and I have good taste?  Turns out this is all a phone scam.

This is why the phone number is on the picture but not on any of Tallinn escort websites like LitsID.  Its an expensive rate especially for international callers.  The girl will never come to meet you or your hotel.  She or her pimp make some money each time you make a call. Pretty girl like that must get a lot of calls from all those horny tourists in town who cant dump their load.  Just goes to show you are never to old or experienced to fall for a new scam.

Please all be aware that normal Estonian phone numbers start with +372 5. (372 being country code and 5 for mobiles). As you can see on the picture (where phone number is), Lisa’s phone number is +372 900 6880. This is one of those phone numbers which is charged at a higher rate (ie starting with +372 900.) Do not call these phone numbers, as they are simply there to make money from your phone calls and they will never appear at your hotel.

Running out of Options

Thanks to Tiger888 from the international sex guide  for highlighting the scam above.  If ever you have any mongering conundrums you should post them to the monger forums.  I had given up ringing up the Tallinn escorts.  I not really fancy the strip clubs either, not tonight, you been in one strip club in Tallinn you have been in them all.  Running out of options.  That only left the hotel bars, nightclubs, or the mafia taxi taking you to an un-named brothel and last but not least an erotic massage.

Hedone, Sauna

Like the strip clubs there are plenty of erotic massage parlors dotted all over Tallinn.  But only so much is on offer relative to the law, they are not going to risk their license, so your expectations need to match reality.

That evening I head up to the aptly named Sauna street and at the top number 1 sauna is the Hedone massage.  All these places offer erotic massage.  Young Tallinn girls will give you a topless massage with hand relief or happy ending.  I had to dump my load.  I really wanted to fuck but that was proving to be very difficult to do in Tallinn.

erotic massage
Hedone Massage

Inside Hedone an attractive receptionist is friendly and greets me.  No need to make an appointment, many pretty girls but you dont get to choose.  Its 75 euros for an erotic massage and she confirms that includes a happy ending.  But she tell me it up to me to cum, girl cannot make me cum.  I guess they are used to drunken stags and brewers droop.   I promised her there would not be a problem.  Its a lovely room in the Hedone proper massage table, candle lit and en suite shower.   I take a shower and the my massage girl comes into the room, early twenties, slim and attractive.

She gives me a nice massage on my back but not touching my balls or trying to arouse me.  Turn over and her small tits are on show.  She pours alot of baby oil over my erection and gives me a handjob.  Not bad, not great.  As I cum she slows and stops, not really got it all out. My mind and body not really synchronized.  She quickly leaves the room without a goodbye never to be seen again.

TripAdvisor Prostitutes

That evening I decided to check out a few of the hotel bars.  Took a look inside the Viru hotel, the lobby bar was quiet and the attached pub just had locals in it.  Nothing like that reported on TripAdvisor by a hotel guest.

We entered the lobby at 10 pm and immediately noticed the prostitutes on call. My friend’s husband was waiting for us in the lobby for a minute or two, and during that time was offered sex twice. Drunk men were going upstairs with women clearly not their wives or girlfriends. Outside the night club we saw this girl barely 16-17 years old completely stoned and being approached by older men. I was very conservatively dressed but got grabbed in an elevator. It felt like every woman was assumed to be a prostitute. There was even a man who went totally nuts after I told him to keep his hands to himself. Quite frankly, I was afraid that he would go violent.

The whole scene was very sad and disturbing to me. And believe me, I’m young, relatively free-minded and well-travelled, but this was just depressing. Would never, ever bring children to this hotel. I was surprised that I family hotel chain like Sokos knowingly supports prostitution. I would suspect that such a big chain would have somekind of social responsibility, but was sad to find out that this was not the case.

TripAdvisor can be a good source of information for mongers.  Just put in the place you are going ‘Tallinn’ and what you are looking for ‘prostitutes’  then you get reviews like above. Like alot of the hot information about Tallinn this is out of date – 2008.  He has got a point though, the hotels are almost acting like brothels by proxy.  It is now nothing like this.  They must have cleaned up their act or this guy had some sort of wet dream nightmare.  Shame, one mans pain is another mans pleasure.

Tallink nightclub

After the Viru hotel I checked out the Metropole.  The lobby bar was completely empty.  The metropole has an attached Karaoke bar but the patrons inside were very old, nothing in there for me.

Viru street

Head back to Viru street on a Saturday night, something to eat and a few beers.  Got my canon compact camera on me with picture above and experimenting with HDR ( high dynamic range).  Takes three different exposures then combined back into one.  In difficult lighting situations, high contrasts of light a camera is far inferior to a human eye.  Software comes to the rescue here.  Mongers are familiar with photo shopped images 🙂

The stag parties are out in force and I am avoiding any pubs with rowdy crowds inside, just not my scene anymore.  But I am noticing a few nice looking young girls standing outside the pubs smoking.  No accounting for taste, they would be better off spending a quiet evening back at the hotel with an old monger like me.

I then head over to the Tallink hotel.  The Tallink hotel bar just has a few old grumpy geazers sat around, reminiscing  no freelancers to provide some escapism.  The Tallink nightclub is completely empty. no one but me and its after midnight on a Saturday night.  The barmaid recommends Cafe Amigo or Venus.  What, the planet Venus? Yes I heard its hot there and women come from Venus…

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