Viru Tallinn

Mongering in Tallinn Estonia had not started well.  I had spent the best part of the afternoon in my hotel ringing the local Tallinn escorts and then waiting for an outcall, for them to arrive at my hotel the G9.  I was being played by one Tallinn teen and was not clear why.  After I had gone to Harrys bar at the Raddison Blu which was totally void of any freelancers.  The night was still young for Tallinn and I was heading to Viru street.

Viru Street

Plan is to stake out a few of the strip clubs in Tallinn, have a few beers around Viru street and something to eat and then head across to the Sokos Viru hotel nightclub called Cafe Amigo which should have many freelancers available even some local non pro girls.

Soho strip club

I pass the soho strip club just between the Radisson Blu and Viru hotel.  It nearly 11pm and still light although Estonia was 2 hours ahead of London time.

Viru street

Pretty lively along Viru street on a Friday night but not as busy as I was expecting.  Once the sun goes down there is a chill in the air for late May and wearing a fleece is a good decision.

half moon
viru street
Viru hotel

Late at night the entrance to Viru street is suppose to have some streetwalkers especially around McDonalds.  A city center McDonalds can often be a pick up joint.  You can see directly opposite the Sokos Viru hotel where the Cafe Amigo nightclub is located.

Old Town Square

Make my way to the old town square in Tallinn and sit outside an Irish pub and order a beer and some fish n chips and watch the night go by.   Inside the pub there is live music and a different crowd, quite rough to the more posh tourists walking around the square.

old town square

The fish and chips is not good but fills a gap.  For sure the old town of Tallinn is very pretty with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Shooters Bar

A little down from the old town square is a couple of bars including Shooters.  Shooters is popular with the younger crowd looking to drown their fears and pick up or before heading to a nightclub like Hollywood or Venus.

Shooters bar

Shooters is also suppose to attract some local Tallinn girls who love to fuck foreign tourists.  Not fancy taking a look inside Shooters tonight, but would take a look inside another night.  Did notice some pretty teen girls standing outside the bar smoking and chatting.

Viru Strip clubs

Pass the 69 strip club and the doorman and trying to talk me inside but being a little cocky about it which puts me off.  Trying to convince me they offering me a special deal.

Strip club 69

They are more friendly outside Mister X strip club so decide to take a look inside.  Got to take a look, although the plan was hopefully to have dumped my load already with a particular young pretty Tallinn teen escort but it just not happen.

Tallinn strip club
Mister X club

Entry into Mister XXX strip club was 10 euros and a beer was 5 euros, so I cough up, not bad.  Pretty empty inside just two other punters sat with a stripper.

Tip private show

Once a new punter enters the strip club a girl appears and does a dance on the stage and goes topless at most. She then comes over to where you are sitting and expects a tip.  You need some small change here unless you want to appear stingy.  Each girl working in the strip club then takes her turn on the pole and then comes over also expecting a tip or a private show.  The girls after receiving a tip will offer you a private strip where they go fully naked but with no touching.  I decline these requests for now, the cheapest seems to be around 50 euros  for 5 to 10 minutes.

Stag Parties

I notice a few Brit stag parties come into Mister XXX strip club with a local guide.  Reminded me of our stag tour of Krakow a few years back.  This is usually a sign that the strip club is one of the better ones if the local stag parties use it as part of their entertainment tour.  Tallinn is a popular destination for British and Finnish stag parties.  I was undecided if they go home satisfied or disappointed.


Head down the aptly named Sauna street and get my bearing for a recommend massage parlour called Hedone that offer erotic massage with handjob.  Right now though wanted more than a handjob.  Make my way back down to the bottom of Viru street to check out the streetwalker scene and if there were any foreigner sluts hanging around McDonalds. Notice one very old streetwalker but not much else except groups of men drinking and singing.

Cafe Amigo

Head across the road to Sokos Viru hotel to check out the nightclub Cafe Amigo.  Its 9 euros entry into cafe Amigo so go and take a look inside.  Its quite busy inside Cafe Amigo, mostly an older crowd but with some young ones too.  I did notice quite a few freelancers standing about inside Cafe Amigo.  Would seem you have to initiate any interaction.  Some will lock eyes with you if you look their way.  I not really like what I see though.  It was dark, and the freelancers looked old none under 30s.  Not doing it for me,  I really wanted some teen pussy tonight, I was not going to find any teen semi pro girls in Cafe Amigo.  I was feeling the worse for all the beer now and almost decided I had seen enough for one night in Tallinn.  Felt I was treading time now, it was not in the air tonight.

Soho Strip Club

Outside Cafe Amigo a tout gives me a flyer for the Soho strip club, its on the way back to the Hotel G9 so decide to check it out and have one for the road.  The flyer was for 50% off but they want 20 euros entry so works out the same as viru strip clubs with the flyer.  The receptionist was helpful though and advise me to buy some fake money to tip the strippers with inside Soho.  They sell them for 1.50 euros each so purchased a few.

soho money
stripper tip
strip club tallinn
fake tip money

Same format, the girls take it in turns to strip topless once a new punter enters the strip club and sits down.  They then come over to you and do a little dance in front of you and whisper in your ear ‘tip’

You then stick some of this fake money in their stockings or pantie line.  One is not enough, they want at least two so 3 euros to tip each stripper if you can be bothered.  The girls stripping in the Tallinn clubs were not bad, but not great, mostly mature ladies, not see any teens getting their kit of in the strip clubs.  I wanted some teen pussy in Tallinn.

Big Tits, Private Strip

There was one mature lady in Soho and little overweight more latina looks with massive tits quite firm too.  I really would have liked to cum in-between those big titties man.  She knows I like her, no doubt can see the twinkle in my eyes.   She wants to give me a private show- 5 minutes is 50 euros, 10 minutes is 85 euros and 15 minutes is 100 euros.  Considering there is no touching, or so they say, dont see the point in paying a 100 euros, 50 euros is alot of money for what you get but decided I wanted to see those huge tits.  So coughed up 50 euros and she led me to a private room.

During the private show, she said I could play with her huge tits and suck them but she wanted extra.  Another 50 euros at least.  Too much I thought considering I only had a couple of minutes.  She opens her legs in front of me and shows me her shaved cunt and plays with herself.  I really wanted to cum between those big tits but she tells me its not possible.  I ask her to come to my hotel after her shift finish.  How much will I pay her? she asks.  A 100 euros I reply, she laughs and walks out of the private room.  How much was she expecting 1000 euros?

Full Sex Promise

As I stumble out of the Soho strip club, one of the doormen is waiting with his black flash limo car, motor running.  Preying on my frustration he could take me somewhere, a brothel, many pretty young girls, full sex!  I not trust these characters and not fancy getting into the car with them.  He was quoting me 100-150 euros one hour.   Its all in their business plan.  extract as much money as possible out of you inside the strip club and give very little in return.  Raise your sexual frustration to bursting.

When you leave a Tallinn strip club a doorman then tells you what you want to hear and promises you a pussy paradise, all your heart desires.  I cannot imagine these strips clubs in Tallinn make much of their money out of repeat business, they rely on the newbie, wide eyed, lacking experience and disorientated. The only time you should go into a Tallinn strip club is if the pressure is off and you are not feeling horny.


So a frustrating first day and night trying to whore monger in Tallinn Estonia.  There is some sort of game going on with ringing around the escorts.   The freelancers available in Cafe Amigo are too old and not even discussed cost.  The strips clubs are the most expensive I had been in anywhere within Europe without actually getting ripped off.  I certainly had not got lucky in Tallinn, being in the right place at the right time, we always require a little lady luck.  Oh well, there was always tomorrow another day mongering in Tallinn.

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  1. Sorry to see your frustation! Maybe the image people have of Eastern Europe are the beautiful women and the still developing countries light years behind places like the UK, Germany, France etc, thus cheap sex might be avaliable – they know why single men go there for, If I ever get to Eastern EU, I might monger, but mostly I would use my game at bars and clubs

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