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Mongering in Vietnam

What’s up guys!
My name is Skins. I’ve been traveling around south east Asia for the past few years and I’m currently living in Vietnam. You can read my travel guides at SingleMansParadise.

I appreciate MongerPlanet allowing me to write a guest post on this great blog! Today I would like to share some information about Mongering in Vietnam. Hope you find it helpful.

Why Travel To Vietnam?

First thing I want to say is Vietnam is not a mongering destination! Yes you can find cheap sex with beautiful women but it’s nothing compared to places like Thailand or the Philippines where you are
spoiled with options.

Single mans paradise
Vietnamese girl

In Vietnam, the quality of service is much lower and mongering is much more of a hassle then in some of the neighboring countries. Vietnam is not for the beginner monger, that’s for sure.

If you want a relaxing holiday with some cheap, easy sex available then you’re better off in places like Pattaya, Thailand or Angeles City, Philippines. The mongering scene is hidden in Vietnam but you can find some action if you know where to look.

Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating country. The people are friendly and outgoing, the food is delicious and the cost of living is lower than any place I have ever been. I highly recommend everyone
come visit this country but mongering should be far down on your list of things to do. With that warning out of the way, let’s get into it!

The Best City For Mongering in Vietnam

If you want to party like a rock star and have sex with beautiful Vietnamese girls then head straight to Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon. The big city in the south has the best nightlife in the whole country.

Ho Chi Ming city

Also, the city is packed with sexy young ladies that are looking to make some extra money any way possible. The mongering options are much more limited once you leave Saigon. Smaller cities such as
Nha Trang and Da Nang have a mongering scene but it’s nothing compared to Saigon.

Finding a Guest Friendly Hotel in Saigon

One important thing to note. Most hotels in Vietnam are NOT guest friendly. Vietnam is a conservative country and prostitution is illegal.

It’s technically against the law for a foreigner to share a room with a Vietnamese girl unless they show proof of marriage.

Don’t let this scare you off… You can still find plenty of guest friendly hotels that will allow you to have some fun.

View my list of Guest Friendly Hotels in Saigon.

Quick Tips

Whenever I book my hotel online I always book for two people. When I book a room in person I ALWAYS tell the staff, “my Vietnamese girlfriend will be staying with me tonight, is that problem?”

Most of the time the staff says OK no problem! I just make sure I’m very clear that a local girl will be coming back to my room with me later. That way they are not surprised when some sexy young thing
in a mini skirt comes walking in with her high heels at 3am. 🙂

I’ve had hotels that wouldn’t allow my girl inside and that’s a mood killer for sure. Some hotels don’t want to break the law… Others just want to protect you.

Many hookers steal from customers and they just don’t want to be involved in the drama. Choose the right hotel and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Freelance Prostitutes

Freelance prostitutes hang out in the most popular nightclubs in the city. The best places to meet them are Apocalypse Now, Go2 Bar and Crazy BuffaloFreelancers are easy to spot here. They will be dressed sexy and smiling at every foreign man that walks by.

The typical rate for short time is one million dong ($50 USD). I’m sure this is negotiable if you want to try your bargaining skills.

Freelancers can also be found around the clock standing at the Hoa Binh Park. I avoid this scene as it’s sketchy as fuck and I prefer to look at my girls in the light prior to hooking up.


Also, it’s good to have a drink together and see if she’s a fun happy chick. I’d rather bang an average looking girl with a great attitude then a perfect ten who is an ice cold cunt.

You will find many of the Vietnamese hookers are like trained assassins compared to the fun loving Thai bar girls. The Viet girls are often harder looking and strictly business. Pay, spray, then go away.

Beer Bars

Along Bui Vien Street and Do Quang Dau Street in District 1 you will see some beer bars. Same deal as Thailand. You can bar fine the girls and negotiate whatever you want.

I find the girls are average looking and the rates are expensive. I also got my iPhone stolen by a few whores on this street so be careful.

hostess girl

Along Hai Ba Trung street there are Hostess Bars where the ladies are also available for a fee. I greatly prefer the normal bars / clubs where there are freelancers.

No bar fine, everything is negotiable and they are much more fun places to hang out than some dirty beer bar with a couple of stuck up bitches begging for lady drinks then playing with their smart phones.

Also, there are plenty of good girls in the normal night clubs that are happy to hook up with a handsome foreigner. Getting free pussy here is extremely easy if you have a little game.

Blowjob Hot Tocs

In every city in Vietnam you will find barbershops which are called “Hot Toc” in Vietnamese. You will see a sign outside that says Hot Toc along with the services they provide. Haircut, shave, massage, etc.

If the sign says massage and it’s a few girls inside then there’s a good chance they offer extras… Here you can get a blowjob in the back room for 150,000 to 300,000 VND. These places are filthy and the
service is usually mediocre at best. I have a few stories on my website about these places.

vietnam barbers
Vietnam massage

Keep in mind that not all of these Hot Tocs offer extras. Obviously if it’s a couple Viet guys in there cutting hair then it’s a legit barber shop. Move on and keep looking.

Massage Parlors

Massage parlors are a convenient place to get laid. You don’t have to deal with the hotels bullshit, its an easy in and out and you don’t have to worry about the girl in your room stealing shit.

Many massage parlors have very sexy girls working for them. The massage is cheap and you can get any kind of extras including full sex for one million dong.

Just take the standard safety precautions. Don’t bring a huge stack of cash and always keep an eye on your pants during the massage… I was getting a massage one time and another girl took my pants that
were hanging on the wall…

She said I will keep your clothes out here… Fuck that! I know this trick! Be aware, stealing is the national sport in Vietnam. Guard your wallet.

Dating Good Girls in Vietnam

OK so now you are probably scared off and never going to visit Vietnam haha. It’s true that the mongering scene is shit… However, there’s something that makes up for it.  Dating good girls!
Vietnamese girls are the sweetest, sexiest women on the planet! They really know how to treat a man and I love dating the women here.

Vietnam good girls
Dating Vietnam girls

If you put forth a little effort you can easily get a Vietnamese girlfriend. I’ve even seen older guys in their fifties dating sexy twenty year olds… Not hookers… These are good educated girls with jobs.

Traditional Vietnamese girls make excellent girlfriends or wives. They are kind, loyal and they do everything they can to keep their man happy. My girl is always sweet, loves to cook and she sucks and
fucks like a pro. Life is good! 🙂

Read my post about How To Meet Good Girls in Vietnam

Vietnam is so much fun. The energy in Saigon is addictive and I think all you guys should visit someday. My site has a lot more info on living in Vietnam if you’re interested. Any questions let me know!


10 thoughts on “Vietnam Single Mans Paradise”

    1. Thanks for the first guest post, a good intro to Vietnam, somewhere I have never been, but intend to on my next visit to Asia
      Likely be a boat trip from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Ming city to sample some Vietnamese pussy again
      A few years back in Cambodia there was no need to visit Vietnam for Vietnam girls, they were everywhere in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville
      Most have gone now, but can still find some pretty young ones in the massage parlours mostly the reserve of asian mongers

      Like you say though and these days you should be open to meeting non pro girls

      Anyone else with some stories to tell and interested in a guest post goto the contact page

  1. damn dude, you’ve quoted some insane prices, but it’s so usual in my reading of everyone’s South East Asia posts, $50 for a short time fuck?! I nearly fell off of my chair and had a heart attack, I’ve probably had 50 of them reading all of these guys articles on this site. I can bang a smoking hot 20 something hooker in Albuquerque, New Mexico for $40, a country where the GDP per capita is 26 times higher than it is in Vietnam and 51 times higher than the average Cambodian, I don’t know, I mean are you guys doing this on purpose to drive a lot of potential sex mongers out of these countries? Do you guys like to get RIDICULOUSLY over charged, I don’t think ridiculous is and crazy are strong enough words to describe it, I’ve been to Cambodia a few times and I know that the going rate for short fuck, which I have paid is $5 for short time and $20 for long, I can’t even process it in my brain to pay $50 for a short time fuck, that defeats the whole purpose of me working and saving for a long time to live out there for a few months at a time, I might as well work in the United States and bang a few prostitutes here in my country and at the same time I don’t have to be out of work for X amount of months, usually long time is 4 times the short time rate, so what are you paying for long time $200?, that’s an insane amount when the average Cambodian working at a hotel only makes $3 to $4 a day, when someone working at a fuel station makes $120 a month and when someone working in the highest paying factory makes roughly the same. Paying $50 to a Vietnamese hooker is like $1300 to them, it’s the same as paying an American hooker $1300 for a short time fuck, I would never do, no matter how hot the girl was, unless she was a famous athlete or actress.

    I can go to Mexico where the nominal GDP is 10 times higher than Cambodia’s or 5 times higher than Vietnam and fuck some nice hot pussy for only $13, yet you pay 4 times that in Vietnam, a country whose nominal GDP is 5 times less, it just doesn’t make any sense to me, you guys must be retarded or deliberately trying to wipe guys out from ever coming to these countries again as an alternative to jerking off for the rest of their lives. 50 dollars wow, paying 5 dollars for a short fuck seems unfathomable to anyone in the United States, but that’s how it is over there, these countries are very poor.

    The average American makes $210 a day in a 5 day work week, the average Cambodian makes $4.15 a day and the average Vietnamese makes $8 a day, every time one of you guys pays these BEYOND EXORBITANT prices for pussy, these girls are laughing at what idiots you are, you talk about these places because they offer cheap 50 dollar short time sex; are you sitting back and laughing in your chair after you post that lie, either that or I’ve lost my mind and I’ve lost all comprehension of what reality is.

    1. Skins, Paul Butler is mongerplanet resident cheap charlie and is repeating himself on the asian posts.

      I got into a heated debate with a cheap charlie on the morocco thread on the international sex guide. I posted what follows in response but it was not published. I have adapted it.


      If you are getting pussy for 5$ then why are you complaining about guys who are paying 50$ – truth is you are comparing chalk with cheese.

      ! live well within my means, cut my coat according to the cloth
      I am assuming you dont earn that much? if the girls are earning more, then maybe you could to, if you were in demand?

      I am not a millionaire, try to stop grabbing the wrong end of the stick all the time.

      I am Not comparing countries, comparing job roles, compare a top hooker in Vietnam with one in London, not a factory worker in Vietnam with a hooker in Vietnam, we are still paying alot less in Vietnam than in London or any other western city.

      Been to Thailand more times than I care to remember. Use to get long time for 1000 baht, those days are long gone, would not get that short time anymore.

      But I understand the economy of Thailand has changed, Pattaya is now overrun with mass tourism rather than relying on sex tourism. Girls have many other options now. Good for them, not so for us.

      As for your logic about bombshells being ordinary girls, same is true for escorts anywhere in the world, they goto the supermarket. you are trying to teach an old monger how to suck eggs

      ‘Pigs and fishes are the least intelligent of all animals and therefore the most difficult to influence’ interpret cheap charlies 🙂

      Saying that, I am sure there are some girls for the taking on the cheap.

      I have had many cheap offers before on the streets but they were skanks!

      So I challenge you to goto a top Vietnam nightclub maybe where one beauty can choose from 10 guys – why would she accept your offer of 5$?

      Men not so good looking, or and lacking in social graces have used money as leverage for centuries.

      I would say today there is alot of competition now for pussy and men willing to travel and pay for it. So demand is up, if anything due to improved economies supply is down.

      Understand alot of these girls are in it soley for money and credit them with some intelligence and business sense, they want to maximise their earnings, you want to minimize your expenses – so a game, yes

      Do you post into the property forums telling people not to pay the current prices being demanded for properties in London so you can buy one cheap?

      Something is simply worth what someone is willing to pay, true for pussy to. You have to move with the times, and stop expecting a once pussy paradise to remain in some sort of time warp for your exclusive benefit, find pastures new or pack up, look to make more money to compensate.

      I do agree though some men are ripe for a good fleecing. You should know the base price of pussy in your chosen destination. YMMV

      Lets hope I dont ruin the economy for you, as individuals we are drops in the ocean and you cant stop the tide coming in

        1. I never pay to much. If I thought it was too much I would not pay. Or I would not be able to afford it. I am aware of the going rate but know this is not set in stone and beauties and skanks come at different prices. With this in mind I pay what I think the girl is worth. I also know a London factory worker not earn much but this should not be compared to what a London escort could make. And the P4P scene is pretty similar all over the world. I feel sorry for your rigid set of beliefs, you should be more fluid.

    2. That’s a fair comment and I understand where you’re coming from… But I’m simply telling the truth. This post is aimed at newbies coming to Vietnam. Obviously if you know the ropes you wouldn’t be interested in this info.

      Have you been to Saigon lately? It’s not a sleepy backwater anymore. If you go to the places I mentioned like Apocalypse Now and Go 2 Pub the girls will ask for one million dong.

      Yes you can probably negotiate but those are the most popular tourist clubs in the city. Prices are always higher there because the girls have options and SOMEONE will pay that… Go ahead and offer whatever you want. Explain to them about the GDP of Vietnam lol.

      Of course, you can pick up a street walker for half that. Hell, I know where to get a BJ for $5 and short time fuck for $10 but it took me a long time to find these places.

      The girls are trash and the place is sketchy. Lock up your bike real good. Don’t bring a lot of cash or valuables. I wear my helmet and mask while walking in and out so the local guys outside don’t see my big dumb farang face. Some shady characters hanging around and nobody will save you there.

      Your average tourist doesn’t want to travel way out to the outskirts of the city to fuck some skank in a dilapidated tin shack. The places are fuckin filthy and way out, but they’re there if you’re adventurous. Thanks for reading.

  2. Dating good girls is something I recommend if you are looking for more than just racking up points with sex workers. If you are ready to develop a relationship, or looking for marriage. Vietnamese women make good wives or girlfriends. Just remember is you sponsor one and bring her to the U.S. make sure you understand her family situation fully, and don’t let America’s poisonous environment corrupt her. What I mean is don’t let her hang around a bunch of feminists American bitches and become like them. Also don’t let her embrace our materialistic / consumerist culture. Also demand she respect your decisions as a man and don’t let her run wild. America is very corrupting to a woman. That is why America men go oversees to foreign women. Because we need a breath of fresh air (figuratively) once in a while.

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