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I regret missing my easyjet flight to Tallinn in Estonia.  I have lost alot of money too and feel I let myself down.  There is another bank holiday at the end of May and so re book my flight and hotel.  This time no chatting to girls on Craigslist the night before and an early night.

The day arrives for my flight to Tallinn and after taking a few wrong turnings I park my car up at the long stay car park at London Gatwick.  The bus to the terminal is full and cannot get on, have to wait 10 minutes for the next one.  This time of year it is very busy with tourists wanting to get away somewhere for the extended weekend.

Easy Jet Speedy Boarding

Booking an extra legroom seat with easyjet gives you speedy boarding automatically and am the first to board the bus to get on the jet.  I am sat right in the front row so the seating cannot get fucked up like it did on my trip to Athens in Greece a few months prior.  The advantages of sitting in the front row, you are first to be served coffee and the first off the plane and through customs.  The disadvantage is people are constantly going to the toilet.  There was a couple of stag parties that staggered onto the jet last, some dressed in drag and the plane was full.   There was no room in the overhead lockers for their hand luggage, they had to be put in stow.  Another advantage of speedy boarding during peak season.

Hotel G9

Its over 1100 miles from London to Tallinn and flight time is nearly 3 hours.  I am first off the plane and the first through customs.  A public taxi into the center of Tallinn is approx 6 euros.  My taxi drops me off at my hotel G9.  Not as posh as my first choice the Tallink city hotel but needed to recuperate some lost costs.

Tallinn Estonia
Hotel G9

The hotel G9 is cheap and a good location.  I had read online the Hotel G9 is also girl friendly as long as you book a double room. I Check in and  the room is OK, clean, comfortable, good temperature, satellite TV, hot water and WiFi.  The receptionist implicitly confirmed G9 was girl friendly by asking would I want two breakfasts in the morning as had a double room?  I said If I get lucky! She smiled, I think she liked me.  I hoped to test the G9 guest friendliness  out over the next 3 nights mongering in Tallinn, or trying to.   What was not ideal about any escort outcalls to the G9 hotel was you could not just walk in and past reception.  You had to buzz the door and then reception would let you in.


I had made it to Tallinn, now to try and sample some Estonian pussy.  Its now around midday and I wander out onto the mean streets of Tallinn to get my bearings.  Viru street is ground zero for some mongering and tourism in Tallinn and that is where I am heading.  Draw some euros out of an ATM with no problem and buy a local Estonian SIM card and some extra credit from a kiosk for calling all those escorts later on.

Viru street

Quite a few tourists about along Viru street, sitting outside mostly in groups having a beer in the sunshine.  The old town of Tallinn has the best preserved medieval buildings you will see anywhere in Europe.    I get my bearings and head across the road to the Viru hotel and have a couple of beers in the lounge bar and get my local SIM card working in my spare phone. The lobby in the Viru hotel is very busy with people coming and going but the bar is quiet.  I tried booking a room in the Viru hotel but was always full.   I would return to the Viru hotel later tonight to check out the scene.  I was horny, the plan now was to return to the Hotel G9 and ring around some of the escorts.

Tallinn Escorts

Back in my room at the hotel G9 I start ringing some of the escorts listed on LITSID.com,  I am particularly interested in fucking a gorgeous young teen called Lisa on LITSID.   Eventually I get through and a strange serious of events happen, that can only happen when you start ringing up escorts in a foreign country.

LITSID Tallinn
teen escort

I get through to this Tallinn teen escort using my local SIM and I am relieved she answered.  When I talk English she puts down the phone.   I then ring her on my international number, she answers and speaks perfect English!  The accent and tone match the girl in the picture.  She not do incall with me visiting her only outcall.  I tell her my hotel the G9 and the address and she tells me cost is 40 euros for 1 hour.  She tells me she will be about 30 minutes.  My cock is exploding in excited anticipation of fucking this gorgeous teen in my hotel room.  Should have told her to bring a school girl uniform.


Very strange though she puts the phone down when ring her with a local number but answers when ring her on my English number, got no explanation for that?  In Krakow Poland it happens the other way around, you need a local SIM.  I am no expert at dealing with escorts and their websites, but learning when its the only real mongering option.  Over 30 minutes later, nothing so I ring her back.  She answers and tells me she is trying to find somewhere to park, will be with me in 10 minutes.  There is lots of parking outside the hotel G9.

30 minutes later still nothing.  I ring again and she tell me she went to hotel Nordic and knocked on wrong door!  I tell her my hotel again and give her one last chance its not working out for me again.  I remember now having a similar problem with the pretty escorts in Bucharest Romania.  I had texted her the hotel G9 address although she never replied to any texts but always answered the phone.  This went on for another two hours.  Total waste of time.  Finally well after 6pm I tell her I am going out now and had given up.  She tell me to wait for her, she will come out with me, show me around.  I dont understand what her game is?  It was always totally quiet in the background when calling her?  I can only suggest it would be better to stay in a well known city center hotel when using escorts for outcall.


I tried ringing around a few more escorts on LITSID to maybe salvage the situation and I was horny.  This escort was stating she did incalls and had a girlfriend and  a city center apartment.

tallinn escort

This Tallinn escort could only do outcall today, she could visit me alone tonight after 10pm?  She could not rent the apartment today so no incalls but to try ringing her again tomorrow after 2pm.  Another Russian girl  escort I got through too who spoke some English but I would have to visit her.  She lived far away so not fancy that.  So a total fuckup dealing with the Tallinn escorts on LITSID and wasted many hours confined to my hotel room.  This is why ringing around escorts is not my modus operandi when mongering.  I had not even seen any of them, what with photo shopped images, photo that are 10 years old and bait and switch.  Fuck this for a game of soldiers!

Radisson Blu

I head over the road to the Radisson Blu Sky lounge bar to take some photos over Tallinn.  Quite busy in the sky lounge. waiter service is slow.  I noticed in the Radisson Blu to operate the lift you need a hotel card, lucky for me their was some guests heading up there at the same time.  Not ideal for outcall escorts though, although I am sure any escort is apt and getting around any minor obstacles. else you would have to go down to the lobby and meet them.

tallinn estonia
Radisson blu

Two local pretty Estonian girls sit on my table with me, not working girls though I can tell.  After the sky lounge head down to Harrys bar on the ground floor.  Its well after 10pm now and the bar is totally empty no freelancers to be seen.  Not going to well so far mongering in Tallinn, plenty of options left to explore though as I now decide to head back over to Viru Street.  The Tallinn escort scene looked like a waste of time for me though.  Maybe I would have a better response with the Tallinn escorts for Outcall had I stayed in one of the main hotels like the Radisson or Viru rather than the unknown G9?

5 thoughts on “Tallinn Escorts Outcall”

  1. Too bad that litsid teen didn’t work out, I don’t trust escort services either. I’m planning on going on a mongering trip this fall within Europe, I was thinking about going to Berlin because I like it there from previous experience. This time I would prefer to get some nice petite teens preferably not from an escort service. Any suggestions where I should go? I read your post from Athens about how cheap the hookers are in Filis street, is that anything I should consider? I mean, I’m not going to get hung up on exactly that type, cheap pussy in general that isn’t too bad on quality is always a go for me.

    1. Yes it was too bad I not get to fuck that lovely tallinn teen. I fell for her. In fact she may have been one of the deciding factors I finally chose Tallinn. I hoped I might get lucky, but instead fell for a cheap scam.
      I was hoping on the ground there would be others like her and the outcall from the escort sites to your hotel would work out well, but it was total bullshit! Never had much luck with escort sites. But we live and we learn. Will not be making these kind of decisions again. Still enjoyed Tallinn more as a tourist. First trip to the Baltics

      1. The girl in the photo is solo porn actress Maria Ryabushkina otherwise known as Malena. I am in love with her and would die to have the opportunity to meet up with her in person. Love the website, about to go to Tallinn so i was looking for some info. Very educational. Keep it up!

        1. Thanks J Diddle, for the update, so that was a double scam them, using a porn stars photos with an expensive phone number. If something looks to good to be true, then it probably is. I hope you have better luck mongering in Tallinn than me. What are the options?

          1, freelancers in the viru hotel disco, friday saturday night the best
          2. erotic massage with handjob in the old town center
          3. strip shows – usual rip off without being ripped off – no sex
          4. Ringing up the escorts – waste of time for me
          5. taxi mafia taking you to brothel in the russian quarters

          I not try 5, so cannot comment. Best to have a plan B and enjoy Tallinn sightseeing, food and drink etc. Please update us on your return. A guest post would be greatly appreciated or an informative comment

          And yes Maria is a 10 in my book, really was hoping I was going to fuck her in Tallinn, she looks kind of local 🙂 She may have been what tipped me over with trying Tallinn, hoping to meet her.

  2. Hi! Sorry it did not work out for you. But i enjoy to read ur letter.I was thinking,that it would be cool to be on the same trip as you.Because i live to the countryside here in Norway,and not so much people from here go to hunt girls like me..) I hope to go to Tallinn soon,and play poker and fuck beutiful estonian girls. I have seen all over in som pages for escort Tallinn.And i find 3 girls i would like to have full packet with.:)
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