Tallinn Estonia

I got another long bank holiday weekend coming up and decide to look into taking another short European mongering break.  That FKK tour starting in Zürich Switzerland is looking promising.  I am checking out the where we fly on the easyjet website. After reading mixed mongering reviews about Tallinn in Estonia I book a flight.  Never been to the Baltic states.

Tallinn Research

I would have preferred Riga in Latvia to begin my mongering adventures in the Baltic states.  Easyjet do not fly direct to Riga though.  For a budget flight you would have to use either Whizz Air operating out of Luton airport  or RyanAir at Stanstead.  Not fancy that.  Had a bad experience with Ryan Air back in 2003 when I went on a stag do to Barcelona.  What I was keen on though was indulging in some eastern European pussy.  But not exactly offered on a plate.  I wanted to do some hunting, it not to be too easy.

My original plan for mongering in the Baltic was to maybe start in Helsinki, then Tallinn, maybe a visit to St Petersburg in Russia, then Latvia and Lithuania.  That would require alot more time though and research.

Prior to my trip to Tallinn in Estonia I had time to do a little research and compiled my mongering map of Tallinn.  Research suggested the escort scene was quite hot through sites like LitSid.com.   Other information like on Slavic Companions Tallinn and the Wiki Sex guide on Estonia  was either copied and or out of date.  The sex guide forums on Tallinn like the international sex guide were pretty quiet and largely negative.  That Tallinn was not really a mongering destination.  Nice place to visit though and people watch.

Tallinn Mongering Guide

It seemed ground zero for mongering in Tallinn was in and around Viru street.   Around the old town there were massage parlours offering erotic massage, topless with handjob, one option.  Late at night at the entrance to Viru street there were meant to be streetwalkers and freelancers available.  Although in more recent years there have been police crackdowns on all forms of prostitution within Tallinn and the streetwalker scene is now almost non existent.  Around the old town Tallinn has many strip clubs but these are geared more at stag parties, are expensive and basically no touching.  Like the erotic massage setup full sex was never on the menu in the strip clubs.  But the strip clubs could be entertaining given I have already blown my load.

Hotel Freelancers

Another option was freelancers in the main hotels around Viru.  Many of the big hotels around Viru have bars and nightclubs where supposedly you could pick up.  The main hotel being Viru hotel itself, but then you have the Metropole, the Radisson and Tallink hotel. Decided my strategy around Tallinn would be the hotels.  I tried to book a room in the Sokos Viru but was fully booked so managed to get a reservation at the Tallink hotel.   If not meeting freelancers in the lobby bar or nightclub and taking them back to my room, then the other option was calling the escorts and outcall to my hotel room.  Problem with freelancers and streetwalkers is their age.  I dont mean too young, I mean mature, too old.


On the Tallinn escorts sites the girls looked a lot younger, teens up. English is well spoken around Tallinn and Estonia but some of the younger escorts are ethnic Russian and do not speak English, expect the phone to be put down on you with these ones.

Taxi Mafia, Brothels

Another option was the taxi drivers off of Viru street.   They would take you to brothels mostly located in the Russian district of Tallinn.  Dont like this option though as dont know where you are being taken so more risky.  Again there have been police crackdowns on the taxi mafia.

So in Tallinn Estonia it seemed you had all the different options available for some mongering.

  1. Erotic massage in and around the city center
  2. Strip clubs lap dancing in and around the city center
  3. Streetwalkers off Viru street late at night
  4. Freelancers in the main hotel bars and nightclubs
  5. Plenty of girls advertising on escort web sites
  6. Brothels in the outskirts through taxi drivers

What more could a monger want?  I would have to experience Tallinn for myself.  Who knows I might even pickup a pretty local girl in one of the many bars around Tallinn 🙂  Plenty of pickup bars and nightclubs around Tallinn.  You best bet for some free pussy are the Shooters bar and then the Hollywood nightclub in the center of the old town.  Some local Tallinn girls are known as foreigner sluts.  Basically they love to fuck the tourists.  I think this scene is more for the younger man though rather than the old monger.


The population of Tallinn is more European than Slavic.  Many Estonians have Finnish roots.  Finland and Helsinki is only a small ferry ride away across the Baltic sea.  Tallinn is a very popular weekend destination for Finnish revelers.   Many ethnic Russians live in Estonia due to the Soviet occupation.  Many Russians were moved to these eastern European states through Russification of these countries.  Of which we are seeing some outfall now in countries like Ukraine as they turn to the west.  The fear is Estonia and other Baltic states will face the same problems with so many ethnic Russians present, many of which were born in these countries.  Where there are Russians there is mafia and where there is mafia there is vice.  The vice is more the kind they put you in and squeeze very tight until you have no money left and received little for it.

Tallinn Teens

So I was booked up for a long weekend in Tallinn Estonia and not entirely sure how it would pan out down on the ground.  Out of my comfort zone.  You know on a German FKK tour, there is going to be no problem fucking quality pussy, but there is no hunting.  My fear was on the ground in Tallinn I would fail to fuck.  No guarantees.  I had my photography hobby.  I enjoyed drinking local beers, food and just people watching.  Sure beats sitting at home.

estonian teen
Tallinn teen

I sure wanted to fuck this Estonian teen too or some sexy teens like her who were actively advertising on the escort sites like LitsID. Once arrived at the hotel in Tallinn and got my bearings I will ring up this teen and get some serious fucking in quick to release the pressure and be able to relax more.

Not had alot of luck in the past with gorgeous girls I had picked out on escort sites though.  But we persevere we have to get lucky and is more a numbers game.  God I would spend 4 days and nights just in my hotel room fucking these gorgeous Tallinn teens.  I dreamed it would happen.  First thing I would also do on arrival is get a local SIM card to call all these escort numbers.  I do hate ringing around the escorts though so not my modus operandi, but man I wanted to fuck this Tallinn teen!

Hairy Pussy distraction

One problem with the easyjet flights  is they leave early in the morning as already discussed and experienced with my recent trip to Athens in Greece.  I mean you need get up like 3AM so need an early night.  The night before my maiden voyage to Tallinn Estonia a girl I had been chatting to on Craigslist contacts me and wants to meet up.

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She sends me a picture of her beautiful mixed race hairy pussy which I am such a fan off.  I cant meet now or this weekend, but her pussy is on my mind and cant sleep properly.   We are chatting on and off pass midnight.  i fall into an uneasy sleep, the alarm goes off after 3AM, I fall back to sleep and then next thing it’s after 6AM and I have missed my flight to Tallinn!   Never thought I would fail to fuck because I failed to get my horny lazy ass out of bed.

2 thoughts on “Tallinn Estonia”

  1. In Spanish we say ”You left with the honey between my lips” in other words, you left wanting some more, I wanna know what happens next in your Taillin trip!

  2. Hello man I have some experience with Tallinn in general. Use these websites, Litsid is mostly fake ads. Iha.ee is an estonian webpage, register there and there are a lot of prostitutes in there . I fucked 2 BBW type of girls. Prices go from 50-350. Over 250 haven’t tried, I know they generally do more for that price and below 100 you might get conned with the experience. Another place can be Estonian Tinder or Hot or Not app finding sex escorts. In general google escorts in tallinn and the ones that have a opening number of 372 and start with a 5 are correct escort ads, those with other prefixes I wouldnt waste my time.

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