Mongering Filis Athens

Its my last day and night in Athens Greece.  Its early morning, its cold and I am horny so make the rounds along Filis Street.  I head straight for number 15 where I saw that hot blonde Romanian girl with the greats looks, body and fantastic booty, she looked naughty too.

Moldovan CIM

The lights are on at number 15 Filis Street and I push the door open.  The old Greek maid recognizes me and smiles.  She knows what I have come back for.  She tell me the Romanian girl not start until 11AM.  Only about an hour away so I think I will wait and just do a little tour and up down Filis and try a few more brothels I not been in.

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Inside one of the brothels along Filis street I am introduced to a young, slightly chubby Moldavian girl.  The maid tells me she does full program for 20 euros.  She does anal, blowjob no condom and cim.  At this point the girl from Moldova starts playing with my cock through my jeans. I got an erection and she is smiling, licking her lips. Like she really wants to suck my cock.   I am pretty sure she is going to give me a good blowjob so hand over my 20 euros.

A few minutes later the young chubby Moldovan girl returns to the bedroom and gets down to some serious cock sucking.  Its nice, I can feel her warm wet mouth.  I try to last for the 10 minutes and then explode into her mouth.  She keeps sucking and takes the lot.  Not a whore you would have chosen to fuck in multiple positions, but she compensated by giving great blowjobs to completion.  I do enjoy a morning walk along the red light district of Athens and checking out the brothels and all the pussy available for 20 euros.


After my morning blowjob and release I head up to Viktorias square for a hearty cooked breakfast.   As a monger and more a one pop man there is not much else to do in the day having seen most of the sights around Athens.   That afternoon I take stroll back towards Omonia square.  Around Kapodistriou Street just before Omonia there are now around 10 streetwalkers.   One or two of the streetwalkers are not to bad.


Having already cum, I was not biting though.  The streetwalker scene is really not my modus operandi.  You will notice the high concentration of small short time hotels around the area of Omonia square.  Its these areas where you will find the streetwalkers.

Filopappou Hill

My last evening in Athens and I make my way up Filopappou Hill to take some photos.  Some great vantage points of the Acropolis from this position. Not many people about but was cold and windy.

Filopappou Hill
Athens sunset

On top of Filopappou Hill I got chatting to a lovely young Chinese girl also into photography.  She was a chinese student studying in London.  She wanted to stay on top of the Filopappou Hill until it got dark but only if I was too.  Her battery run out snapping pics and I lent her my spare one.  Afterwards I walked her down the hill and we parted.  Bit young for me really and not into proper dating when on vacation.  Lovely girl though and just goes to show having a hobby like photography while on vacation can present opportunities to you with the opposite sex.


I returned to Monastiraki and had some Greek kebabs and pork gyros, lovely meal and I was very full.   There are alot of African immigrants hanging around Monastiraki square at night.  And they approach tourists as they walk pass and try to put a little ribbon band on your wrist.  One tried it on me and I pushed him away as I felt his other hand touching the top of my jeans where my wallet was.  Once the band is on, they then want payment.  Just another scam to be aware of while in Athens.

Again the plan was to head to the Erotica strip show my last night in Athens but again not make it.  Just fell asleep in my hotel along Filis street.  So that basically wraps up my mongering vacation in Athens, Greece.

Athens One Day itinerary

  1. Take a morning stroll along Filis street, get yourself a juicy whore for 20 euros maybe including some CIM or some anal.  Get rid of that load for the day ahead.
  2. Head up to Viktorias square and have a hearty cooked breakfast and a few cups of Greek coffee.  Get your sperm count back up for another afternoon session
  3. From Viktorias take the Metro to Monastiraki and visit the Acropolis and then take an open bus city tour from here.  Just blend in with the mainstream Athens tourists.
  4. Jump off at Omonia square and check out the streetwalkers around this area off Kapodistriou Street.  Your sperm count is back up now and you want a second pop.
  5. After fucking an Athens streetwalker or not find one you like take a tour around kolonou street a short walk from Omonia.  This is Athens second red light district and cheapest at 10 euros.  Maybe try some anal or Greek in one of the brothels off Kolonou street.
  6. Feeling hungry after a busy day sight-seeing around Athens and whore mongering?  Head back to Monastiraki for some great local Athens cuisine.  Have some Greek beer with your meal like Mythos, you have deserved it.  Then throw your plate on the floor and make sure it smashes,  Greeks like that, means you enjoyed your meal.
  7. Feeling like some entertainment of the Adult kind?  Take a taxi to one of the many strip shows along Syngrou Ave and have a blast.

Athens Summary

Enjoyed my stay in Athens and dont always say this I would very much like to return.  Definitely when the weather is a little warmer though, so May or maybe September.   Else pack a warmer fleece and stay in a better hotel where they put on the heating.  I have read the summer months and most Athenians head to the coast and islands to cool down.  The city is like an oven and becomes deserted.

I found Greek people more than friendly and helpful.  Dont talk about the financial crisis unless they bring it up.  If Greece does default on its financial debt you probably dont want to be in Athens when this happens.  There will be a rush on the banks, ATMs to withdraw euros.  You could be caught without any cash.

I left many stones unturned in Athens.  Most of my time was spent down Filis street where my hotel was.  I loved Filis street, nothing more I enjoy than rambling through all the brothels looking at all those sexy teens  and beautiful  European girls.  Ok at least 1 in 5 of the girls working Filis street were hot and I had some great sex for 20 euros.

On return to Athens I would spend more time exploring the studio setup.  The Athens Studio scene is more classy, more girls to choose from, more time and generally better looking girls with prices averaging around 50 euros a pop.  Seems some of the hotter actual Greek girls advertise on local Athens escort sites and the prices are more around the standard 100 euro rate.  But some of the Greek girls look gorgeous on escort sites, photo-shopped or not.

Check out the mongerplanet Athens group for links to Athens escort sites and other mongering resources.  I will be keeping these groups updated as I find other useful sites related to the noble hobby.   And of course I would love to sample some of the late night strip clubs  Athens has to offer mostly down Syngrou Ave.  Maybe need to snort some cocaine for that and sacrifice my beauty sleep.

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    1. No. But I should have at least, just for practice. I led her down the hill and we split ways. It would have been a long game to stay in touch
      But yes a bit more boldmess and asked for contact details, or have some contact cards to hand out. But with a hobby like photography you stake out places ordinarily as a monger you would not
      And I am realizing that I am making contact with the real world and real girls ;-). With a camera around your neck you have a disguise a reason to be somewhere. Peoples perceptions and first impressions of you are changed. You only have one chance to make a first impression – photographer is better than sex tourist or monger 🙂 And of course its all great content for mongerplanet

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