Athens Streetwalkers

My fourth day in Athens and the weather has turned even colder.  Last night I asked the hotel for another blanket as they not put the heating on.  Just my luck we have a freakish cold spell when it should be very pleasant for late April in Athens.

Greek Pussy

Today in Athens to kill some time I am going on a photo shoot with the city bus tour guide.  Alot of amateur female Greek photographers want to shoot me wearing a thong around the Acropolis.

athens naked
Greek beauties

Some Greek artists want to erect a statue of me along Filis street.  After I am going to make a hardcore porn movie with me fucking these 3 Greek beauties over the Acropolis.  Just another day in Athens.  🙂

I really would love to fuck some local Greek girls while mongering in Athens.  Get my flag and fuck some Greek Pussy.Would love a foursome with these 3 Greek beauties.

Mediterranean pussy
Greek pussy

Prefer the olive Mediterranean skin tones than that of the white girl.  And just love that dark trimmed pussy!   Filis Street in Athens is good for some Romanian teen pussy.  Romanian girls are hot and seems alot love to fuck.  Not much Greek pussy on offer though in the brothels of Filis.  I wonder if the Athens escort sites and more classy studios are where you can find some Greek Pussy?  I am running out of time in Athens and have not exhausted all the possibilities  along Filis street yet let alone the rest of Athens.

Photo Tour

I join the photo tour around Athens.  Its very cold.  A cute geeky Greek girl guide takes us on a walking tour and shows us some of the best places to take some photos.

Hadrian gate

Not many on the photo tour, a few Serbians.  Quite alot of Serbs in Athens.  I wonder what mongering in the Balkans would render?  Its not a great sky for taking pictures, dull and grey but we persevere.

Thats one of Hadrian s gate with the Acropolis just behind and a few annoying tourists.  That Hadrian gets around, is it the same one who built Hadrian wall in England to keep those vile Scots out?  Now we are trying to keep them in.

view of athens

I chat to the Greek guide.  She used to be a language teacher aged 27 but now works as a tour guide.  She purchased her own apartment in Athens when the future looked rosy for Greece for something like 250,000 euros. Now with the financial troubles its only worth 90,000 euros.

Athens Property Investment

It may be a good time to invest in some property in Athens. Close to Filis street of course.  Better to wait until they exit from the Eurozone and return to the Drachma. Prices will drop alot more. Buy cheap, sell high! Athens will then become a bargain bucket for holidays and future investments and so its recovery will begin, Greece is not a basket case.


I am currently researching property in Athens, I must like the place.  I also think whatever happens to Greece, in the long term the country will recover.  I could rent an apartment out right next to Filis street on AirBnb and a special discount for mongers.

Lovely girl though, the Greek tour guide, very friendly gave her a 5 euro tip at the end and got a lovely smile for that.  I am noticing that this photography hobby of mine is opening up new opportunities to meet girls, the non pro types.  I look good with a DLSR hanging around my neck.  Its a kind of disguise and  I need to get better.

Return to Filis

After a lovely American cooked breakfast I return to my hotel and Filis street.  I am feeling horny again and check out some more brothels around Filis street.

athens red light district
Filis street

The first one I go in I am introduced to a lovely blonde Romanian girl.  Fantastic booty and offers full program which means blowjob no condom and anal sex.  I am tempted with this girl and make a mental note to return to this whore house down Filis.  It really not take long to find a juicy whore down Filis street they are just all Romanian girls.  I do like Filis street, alot of options during the day and night.  Which is great because I dont just get horny very late in the night.

Athens Streetwalker Search

I have another mongering plan for today in Athens, so saving my cum.   I want to check out some of the streetwalkers and  black whores that are supposedly available in Athens.  I begin my Athens streetwalker search by taking the metro to Omonia square.  From Omonia square I go looking for Sofokleous street. From research on the international sex guide there are suppose to be many Black African hookers cum streetwalkers along Sofokleous.  Its pretty rough looking down Sofokleous street, lots of immigrants but no black pussy.

They all probably thought I was someone from Golden Dawn or something, I was getting some dirty looks, a kind of reverse discrimination.  I check a few other streets nearby called Evripidou and Sokratous street.  Also suppose to be popular with African sex workers but nothing.  Timing is important, late afternoon you expect to see some signs.  Apparently alot of the streetwalker scene has been cleaned up in Athens by some feminist group.  I may be wasting my time, or its going to be a long day.

Nathan Street

I then make my way back to Omonia and take the metro to Nathan street.  Nathan street leads all the way back down to Filis and is also suppose to be popular with black African streetwalkers especially from Nigeria.  I would take a walk down the whole stretch of Nathan street and see what I could observe.  You are looking for some obvious signs of P4P.

Nathan street

Alot more black African immigrants around the Nathan street area but no streetwalkers and no signs of any P4P.  Again timing might be important but not going to walk down Nathan street at midnight.  Just goes to show you can waste alot of time researching online world sex guides, here today gone tomorrow.


That evening I have something to eat and a few beers along Victoria square. Undeterred on my search for some Athens streetwalkers I resume the hunt.  Its dark now and later after 9pm as I walk down a quiet and deserted 3is Septemvriou back towards Omonia square.  is timing important, that at night there will be many streetwalkers available?  Its all the little streets off Omonia where you will find streetwalkers in Athens.  The reason being there are lots of little decaying short time budget hotels. Its these hotels the streetwalkers can take you for a fuck and suck.

African streetwalker

Finally on the corner of Kapodistriou Street I get chatting to three streetwalkers. Its cold and the girls are wrapped up.  Two look like rough gypsy girls and one is a young black African street hooker.  The black girls eyes look a little vacant, traumatized even.  I enquire about price, 30 euros.

People Trafficking

Streetwalkers are too rough for me, but for some mongers I guess its the hunt and the buzz.  So there are some African street hookers in Athens, but seems to be very thin on the ground.  A rumour has it that most have been trafficked and they are under a curse not to return home until they have made alot of money else their family will suffer.   The girls are brought over to Europe under false pretences by someone close to the village where the girls come from. That they are going to work as waitresses in a fancy restaurant.  Once in Greece their passport is taken and the girls are forced into prostitution to pay back a huge never ending debt.

The depths of human depravity knows no bounds

Our dreams and our trust can be our worst enemy. Another reason why I dont like to partake in this streetwalker game.  Not that they are all trafficked. Filis street is a much better option for some pussy in Athens.  No obvious sign of human trafficking in Filis, the girls I have seen so far seem very eager and happy.

Late night Erotica

Its late now and want to try the strip club Erotica.  But still to early for Erotica not opening its doors until after midnight.  I am going to need some more cash but there is a limit to how much you can withdraw in a day in the ATMs around Athens.

Erotica sex show

Fucked up today mongering in Athens.  Never done well with streetwalkers or escorts.  Should have just fucked that juicy blonde Romanian whore I saw in the morning along Filis Street.  I will do her tomorrow morning, my last day and night mongering in Athens.  Some you win some you lose.

5 thoughts on “Athens Streetwalkers”

  1. Athens,is a city full of sexy hot beautiful sluts,all around someone can see hot chicks competing for being game is easy as this,enter in a club,approach a company of chicks offering them drinks,and after some time(mostly during the earlyhours of the day) u can get two super sexy chicks in ur hotel(with paying them no more than 40 euros each)these whores they love to fuck.not surprisingly many adult making companies are finding theyr sexy greek actresses simply by droping in a club.u can bring some chicks here,in order to work for u…thats good investment!

    1. Thanks Demy for the update on picking up greek girls in Athens. To help us mongers pin this on the map. Could you recommend a specific club in Athens? and best time?

        1. Ok Demy, I think we would all prefer an actual trip report. Those girls in the pics look like leathery milfs to me. You should experience some of the sweet young things working down Filis street while you are mongering in Athens, but would be great to have a first hand experience on the club scene there. good luck with your mongering trip to Athens and keep us posted

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